First “O”

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I could hardly wait to put on the beautiful new things John given me, but I carefully showered and shaved even though I couldn’t find even the tiniest trace of roughness on my legs or underarms. I didn’t want him to feel anything but smooth skin when he touched me, and I wanted him to touch me a lot. All his touches so far had been exciting and wonderful. I wasn’t absolutely positive, but I was pretty sure that I’d like him touching me all over. Everywhere. I was almost certain I’d like that. A lot. I was sure he was going to do it, too, and that was a nice thing to anticipate, being touched and wondering how it would feel. I had heard girls in the dorm talking about not letting their boyfriends go too far, but the idea of not letting John do anything he wanted to me never entered my mind. I don’t think the concept of ‘going too far’ applies to John. After drying myself thoroughly, brushing my teeth, and getting my ponytail into a blue scrunchy to match the robe and nightie, I was ready to try on my sexy new outfit. Me, sexy. I sure never thought anyone would think I’d look good in clothes like these. Well, I guess they’re not really clothes. They’re not pajamas either, so I don’t know what they are exactly. I guess he thinks I’m sexy, considering how kissing me makes his pants bulge. I’ll sure try to be sexy. No, I don’t know anything about how to be sexy, and if I try I’ll just look foolish. Best to just be myself and wear what he wants me to. I’m sure he knows what he likes, and he seems to like me more than I could have ever hoped. I hope I’ll live up to his expectations. I know I’ll do absolutely anything he wants. Anything. I may have lived a sheltered life and gone to all girls’ schools with nuns for teachers, but I’m a woman now. I’m eighteen and legally an adult. I know I’m naive, but I’m definitely ready to start catching up.

First I put on the nightie. There was a ribbon at the throat to tie it closed, but I couldn’t find anything else to tie, snap, or button. I guess that’s the way it’s supposed to be. It took three tries to get it tied in a perfect bow. I had never had anything like that before and didn’t really know quite what it was all about. It’s pretty obvious that it isn’t meant to cover or to keep warm, it hardly covers my behind. I think it’s just for fun, and this is about the most fun I’ve ever had! I stepped into those tiny little panties and found that they stretched to fit perfectly, but they sure didn’t cover very much of me. The only panties I had ever worn were the up-to-the-navel cotton kind that my mother bought for me at Penney’s. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror and could see my nipples showing faintly pink through the gauzy pale blue fabric of the nightie. John’s going to see me like this, and sooner or later, he’s going to want the panties off me. What is he going to think? He’s almost twice my age and is used to really mature women. I was very concerned that John would laugh at me, think I was abnormal or terribly juvelile when he saw me without any panties on.

The problem was that I didn’t have any pubic hair. Oh, there was a little puff of curly blonde fuzz up on the mound, but nothing you could call real hair. It was almost invisible because it was sparse and just as light as the hair on my head. When I showered in the dorm, all the other girls had hair down there, mostly dark, and it hid the most private parts, which were down between their legs, anyway. When I looked at myself, though, the cleft down there seemed to be right out in front, and without any hair everything showed. I had been dreading him seeing me with no clothes on, but I knew that was a part of loving and that it would happen sooner or later. I just decided to make the best of it, and hope he wouldn’t think it was too awful. The absolutely worst thing that could happen would be for him to change his mind about the whole thing because I wasn’t even old enough or mature enough to have pubic hair. I knew I was old enough, but I just hadn’t gotten around to growing any. I stepped into the slippers. They were lovely, luxurious, only a tiny little bit too big, and, when I looked in the mirror, they seemed to make my legs look longer and more shapely. Not bad, Diane. You look so good, maybe he won’t notice that you don’t have any pubic hair. No, he’ll notice. Maybe he’ll like the rest of me so much that he won’t care about the hair.

I put a tiny dab of my new White Shoulders behind each ear and put on that wonderful new dressing gown. The sleeves were about an inch too long, but otherwise it fit perfectly. In the mirror, with the robe and mules, I thought I looked quite sophisticated and maybe even a little sexy. I just hope John thinks so and doesn’t pay any attention to the pubic hair. My ponytail doesn’t seem quite right with these clothes. I think ponytails are for kids, and I’m not Kolej Escort a kid anymore. I think it’s about time I get a new hairstyle.

