Feel Free Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Sorry for the hiatus. I just could never sit down and make myself write. That being said, I’m seated. I have nothing to do today, and my mind is focused on writing a story you guys will appreciate. Hope you guys like this, and it keeps you cumming back for more!

*Three Months Later*

“Honey! Have you read the new story on Literotica yet?” My mom yelled from the bathroom.

She was sitting on the toilet peeing, while reading over new incest stories on Literotica. Our new favorite website. Pornhub, xvideos, xhamster, and XNXX are all well and good; Literotica is just… better.

“No mom, what is it about?” I responded back to her. I was on her bed, with a pair of her worn panties in my hand. Leaking precum all over them as I slowly edged myself.

Mom flushed the toilet, pulled her panties back on and walked out of her bathroom.

“It’s called ‘My Mum My Cum’ and it’s got me pretty wet!” She whispered. Too distracted by the story to even look at me.

She knew I was using her panties, leggings, bras, t-shirts, and pretty much any other clothes i could cum on. She didn’t care one bit. Ever since I started going naked in the house 100%, and cumming wherever, and whenever I wanted, she has stood by her word. She couldn’t care less. She just wanted me to feel free, and be me!

I have a job where I work from home with flexible hours, and when I’m not working or sleeping… I’m putting on a masturbation show for my mom. I have covered every spot of the house in cum. Floors, walls, couches, chairs, countertops, washer, dryer, beds, carpet, tile, garage, car, tables, kitchen sink, dishes, and any other things i could think of. Everytime I would cum somewhere new, my orgasm was twice as strong.

Just knowing that my mother didn’t care about my messes, made me three times as excited to cum. The only time she would ask me to clean my cum is after 3 days. That was her only rule. As she did not want the house to be too dirty. As far as my clothes were concerned, I didn’t wear them. I would wear polo shirts or dress shirts ONLY, in my Zoom meetings. I would also have a boner, and be stroking bahis siteleri it the whole time. When it came time to unload, I would point my purple head at the floor (carpet), pretend I had dropped something, and proceed to drop a load onto the floor.

Anyways, back to me on my moms bed, stroking my cock with her panties…

“Is the story any good, mom?” I asked, finally able to break her attention from her phone.

“Fuck yes, it is!” She answered with a laugh. “It’s about a mom who is okay with her son masturbating, just like us.”

“I wonder if their story is true, and they have the same situation in their house, that we have. Or if its all fiction?’ I asked.

“It’s all fiction baby, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use our imagination to make it as real as possible!” She retorted.

Mom walked over and sat on the edge of her bed, phone still in hand, and started slowly tickling my tight balls with her fingertips. This drove me crazy, and within a minute I rolled onto my side, laid the panties on her sheets, and shot my cum all over them.

“Oh fuck mom, look at my cum. Look at all my cum. Are you looking mommy?” I asked, huffing and puffing as my dick shot rope after rope of cum on her panties, and sheets.

“Yes baby. I’m watching you, Mommy is watching you blow your load all over her dirty panties!” She encouraged.

As cum finished dripping out of my cock, I stood up, left her panties where they lay, and walked into the kitchen. I took some leftovers out of the fridge and popped them in the microwave. I hit “2” on the number keys, and waiting for my food to heat up. About the time my food was done, my mom walked into the kitchen. Only, now she wasn’t wearing the panties she had on earlier, She was in the pair I had just blown my cum on.

“What are you heating up, dinner from last night?” She inquired nonchalantly. Like she wasn’t doing exactly what I knew she was doing. I just stood there for a minute. My cock twitched and started to get semi-hard again. This was new. This was exciting. She had never worn clothes that I had cum on before.

“Mom, are those the canlı bahis siteleri panties I…”

“The panties you just came on…? Yes.” She interrupted.

“Why?” She asked. “Am I not allowed to wear them. I’m not allowed to enjoy your cum, unless it’s on the floor, the couch, or my bedsheets that I sleep on every night?”

I was stunned. It did turn me on the she would lay on the couch, or in her bed, on a fresh load and have no complaints. I just didn’t expect her to WEAR the clothes.

“Feel free, mom. It’s your house too. I just didn’t expect that.” I answered.

“Well to be honest, I actually wear a lot of the clothes you cum on, to bed. Something about being so dirty, and sleeping on, in, and with your nut juice, just makes me wet! I guess I kind of have a cum fetish, huh?” She asked laughingly.

“It’s really hot mom. That you wear it, and walk around in it, and sit in it. That’s why I’m always hard!” I said.

“Oh, I thought that was just cause you’re a man!” We joked.

I took my food and went to the living room and ate it while mom and I watched TV. The rest of the night was fairly uneventful. At least, in our house standards. I came one more time on the coffee table in the living room. Mom and I had been watching The Office, and I have a fantasy of working in an office and everyone being okay with me masturbating openly and cumming anywhere.

So I had started jerking off at the being of the episode. After a while I just stood up, leaned over the table, looked at my mom, almost ready to blow.

Mom looked up from her phone and made eye contact with me. “Are you going to cum baby. All over the table? Do it baby. Don’t hold back. Let it go. Let it fly baby. Shoot it. Shoot it for mommy. Cum for mommy, baby.” She whispered.

I was looking her dead in the eyes when I shot my first rope.

“Ahhhhhhh mom. Ahhh mommy, I’m cumming. Watch me cum mommy! Please look at me while I cum.” It splattered across the table.

“I’m watching you baby. Shoot all your cum out. All that lovely cum. Get it all out baby.” She said. My next 4 ropes, I aimed all over the canlı bahis rest of the table. The table was made of Ebony wood. A very dark, natural wood. So my cum shined like the moon on a clear night.

I finished cumming, said goodnight to mom and went to bed.

I heard he playing with her pussy almost all night. She hardly ever touched herself in front of me; I hear her masturbating and cumming all the time. She and I have found that we both love edging ourselves as well.

I woke up the next morning at 8:15. I knew I had a meeting at 9:45am with a very important client. So I walked out of my room, getting ready to get in the shower. When I peeked into the living room, I saw mom on the couch.

“Morning, mom!” I said rather loudly. This must have startled her out of her sleep because she almost flew a full foot off the couch. I didn’t know she was sleeping.

“I’m sorry mom I didn’t mean to scar…” I paused.

Mom only had a bra on. No panties. I could see her pussy in all it’s glory. I did not get to see it very often because she was almost never naked around me. There it was, my moms sexy, smooth, snatch. All I could do was stare. Mouth wide open. Looking like a kid in a candy store.

As I stared I started to see some strange residue on her outer lips. Was that discharge? Was it her cum from last night? I had so many questions. When I looked up and made eye contact, I could see fear in my moms eyes. Almost on the verge of tears. Before I could speak, she turned and started for her room.

“I’m jumping in the shower, you’ll have to wait!” She screamed, almost running now.

I was so confused, until I saw the coffee table. “I remember my load being much bigger than that, last night.” I thought out loud. It almost looks as if someone used their hand to wipe it up…

Then the thought hit me… mom rubbed my cum all over he pussy last night. She must have cum so hard that she immediately passed out afterwards. She never bothered to put her panties back on or clean her pussy off.

My cock started to get very hard at this idea… Would she approve of this new place to cum!?

***Thank you guys for the support. I loved writing this one. I know it might not be terrific, but it has ALL of my kinks and fetishes in it. I hope you all enjoy. Let me know in the comments how many times it made you cum.***

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