Family Expansion – the Modern Way

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Ass Fingering

“And you are completely sure about it?” Jackson’s right eyebrow rose again as he looked over to his friend, his face shimmering in the sunshine rays reflected from the lake.

“Yes. Yes, Becca and I talked about it and we are 100% sure,” Alex nodded and took a hearty sip from his beer bottle. “I mean, we’re married for ten years already, it’s about time.”

“And why don’t you yourself…?” Jackson nodded his head in the universal ‘you know what I mean’ way.

“Chickenpox in college, remember? Now, I’m still able to, but just hardly so. This and, you know, our whole lifestyle. As I said, we talked about it and decided that this would be the best way.” Alex had a half-smile on his face during the whole conversation, not bothered at all by it. “If you agree, that is.”

During the following silence, both men looked in front of them, watching their floats as they moved ever so lightly on the otherwise still lake surface. Alex didn’t press the topic, perfectly aware that things like that needed time to sink in.

“And I wouldn’t get any responsibility?” Jackson spoke again several minutes later, still looking straight ahead. “I just do the deed and…”

“And that’s it. We continue as we were, nothing will change. Becca and I looked everything up, we all sign up a contract and that will be it. As far as anyone will be concerned, nothing unusual has or will ever happen.”

More silent minutes followed during which neither of the men said a word, just watching their fishing rods. The hush around them was interrupted only by the sounds of nature. Alex and Jackson both dealt with their own thoughts until Jackson finally broke the silence.

“Okay. I’m in.”


“… And then I told him – buddy, I don’t even remember your name!” Jackson burst out in laughter after the punch line and Rebecca and Alex followed him.

The three of them sat in the living room of Alex and Rebecca’s house, plates full of food as well as a few empty bottles of wine on the table and some random music channel on TV. The mood was relaxed and full of fun, even though an outsider may have noticed some oddities about the whole scene. For one thing, Rebecca and Alex, who were married, didn’t share the couch. Instead, it was Jackson beside the woman while her husband occupied the armchair. Alex didn’t seem to mind it, neither did it bother him that Becca and Jackson had more physical contact than was usual for just friends. Whether Becca’s head on Jackson’s shoulder or Jackson’s arm around Becca’s waist – Alex didn’t say a word to any of this.

Another peculiar thing about the evening was more subtle and only noticeable if someone would pay close attention. Even though all three looked and behaved like close friends, an attentive observer would notice that Alex was the only one to catch things from the kitchen, to pour the wine, to turn the lights on. Neither of the others even bothered with asking, Alex just did all of that on his own, resembling a good housewife more than his own wife did.

As it got pitch dark outside, Alex began to clean the table. Stapling all the plates, he took them to the kitchen to place them into the dishwasher. As he returned, he found Rebecca straddling Jackson’s lap, her arms around his neck, kissing. The two seemed to be really into it for none of them batted an eye as Alex entered şahinbey escort the room, only Jackson’s hand gripped Becca’s buttcheek harder through the fabric of her skirt.

“Can’t wait to get started?” Alex asked with a smile, totally unabashed by the sight of his wife getting kissed and groped by another man.

“Mmhmm…” Rebecca half moaned, half nodded, and broke the kiss. “Wanna go upstairs?” she asked Jackson and hopped off his lap. Jackson followed her and on their way out Becca gave Alex a quick kiss on the cheek. “Clean up, honey, and then join us!”

“Sure,” Alex nodded and proceeded to take the rest of the dishes from the table and bring it back to the kitchen. This and wiping off the table took him around twenty minutes and after the last glass was put away he went upstairs, towards his and Becca’s bedroom. The door was wide open and even before he entered it he saw Jackson sitting on the edge of the bed, his eyes closed and his nude torso illuminated by the dimmed light of the lamp on the nightstand. Although not bulky, Jackson still had the body of someone who looked after himself and worked out on a regular basis, with clearly defined muscles on his arms and a broad chest. With one hand he leaned back against the bed and with the other he held Rebecca’s head. The woman was kneeling between his legs, her back facing the door. Just like Jackson, Becca was nude except for a pair of black stockings on her legs, held in place by a garter belt around her waist. The bobbing of her head and the slurping noises in the otherwise silent room left no doubts about what was happening.

