First Day in the Caribbean 23

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Somehow Troy and Lucy ended up holding hands as they walked.

“Shall we walk on the beach before you take me home?”

“I’m glad you make these suggestions, because I think I’m still too timid to take the initiative myself.” He sighed. “Except for some probably unhealthy early teen experiences, I pretty much don’t know how to act around women.”

“You’re doing fine so far. Stay friendly and not selfish and you’ll go far.” They arrived at the beach and walked along the waterline. She gave him a look. “Ever kiss a girl?”

He shuddered. “A woman tried to kiss me once when I was in a bar near the base with a bunch of buddies. I turned and ran, I’m ashamed to say. Don’t think I ever lived it down.” He shrugged. “Kind of cut into my social life, but I got a lot of studying done.”

She stopped and turned toward him. The moon had risen above the horizon, and the soft light made her skin glow. “You mean to tell me that you’ve never really kissed anyone? A good-looking guy like you?”

“Sorry.” He brightened a little. “But I’m willing to learn. Um, you looked good in the restaurant, but in this light you look like a goddess.”

She smiled, “Okay, Poseidon, let’s see if we match,” and she leaned toward him for a kiss, lips slightly apart.

He imitated her and touched his lips to hers for several seconds. When they separated, he said, “Wow!” Then he grinned. “And I wasn’t afraid! Yee-ha!” and he spun around while Lucy looked at him like he was goofy. He faced her again. “Can we do it again?”

“Yes,” she grinned, “but you have to put your arms around me and hold me gently while you do it.”

So he did, and they ended up kissing repeatedly and experimentally. He could feel her breasts against his chest, and he started to get an erection. Lucy pressed her hips into him and leaned back, grinning. “Let me see that dollar bill.” She let go of him and he fished out the dollar.

She took it and stuffed it down her blouse. “Okay come get it.” and she turned and scooted away, looking over her shoulder at him, grinning, blonde hair flying.

He gave chase and before long she let him catch her. Before he could do anything she said, “you have to use your teeth!” She put her hands behind her back and stood straight, grinning.

Troy gulped and looked. He could just make out the dollar down in her cleavage. He started to lean forward and she added, “Might be easier if you slide my sleeves down a little.”

He decided to go all out, so he widened his eyes, made a growling sound and slipped the sleeves off her shoulders halfway to her elbows. The motion nearly pulled the neckline off her breasts, and he could easily reach the money. He leaned over and buried his face in her breasts, then pretended to have to hunt around to find the money. Finally he came out, dollar in teeth, grin on face.

She took the dollar. “You’re timid, but you aren’t stupid. I’ll give this back for a kiss.” So they kissed some more, she tucked the dollar into his shirt pocket, and they resumed their walk. She left the dirndl where he had moved it.

Troy put his arm around her and she immediately snuggled against him, leaning her head on his shoulder, which gave him an excellent view. He moved his hand from her waist to her bare shoulder and she put her arm around his waist. Troy felt like he could go on like this forever, but he figured he’d better be a gentleman. “Say, there’s an ice cream shop near here. Would you like something before I take you home?”

She looked up at him and he looked down at her. “We can share a cone.”

“Okay. I can’t take my eyes off of you, by the way,” he confessed.

“You don’t think I dressed this way by accident, do you? I like that you like looking at me. And I’m going to stay this way in the store, too, where the light is better so you can really see me.”

Troy slowly shook his head. “Woman, you’re crazy.”

“Yup. I’m a tease, too. Hope you don’t mind.”

“I love it.”

They got to the store and ordered a single-scoop cone, then took turns licking it, having fun catching potential drips and laughing.

“Hey lookit the two lovebirds! Maybe we should help him pull—”

Troy’s countenance changed and he froze, looking at the three teenagers, who stopped mid-sentence. Then he suddenly leaned forward and made a Maori face at them, eyes wide open, tongue out and down, eyebrows fierce. They jumped and ran out, tripping and spilling their ice cream.

Troy and Lucy looked at each other and burst into laughter. Lucy laughed so hard tears came to her eyes. “Hahaha Rick taught you well haha” She leaned against him for support, gasping, and he put his arm around her. He smiled a quiet smile and waggled his eyebrows at the guy behind the counter, then turned back to her. “You’re too valuable to let anyone harass you.”

“You make a pretty good, hero, you know that?” she managed to say. “Take me home.”

