Exploring Our Fantasy

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Big Tits

We found his ad on Craigslist. He was coming to our hometown and was looking for a fun couple to hang out with. After chatting with him online for a few weeks, we decided to at least meet him for a few drinks. We figured we should see if we “click” in person.

Tonight was the night. I watched you shower and noticed the extra attention you gave yourself. The way you groomed your pussy. (You like your hair short and trimmed. The “erotic adult” look as you call it.) You dressed in your sexiest bra and panties. A thong of course. Then the strapless dress and short skirt. An outfit to get his attention. An outfit to make a statement. You’re sexy, and you know how to flaunt it without going to far. Just watching you and imagining your thoughts aroused me… and we weren’t even out our door yet.

As soon as we arrived at the hotel bar, had walked up and introduced ourselves, I could tell you were attracted. You’d liked his pics, but I could see how intrigued you were face to face. Your eyes traveled up and down, taking in his body, his smile, and his instant charm. You wore a very comfortable smile and he sensed your desire, an instant chemistry that carried it’s own intensity. And as the drinks flowed and the conversations bounced from subject to subject, the magnetism increased. The distance between you two narrowed until your bodies were barely separated. I was more and more an outsider; a witness to the events upfolding in front of me. My wife’s desire for another man. The physical desire building in intensity and radiating a warmth that engulfed all three of us.

We’d had a few drinks when he suddenly turns and looks at me and then leans in and whispers something in your ear. You giggle. Smile. Casibom Giggle again. Then eyes flashing. Cutting over to me.

“He’s asking if we want to come up to his room.”

“Is that what you want?”

“You know what I want dear. And I know what you’ve been thinking about since we pulled in this parking lot. And you’re going to get it… all of it.”

With that, she looked at him and said, “Let’s go up.”

The elevator had barely shut when he began walking her back. Hand on her throat. Lips on her lips. Their tongues dancing together in a passionate embrace. I noticed his hand sliding lower. Cupping her ass. Her hips pressing into him. My cock swelling.

“5th Floor”

And we arrive. No turning back. I feel the butterflies. The slight feeling of fear of knowing I can’t stop this. His cock soon to be in her pussy, taking what’s only been mine for so many years. But I follow them… hand in hand… him pulling her to his room. Her giggles. The swipe of a card key and the turn of a handle and we all three stumble in.

I look back to them and see they’ve re-entered their embrace. His hands tugging at her top, pulling it over her head. His fingers unzipping her skirt. Her standing there in her bra and panties, nipples clearly showing through the fabric. Her pussy lips swollen and bulging against her thong. In the sexy underwear bought just for me, but now being touched by another man. Her moans as his fingers brush against places that only I’ve touched for so many years.

Then slowly pushing him back and turning to me.

“You know what to do,” she says. “We’ve talked about this. He told you what he expects.”

And I feel it. The temperature rising Casibom Giriş in my face. The slight tremor in my hand. I know what I must do. I know what I want to do.

I turn and walk slowly towards him. Falling to my knees. My fingers unbuttoning his pants. Unzipping. Clothing falling to the floor and his big, hard cock springing into my face.

“Take him. In your mouth. You know you want it.”

And I do. I want it. I want to hold his shaft and lick around the thick head and then slowly take him deep in my mouth. I want to lick and suck and stroke that beautiful cock.

I feel his hands on the back of my head. His hips moving. My hands wrapping around and grabbing his bare ass and helping his with the motions of his thrusts. Pursing my lips so he can fuck my face. The thick ridge sliding in… then out… then in. Rhythmically fucking my face. His breath coming in gasps. His arousal so powerful that I think he’s going to let go… and fill my mouth with his cum.

But my wife has left my side and pulled off her bra and panties. Now beautifully naked, she’s laying on the bed with her legs spread. Her wetness glistening in the pale hall light.

“Come here,” she says. “I need your cock in my pussy.”

And this man, this stranger, is between her legs. The tip of his cock is rubbing her lips. And pressing. And slipping into her. Deeper. Deeper… until his balls rest against her. Thrusting in and out. Her arms and legs… her whole body… wrapped around him. Her moans filling the air. Their bodies coming together in a passion that only lovers know. Harder and harder. Her arms squeezing tighter. Holding her lover in place with her arms around his shoulders and Casibom Yeni Giriş legs around his hips.

“Oh baby. Your pussy feels so good. It’s so tight…. and wet. I need you baby… I’ve needed you for weeks. Oh god… I can’t hold back… I can’t hold back… I’m going to cum…. oh god….”

And suddenly he presses hard…. burying his cock as deeply as he can… his ass flexing with the eruption happening deep into her… squeezing and squirting his hot, rich cum into my wife’s wet pussy…. Her legs wrapping around… squeezing… her mouth biting into his shoulder… and I know… she’s having the first of many orgasms she’ll have this night.

They stay locked in their embrace for what seems like hours, but is really just minutes. Then sliding out, pulling his body up and away. And her soft voice whispering to me…

“…come here.”

And I know what to do. I slide over the bed to her. Feeling her hands grabbing my head… fingers wrapping in my hair. Her hands pressing my down. Down between her legs.

“Lick me. Clean me. Clean away his cum.”

His aroma overpowering me. I smell his cum.

“Now. Lick it away.”

And I obediently lick. From her ass up. Licking his cum off her lips. Tasting him in my mouth. Swallowing it down my throat. Licking… again. And again. Tasting the mixture of his cum and her wetness. Feeling my cock swelling beyond belief. My own desire of orgasm taking over my senses… Moving the tip of my tongue to her clit. Licking… sucking… circling… Holding her. Knowing that she’s on the brink… her next orgasm is so very close to the surface… and I nibble… and lick…

And you explode. Your back arches. You call my name, grab my head, and pull my face tightly against your pussy. You grind into me and cum… until the passion fades away… and you’re looking down at me.

“Slide up here. Straddle me. Put your ass up. Yes. For him. Now.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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