When I got to the den the only light in the room was from the fireplace. John saw me and stood, looking at me, then turned on a dim light next to his chair. I turned around so he could see me in my new robe and slippers from all angles. Then he smiled and held his arms out, and I came eagerly to him. He didn’t say anything, but just took me in his arms and I stood on my tiptoes while he kissed me very tenderly. After a moment I wanted to be kissed more deeply, so I used my arms to pull myself up to him. He then slid his hands down my back, under my bottom, and lifted me right off the floor, kissing me passionately. Wow, what a kiss! Mmm He finally put me down, but our kiss continued, and he put his hand between us and untied the belt of my robe. He put his hands inside the robe, parted it, and put his arms around me inside the robe. That felt wonderful. Then, while we were still kissing, John slid the robe off my shoulders and I lowered my arms so it slipped down and off me onto the floor. The silk made a swish. I sure didn’t have my new robe on very long. I have a feeling that John bought it just so he could take it off me. That thought would have made me giggle if I wasn’t being kissed. I got my arms back around him, and he broke our kiss and held me very tightly against him. He was breathing into my ear as he hugged me, and I could feel his bulge poking me. He whispered that he wanted to see how I looked in my new nightie, and he sat back down in his chair. I had never been looked at that way before, and I felt very awkward but kind of excited, too. I could feel myself blush, but I turned around to model the nightie. I feel like my nipples are shining through this thin fabric, and I know he can see my bottom right through the nightie and panties when I turn around. John seemed to sense my discomfort, because he turned off the lamp and told me to come and sit on his lap. I carefully sat myself down crosswise in his lap, and I immediately felt a lot better with his arms around me. I’m even closer to him like this, but at least I don’t feel like I’m standing naked on display. I guess I have to be naked to …….. uhhhh ……. well ….. do it, but I sure hope the lights are off.

All my embarrassment evaporated when our lips met. I was in his arms, my arms were around him, he was warm against me, and our lips and tongues were doing marvelous things. John stopped kissing just long enough to whisper that he loved me, and he was kissing me again before I had time to return the sentiment. This was definitely the most intimate and passionate thing we had ever done together, and my feeling of embarrassment changed to pleasure, pleasure, pleasure. Mmm I opened my mouth wider, put my hand behind John’s head, and kissed him back, hard. I pulled his head to me, stuck my tongue way into his mouth, and I didn’t even care when our teeth clashed together. I noticed that I was making little noises into John’s mouth without even intending to. This was the first time I had ever really felt passion, and it was like I had been struck by lightning! So this is what it’s all about! Wow!!! I think something just happened that has changed me forever. Now I’m absolutely, positively certain that I will like John touching me. All over. I could feel my nipples harden, there was a kind of tingling wetness down between my legs, and I wanted more, more, MORE. John’s hand moved to my boob, and I moaned a little into his mouth at the pleasure I felt when he rubbed my nipple between his finger and thumb. I found myself wanting something. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but I sure wanted it.

John broke our kiss and told me to get up. Then he led me to the couch which he had pulled up close to the fire. Wearing only this nightie makes me feel barer than if I was stark naked. Not a bad feeling, though. Kind of …….. what? Exciting. Yeah, I feel excited, but in a new way. It sure isn’t that jumping-up-and -down excited feeling, but something deeper, more serious, better. Whatever it is, it’s a lovely feeling. I wonder what happens next. I’m glad John knows what to do, because I don’t have a clue. Whatever it is, I’ll bet I’m going to like it. A lot.

