First time with a Friend

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“So what do you think?” Fiona asked.

“It’s, well, amazing. Have you used it yet?” Bobbie asked, holding the purple sex toy in her hand.


“On who?”


“Just yourself?”

“Well, no. But it’s kind of weird.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t judge you. Was it Frank? Did you fuck Frank with this?” Bobbie asked, holding the dildo up and turning it over. She examined it with great attention.

“No, no, although the thought occasionally crosses my mind.”

“Was it another guy?”


“Fiona, are you messing around with women now?’ Bobbie asked, a smile spreading across her face.

“Yes, no, well, not exactly. I was tied up, and she did not take off her clothes. It was really her doing it. She was on top of me, fucking me cowgirl!” Fiona said excitedly

“When did this happen? “

“A few days ago.”

“I can’t believe you did not tell me right away, “Bobbie replied with a pouty look on her face.

“I, I did not know how I felt about it. But now I think I liked it.”

“So why are you tell me about this, other than to get me hot and wet. I might need to borrow your toy in a minute.”

“Umm, I, I, want you to use it on you,” Fiona said, looking down at the ground and blushing.

“Fiona Scarlett, “Bobbie exclaimed, using Fiona’s middle name for emphasis, “We have never done anything like this. You finally really want to do it?”

Fiona looked a Bobbie. Her friend was visibly excited. She had a huge grin on her face and her cheeks were flushed. Bobbies nipples looked like they were about to poke through her T shirt. Bobbie was not wearing a bra, she rarely did. Her a cup breasts seemed perky enough without one.

“Just a quickie, no kissing, no foreplay. I’m still a little weirder out by girl girl stuff.” Fiona said.

“Then why even do this? “

“The other night made me a little curious.”

“Does Frank know you are doing this?”

“No, if he knew, he would be here.” Fiona replied.

“That’s true, he has been hinting that he wants to see you with another woman. So how are we going to do this?”

“Doggie style,” Fiona said, pausing to clear a lump in her throat. She could not believe the words came out of her mouth. She wanted to know what it was like to fuck someone, not just be fucked by them. Fiona was nervous and excited. The fabric of her shirt stretched over her swollen nipples. Fiona began to second guess her no foreplay statement. That would have to wait until next time, if there was a next time.

“Okay,” Bobbie replied, unbuttoning her shirt.

“I’m not going to take my clothes off,” Fiona said.

“That’s going to make it difficult to have sex”

“I’m just going to unzip my shorts and have it sticking out.”

“Well, I’m getting naked. If you can’t resist my charms, well, I don’t mind.” Bobbie replied, dropping her shirt to the floor.

Bobbie’s petite breasts jutted out on her chest. Fiona recalled kissing them. She had done it on a dare, not out of desire. But she had enjoyed it. Although Bobbie’s breasts were smaller than her own, but Bobbie’s nipples were slightly larger. Fiona could lick her own nipples, and was quite surprised at what looked like a small difference in size felt much larger. The feeling of having Bobbies breasts in her mouth had been a lot more arousing than Fiona expected.

“How will I know when you are, um, done? Does that thing spurt anything out?” Bobbie asked.

“Somehow it knows when I come, and it starts vibrating. Trust me, you will know,” Fiona replied.

Bobbie had wriggle out of her shorts, and was standing naked in front of Fiona. She put her hand between her legs.

“I am so ready for this,” she said getting on her knees.

Fiona pulled down her shorts. The toy felt warm in her hand. With her other hand she pulled her soaked thong out of the way. Her finger grazed her pussy. She was ready too. The rounded end of the toy slipped easily inside her. Fiona followed Bobbie’s gaze, her friend was completely focused on Bahçelievler escort bayan what Fiona was doing. With a quick tug she pulled her shorts back up, buttoning around her waist. The purple dildo jutted out the fly.

“What happens if I suck it?” Bobbie asked.

“I don’t know, but I’m not ready to find out,” Fiona replied.

Bobbie turned around and dropped her hands to the floor. She swayed bowed her back, offering her sex to Fiona. It felt like her heart was in her throat. Fiona wondered why she was so nervous. With one hand on Bobbie’s ass she steadied herself. Grasping the silicone cock in her other hand she guided the toy between Bobbie’s legs. Fiona bit her lower lip, then slowly thrust forward with her hips. The part of the toy that was inside her pressed on her G spot. Fiona looked down, watching the lips of Bobbie’s pussy stretch around the purple shaft.

“Oh God that feels good, “Bobbie exclaimed, pushing back against Fiona. Her action drove the toy all the way in. “It feels just like a real cock.”

Fiona had both her hands on Bobbie’s ass as she pulled back. The shaft rubbed against her clit as she moved. It sent a tingle up her spine. Fiona had no doubt that both of them were going to have an orgasm. She thrust forward again. Bobbie moaned with pleasure.

