First Time Sharing My Sub Pt. 01

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It’s not late yet, when we leave the party. The din of laughter, music and overlapping conversations fades as we cross the gravel yard from the main building to our cabin. The night air is cool but not cold as we walk, chatting as we go.

I have some time to reconsider my proposal to him, as the three of us cross the yard. It felt so natural, in the heat of the moment. She was bent over the spanking bench, her dress lifted up over her buttocks. Her panties were down around her ankles and her full, bare buttocks shook and shuddered with each slap of his hands. My cock was in her mouth, deep, and she was whimpering and moaning. It was difficult to converse over the noise of others talking, or moaning in pleasure and pain, but we managed enough.

“Damn she has a nice figure. Perfect for bending over like this,” he said.

“I know. That’s why I have her bend over as often as I can find the time,” I replied.

He laughed, I laughed. She moaned, then gagged as I thrust my cock deeper.

He spanked her, my submissive slut, as I fucked her mouth, and at some point I slipped the question. I knew it was a little more than we had agreed on, but I had a feeling she wouldn’t mind. Besides, she was mine to offer.

“Would you like to do more than spank her? In a more private setting, of course.”

He looked at me for a moment, before replying with a simple: “Yes.”

I had caught her eyes when she rose from the bench, tugging the leather dress down as she did so. I didn’t ask a question, yet her gaze answered any I might have uttered. Yes.

In the cabin she disappears into the bathroom, while I offer him a drink as we settle into the armchairs, opposite each other with a comfortable, thick rug on the floor between us. We chat about anything but the thing we await, as we wait.

She comes into the room, still dressed in the black leather dress, her collar and nothing else. Her bare feet make small sounds as she crosses the hardwood floor. I can tell she’s nervous, but I find it arousing. She’s mine, my fucktoy, and I have decided to share her tonight.

She kneels on the thick carpet between us, folding her hands in her lap. Her dress fits snuggly, emphasising the curve of her waist and the shape of her breasts. I can see his eyes settle on her, examining every curve as he studies my submissive’s posture. I know she can feel his gaze as I notice her breathing quicken, her fingers curling into nervous fists in her lap.

“She does know how to make herself look… appetizing, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, she does. Slut, Display.”

She hesitates only for one instant, and then assumes the position. I admire the way she offers her body for our pleasure, knowing full well her spread legs hike her short dress up, baring her trimmed pussy and also knowing how inviting her full ass looks when she arches her back like that.

I stand up, putting down my half-finished glass of whiskey, and cross over to her. She holds her hands crossed behind her head, her face slightly to one side and she takes a breath as I caress the back of her neck with the tips of my fingers. He stares, eating her shapes and submission with his hungry gaze. He wants to fuck my sub.

I circle around her, examining her the same way I hade done so many times before and realize that no, he probably doesn’t want to fuck my sub. He wants more than that, after working on her ass, spanking and slapping her, watching her exposed pussy grow wetter and wetter as we proceeded to use her on the bench. He hungers to possess her, and I plan to allow him.

“So… What are our limits tonight?” his voice is low, underlining the weight of the question.

I take a moment to ponder, probing my own feelings. I trust him, I know he’s fully aware of his role in this triangle. A co-master, equally superior to her in the coming session, but not in command. She belongs to me, and there are aspects of her I will not share. She and I have talked about this, at length and many times, but the final decision of this first time is mine. She breathes deep, as if she’s out of breath. I know she’s fantasized about this moment for a long time, and the moment’s intensity doesn’t fail to deliver.

I stop in front of her and pull the flap of my kilt to the side and proceed to grab her a tight but gentle handful of her hair, guiding her mouth to my slowly hardening cock. She opens her mouth greedily, desperate to taste my cock and to be used. I grunt with pleasure and glance at him, noticing his avid stare as she sucks the head of my cock, her cheeks hollow. I let her continue for a moment before I reply.

“You won’t get to fuck her, yet, but her mouth is yours.” I feel myself stiffen, growing harder with every word I utter. I, too, have waited to possess her like this, display my ownership by letting another man use her.

He nods, drains his glass and rises, joining us.

I pull my cock out of her mouth and circle her, dropping to one knee behind her. I grab her hair and turn her face towards him, showing the glistening trails of saliva down her chin. He trails a finger down the side of her cheek, and offers it to her. I watch her lips part and her push out her tongue, offering her mouth. His pants bulge as his finger slides into her mouth, her tongue twirling around it while she looks up at him, eyes glazed with arousal and submission. I keep my grip on her hair as I let my other wander down her waist, stopping briefly to tug up the hem of her dress and then taking my time enjoying the welts of spanking clear and distinct across her smooth roundness of her bared buttocks, before slipping my hand between her legs.

Her trimmed cunt opens to my fingers easily, and I feel her wetness as an inviting slickness, covering her labia and matting her short pubic hair. I gently part her lips and slip my fingers inside her, while I feel her head moving rhythmically as she sucks on his fingers. I fuck her slowly with my fingers, first two, then three and slowly four and feel her hips buck and sway with my movements. He kneels in front of her, pulling his fingers from her mouth and slowly unzipping the long zipper down the front of her dress.

