F4MM Ch. 05

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After my last bisexual MMF threesome experience I porn searched for security camera clips.

Nothing. Good.

My bisexual profile searches turned up more of the same; Scams and creeps.

My bisexual porn searches turned up more of the same; Boring pros and clumsy amateurs.

An ad caught my attention. It was a silicone rubber thing that looked like a butt.


I porn searched on that. Those clips got me off a few times. I went back to the ad, hovered over the Order button for a moment, then clicked.

It arrived in an unmarked box. I grabbed some towels and set it on the edge of the bed. Lots of lube. Tight ass. I fucked that thing good. The first orgasm was exquisite.

After a few times I had to close my eyes using it. The silicone was yellow in color, it reminded me of those Wisconsin cheese head things.

I’ll bet every Green Bay Packers fan who has one of those has thought of doing one, or more, of the holes. I’ll bet everyone who has tried has succeeded. I can’t watch a Packers game without that thought.

After a few more times I just left it in my bedside stand.

I saw another ad, this one was for a dildo. I had seen some good porn clips with these. Click.

I ordered a smaller one, made sure it was not yellow. It came in an unmarked box. I took it out and admired it.

The tip wasn’t too big, the shaft had veins like ropes, the balls were unnaturally big and it had a suction cup at the base.


I stuck it to the shower wall and soaped up. The first time was exquisite. The shower floor got very slippery.

Same thing, the initial thrill wore off.

Bedside stand.

I started dating a woman I found online. I did not tell her my secret.

She was my age. She had brown wavy hair that was starting to show grey. No makeup, comfortable clothes.

Birkenstocks, no heels for her.

Not too natural, her legs were shaved and her bush was trimmed.

She liked my suggestion for pulling her panties down slowly down to her ankles then widening her stance; so there was that. She did not gobble the goo; so there was that.

She liked me licking her clean after coming inside her because that meant she didn’t have to dash to the bathroom with her knees together; so there was that.

One night I heard her call out from the bedroom, “We need to talk.”


She was sitting on the side of the bed. The bedside stand door was open, my toys were on the floor.

“I need to level with you.” I said as I sat down beside her.

I told her my secret; I had “a few” bisexual experiences.

No response.

All or nothing. I went for the Hail Mary pass. “Would you be interested in doing a MMF threesome with me?”

“Okay, but only if you do a FFM threesome with me,” she replied.


“Whuh?” was all I could manage.

“I need to level with you,” she said. “I used to be polyamorous but I’m not doing that anymore. I have never done it with two bisexual guys before and I want to try. Oh, and I have a girlfriend who is always up for a threesome.”

My jaw was down on the floor next to the toys.

I detailed my first bisexual MMF experience. She graphically described an experience with a wife swap. We fucked. There was a lot of stuff to lick up.

She didn’t know any guys who would join us so we decided to look online.

She really got into preparing a profile. I wanted our first listing to go up as F4MM, remembering how charged up I got seeing that. She wanted to list as MF4M saying she thought it was more honest.

Honest, I thought to myself, right.

It didn’t matter as we got responses from the same guys for both. Lots of responses.

She wanted a big dick.

No-no-no-no-no, I told her.

We subtracted an inch from all the statistics and weeded out the ones with too-slick photos.

We settled on one average guy. Yes, he wanted bisexual. No, he hadn’t done it before. We set up a time.

We were waiting for him in robes. He showered and came back Etlik Escort wrapped in a towel, he already had a little tent going.

“Do you mind if I start with a story?” I asked, then gave a graphic description of my second MMF threesome. She wove a tale about a incredible threesome that she and her girlfriend had given a guy, with the occasional wink at me when I squirmed. My bone ached in anticipation of what was going to happen now, and later.

The guy didn’t have a story. I told him to make one up. He thought for a moment, then told his fantasy of being with a squad of cheerleaders.

We both had boners. She pulled us down the hall into the bedroom. We sat down on the bed.

She said, “I want a DMMF.”

The other guy and I looked at each other and shrugged.

She reached into the bedside stand and pulled out my toy, smiling and saying, “D for Dildo.”

We all laughed out loud. She wiggled it in front of my face, I tried to grab it but she pulled it away. Another grab, another dodge.

She dove onto the bed and I tried to tackle her. She made a spin move and dodged again. I pulled open her robe and started tickling her, poking her ribs and grabbing at her good parts. She lateraled the dildo to him. I pulled his towel off as I grabbed for the toy. He fumbled and now I had it. They both piled on, pulling open my robe and tickling me. We all laid back laughing, two rock hard members and a dildo.