“Harder. Fuck me harder Fiona. I want you to make me come!”

Each time Fiona moved a little faster. Each time her hips pressed against Bobbie’s ass with more force. Soon they were slamming into her, the sound of their flesh slapping together excited both of them. With each thrust Fiona’s nipples rubbed against the soft fabric of her bra. She felt her orgasm building. Fiona gripped Bobbie’s hips tightly and continued to thrust in and out of her. Suddenly climax surged through her body. It must have set off the dildo, because Bobbie started screaming.

“Come inside me! Yes! Yes! Don’t stop, please don’t stop. I want you! Please don’t stop”

Fiona was glad she kept her shorts on. The orgasm had exhausted her, and they were the only thing keeping the toy inside her. She stiffened her resolve and gripped it as tightly as she could. Bobbie had taken over thrusting, rocking her small body back and forth, taking the entire length of the dildo each time. Fiona felt her end of the toy start to vibrate, indicating Bobbie’s orgasm. When the toy stopped she fell forward, lying next to Bobbie. Fiona replayed the image of Bobbie’s ass in her mind, comparing it to the vision she had the first night he played with the toy. It wasn’t the same. This wasn’t what she dreamed of. Her thought were interrupted by Bobbie.

“So that’s what its like, “Fiona said.

” Was it good for you too? “Bobbie replied.

Fiona grinned at her friend. She unbuttoned her shorts and removed the toy, placing it on the bed. Fiona started to button her shorts, but Bobbie interrupted her.

“Leave them undone,” Bobbie pleaded.


“A girl can dream, can’t she?”

“I’m just not ready for that to happen.”

“I know. Can I have a turn with the toy?”

“I guess that’s only fair, what do you have in mind?”

“I want what you had that night, but you don’t have to tie me up. I promise I’m not going anywhere.”

“I might have to tie you up so you will keep your hands to yourself, “Fiona chided.

“I will be good, I promise, “Bobbie replied solemnly.


Bobbie sprung to her feet and snatched the toy from the bed. She crawled to the middle of the mattress and lay on her back. Holding the toy with both hands she eased it between her legs.

“How long were you able to hold this? Either you really wore me out, or you have some serious muscle tone.” Bobbie said.

“Oh, I forgot, “Fiona said, walking to the night stand an opening a drawer. She rummaged around for a minute, then extended her hand to Bobbie.

“It has a harness to help hold it in place,” she instructed, handing the nylon apparatus to her friend.

Fiona watched and Bobbie Escort Bahçeşehir slipped the harness on. She did enjoy seeing Bobbie naked. With her small stature and quick movements, she looked like some kind of wood elf from a fairytale. Once she had the straps tight around her hips, she reclined again on the bed. The toy appeared huge next to her petite frame. Bobbie had both hands on the shaft of the toy, slowly stroking it. It was still wet and slippery from their previous encounter.

Fiona stood and slipped her shorts off. She kept her thong on, just as Jade had. Fiona hesitated, looking at the unusual sight of Bobbie with a big purple dick.

“Come on, it’s not like you have never ridden a cock before. I’ve seen you do it,” Bobbie teased.

“This is the first time it’s been with someone that has tits, “Fiona replied.

“What, these little things?” Bobbie responded, putting a hand on her own breast.

Yea, Fiona thought, those wonderful little things. Fiona took a deep breath and crawled onto the bed. She straddled Bobbie.

“Go slow, “Bobbie instructed, “I want to watch.”

“You are so much like a guy.”

Fiona slowly lowered herself. She felt the dildo slide into her pussy. Even though both ends were about the same size, the penis shaped part always felt bigger. She looked down at Bobbie. She had let go of the toy and had her hands above her head. Her wrists were pressed into the mattress, feigning restraints. She caught Bobbies gaze, and they locked eyes. It sent a shiver down Fiona’s spine, but in a good way.

Fiona leaned forward, pinning Bobbie’s wrists to the bed. The continued to stare into each other eyes. Fiona pressed herself against Bobbie’s hips. She felt the toy fill her.

“Hold still,” Bobbie whispered.

For a moment they both remained motionless, peering deep into each other’s eyes. Slowly Bobbie began to thrust her hips up and down. As she did, her eyes shifted to where they were joined. Fiona followed her friends gaze. She could see her thighs pressed against Bobbie’s. Fiona eyes shifted up, drinking in the sight of her naked friend writhing below her. This was the second time in a week she had been in bed with another woman. The first time was driven by events. She had been caught up in the flow of things, and made a decision she might not have if things had progressed slower. She did not regret it. Tonight she made the decision freely.

