First Night

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Couple Swap

I write what I know, some of the events of this story are true and others are fantasy, I’ll let you decide which is which. One night/weekend recently I moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend of just over a year; this is the night/weekend I’m writing about.


Chapter 1

Her name is Katy. You’ve seen the type; young, first time out on her own in her own place, a little rebellious, full of energy and just a little bit flirty with everyone she meets. She works as one of the counter helpers at a local independent cinema here in town. She’s tall with a fine nubile 22 year-old body, long curly brunette hair, a diamond stud in her left nare, a slightly bigger diamond stud in her right chin and a naughty gleam in her eye that hints of a subtle spankability; so much so that if you were distracted by her outright beauty, you might miss it.

I didn’t.

This night was just like any other that I’ve spent over the last several years when I have some time to myself, at the movies. I walked in and saw her standing there behind the counter smiling at everyone and generally being pleasant while quietly going about her job. Being a regular there, she knows me by sight and smiled at me when I walked through the door. I walked up to the counter in my usual way and she greeted me in hers.

“How are you tonight?”


“Seeing a movie?”

“No, I thought I’d just come in to smell the popcorn.”


“I know but don’t tell, I have a reputation to uphold.”

“What will it be?”

“‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.'”

“Just one?”

“Unless you want to go.”

“With you?”


“What’s wrong? You don’t seem quite yourself this evening.”

“‘Just one’ is all it is.”

“You come a lot on your own.”

“Yeah but tonight is different, I should be here with my girlfriend or at our new place together.”

“Why isn’t she here?”

“Girls night out.”

“Sounds fun to me, what’s the big deal?”

“Normally that would be fine but tonight is our first night in our new apartment and she’s spending the weekend out of town with all of her friends.”

“That sounds like a great way to break in a new apartment.”

“Tell me about it…”

“That sounds like a great way to break in a new apartment.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone’s a comedian.”

“Well it made you laugh didn’t it?”

“Yes it did, thank you very much!”

“It really is a shitty way to spend the night in a new apartment, in bed alone that sounds like a shitty deal to me.”

“It is, so that’s why I’m here and before I get to be too much of a Debbie Downer, I’m going to see my movie!”

“Need any snacks?” she asked with that slightly naughty smile.

Trying to put on my best non-pouty face I said, “Not unless you come with it,” and walked to my movie.


Walking out of the empty movie theatre, I saw her cleaning up after the last show and said, “Have a good night!”

“Well it should be an early night since I come back early tomorrow.”

“That sucks, being responsible can get in the way of some good times, can’t it?”

“Yes it can, so what’s your excuse?”

“Bad start to the night, not my fault though. Made the best of it, saw a good movie and got to talk with you.”

“Well what can I say, I’m a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.”

“Where did you get that from, the Oxygen Network?”

“You’re an asshole!”

“I am what I eat.”



“You eat ass…?”

“Not literally, well, technically, maybe.”


“What’s that mean?”

“I’ve done that before, sort of. Haven’t thought about it again.”


“Sounds so dirty when you say it like that but yes, anal, like a porno.”

“It’s a lot of fun if it’s done right. Most guys don’t do it right so they turn a lot of women off of it before they’ve even had a chance to enjoy it. Most guys just jam their junk in a woman’s ass and expect her to get off on it like a porno.”

“Would you let a guy stick his dick in your ass?”

“Well, if I were gay I would. Girlfriend, remember?”

“Well does she let you fuck her in the ass? Would you let her use a strap-on on you?”

“Sometimes yes and no, I wouldn’t.”

“So why do you think she enjoys it?”

“She doesn’t all that much now that you bring it up but it’s not because we do it wrong. She’s just not that kinky.”

“How do you feel about that?”

“I feel like a little kink is a good thing once in a while, nothing slutty, just kinky.”

“Kinky is good, trying new things is better.”

“Yes it is, what time do you get off?”

“Probably about an hour after I leave here…”


“This is a nice place,” she said taking her first sip of her second special recipe margarita I made for her.

“We like it,” pouring myself a third margarita.

“Looks like the witching hour is upon us.”

“I thought it was about margarita-thirty.”


“I think so, how is Çankaya Escort your homemade margarita? Good I expect.”

