Fingers by the Pool

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Marian walked out to the pool and looked at the fence to see if the neighbor’s son was there. The fence, about thirty feet from her lounge, was made of chain link with wooden laths woven into it and the privacy was far from perfect. A person would be able to peep through it, but only by getting close enough to be easily visible to the object of his or her spying. The neighbors’ son, a fat, lazy 18 year old high school dropout named Brian or something like that, had sometimes tried to watch her in the past but she hadn’t seen him for quite a while. and he wasn’t watching from behind the fence that day. Marian was glad he wasn’t there that day; she was hoping to be able to sunbathe topless, but would turn around and go back inside rather than putting on a show for the creepy pervert.

For a few minutes, she lay on the lounge, soaking up the warm rays she loved so much, until she decided to remove her top. Marian hoped to be able to blur her tan lines, making her that much more desirable to her boyfriend, George. He wasn’t really her boyfriend, just a guy she sometimes got together with for sex, but Marian called him that for lack of a better word. George really loved sucking and licking her breasts and she believed he would like it even more if they were less pale, and didn’t contrast so much with the rest of her body, which was deeply tanned.

After carefully looking over at the fence again, she sat up, reached behind herself and unhooked her top. There was nobody and nothing pressed up against the fence except the small wooden shed the neighbors used for storing gardening tools, so it was safe for her to remove the top.

As she did, her hands massaged her large, firm breasts, lightly squeezing her very sensitive nipples between her fingers, smiling as she felt them become erect. George liked to fondle her there and he liked even more to suck her breasts and lick her nipples. She hadn’t gotten together with him for quite a while and Marian started feeling horny as she remembered the last time, how her pussy became dripping wet from his mouth sucking her breasts and his tongue caressing her nipples. Just from the memory, she felt her crotch getting damp and she smiled even more as she thought of how bahis firmaları George also loved to feast on her juices while eating her pussy and slowly bringing her to a tremendous orgasm, sometimes two. The thought of his tongue and lips pleasuring her whole body made Marian even wetter.

When she lay back down, for the sake of uniformity in her tan, she turned onto her right side and raised her left arm over her head. Without really thinking about it, her right hand resumed fondling her breasts, going from one to the other, gently cupping and stroking them while her fingers and thumb rolled her erect nipples.

“God, how I wish it was George’s tongue and his mouth doing that,” she told herself. “When I go back in the house, I’m going to call him and make a date to get together as soon as we can.”

Marian remembered that, besides licking and sucking her breasts and eating her pussy, George also liked to caress her ass and hips and had complimented her on how smooth and soft her skin was. She really wanted a more uniform all-over tan and, since there was nobody around to see her, she decided to take off the bottom part of her bathing suit too. Standing once again by the lounge, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the garment and started pushing down. It was a snug fit and there was quite a bit of wiggling around to maneuver it down and around her ass and hips. Marian wasn’t bothered by the difficulty and the swaying of her breasts actually added to her growing arousal. Once the suit bottom was down to her thighs, she let it drop and straightened up again. The slight breeze ruffling her well-trimmed brown pubic hair gave her more erotic thrills and her thoughts drifted again to the things George liked to do with her body.

Marian lay back down in the same position with her left arm once again lying atop the side of her head. Her other hand returned immediately to her breasts and this time there was no pretense of doing anything but fondling them and playing with her nipples. As she manipulated the hard nubbins, she could feel a connection between them and her pussy, especially her clit.

Juices were running down her thigh onto the lounge and Marian once again fervently wished George kaçak iddaa was there to lick them from her leg and continue from there. Since he wasn’t, she did the next best thing, reaching down with her right hand to sluice them off her leg and cover her fingers, which continued on to her pussy. As she caressed her lips, which had become swollen from her desire, Marian thought again of George’s tongue and how much better it felt than what she was doing. Although a poor second choice, her fingers were sending ripples of pleasure coursing through her body and eliciting blissful cooing.

The position was really not very comfortable so Marian convinced herself that she had been lying on her side long enough. She rolled over onto her back, which was much better because she could easily bend forward to caress her pussy lips with the hand that was already so wet with her juices. Her left hand, which had been uselessly draped over her head until then, went to work too, starting on her nipples until Marian realized it could serve her better elsewhere.

After covering her second hand with her steadily flowing juices, Marian put them both to work, caressing the engorged lips on either side of her pussy. She moaned from the pleasure while rubbing all over both pairs, even the most sensitive inner edges of her labia. It felt good but, even though he could only lick one pair of lips at a time, George’s tongue still felt better than what she could do with both her hands. Second best or not, Marian knew she was getting closer to cumming so she started massaging her clit with her well-lubricated left hand. She arched her other wrist, held three of her fingers against her palm and placed the tip of the other digit, the middle one, at the entrance to her yearning pussy.

Marian was multiorgasmic when George or other men were eating her pussy or fucking her and at other times when she was using her favorite dildo. The toy was flesh colored and the main shaft was long and thick and covered with raised stars and spirals to stimulate the entire inside of her pussy. A secondary shaft protruded from the side and was smooth except for the cluster of interesting shapes on the end that could do incredible things for her clit kaçak bahis while she was plunging the toy in and out of herself. She had named the dildo “Pete”, which was short for Cactus Pete because it reminded her of a picture of a Saguaro Cactus she had once seen.

She wished she had George’s face between her legs or Pete with her but had to settle for her middle finger. Marian slid the digit easily into her dripping pussy, all the way to the knuckle, and out and back in again. It was better than nothing and was the best thing available just then so she used it. After two more strokes, her index finger joined forces, an improvement, but still leaving much to be desired. She started plunging the fingers in faster and Marian’s pussy fucked up to meet the twined fingers as they surged into her over and over. Her body writhed on the lounge and her moans became louder from the limited but very real pleasure.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Marian whimpered as she started cumming. It didn’t last nearly as long and wasn’t as much fun as she was accustomed to having before she climaxed, her back arching and her body spasming. She relaxed back on the lounge; her fingers slipped out of her pussy but otherwise she lay without moving.

After quickly regaining her strength from the orgasm which, on a scale of one to ten, she might have rated a two, Marian got off the lounge, picked up her bathing suit and walked into her house. Her sunbathing was over for the day because she had much more urgent things to do. First, and most important, she was going to call George and make a date to meet for sex as soon as possible. Second, unless they would be getting together that day, she would draw a hot bubble-bath, climb into it with Cactus Pete and give her pussy the workout it deserved.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Marian expects to have later with George. For the other side of what I have described, see “Peeping by the Pool” which should be posted within a day of this story.

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