He tossed what was left of the cone into the trash, and they headed out. She was still shaking with laughter. He looked around, and saw three figures in the keçiören escort distance, headed away, gesticulating. They were already more than a block south, so he figured they weren’t going to be a problem. He put his arm around her shoulders again and she put her arm around his waist. Lucy led him east, uphill, toward the center of the island. Several blocks in they turned north and presently they came to a neat, plain, apartment building. “So, not quite the bad part of town any more. I’m on the third floor, no elevator.” She unlocked the entry and they went in. At her door, she snatched the dollar out of his pocket, smiled and said, “Come and get it.” And she zipped inside.

Troy rolled his eyes and followed her in. He pushed the door shut behind him and approached her. She was standing before him, a slight smile on her face. “Two things. First I want you to finish what those guys were going to help you do. Then you have to find it.”

Troy bowed his head a little. “I’m not sure what they had in mind, but I’ve been wanting to do this all evening,” and he reached for her and gently tugged the sleeves down a little more, then pulled the front of the dirndl down, revealing her nipples and the rest of her generous curvature.

She took a deep breath and held her shoulders back, presenting her breasts to him. “Like what you see?”

“You have no idea.” He gently cupped them in his hands, then pulled the whole garment down to her waist.

She pulled her arms free and clasped her hands behind his neck. “I think you need more kissing practice.” And she placed her lips against his and kissed him soundly.

While they were kissing he ran his fingers around inside the waistline on her shorts. “Hmm, not there,” he muttered between kisses.

She snickered. “It’s not in a pocket, either. You’ll just have to look harder.”

“I’m already pretty hard,” he kidded, and she snickered some more and grabbed his front.

“Hmm. I see that. Let’s go where it’s easier for you to look.”

But when she turned, he put his arms around her waist, unzipped her fly, and tugged the shorts down. The dollar fluttered to the floor. “Aha!”

She stepped out of the fallen shorts and pressed herself against him. “I figured it was too germy to put inside me,” she said between kisses. “But you get the prize for finding it—me!” She held her arms up and gave him a big smile. There were no tan lines.

Troy looked at her some more. “Let’s see. Where are your eyes again?” When she just wiggled her hips, he said, “I think that’s a hint that I should undress.” Troy kept feasting his eyes on her and started on his shirt buttons.

“Lemme help.” She reached for his belt and unfastened his lower half while he worked on his upper half. In a few seconds he was as naked as she, his member stiff as a railroad spike.

They went into her bedroom and she pulled the cover down. “When was the last time you had sex?” she asked.

“I had a sort of girlfriend back a long time ago who let me use her a couple times; otherwise I’ve had occasional wet dreams, which usually turned into nightmares.”

“I think we’re pretty even, then. Mainly I’ve just stayed away from guys. They were all too interested in themselves.”

“I’m not sure how I’m going to perform. How about you tell me what you like and I’ll do it? To tell the truth I think I’d rather make you turned on and happy, than anything.”

“Okay. Push me onto the bed!”

“Arr, me beyutie,” he said in his best pirate accent, “I’ll swab the deck with ye, I will,” and he pushed her backwards onto the bed.

“Oh are you going to ravish me?” she squeaked in her highest voice.

“Aye, that I will indeed,” and he climbed onto the bed next to her and gave her a raspberry on her stomach.

“Eek! Eek! Lower!” she squeaked.

Instead, he kissed her breast and ran his hand down to her crotch. He made a big sneer. “Let’s see; gentle’s the word, right?” he growled.

“Yes, oh yes! Yes!” she cried, trying to sound panic-stricken.

At this point they both broke into laughter. They put the kidding aside and exchanged affectionate kisses. He kept his hand on her crotch and she reached for his member. He took a deep breath. “Okay, be careful. After this long winter, I don’t think I have much staying power. What do you like?”

Lucy thought for a moment, then hitched herself up against the bedstead and moved her knees apart. “Okay, put your finger here, about this hard, barely touching. Right. Up and down, long slow strokes. Ah! Yes. And the best spot is here, feel the little texture? That’s my clit, and when I get going, concentrate on that, but you need to bring me up slowly to get me actually excited. And when you stroke my clit, I’ll tell you when to do it harder, but otherwise, really really gently and slowly.” She hitched herself back down and spread her legs. “You can do stuff like a nice leg rub, too, to work your way to the treasure.” She smiled again. “Pirates like treasure, right?”