“Delicious! I love that you made it just for me.”

“I always come prepared.”


“These margaritas are starting to go to my head.”

“Well I guess I’m going to cut you off light weight. Did you want a nipple for it?”

“You really are an asshole.”

“I am what I…”

“I heard you the first time, why don’t you start with my mouth first.”

We were sitting on the couch facing the TV but after she said this we slowly turned towards each other. I set my glass down on the coffee table then I grabbed her margarita glass and set it down next to mine, looking at her the whole time.

“Kissing you could be dangerous.”

“…live dangerously…”

Her beautiful lips were moist with sweet margarita mix, tequila and a little bit salty from the rim. Slowly our mouths met and bit by bit they opened, breathing in the intoxicating scent of sex and margaritas. Soft lips followed by an expert tongue, touching lightly, teasing each other then gently massaging each other’s tongues.

“Mmmmm, God that’s good.”

“Tell me about it right, you’re a sensual kisser, I love your tongue.”

I stopped kissing her and grabbed her face in both of my hands and I let my nose caress hers and slowly traced my nose around her face, breathing in the faint hint of her Pour Femme perfume. I love the way women smell. I love how they take care of themselves. I love that they take care of their details just for me.

“Wow, I like that. Where did you learn how to do that?”

“I don’t know where I picked it up, I just did somewhere.”

“Well I like it, it’s hot.”

“Take off all your clothes.”

“Nice, does that actually work for you?”

“Sometimes. Do it.”

She stands up hesitantly in my living room, spins around and flashes that naughty-flirty smile of hers then turns around with her back to me and starts to undress. She leisurely takes off her shirt, turns to smile at me again and then gets back to her business. She unzips her pants and seductively follows her pant legs one at a time down to her bare feet.

I stand up, coming up behind her I let one hand ease around her waist squeezing her pelvic bone and tickling her smooth skin while the other hand slips up her upper back, up her neck and to the back of her head where I gently grab a handful of hair.

“…oh wow… I… love… your… hands…”

I pull her closer using her hair to turn her face toward me and kissed her lightly. After tickling her flat stomach I started tracing her panty line. Soft moans seeped from her lips. Being behind her she couldn’t really touch me so she started rubbing her breasts through her bra, moaning the whole time.

I use her hair to tilt her neck and lightly tease my tongue along her neck and shoulders all the while teasing her by tickling her just above her bikini line. Her kisses start to get stronger, her breath heavier and she uses her hands to hold where mine are on her body. She starts to put my hand on the front of her panties with one hand and she tries to rub my hard cock through my jeans with her other hand but I pull away.

“…it’s not time yet…”

“Oh Jesus, what else are you going to do to me before you let me come?”

I answer by spinning her around and kissing her harder than before, I pull her hair so her head lays back and I start kissing down the front of her neck. My other hand searches for her bra clasp and unsnaps it. I step back and use my hands to guide her arms forward then slip off her bra. As she kicks it out of the way I have 2 nice-sized B almost C-cups looking at me, begging me for attention. I grab her again and kiss her, using the middle finger of one hand to trace up and down her spine. I feel her goose bumps all the way down her arms.

I use the first fingers on both hands to slip around to the front of her panties, going underneath each side strap. Still kissing her and smelling a mix of her perfume and her excitement, I slip her panties down past her hips then let them fall to the ground. I held her close to me again, never breaking lip contact, always searching for her eager tongue.

I find it.

I use my middle finger to outline around her ass cheeks then up and down between them. A soft touch, just enough to tickle and tease her, she’s almost ready. I pull her hair again with my other hand and this time I get my nose almost touching her skin and I start to smell her neck, starting at her ear and sloth-like I move down her neck.

“…holy Jesus… fucking let me come…”

I twirl her around again to where her back is to me and I grind my clothed hard cock into the naked flesh of her ass while holding one hip with one hand, I start to trace around her shaved clitoris and labia. Getting closer to her pussy with each pass I dry fuck her ass while kissing the back of her neck. I push her head forward and breathe a hot breath onto her neck Keçiören Escort when I finally touch her pussy lips. She is dripping wet and lets out a long, slow loud moan to my touch.

