First Time

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She pulls into the driveway and gets out of her car seductively, knowing that he is watching from the window. She pulls down her mini skirt and slowly makes her way to the door, she knocks on the door, but she knows he’s already on the other side. He opens the door and welcomes her in, looking her up and down, his cock is already growing, making the front of his pants tighten.

They make their way through the kitchen and into the den, where they both sit down on the sofa, and make eye contact.

He breaks the eye contact and turns on a movie, he sits back and starts to watch it.

Her being completely horny and hot for him, all she wants is to make him hers. She moves closer to him, putting her leg in between his, rubbing his thighs and calves with her slender foot. While he tries to ignore her, she puts her left hand on top on his crouch and slowly moves its around, making him throb. His cock starts to grow in his pants, she can feel the pulsing, and it makes her soaked.

She walks up and turns the TV off, and she walks back to him and leans in and kisses him, while both of her hands rub his legs.

She stands up in front of him and she adjusts herself, walking over to the cd player she puts on some music, and starts stripping for him. Slowly pulling off her shirt, revealing her big breasts in a black lace bra and he can clearly see her erected nipples underneath.

All he can think of is pulling her to him and Ankara Escort sucking on them.

He says “Baby, come here.”

She walks to him and he pushes her onto the sofa and he’s now on top of her and he rips off her bra, and he starts to massage her breasts and suck on her nipples.

While he massages her, she’s thinking “I am suppose to in control, this is my night. . .I’ll teach him.”

She pulls him off and throws him onto the sofa, saying “I am in control tonight.”

She pulls off his pants and pulls out his big throbbing cock. She holds onto the shaft and with her hot moist lips she kisses the head, she slowly puts more of his massive cock into her mouth, stretching her lips around it. Sucking slowly but firmly, making him jump each time that her tongue caresses him. She slowly puts all of his manliness in her mouth, deep throating every inch, sucking hard with the back of her throat, almost making herself gag. Her hands running up and down the insides of this legs, and massaging his balls. She pulls it out and sucks on the head like a lollipop that never losses its flavour, she continues sucking the head, each time moving a little more into her mouth, pumping the shaft with her hand and sucking harder and harder, making him moan in great pleasure, and she can then taste his sweet juices running down her throat. She takes his cock out of her mouth and kisses Balgat Escort the head. She continues kissing up his warm smooth stomach, until she reaches his lips, she lays a sexy kiss on him.

She whispers “Make me cum, baby.”

He gives her his sexy bed room eye look, and he says “Lets take this to the bedroom.”

He picks her up and takes her into his room and lays her on the bed, kissing her passionately. Kissing down in between her breasts, while man handling them at the same time. Pinching her nipples, making her jump with each pinch.

He takes his tongue and runs it down her body, and stops just before her hot wet pussy, he kisses and pats it. He starts to rub her sensitive clit, rubbing it extremely hard making her moan, and he moves his face down and he starts to lick her clit, licking really fast. She starts to turn red and the room is filled with her moans. He puts a finger inside of her, and starts to finger her. . . .looking for her g-spot, penetrating her with his finger, rubbing the inside of her vagina, finding the great spot and making her squeal like a little school girl. Her body shakes with overwhelming pleasure, while he continues to rub her the right way and suck on her clit.

She starts screaming “I cumming, I am cumming.”

He feels her hot juice entering his mouth, and he enjoys ever bit of it.

He moves back up to level with Çankaya Escort her face and says “Are you sure you want to do this?” *it being her first time*.

She looks at him and gives him a kiss and says “Yes, I am ready, its been 6 long months and I love you and want you to take me.”

He kisses her back, and replies “I love you too, and there is more fun years to come.”

He slowly glides his hard massive cock into her, she squints and lets out a little moan. He starts to pump harder and harder, sliding in and out of her, and re-entering harder and harder each time. Both letting out loud moans, her tight pussy makes him so horny that he just cant help but fuck her faster.

Getting bored with the position, he gets her on top of him. And she starts moving up and down on his cock, at her own pace, while he holds her ass and guides her up and down on his cock. She starts to ride faster, because the hot streaks of warm pleasure take over her body. She turns and faces him, and leans down and puts her big breasts in his face, while she continues to ride him, his cock penetrating her, getting deeper and deeper, making her scream out in pleasure.

She gets off of him and he bends her over and he shoves his cock into her, pulling her ass onto his cock, his cock hitting her g-spot making her scream and she can feel her cum running down her legs, the tightness of her pussy causes him and her to cum at the same time. Both moaning in great pleasure, his cum filling the inside of her pussy, and running out and down her legs. Staying in the same position, he leans on to her and pulls on her shoulders.

He whispered in her ear “I am so glad that we met, I love you, baby.”

Then they both get under the covers and fall into a deep sleep while they hold each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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