Fantasies Fulfilled, All at Once

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I was just a normal 18 year old guy when this great experience happened. I would have never saw it coming, because it’s only something that I would dream about. I was a very horny individual, with a strong foot fetish. I also began to think I had a face-sitting fetish. I figured if I ever ate pussy, I wanted to be helplessly underneath her. The thought of an ass on my face also began to become a major turn on to me too…

Anyway, I was always looking for sites on these subjects. I didn’t want anyone else to know so most of the time I would to everything possible to cover my tracks, like deleting my online history. Apparently I didn’t do a very good job one time because two of my sister’s friends saw everywhere I had been.

These two friends of her were two of the hottest girls I ever saw, both two years older than myself. Rachel was of perfect weight and height, 36C breasts, a perfect tan and long blonde hair. Stephanie was a brunette, a little bit larger but definitely not fat. Her tits were a marvelous 36D. She was also perfectly tanned.

So one day my sister had to go to work for 3 hours, and they all had been working on a school project. They stayed while my sister went to work to try to finish it.

At this point I was in my room masturbating most likely. But Stephanie and Rachel knew how to look up a history and decided to see where I had been. My account was usually logged on all day, so they were basically already there.

“I wonder what that kid likes to whack it to?” Rachel said.

“Probably something nasty,” Stephanie replied.

They scrolled down the history list and couldn’t believe their eyes. Titles such as FOOT FETISH – TOE SUCKING FOOT LICKING FUN and FORCED ASS WORSHIP stuck out like a sore thumb. They laughed hysterically. I could hear they from my room, but still didn’t know what was going on and didn’t pay attention to it.

“Foot fetish?! Ass worship?! I KNEW something was wrong with that boy!!” Stephanie howled.

Rachel had stopped laughing and had gone to one of the sites. The first page of it displayed a woman holding another woman’s head into her ass. Rachel just stared at it and Stephanie couldn’t believe it, but she saw Rachel’s hand disappear into her jeans.

“Steph, is this turning you on at all?” Rachel asked lightly.

Stephanie was about to reply Hell no, but she began to think about it. This really şahinbey escort was an erotic picture and her eyes hadn’t left the screen either. She decided to give in.

” I…I guess it is…” she replied quietly.

She had always been a little bi-curious, and knew that Rachel was hot. She had never really considered doing anything sexual with her, but was thinking this may be the case.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this Stephanie, but would you please lick me down there while I look at these pictures?”

By this time Stephanie’s hand had found home too. Rachel’s voice seemed distant, but she heard the words. She was so turned on that she replied “I’d love too.”

Stephanie knelt down in front of Rachel. She unzipped her fly to reveal orange panties with a growing wet spot. She slowly pulled them off and started into Rachel’s hairy pussy. She licked her lips and put her face in.

“Oh my God Steph, I am SO horny. It feels so good please don’t stop.”

Stephanie couldn’t believe she was doing this, but loved it none the less. She licked madly at Rachel’s cunt, listening to her increasing moans of pleasure. Rachel was staring at pictures of women sitting on each other’s faces, while the woman underneath was forced to lick her ass. She gave out one last moan and came all over Stephanie.

“Oh my god…that was so intense…” Rachel said with a sigh.

Stephanie had loved every minute of it, and hadn’t wanted it to stop.

“That was one of the best experience I ever had,” she said.

“I agree… I think we should go thank Max for letting us stumble upon this.” Rachel said.

Stephanie was still very hot and quickly agreed.

They quietly went upstairs and entered my room. I was sitting on the floor with my hands in my pants, watching porno. I yelped and shut off the TV and screamed “What are you doing in here?!”

“We saw what sites you’ve been visiting, Max.” Rachel said.

“Yes, they are very…interesting,” Stephanie said after.

“Wh…What are you t-talking about?” I stumbled. It began to dawn on me what they were talking about and I began to feel sick to my stomach.

“Those were some very naughty sites, Max-y” Rachel said, with both of them coming closer. “And you know exactly what we’re talking about.”

I didn’t know what to say.

“Please, please don’t tell my sister! I’ll do anything, please just don’t tell!”

“Now now Max, you have the wrong idea,” Rachel said, slowly approaching me. “We want to help you fulfill those fantasies,” she whispered.