She had the dildo. She planted it like a flag onto her entertainment center. “Suck My Dick!” she growled with a husky voice.

I looked over at the other guy. He had this shocked look on his face.

“Uh, okay,” I said as I angled down and started to lick it. He got the idea and joined in.

She started making fake moaning sounds as we alternated sucking.

“No teeth!” she snapped and started chuckling. “What are you doing down there?” prompting more chuckling. “God you are bad at this!” and we were all laughing out loud.

His unit was small. Weird thing was, it was the same length he had said it was in his stats. He had unnaturally large balls.

She wanted to watch us go at it. She started us along by putting our hands on each others members. We started a mutual masturbation thing. Does it count as a circle jerk with just two guys?

Now, I’m an expert at whacking myself. It was different trying to whack someone else. I couldn’t tell if I was doing it right, and he was far from perfect on me. It did feel good though. Sometime I’m going to finish one off, might take some lube though.

Next, blowjobs. That is something anyone can be an expert at with good feedback.

He started in on me. First tonguing the tip, a moments hesitation, then taking me all in.

“What are you doing down there!” I yelled. That got a round of laughs.

I moaned when he hit it right. He got the idea and focused there. He brought in his hand for the shaft leaving his lips for the tip. Loud moaning.

“Switch!” she chirped and I started in on him. I dug my fingernails into his butt cheeks and pulled him all the way in. He put his hand on my head, then he grabbed a handful of hair. Thrusting his hips, I didn’t need to move. His balls slapped against my chin. Every moan he made sharpened my skill.

She had done her homework and there were some positions she wanted to try. I wanted to pipe in and say there was only one good MMF position but held my tongue. Maybe there was one I hadn’t seen in all my porn viewing.

First was three way oral. I slipped the dildo into her and worked her with my tongue. I couldn’t concentrate so it wasn’t working for me. We switched ends, still not working.

She wanted the real thing inside her.

We put her on him in reverse cowgirl, with her leaning back so I get my head in there. I was getting her pretty good with my tongue from that angle. I could get him pretty good too. I managed to get both of his balls in my mouth. It wasn’t working for her.

We tried some more positions but elbows and knees got in the way.

Finally, Keçiören Escort sixtynine with her on top of me and him getting her from behind. The perfect MMF position. I wedged a pillow to get my face closer while he slipped it in. I went right at her clit and she let out a good moan. Feedback.

I ran my tongue up to his shaft. More moaning. His balls were slapping against my forehead. She put a lip lock on me that muffled her moans.

Her breasts were brushing against my stomach. God that is sexy.

I started bearing down on her clit and could feel her tense up. She must have needed to concentrate because she let go with her mouth. “Oh God Yes!” she yelled out as she let go, writhing and convulsing on top of me. I moved my tongue from her to him as she shuddered and panted.

His pace picked up and he was close too. Just as he let out a large grunt, he slipped out of her and into my mouth. I gagged as a big stream shot down the back of my throat. I kept on him as his spasms and grunts subsided. I took a big swallow as he pulled out of my mouth. There was nothing to lick on her, he had shot it all into my mouth.

We laid back on the bed, me between them. She had the dildo again and wiggled in in my face. I tried to grab it but missed. She wanted me to be in the middle.

Now I have seen porn clips with a guy giving it and getting it. It looked like if you could get the rhythm right it would be good. We were going to try.

She pulled some lube out of the bedside stand. She slathered us pretty good and we tried to figure out the best position. We settled on me spooning him and her forking me.

My member parted his butt cheeks. I probed my tip up against his hole. I pushed in. He flinched and yelled out “More Lube!” She globbed on some more. He gave out a loud grunt when I entered, more grunts as I slid in and out. I felt her put a big glob of lube on my butt, the dildo burrowed into my butt cheeks. A big grunt from me as she slid it in.

We tried a few paces but found slow to be the best. All that wrestling around had completely aroused me, it wasn’t going to take long.

His butt was tight, not as tight as the cheese head, it was just right.

I slowed my thrusting even more as I got to the edge, she kept in rhythm. I got closer, the wave was going to crest. I let go with a loud grunt. It was an incredibly deep and strong orgasm. My member throbbed inside him as my pulsating sphincter clamped down on the dildo. I felt every vein as she slowly pushed and pulled. I felt my stuff gushing deep inside him. I shuddered a few last thrusts then stopped as the pulsations slowly faded.

We disconnected and laid there for a few minutes, our heavy breathing slowed as we wound down.