He lets out a growl of pleasure as he pulls her dress open, exposing her breasts. He leans in close as I pull my fingers out and start rubbing her swollen clit in slow circles and soon she gasps and lets out a shuddering moan as his mouth finds her nipple. Our fingers meet between her legs as he slips his hand to feel her pussy and she breathes hard. I grab her arms and pull her back against me, pinning her against my chest. Her unfastened dress exposes her breasts and her hard, rosy nipples as his teeth sink into the soft skin of her breast.

He bites her hard, and she moans and grunts, breathing hard, his fingers still working her clit as he sucks and chews her breast, leaving a mark. She struggles against me, but I hold her tight and lean close to her ear, kissing it.

“Does it hurt?” I ask her, whispering into her ear

“Yes, master, it hurts…” she answers me, out of breath and her voice strained by arousal and pain.

“Do you want this to stop?”

I pin her arms behind her with one hand while I slip one hand on her throat, pulling her head up. His hand moves frantically between her legs, her pussy making sloppy, wet sounds as he fingers her. She moans and pumps her hips, grinding her pussy against his hand. He kisses her other breast gently, then sucks on her nipple, making her shudder, before biting her again.

She screams, fighting against my grip, and as he releases her, a very intense, very long ten seconds later, her breath comes out in ragged gasps.

“I asked you something, whore”, I say and yank her head back by her hair, “Do you want this to stop?”

She breathes hard, her breasts rising and falling, crowned by rosy red nipples and slowly darkening bruises with distinct bite marks around them. He lowers himself some more and soon she grunts and moans as his fingers enter her, curling inside her.

“No, master, please don’t stop…”

He withdraws, pulling his fingers out of her and stands up. I let her slump forward, until she’s on all fours, her head hanging low as she catches her breath. He pulls off his black vest, uncovering his upper body. He’s much like me, only slightly shorter and more muscular. I can clearly make out the outline of his erection as it strains against the fabric of his black trousers.

He comes to stand in front of her, legs wide and unzips his fly. She looks up at him, still on all fours, her legs still wide and her full ass pushed up towards me. Her pussy glistens with her arousal and her cunt is open from the fingers she had inside her mere moments earlier. Her hair hangs over half her face in a messy tangle as she looks up, her mouth slightly ajar and her eyes glazed.

“Beg for it, slut”, he says.

I see her moisten her lips and swallow, before she obeys.

“Please, let me suck your cock, sir.”


“Please, let me suck your cock, sir.”

I grab her hips, pull her slightly higher and lift the hem of my kilt, uncovering my own throbbing erection. The head of my cock glistens with precum as I position myself between her spread legs and guide it into her wet cunt.


“Please… Please let me suck your cock, sir.”

The anticipation and the desperation mix in her voice as I slowly sink my cock inside her, feeling her wetness accept my cock so easily. Her cunt feels silky smooth and wet, open and ready, more than ready to be fucked. I knead her buttocks and pull her towards me, sinking my cock in her.

“Please, sir, let me suck your cock…”

She needs no more goading, she begs for his cock. I start fucking her and she moans and whimpers as I ram my cock inside her again and again. He takes a step closer and pulls his trousers down, releasing his cock. It’s throbbing hard, with strands of precum hanging from the head. He’s neatly trimmed and his cock curves down slightly, with little more veins than my own that’s buried in her hungry, wet cunt.

He grabs a fistfull of her hair and pulls her higher, holding the head of his cock mere inches from her mouth. She moans as i fuck her, looking up at him, and whispers: “Please, sir, let me suck it.”

I fuck her with short, strong thrusts as he guides the head of his cock closer. I watch, my own arousal soaring, as her lips part and the head of his cock slips between them. She’s looking up at him, completely subdued as his cock slowly sinks into her mouth.

He grabs her hair with both hands and slowly fucks her mouth, pushing his cock deep into her mouth, muffling her moans. Thick strands of drool start running down her chin, swaying with my pounding thrusts as I near my orgasm, her slopping wet cunt milking my cock with every thrust. He grunts and growls as his cock slides in and out of her mouth and the slight shuddering of his thighs speaks volumes of how much he’s enjoying my sub’s mouth.

He grips tighter, his movements growing shorter and sharper and slams his cock balls deep. She gags, her eyes watering and drooling on his cock. Then he pulls his cock out, yanking her head up roughly by the hair, making her yelp with pain as his other hand grabs his cock, milking it in rough, hard strokes.

His cock swells up and he groans loudly, as the first spurt of his cum shoots out and lands on her face, half in her open mouth and on her pushed out tongue and the sight is too much for me.

He pumps his thick, greyish cum on my submissive slut’s face and mouth while I bury my cock into her used cunt and fill her with my cum.

I look down on her, curled on the thick rug, her eyes closed and face covered in cum and saliva, while my cum slowly drips down across her buttock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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