Feet First Ch. 02

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About a month into the fall semester my roommates and I (by that time I was renting a house off campus with three other guys) threw a party one Friday night. We ordered a keg and invited every good-looking girl we knew between the four of us. Some of them actually showed up, too. Marie came and she brought her friend Holly. Holly was about as different from Marie as different can be. Whereas Marie was voluptuous, easy going, open, and funny, Holly was thin, uptight, serious, and, I thought, a little bit snobby. We had a class together my first semester and she would barely give me the time of day. So I was pretty surprised to see her there.

“Hey Marie, hey Holly,” I greeted them as they came in. “Glad you could make it! Grab a beer and make yourselves at home. Mi casa es su casa.”

“Hey big boy!” Marie replied playfully. “Glad to see you’re finally getting a social life. Looks like a pretty good crowd.”

“My fame is finally catching up with my achievements,” I shot back. “Doesn’t surprise me in the least.”

We bantered on like this for a few minutes, Holly all the while looking on silently, her eyes darting back and forth following the exchange of verbal volleys. I was truly mystified why she was there. I didn’t think she would have known anyone in that crowd apart from Marie and myself, and based on prior experience, she wasn’t likely to have come on my account.

My silent speculations on Holly’s presence were interrupted by one of my roommates who urgently needed me to fix some malfunction with the tap in our keg. I excused myself from Marie and Holly to attend to this emergency.

By the time I was able to get back to the party Marie and Holly had drifted off into the crowd. I briefly caught sight of Marie across our crowded living room, now filled with swaying bodies dancing to music with a heavy back beat. The party was really starting to warm up.

Like a good host, I made sure my guests’ glasses remained full, that the chips and dip were replenished, and that music was always playing. Hours went by before the swell of partiers began to ebb and I could take a breath. I couldn’t see any sign of Marie or Holly and thought they might have left already. I plunked myself down on the couch and extracted a bent but still usable joint from my jeans and lit up. There were just a few people left in the living room, although I could hear voices coming from other parts of the house and the back yard. Someone had turned the music down to a comfortable background volume and the lights were low. The evening was entering its mellow phase.

I leaned back on the couch, took a few puffs from the joint and closed my eyes. I wasn’t tired really, but I welcomed a few minutes to chill out. Reflecting back on the evening I thought it had been a pretty successful party. Lots of people came through and quite a few cute girls to boot, though I didn’t have much time to really get to know any of them. Hosting is demanding work! I also thought about Marie and the great times we had last spring. I missed having her around and really, really missed the great sex. Maybe I should have tried harder to keep things going with her, I thought. Besides being great in the sack, she really was fun to be around.

“Hey there,” a husky voice next to me said, startling me out of my reverie.

I opened my eyes to see none other than Holly sitting next to me on the couch.

“Holly!” I exclaimed with too-obvious astonishment.

There was an awkward silence, then Holly said, “Aren’t you going to offer a girl a joint?”

“Wha–oh sure! Here,” I said, handing her the joint.

As she took a deep toke I tried to gather my wits. I quickly glanced around the room–no sign of Marie. I really didn’t know what was going on here. To start with, I had no idea Holly smoked pot. She just didn’t seem the type: too uptight, straight-laced. Yet, here she was, smoking away. Second, why was she even here, period? No Marie, just me, and she seemed. . . friendly. I didn’t get it.

Holly handed me back the joint.

“Nice party. Good crowd and I liked your choice of music.”

“Uh, thanks,” I said between tokes.

She seemed to be going out of her way to be nice to me. And I noticed that her speech was just a little bit slurred and that her head swayed back and forth a bit. She had definitely had more than one beer that night.

“Marie said I would have a good time. . . especially if I behaved myself.”

“Behaved yourself?” I asked.

Instead of answering me she motioned for me to pass the joint.

“Getting’ kinda down to the roach here,” she observed after inspecting it for a moment. “Got a fresh one?”

“Uh, yeah, I’ve got more in my room. Here, let me get another.”