“Yup!” Troy stroked her legs, enjoying the sensation kızılay escort of touching a woman, especially without anxiety. He worked his way gradually to her vulva, barely touching, and listening to her hmm’s and ah’s for clues. He forgot all about himself in his concentration on her responses, then she reached and grabbed his erection, hard, and said, “okay, I see you have pre-cum all over yourself. Get some on your finger and put it in my crack. Then follow my movements,” and she began to stroke him a little faster than he had been going. “Yesss. A little harder…more, yes, ah! Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Just like that! Oh! Yes! Yes!”

Troy made sure to keep plenty of his slick moisture under his fingers and she kept encouraging him, sometimes arching her back, sometimes trembling, sometimes spasming, always moaning. Then her tone changed. “Faster! Faster! I’m going to cuummm!” He sped up and pressed a little harder and she bucked to match his hand. Suddenly she yelled, climaxing, and grabbed his penis so hard it almost hurt. It was too much for Troy, and he came right along with her. He threw back his head, eyes shut as he enjoyed the first non-wet-dream ejaculation he had had in more than a year. “Okay, now be motionless and let me catch my breath,” she gasped. Troy complied, particularly since he wasn’t sure what else to do. Lucy took a deep breath. “That was fun. I know it’s messy this way, but I don’t want to get preggers.” She gave him a look. “Yet. I’m figuring you didn’t have a condom on you, right?”

Troy chuckled. “Ummm, No!”

She grabbed a corner of the sheet and sat up so she could wipe the two of them off. “Think I might be lucky enough to see you again? I suppose this isn’t a very tactful time to ask that.”

“Well, I was considering asking you the same question. I have until Sunday before I have to report back. Right now I want to spend every minute of it with you, and see you again first thing when I get back. In fact, if you can stand the thought of me worshiping you constantly, I’d like to apply to be stationed here on the island so I can see you more. Not that I’m infatuated or anything.”

Lucy smiled, pleased. “Do you have to report anywhere tonight?”

“Uh, well, no.”

“How about a free place to stay tonight in exchange for your excellent services? Breakfast included.”

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world.” They snuggled together and before long they were asleep.

About 5:00 troy snapped awake, startled, then a second later remembered everything, and heaved a sigh of relief. Lucy was breathing gently in sleep. He slipped out of bed as quietly as he could and headed for the shower. About the time he was clean, the bathroom door opened; presently the toilet flushed, and he heard a few clicks and clatters. Not sure what to do, he turned off the faucet, and promptly a hand appeared, holding a towel.

“My turn. Get out. I put some shaving stuff on the sink; hope you don’t mind stuff intended for a woman’s legs.” She drew back the curtain and he grinned sheepishly.

“All warmed up for you, I guess. And a razor’s a razor.” They exchanged places. On impulse he kissed her as they straddled the tub and she kissed him back. Then she smiled and pulled the curtain shut. He got to work shaving.

“So I get up about now anyway,” she said, toweling herself off. “Usually I shower at night, but I forgot.” She looked at him as if over glasses. “Now to do breakfast. Did you sleep well?” She grabbed some pants.

“I had this great dream about meeting a gorgeous woman, taking a walk on the beach, then, um, sort of sleeping with her.”

She smiled and gave him a kiss. She was half dressed, naked from the waist up. “I’m jealous of whoever that woman was.”

Troy snickered and they finished dressing. Breakfast was simple, and Troy helped by setting the table, exploring the cupboards and drawers to find things. They did the dishes together, playfully bumping into one another in the crowded kitchen.

On the way to the boatworks he offered, “Suppose I bring some lunch?”

“Hmm. Okay. I usually just grab a sammich from the food wagon, but it’ll be fun to see you again. Be prepared for some ribbing, though.”

“Ribbing I can take. When do you break for lunch?”

Lunchtime rolled around and Troy showed up with a large bag that turned out to contain piraks. Troy tore open the bag to use for a tablecloth and invited everyone to dig in, which they did. “Bakery in town. The owner’s name is even Baker.” They all seemed to know the place, and they dug into the flakey meat-filled pastries. The ribbing turned mostly into praise for his generosity and assurances that since Lucy was happy, he must be an okay guy. “Yeah, never heard her whistling before,” ventured one guy. “Or cheerful,” added another, getting his shoulder swatted by Lucy. One of the men remarked, “Say—I hear you learned some of that Maori stuff. Scared off a gang of hoodlums.”

Troy glanced at Rick and blushed. “I surprised myself with that one. When Rick gave me that scare, a couple months sincan escort later I discovered I could reduce my, uh, PTSD, by making that Maori face. But I only did it in private. That was the first time I ever made the face in public.”