While other men would be outraged by this sight, Alex kept smiling and began to undress himself, observing his wife and his friend. A minute later Jackson opened his eyes, saw Alex, and pulled Becca’s head away from his hard-on, a thin bridge of saliva forming between the tip and her lips before breaking apart. He waited for Alex to get nude and as always smirked after looking at his body. Unlike Jackson, Alex was rather slim and without traces of regular training. He was quite average in a not flattering way. Besides that, his manhood was locked in a metallic chastity cage which dangled freely between his legs. Ever since the three of them got comfortable with their unusual lifestyle where Jackson and Becca would get intimate whenever they wanted, Alex was required to wear the cage when Jackson was around. Being already on the bottom of the hierarchy of their triad, the chastity only reinforced his status as a submissive cuckold.

Once Alex got nude, Jackson pointed with his finger at the nightstand beside the bed and said: “Take it and come here.”

“Yes, sir,” Alex nodded and did as he was told. Friendship or not, whenever the three of them lived out their lifestyle, all of them played their roles. Jackson was the commanding bull, his words were rules. Rebecca was the willing woman he could fuck whenever and however he wanted. And Alex was nothing but a pathetic cuck, there to watch them both, help them, and get reminded that he was inadequate as a lover and would never satisfy his wife the way Jackson could.

On the nightstand, Alex found a single condom, still wrapped, and a pushpin. He took both items, came back to Jackson, and kneeled beside his wife, assuming his submissive position.

“This,” Jackson smirked and pointed at the plastic square in Alex’s hand, “will be the last condom I’ll ever use with your wife. Now prepare it for me, show me that you want it to happen.”

Alex gulped, the packed condom in one hand and the pin in another. He knew that it was the right decision, something that both he and Becca wished for, and still, he had to pause. Like before stepping through a door to something beautiful, Alex closed the eyes and let the moment pass through him. There was silence all around and he felt Becca’s and Jackson’s gazes on him. Finally, he opened his eyes and brought the hand with the pin towards the condom. Three quick pushes, three punctures through the wrapping, three holes to make the contraceptive in his hand useless.

“Attaboy!” Jackson commented and gestured to Rebecca to make space for her husband between his legs. “Now put it on and we’ll get started.”

Alex nodded and unwrapped the condom. It was a simple one, without any special color, smell, or texture to it, but he knew that it symbolized what today’s evening stood for. With a slightly shaking hand, he held Jackson’s still hard cock by its base and with the other pulled the piece of rubber over the purple tip. Carefully, like he would do it for himself, he unrolled the condom over Jackson’s cock and looked up into his friend and bull’s eyes. Jackson looked back, a satisfied smile on his lips, and pointed with his thumb behind him at the bed.

Alex didn’t need any explanation, for it wasn’t their first time. Full of anticipation, he climbed onto the bed and half sat, half lay down, his shoulders and head resting against the many pillows at the headboard. Seconds later his wife followed him and lay on top of him, using him as a human mattress. Her firm butt was pressed against his chastity cage and with every movement, he could feel small vibrations – way too light to make any difference.

Once they both assumed their positions, Jackson followed them and kneeled in front of Becca. He took her by the ankles and pulled them up and apart, spreading her legs and offering himself a perfect view at her already wet sex. Pushing Rebecca’s legs further up and against her shoulders, he told Alex to hold them open for him which the cuck obediently did.

Jackson, with his hands now free, took his condom-covered dick in one hand and spread Rebecca’s bottom lips with another. Some moments of fumbling later and he pushed his rod inside of her, spreading her pussy.