I froze. I couldn’t believe it. Was she serious? Was she bull-shitting me? I didn’t know, but my cock was rock hard in an instant.

“You…You do?” I stumbled.

She nodded. She told me to sit in my chair. She then slowly lifted up her shirt, over her head, and tossed it carelessly aside. Then she started to take off her bra. It came off and exposed the loveliest set of tits I ever saw. I let out a yelp of excitement.

She giggled, and then began to unzip her pants. She pulled them all the way off, exposing orange panties that were very wet. This is a good sign, I thought. She pulled of the panties, and tossed them to me.

“You can keep these,” she said with a giggle.

“Th-h-ank you,” I mumbled. I was so horny by now that I lifted them to my face and inhaled the heavenly scent.

“Oops… Can’t forget these, now, can we?” she said. She peeled off her socks exposing lovely tanned feet with purple toe nails. I stared hard.

She then walked over to Stephanie, slowly undressing her. She had even better tits, with a perfect ass. I began to realize what was about to happen and nearly fainted.

“Now, I saw on your favorite sites that you like feet, ass, and to be dominated… let’s see if we can do three at once, shall we?” Rachel said.

With my mouth agape, I nodded stupidly.

“Go lay on your bed,” Stephanie told me, not asking.

I walked over and laid down. Rachel pulled my sweater off and stroked my chest. Stephanie started to take off my pants, revealing my bulge concealing boxers. She pulled them off, exposing my hard dick. She lightly licked from the shaft to the tip.

An intense wave of pleasure went through me. I couldn’t believe this. It couldn’t be better, I thought, but was soon proved wrong.

“Now listen, you perverted little shit,” Rachel said, apparently already playing the dominant role. “First, Stephanie is going to sit on your face. You will tongue her asshole until she comes hard. If you do a good job on her, I’ll reward you. Her moans will tell me how good you do. Got it?”

It sounded great, but I was uneasy about Stephanie’s ass. I loved jerking off to those pictures, but was I willing to do it? I didn’t know…

“Having doubts?” Rachel snapped. “Tough shit. Steph, get on his face.”

Stephanie crawled on top of me and turned around. She hovered her ass above my face, and at that moment I knew I wanted her to very badly. I heard Rachel get on the bed. Slowly, Stephanie began to come down onto my face.

Then I was there. Her hot ass cheeks that I had masturbated thinking about so many times were covering my face. I savored the moment, then began to lick blindly.

“Ohhh, this is SO erotic,” I heard Stephanie say.

I finally got the taste, and although I thought it would be bad, it was great. I was loving this so much that I lost all control and lapped madly at Stephanie’s asshole.

“Ohh my GOD Max, lick faster, OOOh yeees!” She screamed.

I then began to stick my tongue in her hole. My lips wrapped around it and I licked all that I could inside, her cheeks beginning to get sweaty as they grinded at my face.

“Give him it Rachel, this is SOOO great!” Stephanie screamed.

I felt something wrapping around my cock. It startled me for a minute, but then I began to realize it was Rachel’s feet. I felt her silky sole going up my shaft and her toes grip the head. I felt her other toes rubbing my balls.

I couldn’t believe the heaven I was in. I never wanted this to end. It was the best feeling I ever experienced. I reached up blindly and felt Stephanie’s tits. Her nipples were very hard, and her tits felt so large. I squeezed and caressed them, then moved one hand down to her pussy and began to finger her.

“Ohhhhhh Max, I am going to cum SO hard!” Stephanie screamed.

Rachel told me to do a thumbs up when I was going to cum. It was soon, but I really wanted to feel Stephanie cum all over my face. I managed to get her to turn around so I was under her pussy. I replaced my finger into her asshole, putting one then two fingers in. I licked madly at her clit, her screams of pleasure music to my ears. I couldn’t hold it anymore, the feeling of my tongue in her pussy, my fingers in her asshole, and Rachel’s feet on my dick. I gave one quick thumbs up.

Rachel then removed her feet and shoved my fully hard dick into her mouth. She sucked madly and I came so hard in her mouth, and went into ecstasy at how good it all felt. Stephanie wanted to taste my cum, so she licked my cock cleaning it up, then grabbed Rachel and kissed her passionately, tasting my jizz from her mouth.

Things got even steamier after, but that’s another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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