I practically jumped off the couch and trotted to my room. I needed şahinbey escort a little time to sort out what was going on here. I kept my eyes peeled for Marie on the way, but I still saw no sign of her. Once in my room I pulled open the dresser drawer where I kept my stash and grabbed a fresh joint. I turned to go but pulled up short when I saw Holly standing in the doorway. She had followed me to my room!

“Oh great! Cool!” she said, and headed over to my bed and sat down heavily on it.

This was getting stranger by the moment. But what could I do but go with the flow? I lit the joint and took a quick toke before handing it to Holly as I sat next to her on my bed. I was glad I taken the trouble to properly make it up before the party, although Holly was the last person I could have imagined I would be worrying about impressing with my housekeeping habits.

Holly took a few puffs from the joint before handing it back to me. She flopped back on the bed, arms outstretched.

“Man, great stuff. This really sends you places.”

“Yeah,” I replied. “This is pretty good weed. I’m glad you like it. I didn’t realize you partook.”

“Well, it’s just my second time, to be honest. But I think I’m acquiring a taste for it.”

“That can happen,” I sagely observed.

I pulled off my sneakers and sat up on the end of the bed with my legs crossed facing Holly. I held out the joint for her.

She shook her head. “I’m good.”

I looked for a place to put the joint and ended up leaning over her and stretching out to put it in the ashtray on my night-stand.

“While you’re at it, why don’t you turn that light out,” Holly suggested. “Kind of hurts my eyes.”

“Yeah, that happens,” I commented. I switched off the lamp and leaned back to my cross-legged position. The only light coming into the room now streamed in from the hallway and it left Holly half illuminated. She lay there on her back with arms outstretched and legs dangling over the edge of the bed. Her eyes were closed and I thought she might be drifting off to sleep. For the first time I took a good look at her. Her shoulder-length brown hair was scrunched up under her neck. She had a narrow face, a narrow, elegant nose, and thin but moist lips. Her lashes were surprisingly lush. She was wearing nice shorts, some kind of designer brand, and a simple but nice white top. Looking closer I noticed the small mounds of her breasts and a little bump atop each one where the nipple poked up the fabric of her top. No bra! This also I would not have expected of her.

Holly opened her eyes and inched herself up on her elbows.

“What did you mean earlier when you said the stuff about behaving yourself?” I asked.

Holly lay back on the bed again, reached her arms toward the ceiling and stretched like a cat.

“Well, Marie said that if I was very, very nice to you that you might show me a particular talent that you possess.”

She hugged herself and looked me in the eye

“I’ve been nice, haven’t I?” she questioned pleadingly.

At that point I completely gave up trying to guess where this whole thing was going. Holly was either totally trashed or I had misjudged her completely. In either event I didn’t see how showing her my “talent” could lead to any harm.

“You’ve been very nice to me,” I reassured her, “and I would hate to see you disappointed. So why don’t you arrange those pillows there so you can lean against them and take your shoes off.”

Holly slipped off her sandals using her feet, moved up to the head of the bed and arranged herself there comfortably. I scooted up next to her legs, grabbed a foot and started massaging it. I started very gently in order to get the “feel” of her foot. She had quite lovely feet, I noted. Long, slender toes, a naturally high arch and smooth skin on the sole. Her toenails were painted a pale glittery pink. As I kneaded and probed I could sense Holly unwinding behind me. I was sitting directly next to her left foot with my back to her so that I could use my fingertips to knead the sole of her foot and vary the intensity of my touch by the pressure of my thumbs on top. I had learned about this technique when I did some more reading about foot massage over the summer, although sadly I never had the opportunity to try it out on Marie.

As I worked Holly’s foot I could hear occasional light moans of satisfaction. She seemed to especially like it when I manipulated her toes, gently spreading them apart or bending one back and the one next to it down. At one point I could sense her squirming around behind me, and I assumed she was finding a more comfortable position for herself, but when I moved to work on her right foot and glanced back at her I was shocked to see that she had removed her top and was massaging her breasts and twisting her nipples with eyes shut. When she realized I had stopped she opened her eyes and saw me staring at her. I was too surprised to stop staring. We looked at each for what seemed like an eternity, but must have been just a few seconds, when Holly commanded, “Close the door!”