John had put a pillow at the end of the couch and told me to lie down. He kneeled on the floor, leaned over me, and told me he loved me and that I looked good enough to eat. I said, ‘I love you, Darling, and I’m glad you like the way I look. Kiss.’ I pulled him down for a long kiss. He pulled the ottoman from his chair over to the couch. John then untied the little ribbon which held my nightie closed, parted it, and kissed me on the throat. Ohhhhh, that feeeeeelllls soooo goooooood. Sincan Escort He whispered, ‘I’m going to open my present now.’ He kissed from my throat back to my mouth, and my lips and tongue were eagerly waiting for his. I’m not sure exactly what’s about happen, but I think it’s going to be wonderful. He kissed back down to my throat and went lower until his mouth was between my boobs. When he started kissing the inside of one of them, I whispered that I wished my boobs were bigger for him. He said he thought they were perfect, and that someone my size would look pretty silly with D-cup breasts. I tried to picture that and giggled, and he said that they were too pretty to be called ‘boobs.’ ‘You have breasts, Honey, not boobs.’ I decided to think of them as ‘breasts’ from then on. He kissed each breast gently and whispered that the skin there was like warm silk. I loved hearing that. When his lips brushed my nipple, I gasped, and when he took it between his lips I felt something like a little electric pulse of pleasure. He sucked the nipple between his lips, and I could feel it swell and grow in his warm mouth. He stopped sucking for a moment and asked if I liked that. I whispered, ‘Oh, I love it, Darling. Please do it some more.’ He resumed and soon moved to the other nipple. Mmm He said my nipples were the prettiest and pinkest he had ever seen. He called them ‘puffy,’ whatever that meant. And I used to be embarrassed about having pink nipples! John likes them that way, so I’ll be proud of them being pink and puffy.

John’s lips left my breasts and kissed lower, down onto my stomach. He put the tip of his warm, wet tongue into my belly button and that tickled, but in a very nice way. He kissed lower and lower until he came to the top of those tiny panties. He told me to lift up so he could take them off, and I said, ‘John, this is embarrassing.’

He said, ‘Why? Don’t I get to see you without your panties? It’s going to be hard for us to be very intimate if you keep them on. Impossible if you want to learn about sex.’

‘Well,’ I said, ‘I’m not like other girls down there, and it’s embarrassing.’

‘What do you mean, Honey? Your pussy?’

‘Yeah,’ I whispered, ‘ Ummm …….. down there.’

‘Say ‘pussy,’ Honey.’

‘Ahhh …….. pussy,’ I said, very softly.

‘Say ‘pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy.’

I couldn’t help but giggle, and I said, ‘pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy,’ between giggles.

He touched the tip of one nipple with his finger and said, ‘breast.’ He then touched my panties right about where my split starts and said, ‘pussy.’ ‘Now,’ he said, ‘You do it.’ Giggling, I said ‘breast’ when he touched my nipple and ‘pussy’ when he touched my … well….. my pussy.

He said, ‘Now that we have that cleared up, are you going to tell me what the problem is? I’m going to have your pants off sooner or later, but if you would rather I didn’t tonight, that’s okay.’

‘It isn’t that I don’t want you to,’ I whispered. ‘It’s just that I’m …. ahhhh…. It’s that I hardly have any hair down there, and it looks funny.’

He said, ‘I can’t see how that would look funny. It sounds very nice to me. I’ve always thought a woman looks and feels a lot nicer without pubic hair, but it’s usually too much trouble to keep it shaved. Would you let me look?’

‘Of course you can look, I just hope you won’t think I’m too juvenile or abnormal or something. I really am grown up, it’s just that my hair down there is taking some time to catch up with the rest of me.’

He didn’t say anything more, but had me lift my behind off the couch while he pulled my panties down over my hips and down my legs and off over my feet. My face and neck felt hot, and I knew I was blushing furiously. Here I am with this wisp of a nightie covering only my shoulders. The rest of me is stark naked. Well, I do still have those pretty slippers on my feet. At least the lights aren’t on, just the fireplace. My God, I never thought I would ever be like this with anyone. John looked at me and said, ‘Diane, you have the loveliest little pussy I have ever seen. A pussy as lovely and smooth as that just begs to be kissed, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do’. I’ve always thought it was ugly, and he thinks it’s beautiful. I was worried for nothing! Why would he want to kiss me ……………… down there? I still feel pretty embarrassed, being in my birthday suit like this. I don’t know what to think or feel. I sure wish I knew more about all this. I’m afraid I got myself in way over my head. I sure can’t back out now, though, and I don’t think I’d want to, anyway.

