First Massage

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Rick had never had a massage before, and he didn’t have the nerve to look into getting one for himself. But his friend Ray gave him the excuse.

“You should try Dawn. She’s registered, she’s trained, she’s really good, you’ll feel great,” said Ray, as the two of them stumbled out of a long rehearsal.

The idea kept preying on Rick, day and night. He found himself fantasizing more and more about having a woman massage his body. He had very little body hair, and he imagined the masseuse’s hands easing oil sensuously into his smooth skin.

But then he would catch himself. He felt that if he was going to have a massage, it should be a real massage, for the right reasons, not a veiled hope of getting off with some woman who probably wouldn’t have the slightest interest in him anyway. After all, this masseuse was licensed, experienced, and probably had to handle lots of patients every day. Why would his body be any different from the others?

But his mind would drift to his big cock, to the women who told him they were surprised by how sweet he tasted, to images of himself in the mirror, lithe, young, coordinated. He pictured the masseuse as being young, blonde, intelligent, sensuous. Then he’d catch himself again, suddenly fearing that he’d lie down on the massage table with a hardon. He vowed to keep his mind off sex if he ever did have the massage.

Finally, Rick decided that if he promised himself to be as professional about getting a massage as he expected the masseuse to be about giving one, he would go ahead and call her.

Once he made the call, it seemed too easy. He had an appointment.

On the day of the appointment, he drove to the masseuse’s address, and couldn’t contain his elation at doing something he longed to do. He imagined that all those other drivers and pedestrians who saw him in his car would love to change places with him if they only knew where he was going.

As he walked up to the door and rang the bell, he caught himself again, wiped the grin off his face, vowed to appreciate the massage in a mature way, and promised himself he’d keep his mind off sex. It was going to be a healthy experience.

Dawn answered the door and welcomed him in. His chest swelled as he took note that she was blonde, somewhat petite, with a nice figure, wearing shorts yenimahalle escort and a T shirt. She was friendly and relaxed, and sat him down to ask if he had any special areas she should focus on. He explained this was his first massage and he just wanted a good rub to get things circulating.

She smiled and led him to the table, told him to take off his clothes and get under the sheet; she’d be back when he was ready.

“Um…should I take off all my clothes?” he asked.

“Sure, whatever you’re comfortable with. It’s easier for me to work if you take them all off,” she said as she sidled out of the room.

Rick realized this was her apartment, and it felt warm and homey. The professional massage table had a pillow and a sheet, and as he eased himself onto the table, he couldn’t believe he was naked under a sheet waiting for a beautiful woman to come into the room and touch him all over.

No, he was not going to go there. Stay serious, he told himself. But what if he got a hardon? He’d have to suck in his breath and relax. But what if? OK, he said to himself, she must be used to dealing with this. He’d just excuse himself and make clear he had no intentions.

“Are you ready?” Dawn asked gently from outside the room.

“Uh, yeah, I am,” said Rick, and he realized he was sweating slightly from anticipation. He tried to relax and act as if he got massages every week. He tried to feel quite normal as Dawn entered the room somewhere behind him, and drew up close behind his head.

She picked up his head slightly, rocked it, and massaged his face, which sent away some of his worries. He let himself go and felt like he could handle this situation responsibly, and enjoy it, too.

Dawn oiled her hands and walked to the other end of the table to work on his feet, and Rick felt tingles of excitement, which he relaxed away. But as she worked up his thighs, he had to shift his head to one side and concentrate on his breathing to send away the arching of his cock.

Dawn moved to his side to work his hand and arm–and gave Rick an unexpected gift. The moment she massaged his forearms, Rick got a hardon. This time he couldn’t keep it down. Every time she delved into his forearms, his cock bobbed up stronger. He had never had a clue that his forearms ankara escort were an erogenous zone.

Finally, he summoned the courage to say, “I’m sure you’ve seen this plenty. I’m sorry, but I can’t help my erection. I didn’t know my arms were so sensitive.”

Dawn mumbled quiet words of reassurance, slid up his arm, and pulled it across his body, narrowly avoiding the tent covering his cock. As if trying to keep a low profile, his cock was curved in an hard arch up to his belly button.

She moved back behind his head again, and he heard her shake out more oil onto her hands.

She placed her hands on his shoulders and rubbed, first small circles, then larger and larger circles, going down his chest and back up his sides, first down his pecs, over his nipples and up his ribs, and then down towards his belly button and up the sides. Each time, she stroked a little farther towards his stiff cock, bobbing under the sheet.

Rick’s mind tugged so hard at him that he had to let it go. After all, how could she know what he was thinking? He may as well enjoy his thoughts. He couldn’t hide the hardon anyway.

Now he saw himself, in his mind, reaching over his head as Dawn reached forward. He saw himself grabbing her ass through her shorts and pulling her onto the table on top of him. He was hugging her ass to him with his head between her legs, in 69 position.

But he wasn’t actually doing anything of the kind. He was being good to his promises. Still, his arms were tense and seemed ready to rise up as he imagined reaching around to pull her down and feel her pert ass behind him.

Dawn was rubbing down over his nipples, and reaching down his belly toward his hardon and pulling back up his sides, when suddenly, the strangest thing happened. Rick yawned.

And as he yawned, with eyes closed, he suddenly tasted the roughness of dry cloth in his mouth. The cloth of a T shirt. A T shirt with a breast in it. Dawn had seen his wide open mouth and had placed her breast right in his mouth.

Reality split.

Rick’s mind knew exactly what was going to break open now: his arms would release from their trap and embrace the small of her back, and then slide around front to hoist up her T shirt and let the skin of her breast into his wet mouth. He would suck on her hard nipple, and she would glide her warm hands under the sheet hooding his arching hard cock. It was reaching so desperately for her. She would let her oiled hands slide down his belly under his cock and grab hold of him from its base.

Meanwhile, he would cup both her breasts and bring her nipples together so he could fit them both into his mouth at one time, and suck and nibble at them. And she would moan and pause for a moment as she stroked his cock from the base up to the nib.

Frantically his hands would undo the snap and zipper of her shorts, and she would break away from his cock to help him get her out of her shorts. Then he’d pull her by the ass over on top of himself while sliding his tongue from her belly button up to her soaking wet pussy, where he would bury his mouth.

He would fall into another world as he felt her mouth close on his cock and take it in, down to the root, while he lapped up her juicy cunt, sliding from clit through her slit up to her asshole and back until he nibbled his way back to her clit. He would press his lips around her clit and suck the little clit into his mouth and diddle it lightly and furiously with his tongue, every which way.

He would knead her ass and she would be sucking his dick, holding his balls, and then, because she was trained and knew bodies so well, she would slip her oiled finger into his asshole and up to his prostate and…

But the shocking taste of dry cloth in his mouth, and his determination to be professional, made him deny to himself that there was a breast in his mouth. And a harsh reality broke in on his dreams.

He backed off his mouth from the T shirt, and it wasn’t easy, because Dawn had really thought his mouth was reaching for her breast, so she had let herself put it right in that gaping hole, thinking he was dying to suck on her. With his erection bobbing at her and begging for help, her professionalism had cracked. But this guy wasn’t even asking for anything! It drove her over the edge, but only for a moment.

He managed to extricate the breast from his mouth, and even pretended blindly that nothing had happened, that it had been an innocent little collision.

Dawn finished the massage, and excused herself so that Rick could get up and dress. She headed straight to her bedroom to change into dry panties and clean shorts.

By way of thanking her, Rick gave her a long hug and made another appointment. This time, she was the one that vowed to herself to stay on the professional side.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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