She grips my hand with both of hers and holds it to her clit. She starts grinding on my hand harder and faster, holding it tighter and tighter as she breathes heavier and faster. She lets out a small screech which becomes a yell.

“Ahhhhhhhh… Ahhhhhhh… Ahhhhhh… AH, AH, AH, AH, AH, AH…”


Then she falls back into me and stumbles haphazardly as I help her back to the couch. She lays there for a minute or two without saying anything. I randomly caress her breasts as her breathing subsides. She opens her eyes to look at me as I gently twirl her nipples in my hands.

“No one has ever made me come like that before.”

“Like what?”

“Just using their hands.”

“First time for everything.”

“Yes it is,” as she rises up from the couch. She pushes me back onto the love seat and kisses me deeply, using her tongue to search out and massage mine. She starts rubbing my rock hard cock through my jeans.

“Why are you still dressed?”

“Because you haven’t undressed me yet.”

She leaves a wet spot on my leg as she roughly removes my shirt.

“Stand up.”

She unbuckles my belt, pops the button on my jeans, unzips them and pulls them down forcefully.

“Step out of them.”

I step out of them as she starts taking my underwear off. Once off she just sits and stares for a moment.

“Not too big, not too small. It’s just right.”

“Who are you, fucking Goldilocks?”

“Shut up.”

The world that her tongue introduced to my tongue was nothing compared to what was in store for me once she started giving me a blowjob. No preliminaries, she went after my cock like it was her last meal. Putting her hands on both hips, she goes down on my cock as far as she could, taking time to lick the rest of my shaft that was out of her mouth. Standing there in front of her looking down at her head moving forward and back like a tennis match. Every time my cock touched the back of her throat, her tongue darted out to tickle the rest of my shaft. After a minute or two of that she grabbed my cock with one hand and started pumping it in time with her mouth, her other hand she placed around my cock fingers flat against my stomach above my shaft, thumb below working back and forth slightly.

I love that.

She continues to pump my shaft with her hand but she stops her head to keep only my cockhead in her mouth and she sucks it moving her head in circles, licking up and down my opening. Moving her other hand underneath my balls she starts massaging them. I start to moan and she looks up at me and smiles.

Continuing to lick and suck my head, she starts twisting her hand on the way up and twists it the other way on the way back down. Her copious saliva lubricates her hand pumping my cock. Working furiously on my cock, she knew what she wanted and went for it. Her hands continued to massage my balls and she felt them tighten. I moaned uncontrollably and I put my hand down on her forehead to try to push her away, she shakes my hand away.

She speeds up her hands and tongue, my moans grow louder. She looks up and smiles again, flicking her tongue just under my cockhead. Her hand on my balls starts a slower, harder massage, she knows I’m close.

“…oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…” was the only response I could muster.

She was now a whirl of activity, almost a blur working back and forth on my cock. Using both hands she worked me harder and faster. I started tensing and tried to push her away again but she shook me off and pressed her mouth down on my cock harder.

“UUUUUUUGH! AH! AH! AH!” as I came spurt after spurt then falling back into the chair behind me.

As she finishes swallowing, she looks at me and says, “Slightly sweet with a hint of salt, your come tastes really good, I could do that again right now.”

“Give me about 15 minutes and I will oblige you. Thirsty?”

“Yeah I could use some water.”



“How could your girlfriend NOT want to be here to break in your apartment in style?”

“Well, we have a year-long lease to figure that out. I think we might’ve made a mistake moving in but I figured after being together for a year we’d know each other well enough but I guess not.”

“Well she’s crazy. If you were my boyfriend, I’d be doing to you what we’re doing now.”

“Isn’t that what we’re doing?”

“Yes but if we were boyfriend/girlfriend it would be legal.”

“Does it bother you that I’m dating someone?”

“Obviously not otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Does it bother you?”

“A little bit, she and I are happy but she’s not that kinky but more importantly she should be here tonight.”

“If it bothers you that much, we better make it worth it.”

“I concur!”

“Thank you Frank Abagnale.”

“Oh you Etimesgut Escort caught the reference did you?”

“I work in a movie theatre, hello? McFly…”

“There’s nothing sexier than a naked woman kneeling in front of you giving you a blowjob.”