“Aaaaah… mmhmm…” Alex heard Becca’s moans while the bull entered her and grabbed her ankles tighter, spreading them some more. Even though he couldn’t get hard, Alex was still aroused by the fact that he was helping another man fucking his wife.

Slowly, Jackson pushed his whole length inside Rebecca and supported himself with his hands on both sides of her and Alex’s heads. Ignoring the husband, he lowered his head and gave the wife a hard deep kiss as his hips began to move back and forth.

It wasn’t by far not the first time that Alex witnessed his wife being unfaithful with Jackson, but he couldn’t remember the last time he was so nervous and so excited during the act. Not even the first time he saw Rebecca moaning underneath Jackson could compare to what he felt now, knowing that soon enough they would cross a line they never crossed before. He remembered today’s morning after breakfast, when he himself flushed Rebecca’s anti-baby-pills down the toilet, sealing his and her fate.

“Uuugh… oooh… oh yes… oh baby, he is so deep in me… Oh fuck… Mmmhmmm… He… he is gonna… gonna cum inside me… He will make me pregnant…” Rebecca kept moaning while her body shook from Jackson’s thrusts and Alex felt every thrust himself. He got pressed into the bed by the weight of two bodies slamming against each other and could feel the pressure against his little cage whenever Jackson slammed into his wife. Soon Alex began to move himself, pushing his hips slightly upwards in a pathetic attempt to imitate the fucking above him.

On and on Jackson went, not holding his lust back, every thrust of his hips accompanied by a loud clapping noise. With Alex holding the woman’s legs open for him, he could fully concentrate on the act and used all of his energy to work his pelvis. Rebecca was at least as horny as him and her pussy did a great job lubricating itself, so Jackson had no problems with sliding in and out of her, bringing both of them closer and closer to the climax.

“Aaaah! Aaaaah! Oh yes! Oh fuck, oh shit, yes!! Oooo-aaaahh!!” Becca’s moans grew louder and louder until they melted into a single prolonged shriek and Alex could feel the heavy tremblings of her body. She arched her back, pressing her chest against Jackson’s torso. Simultaneously, Jackson’s moves got more chaotic and stronger than ever before, his breath uneven and, eventually, he put his hips for the last time down and he and Rebecca shared another deep French kiss, connected by their united orgasms.

Alex remained silent for the whole time and only after several minutes passed did he dare to ask his wife quietly: “H-how are you feeling, honey?”

“Mmhmm… nnghhh… wonderful… I can feel it inside me… I think the condom broke…” Rebecca muttered, her eyes half-closed, her face flushed.

“Let’s see about that,” Jackson spoke and straightened up to pull his dick out of Becca. He chortled as he looked down and then moved forward, his legs now left and right from the two bodies beneath him, his now half-flaccid cock in front of their faces. Just as Rebecca suspected, the condom broke during the wild ride and now hung in shreds on Jackson’s cock, not protecting anything.

“Won’t need that anymore. Open your mouths, both of you!” he ordered the couple and both obeyed. Jackson took the useless piece of latex down from his manhood, placed it on Alex’s tongue, and patted the cuck on the cheek with another ‘Attaboy’. He then moved his hips closer to Becca’s face and placed his soft but still impressive dick between her lips.

With the condom in his mouth, the taste of his wife’s pussy juices, and her bull’s cum on his tongue, Alec watched Rebecca blowing Jackson. He knew that this was the first step into the expansion of their family, but by far not the last. He knew that Jackson would take some more hours to plow Rebecca on her and Alex’s marital bed, claiming the woman as his own. Alex knew that the load of cum, traces of which he currently tasted, wasn’t the last one to be deposited in his wife tonight. And, of course, he knew that if after today Rebecca wouldn’t get pregnant, they would try it again. And again. As long as it would take for her to conceive.

He felt his cock twitching again, trying to break free from its prison. Alex was happy.

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