I could still hear a few voices coming from the living room. I leapt up and shut the door. When I turned back to the bed I saw Holly sidling out of her shorts and panties. I was yet again struck dumb with astonishment. Once she had discarded her clothes she patted the bed beside her, inviting me back. I didn’t hesitate any longer. I took my place next to her again and began working on her right foot. I soon heard noticeably heavy breathing coming from behind me and I turned to see what was going on. In the pale illumination provide by the hall light coming from under the crack in the door I could see Holly massaging her breast with one hand while the other was firmly planted in her neatly trimmed bush urgently working away. I shifted my position a bit so I could watch Holly and still work on her foot. I had never seen a woman get herself off before (well, maybe I’ve seen some videos on the web, but seeing it in the flesh is just a whole different ballgame) and it was hot hot hot. I had an instant throbbing hard-on and could hardly concentrate on massaging her foot. In fact, at one point I got so distracted I just about stopped, which prompted Holly to open her eyes wide and glare at me in silent command to get back to my job. As soon as I did so she closed her eyes and resumed her self-ministrations.

It was just a few more minutes before Holly began moaning and groaning with increased intensity as she rubbed her pussy faster and faster. Then she bit her lower lip and threw her chin up as her whole body clenched and convulsed several times. Her hand movements slowed and then stopped as she released her rigid muscles and sighed deeply. I kept working on her foot even though my dick was about to explode. She lay inert for about a minute, then silently reached out and touched my shoulder with one hand. She sort of fondled my shoulder for a few seconds, then grabbed my sleeve and pulled me towards her. I stretched out on my back next to her. Holly turned on her side facing me, threw one arm over my chest and buried her face in my shoulder. She promptly fell asleep in that position.

I must have fallen asleep too, because some time later I felt Holly shaking my shoulder to wake me.

“Seth, Seth, you awake? Water? Could you get me some water, please? I’m so thirsty.”

“Sure,” I croaked. I needed some myself. I looked at the clock as I got up. 3:45.

The house was quiet as I padded to the kitchen. Lights were still on and I could see the party’s detritus scattered about. I filled two large glasses of water and returned to my room. I walked to the side of the bed and set the water on the night-stand. Holly was huddled under the covers.

“Thanks,” she said. “Could you grab me my purse? It’s on the floor, I think.”

I found her purse near the foot of the bed and handed it to her. Propped up on one elbow, she fished around inside and pulled out a small bottle. Uncapping it she tapped out a couple of pills.

“Advil. Want some?” she offered, palm upturned with 2 little dark pills on it.

“Good idea,” I accepted.

I downed the pills and drank most of the glass while Holly tapped out two more pills and did the same. Then she threw the covers over her and rolled over.

I stood there by the bedside for a few seconds wondering what to do.

“Um, am I supposed to stay?” I asked.

“It’s your bed, silly,” she replied.

I took that as a “yes”, so I stripped down to my underwear and crawled under the covers from the other side. Holly immediately snuggled up next to me.

“Cold,” she said.

Although it had started out as a warm fall day, it had indeed become rather chilly in the wee hours. I folded my arms around her and she snuggled closer. I could feel her shivering next to me for a few minutes, but eventually that stopped and I could feel her relax in my arms. With her head tucked under my chin I could smell the fruity scent of her hair. I couldn’t resist running my hands along her back and shoulders. I couldn’t detect an ounce of fat on her, but although she was thin, she wasn’t bony, just taut. Having this beautiful, smooth body next to me started giving me another hard-on. What a wondrous thing, I thought, that a girl like Holly was in my bed!

I continued to lightly rub Holly’s back and soon I felt some response from her as she tried to snuggle even closer and began to run her hands over my chest and stomach. I pulled her closer and hesitantly leaned down to kiss her. Somewhat to my surprise she returned my kiss eagerly and started to earnestly run her hands up and down my body. I grabbed one of her petite tits and began to massage it and gently twist her nipple. She seemed to like that and responded by reaching down to my groin.