“You might be right but I’d love to try to prove you wrong.”

“Prove away.”

Those were the only words she needed to hear.

She took her time moving back to the couch, showing me all of her unclothed assets by the glow of the TV. She threw off most of the cushions but left two of the fluffiest. She laid back on them with a slight smile on her lips and her half-open eyes holding my stare. She moved her right hand up her right thigh and pulled her wet hood up to reveal her clitoris.

I like this girl.

Two fingers together she slowly moved down her clit then lingered back up. Never losing my gaze she continued using her two fingers to rub her clit, slowly, ever so slowly. Torturing me or torturing herself I’m not quite sure but she loved to touch herself. Spreading her fingers a little bit she used them to start rubbing on either side of her clit, something she must really enjoy because she let out a loud moan and shivered. A little faster she continued to rub either side of her clit, my cock grew in response.

She put all her fingers together then started to use her whole hand to rub her clit in a circular motion. Sometimes more pressure, sometimes less but always in slow circles. Always looking at me, she watched as my cock grew and I started rubbing it. She started moving her hand up and down on her clit in rhythm with my hand on my cock. She smiled.

She’s getting close, her pace quickened, up and down up and down up and down she worked it. Little beads of sweat started to glisten on her flat stomach. Her hand went a little further down and one of her fingers disappeared into her sopping tunnel. In and out she worked, faster and faster. Then she inserted two fingers and kept rhythm with me. My cock was rock hard now but she never broke eye contact. She watched me watch her.

She moved her other hand down her breast and inched closer to her clit. She let her left hand take over and moved her right hand up to her mouth and inserted her two fingers to suck on them. I thought that kind of thing only happened in pornos but she loved the taste of her own juices. She moaned louder, breathing heavier and faster. One hand in her mouth the other in her pussy, she started to buck. The muscles on the inside of her legs quivered, she tensed all over.

She held my stare for her release.


Never taking my eyes off her, I didn’t let her rest.

She was wet and ready. I moved in between her legs and positioned the head of my cock outside of her wetness. I grabbed my cock and slid the head in between her pussy lips to get it lubricated. Just the head at first, moving up and down. We watched each other as I teased her. I stopped briefly and put another inch in. Her eyes closed slightly, she smiled.

Drawing almost all the way out and moving a little bit in I teased her like that for a few minutes. Inch by inch I put my cock into her like that. Inch by inch I pulled in and out. Her pussy juices were flowing freely now, down the crack of her ass and onto to couch cushions.

Finally I made it all the way in and I just stayed there for a few moments. I leaned in and I kissed her, she kissed me back harder. Grabbing the back of my head she held my mouth to hers. Tongues intertwined I slowly started to whole-cock fuck her with strong strokes. Almost all the way out but always all the way back in.

She wrapped her legs around me as I worked in and out of her. Slowly and gently at first but my pace quickened when I started feeling her pussy starting to tighten. I pumped harder and faster, hitting her pussy like a madman.

Moaning softly in my ear her breathing started to quicken, the moaning turned to heavy breathing and the heavy breathing turned into some kind of grunting sound. A sexy, sultry animalistic noise. I started pounding her so hard I thought her pussy would start waving a white flag but she didn’t stop. In fact, her noises became almost a growl as I pounded her. One arm clasped around my neck and both legs wrapped around my back as she rode my cock, she stiffened, shuddered and let out a long squeal.


My cock still inside her, I stopped fucking her to allow her a few moments to recover. She opened her eyes and loosened her grip then relaxed back on the couch cushions saying, “Holy fuck that was amazing!”

“Yes it was.”

“I think I have about another 5-10 minutes in me before I come, do you think you can come again when I do?” I asked.

“Yes I believe I can but you might have to fuck me doggie style so I can rest a little bit after that thrashing. Besides, I can always finger myself while you fuck me.”

I knew I liked this girl.

Taking my cock out of her for a few moments I grabbed a few of the couch pillows and cushions and made a comfortable place for her to be for the next round. She positioned herself leaning on the couch arm, resting on the pillows. She had her ass back towards me, looking back over her right shoulder she wiggled her assets back and forth to tease me. She propped herself up on her elbows and pushed her ass back toward me, I didn’t need further prompting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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