He nuzzled the little puff of hair on my mound and kissed right down to the top of my cleft and onto my upper thighs. Then he pulled my hips over towards him so that Yenimahalle Escort my bottom was near the edge of the cushion. He then pulled the ottoman over to the couch. He took my right leg, lifted it over his head, bent my knee, and put my foot on the ottoman. Then he pushed my left leg away, bent the knee and I was I was lying there with that thin nightie covering only my shoulders, totally naked otherwise, with my legs spread wide, knees high. He sure has a good view of everything I have. This isn’t as awkward as I thought it would be, though. It’s kind of exciting. He obviously likes what he sees. I wonder what he’s going to do.

His kisses started again on my inner thigh, about half way up from my knee. Mmmmm, nice. When his lips got closer and closer to my ………. uh ……… pussy, I whispered, ‘What are you going to do, Darling?’ He said he was going to taste me as if I were a fine wine, and that I was going to love it. This is all new to me, but I’m going to let him do absolutely anything to me he wants. I’m all his to do with as he pleases; anything. If he says I’m going to love it, I can hardly wait to find out what ‘it’ is. I guess I can’t get in too far over my head as long as John’s in charge. He wouldn’t do anything I couldn’t handle. I’ve always been such an independent person, and it’s kind of hard to believe that I’ve turned myself over to anyone so completely. John isn’t just ‘anybody,’ though, and it seems completely natural. I love it. I love that my body pleases him. I love what he does to my body and how it makes me feel. I love him, love him, love him. Mmm, that feels nice.

His lips and tongue finally reached my outer lips, and what he was doing started feeling very good. I opened my eyes and raised my head, trying to see exactly what he was doing, but that part of me was mostly hidden from my view. I could feel the wet tip of his tongue reaching into the split between my lips and start working up and down, spreading them. Then his tongue found my entrance, probed gently and it started feeling very, very good. The tip of his tongue sort of explored inside a little ways, and the further in it went, the better it felt. It didn’t really seem like something he would want to do, but I was enjoying it more and more. Ohhhhh, that’s nice. I think I’m going to want him to do this a lot. Mmm There was a tingling feeling that I had never experienced before. He raised his head, looked up into my eyes and said, ‘Baby, your pussy is absolutely delicious. I love it.’

I said, ‘Your tongue is doing wonderful things to my pussy, Darling, and I hope you aren’t going to stop.’ In answer to that he started sliding his tongue up and down the length of my cleft again. Then his tongue found my button!

I knew the right name was ‘clitoris’, but I had always thought of it as my button. I had discovered a long time before that rubbing it gently with my moistened finger was very pleasurable, and it was even better if I put a little lotion on my finger first. I had been doing it a couple of times a week at night in bed before going to sleep for several years. I knew that was called masturbation, and the nuns said it was a sin, but it felt so good so that I did it anyway. I had examined my button using a little mirror and knew it was firmer than the other things down there, it was covered with a sort of protective hood of skin, and it swelled up and peeked its head out when I rubbed it. I didn’t know what my button could really do, though, until John’s tongue found it.

He obviously knew exactly what to do with a clitoris, because he started licking lightly from its top to the little head. It was if my whole body came alive when he did that. I thought I could feel it swelling under his tongue, and I knew the little head must be peeking out. I didn’t do it voluntarily, but I jerked and could hear myself go Ohh and Mmm as he licked my button. He stopped and asked if he was hurting me, and I answered by putting my hands on his head and pulling him back down to give me more. He started licking again, and then I could feel him sucking my button in and out between his lips. Nothing had prepared me for what I was feeling. It feels good when I rub it with my finger, but it was never like this! That feels so good, it’s almost scary. If he keeps that up I don’t know what’s going to happen. If it feels any better, I think I’ll go crazy!

I was at a level of pleasure that I had never explored before, and it just kept getting more and more exciting and intense. About the time I thought I was going to scream, his tongue left my button and started exploring my entrance again. That felt very good, but less intense. It was almost a relief from the urgency I had been feeling. He continued to explore inside me, and found a spot in there that, when he licked with the tip of his tongue, felt incredibly good. Exciting in a way that was completely unfamiliar. When his tongue went back to my button, I was immediately gasping with pleasure again. He licked me there for a while, and just as I was about to go crazy, he slid his tongue back inside me. Back and forth between button and vagina he went until I was breathing in pants and gasps.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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