Cleaned up and clothed, he said he probably wouldn’t want to do it again. He said he was a little sore adding, “The fantasy was better than the reality.”

I told my lady I wanted a couple weeks to recover and build up the anticipation. She arranged a mutually agreeable time with her girlfriend.

We met at her house. She was a tall redhead with a long flowing multicolored dress.

There were crystals, posters with peace signs and a tie-dyed hemp cloth covered futon.

Say no more.

She had prepared some horderves, horsdouvers, horsedevers… She had prepared some munchies.

There was a block of Swiss cheese.

Some vegan wine moved the conversation from existential to sexistential.

They told a story of a threesome they had with a well endowed pro football player. No, he didn’t play for the Packers. I embellished a tale about my third MMF threesome.

They got up and started to slowly undress each other. They had definitely done this before. My lady whispered something to her friend. They both turned around and slowly pulled their panties down to their ankles, then both widened their stance. God I was hard.

They giggled their way down the hall to the shower. A trail of my clothes followed.

Did I say there was nothing more sexy Kızılay Escort than a soaking wet woman? Well there is something more sexy. Two soaking wet women.

They were kissing with hands all over each other under the water. I joined in with a three way kiss. Soap got everywhere, some body parts got very clean.

A trail of towels led back to the futon. It got flipped down and we fell into another three way kiss.

The girlfriend had a huge natural red bush, no trimming going on anywhere. She was covered in freckles. She had smaller breasts with puffy nipples.

Now, I don’t have a fetish for puffy nipples but there must be some out there as it is easy to find huge photo compilations. I made a mental note to add one to my favorites.

Oh, and she had a pretty enough face.

I wanted to watch them together. They obliged.

They started in on each other, kissing and caressing. The kisses moved from lips, to necks to breasts, spending some good time there.

They joined me on the futon, exploring each other further, bellies, butt cheeks, upper thighs.

Sixtynine. They teased each other for a bit then went all in. I angled to get a better look, then switched ends for that view.

Two women moaning with a mouthful of muff. You don’t hear that every day.

They stopped and came over to kiss me, faces glistening. My bone ached as their lips teased their way down my body.

The girlfriend licked my dribble, they played with it with their tongues. Another lick and I groaned, then another teasing lick.

A moment that lasted forever, then I was in a mouth, didn’t know which one. They sucked and teased and played with the head. Two mouths and four hands were working me over, saliva everywhere. The thing with two mouths up and down the shaft was getting me close.

I begged them to stop, wanting to try other positions before I let go. They complied with a big sloppy three way kiss.

I spent some time with the puffy nipples.

They changed position, my lady down between the girlfriend’s legs. I watched from the head of the futon to get her point of view. She was moaning and writhing as my lady worked her over with her tongue.

My lady started bearing down. I saw the girlfriend grasp two handfuls of tie-dye. She let go with a loud growling moan, her body spasming with pleasure.

They rotated. She went down on my lady. Her rump was pointed in my direction.

I had to have some.

I moved in behind, grabbed her by the hips and slipped in. It was very slippery with saliva. I started pounding her from behind. My lady was getting close to the edge as I saw her tense up. She let go with a loud, “Oh God Yes,” convulsing with pleasure as she finished her off.

I was still going at the girlfriend from behind. My lady angled to see some of the action.

I couldn’t hold it any longer. “Oh God Yes!” I yelled out as I let go inside her. I grunted as the last spasmodic thrusts pushed me deep inside while wave after wave of pleasure coursed through my body. I shuddered to a stop as the last pulsations drained me inside her. Chest heaving, I slowly pulled out.

My lady said, “Watch this.” She knew what was going to happen.

I flipped myself down on the futon, positioning my face right underneath her entertainment center. Nothing, then a little dribble that lingered on her labia before dripping into my open mouth. A couple drops formed into a long strand that I swirled with my tongue. A few more dribbles, then a glop. She giggled and a big glop dropped home.

“Do it!” my lady piped in. The girlfriend must have thought for a moment, then she understood. She planted that thing on my face, grinding away, getting stuff all over, forehead, ears, chin, everywhere.

I turned my head to spit out one hair, then another, then finished licking her clean.

We all laid back on the futon as our heavy breathing slowed, interrupted by the occasional sigh.

Later, after we left, I realized we had not talked about a next time. Oh well.

Our relationship didn’t last much longer. Aside from the sex thing we were very different people. I asked if we could be friends with benefits. She said no, her polyamory days were over, and that was it.

I took one more go with the toys, then spiked them into the trash can.

Now I have another experience that will live on in my fantasies. I can’t wait to share this story with someone else.

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