“Let’s see you do it,” Someone said.

Troy looked blank for a moment, then at the speaker. “I can’t! I have to do it for real.”

Rick smiled quietly.

The lunch broke up and everybody got back to work.


It was all Bill could do to keep his mind on the store. Fortunately, Sharon was scheduled to spend the day at the north store, so at least he didn’t have the temptation to try to physically capitalize on their Weekend adventure and conduct himself in an unbusinesslike way. He noticed Charlie and Jenny were being careful not to “fraternize” either. Jenny was cool and professional, and Charlie sighed a lot, but dug into his repair and setup work. He figured if Charlie could take it, so could he. Neither man knew the other had begun a private daily self-applied relief program.

On Tuesday Charlie came in whistling, eager to share some news. He gathered everyone together before Jenny could head to the north store. “Well, folks, you are looking at the next famous Pulitzer-winning photographer! A guy came in last night when Karen and I were going over my photographs—of you guys, so you’re all famous models now—and he bought four shots for a magazine article for three hundred smackeroolas! Today lunch is on me!” and he fished out a wad of twenties. “Karen was almost as excited as me.” Involuntarily he glanced at Jenny.

“Ug. Too bad I’ll be at the north store all day,” said Jenny.

“I’ll just have to take you out to dinner, then,” Charlie said, pretending to be sad.

“Or lunch tomorrow,” she offered.

“Good idea. Then it won’t interfere with your ride home.” Jenny and Sharon carpooled, and Charlie didn’t mind the opportunity to dine alone with Jenny. He whistled as he worked on the bikes until Sharon and Bill yelled at him to stop. Then he hummed.

Lunch was fun. Bill and Sharon kept making suggestive comments, and Charlie kept rolling his eyes and shaking his head. The next day Bill tagged along to Charlie and Jenny’s lunch; who kept flirting and Bill rolled his eyes and shook his head.

Finally Saturday evening rolled around. Bill and Charlie pulled into the driveway about the same time as Rick and Karen. Everyone had food for the party, and Rick and Karen Troy and Lucy, whom none of the others had met.

Inside, the main room had been arranged rather like a theater, TV at one end, the couch and several chairs arranged loosely in a curve, table to the side with Octavia and Asch’s contributions, soon joined by the goodies everyone else had brought.

Not to be outdone, Asch and Octavia had invited another couple, too, a big guy named Fred and his S.O., Anita. Rick and Fred had met some time ago, after the hurricane, and had done occasional business. Everyone made introductions all around, and since it wasn’t quite dark yet, conversation became the main attraction. Lucy and Anita dove for the couch, patting the cushions to indicate where their dates were to sit. Their men smiled and nodded acknowledgement, but stayed where they were, conversing with the other men and checking out the food. From the laughter and Fred’s hand motions, he was telling about getting decked when he met Asch.

Octavia bustled about, and Sharon and Jenny started picking over the bounty arrayed on the table. When the men started to graze, Lucy called out, “We got dibs on the couch,” and got up to head for the food, followed by Anita.

Asch said, “You four are the only first-timers here, so you should get the best seats anyway. Make you more inclined to come back.”

Surveying the spread, Lucy remarked, “with goodies like this, we’ll be regulars,” and she popped a piece of watermelon into her mouth.

Finally everyone had a plate of food and got settled into a place to sit. The couch had room for five, and Jenny giggled and plopped herself between Fred and Troy. Charlie stood behind her, remote in hand, Karen next to him. They were going to narrate the show together. Rick pulled up a stool and sat next to Karen. Asch and Octavia settled into a pair of chairs.

Charlie cleared his throat. “Anyone here not scuba divers? Yet?” he added. Anita and Lucy raised their hands. “Ok, I’ll explain a few things as we go along that might not be obvious to you as we go along. I took the pictures, so I’m not in any, and Karen arranged them into this nice presentation.”

Charlie flipped past the title page to show a picture of the boat, then flipped again to a picture of scuba gear. “Uh, I didn’t take all of the photos, I guess. But these are useful to show. Karen, you know these shots better, why don’t you narrate for a while?”

Karen picked up the ball. “I figured it would make a more complete story if we showed some preliminaries.” She told about how their boat was a salvage from the hurricane, repaired by Fred in exchange for scuba lessons, and getting steady use ever since. She went on to describe the scuba gear and a few things about the hobby of diving. Her final photo was a shot of a bunch of tourists getting ready to jump into the water. “I didn’t have any shots of us, so these folks will have to do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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