She still had a conflict in her head. Something primal in her wanted to lean down and kiss Bobbie on the lips, but something else stopped her. She felt restrained, not by ropes and straps, but by something she could not quite put her finger on. Despite the conflict in her head she felt a climax building inside her again. All though her midsection her muscles clenched in a delightful way. The toy began to vibrate, telling her something she already knew. Bobbie was coming. Fiona could see, she could hear it. Fiona’s own orgasm exploded throughout her body. She shuddered and strained to keep from collapsing onto Bobbie’s naked sweaty body. Completely drained, she rolled onto the bed. Both of them were gasping for breath

“That,” gasped Bobbie, “was awesome. And that toy is going on my Christmas wish list. What kind of elves make toys like that?”

“The naughty kind, “Fiona retorted. They both burst into laughter.

It took a few minutes for the giggling to subside. When it did they looked at each other.

“Do we tell the boys?” Bobbie asked.

“Not now, they are not ready. They would just want to watch. It would be interesting getting some quid pro quo out of it.”

“Really, you want Frank and Tom to, uh.”

“No, not that…”

“Not that there is anything wrong with it.” Bobbie interjected. Once again they burst into a fit of laughter.

“If you do the Elaine dance, I am leaving,” Fiona warned.

“I miss that show.” Bobbie lamented.

“Me too.”

“So what would you have them do?” Bobbie asked.

“Just make out, like they did last Bakırköy escort time.”

“Remember what else happened that night?”

“Yes, I put my mouth on your breasts.”

“Just hearing you say that turns me on. I wish you had not stopped”

“I needed to. I was not ready for any more.”

“If we do this again, I want you naked.”


“And kissing.”

“Agreed, but just a little. No tongue you little minx,” Fiona said with a quiet sigh.

“And foreplay.”

“Not yet.”

“You know, this was my first time, you know, with a woman.” Bobbie said softly.

“Really, you talk about being bi-curious so much.”

“Yea, I talk a lot. Was it different, you know, with someone you know?”

“Yes, different. Both were fantastic. Like dark chocolate and milk chocolate.”

“Was this your second time? Or have you done more?” Bobbie asked.

“It might have been my third. There have been a few times that I was blindfolded and I did not know who was touching me or fucking me.”

“Holy shit. You really could not tell?”

“Did it feel like a dildo when I was fucking you?”

“No. It felt like a cock. It was warm and smooth and everything. If they could attach that to a robot that put the seat down and dance… perfection.”

Fiona climbed off the bed and bent over to pick up her shorts.

“You really did not take off your thong. I forgot about that. That’s kinda crazy,” Bobbie exclaimed.

“Yea, she did not either. She even left her skirt on.”

“That’s just strange.”

“Actually she was being thoughtful. She knew I was iffy on being with a woman. I’m sure she would have preferred to be naked.”

“Were you naked?”

“I had my pajama top on, but it was open. And I had the toy strapped to me. Does that count as clothing?”

“So you were naked for her, but not for me?”

“I was naked for a man, she was just the warm up act.”

“You did not tell me about the man.”

“There was nothing to tell. He decided I was not worthy of him, and he was right. He fucked her instead, while she was on her hands and knees above me. “

“Who is he?” Bobbie asked indignantly, “It sounds like he needs his ass kicked.”

“No, he was teaching me something, something I would not have learned any other way. I think it’s going to work out pretty well,” Fiona explained.

“I don’t know if I should glad I am not you, or jealous.”

“Be glad you are you, I know I am.”

Bobbie slowly loosened the harness and removed the toy. She started to hand it to Fiona, but then took it back. She slide her lips over the end of the shaft, taking into her mouth and down her throat. Bobbie closed her eyes and held it between her lips for a moment, then handed it to Fiona.

“I just had to know what it would be like to suck your dick,” she whispered.


“When you are okay with foreplay, it will be on the list.”

Bobbie rolled off the bed and stood up. She gathered up her clothes and put them on. Fiona put the toy away and straightened up the bed.

“So this is our little secret?” Bobbie asked.

“Yes, yes it is. Are we okay? Is anything different?”

“Well,” replied Bobbie, “I know what you taste like, that’s a little different. And we have to be okay, we are BFF’s”

Bobbie glanced at the clock and a look of shock sprang on to her face.

“What’s wrong?” Fiona asked

“I was supposed to meet Tom 30 minutes ago, I did not think I would be here quite so long.”

“Is he going to be mad?”

“No, crap, what do I tell him. I guess I can’t say I have been having sex with you, can I?”

“No, just tell him we were massaging each other. That’s not too far from the truth, and I’m sure he won’t mind thinking about that.”

“Oh, when I get through telling him about it he will be glad I’m late.”

“Call me later, I want to hear that story too.”

The two friends hugged, and Bobbie hurried out the door

Fiona sat on the bed. She wondered what she should tell Frank. They had never kept secrets from each other. Frank knew about her encounters with Jade, both real and suspected. He enjoyed listening to her describe them. She would tell him there was another woman, but that he would have to wait to hear the details. And the wait would be totally worth it. It was a deal she fully intended to keep.

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