When she realized I was still wearing my underwear she said, “What on earth do you have those on for?”

I practically tore off my underwear and grabbed Holly again. We kissed and fondled for a while but Holly eventually ended up on top of me. She wiggled around on top of me, trapping my dick against her abdomen. She grabbed my shoulders to pull herself up towards my head a little and I could feel first the coarseness of her pubic hair and then the warm, slick wetness of her pussy against my dick. She gyrated her hips gently to rub her pussy on me. I had my arms wrapped around her and could feel the pace and intensity of her breathing pick up as her rib cage expanded and contracted with each breath.

I thought for sure she was going to screw me but after a while she whispered in my ear, “Do my feet again, please?”

I hesitated.

“Oh please, please,” she pleaded. “I promise I’ll be very very nice to you if you do. Please?”

“Well, with a promise like that, I couldn’t possibly refuse,” I assented.

She slid off of me, rolling onto her back. I arranged the blankets so that most of her was covered while one delicate thigh, calf, and foot protruded. As I worked on her foot, I became more and more intrigued by its shape and contours. I wanted to get to know that foot better and placed my cheek against her sole as I continued to massage it. I don’t know what possessed me to do what I did next, because I had never really much considered feet to be particularly erotic, even when I was helping Marie get off. But something about Holly’s feet suggested an aesthetic eroticism. So very slowly, I kissed, then licked, then completely enveloped her big toe with my mouth. Holly shuddered. Then I licked between her toes and took each toe in my mouth in turn. It was strangely sensual and I enjoyed it. After a few minutes Holly gently withdrew her foot and wiggled the other leg from under the covers. I switched sides and worked similarly on the proffered foot before she withdraw it also.

She then threw the covers aside and sat up, cupping my face in her hands. She gently pulled me forward and I thought she wanted me to kiss her, but as she lay back she guided my head to her crotch. Ah! I understood.

I positioned myself to best advantage and eagerly buried my face in her pussy. I noticed that her pubic hair was trimmed–not very close, but enough that it lacked the curly tangles that I had come to enjoy so much around Marie’s pussy. That fit Holly’s personality perfectly, I decided. Another difference from Marie was Holly’s scent: Marie had a musky, penetrating aroma. It wasn’t unpleasant. In fact, I quite liked it. It was very womanly. But Holly’s aroma was very subtle, maybe even possessing a floral hint. I couldn’t tell if that was all natural, or if she had somehow perfumed herself down there, but in any event, it was so Holly.

I licked and slurped until I could feel Holly’s hips circulating in tandem with my tongue. I started to really concentrate on her clit, which brought an immediate response from Holly. In just a few more minutes her hips bucked as she grabbed my curly locks and pulled my face harder into her pussy. A few gasps and then she heaved a sigh and threw her arms back against the pillows.

“Was that OK?” I inanely asked as I positioned myself next to her.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, great,” she responded absently.

I lay next to her, wondering what, if anything, would happen next. I was getting rather frustrated, with all this giving and no getting.

She lay quietly for a few minutes, then said again, “That was really great. And don’t think I’m ungrateful.”

She nuzzled against me and began rubbing my chest, then worked down to my mostly soft dick and began to fondle it. I was quickly hard again and Holly slid down my stomach to take my cock in her mouth. I was so worked up from all the eroticism and novelty of the evening that I quickly built to an orgasm. Holly, sensing my imminent climax used her hand to bring me over the brink. I felt my warm cum spill onto my stomach. Holly reached back to the night-stand and grabbed a few tissues to mop me up. Silently she pulled the covers back over us, snuggled up against me and fell asleep. I quickly followed.

I awoke late the next morning. There was no sign of Holly. I had no idea when she left. As I lay there in bed, I wondered if I had dreamt it all. The last evening’s events just all seemed so improbable. I had good reason to think that. In fact, Holly not only never again graced my bed, but I had barely any interaction with her at all after that night. Nonetheless, it was Holly who was responsible for turning the next page in my book of sexual experience.

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