Fixing the Sink Ch. 03

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Author’s note: For those of you that read the previous chapters, (which I suggest you do before reading this one) this chapter’s purpose is more to further the plot than to add sex scenes, but if you read to the end, I can promise a hot scene. If you like it, then great! If not, then there’s not much I can do for you other than suggest you look at any other one of my stories which contain plenty of sex. Thanks!

When I woke up Saturday morning and glanced at my alarm clock, I almost had a heart attack when it read 11:00 until I remembered that I didn’t have to meet my dad on the out of town job today. I got up and took a shower to help wake myself up. The whole time I was washing, I couldn’t get the events of yesterday evening with Audrey out of my head. I just stood there in the hot water, running through what had happened and what I should do now. But that was the problem. I had no idea what to do now. I had never had to deal with girls on such a personal level before. I remained in the shower for about twenty five minutes or so, and I would have stayed longer, but the hot water eventually ran out leaving me standing in freezing water.

After getting changed and heading downstairs for something to eat, I sat down on the couch with a sandwich and once again pondered on what I should do next. My mom was out with some friends so I couldn’t ask her for any advice, not that I wanted her to know what had happened, and my dad definitely wouldn’t have been the best person to ask either. Finally, after a good two hours of staring at crappy TV shows, I decided that I would go over to Audrey’s house and sincerely apologize for what I had done. I put my plate in the sink and, grabbing my keys from the dish on the counter, headed out to my truck.

I got to Audrey’s house in about ten or so minutes. When I turned onto her street, I saw that her car was the only one in the driveway. This was a positive and a negative at the same time. On one hand, I didn’t want her mom to hear any conversation that might take place between us. On the other hand though, I was nervous and didn’t want to be alone with her after what I had done to her. My nerves kept me on edge and so I circled the block three or four times before finally pulling into the driveway and walking up to the door. I paused on the doorstep for a minute before ringing the doorbell and waiting. After a few seconds, I heard light footsteps and Audrey answered the door in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

“Hey John.” She greeted. “You want to come in? I’m just watching TV.”

“Uhh, sure I guess.” I replied and followed Audrey into the living room where I took a seat on the opposite end of the couch from her.

“So, what’s up?” she asked as she turned the TV back on.

“Look, I just wanted to apologize for what happened yesterday and how I acted. I let my anger get the better of me and it was extremely uncalled for and inappropriate. I guess what I’m trying to say is…I’m sorry.” I said.

She turned the volume down on the TV and turned to face me on the couch.

“What I did was wrong too, John. I now realize that you could have gotten in a LOT of trouble if we had been caught. Well, we were caught but I mean if, like, my parents had caught us. So it’s not like what you did was completely unwarranted. Besides, I kind of liked it.”

“You…liked it?” I asked, baffled.

She smiled and, walking over to me, sat on my lap, straddling me.

“I liked it because it made me feel special that I could get you, an attractive and kind guy, to finally act sexual. It made me feel like I was somebody alluring and possibly charming. I know that that isn’t the case, but still, I have no hard feelings. I appreciate your apology John.”

With that she leaned over and kissed me gently for a few precious seconds before pulling her sweet lips back. I was torn. I knew my father would disapprove of me having feelings for her and that I would be less successful at football if I chose to divert my full attention from it. However, I couldn’t ignore the emotions I was feeling for this girl right now. Before she could climb off me, I took her face in my hands and pulled her back into me and kissed her. Her eyes widened in surprise at the sudden and extremely unexpected action, but the surprise soon melted and she relaxed and began kissing me back.

We spent a good ten minutes making out passionately on the couch. Audrey tasted so sweet. Her soft, warm lips felt like heaven pressed against mine and I could feel a passion inside me I had never felt before, not even bahis firmaları for sports. Eventually our mouths got tired and we had to give it a rest. We just watched TV together for a few hours, holding each other until she eventually fell asleep. A while later, Audrey’s mom and brother got home from Simon’s lacrosse tournament.

“Oh, hello John. I didn’t know you were coming over today,” Said Audrey’s mom as she entered the living room. “I heard what happened to you with the sink yesterday. I am so, so sorry about that. We had no idea that the counter was rotted like it was. I’m just glad you didn’t get hurt. You didn’t get hurt, right?”

“No, I’m fine, thanks for asking,” I replied, relieved that that was all she had heard about yesterday. “If you can order a new sink sometime, I can come over again when it gets in and install it for you.”

“Oh no. I am not having you install our sink for free, young man. You will accept money or you won’t do it. I wouldn’t feel right having you do so much for us. Now, when I get the sink ordered, I can PAY you to do the job and that would be fine.”

That said, she walked back into the kitchen and that was the end of the argument. Audrey yawned and stretched next to me as she slowly woke up from her nap.

“Don’t bother arguing with her,” she said, sleepily. “She won’t take no for an answer. If she says she is going to pay you, she is going to pay you. What time is it?”

“Almost eight o’clock,” I answered, looking at the cable box beneath the TV.

“You want to eat dinner with us? I think my mom is ordering pizza or something.” Audrey offered. “After that, we can go to the party.”

“Party?” I asked, not yet remembering what she meant.

“Yeah, don’t you remember? That rich prick Robbie is throwing a party while his parents are out of town. Like, everybody is going.”

“Oh yeah,” I said, suddenly remembering my conversation with Frank the previous day in the hallway. “I thought I was going to be with my dad on a job this weekend so the party never crossed my mind. I’m not really a big party type person but we can go. I don’t even know that guy.”

“Cool!” said Audrey before skipping off to the kitchen to interrogate her mom about a pizza.

An hour later, after we had both had several pieces of pepperoni pizza from the local pizzeria a few blocks down, we were pulling out of the driveway in my truck. Audrey gave me directions from her phone and thirty five minutes later we were pulling down a long winding driveway. At the end of the drive was a big roundabout circle in front of a huge house. Cars were strewn about the circle and front lawn where kids had left them. As I climbed out of the car, I could hear loud music playing from somewhere in the house and there were a few random people milling about out front.

As we made our way inside, I was amazed by the sheer volume of people that were crammed into the large house. In every downstairs room, there was a crowd of people occupying the space. People were dancing or laughing with friends or getting drinks. Audrey and I got separated in the crowd and with the mass of people, it was near impossible to find Audrey so I soon gave up. I found a group of football players who had taken over a big “L” shaped couch in the corner of one of the rooms and joined them. Someone handed me a beer from the igloo cooler that was serving as a footrest for someone and we started talking about the upcoming NFL season.

Several hours and four beers later, the party was starting to clear out a bit and I had a decent buzz going. The throng of people had thinned enough now to where you could finally see and walk across the rooms. A few people were passed out on the furniture and several couples had gone upstairs to occupy the bedrooms. By this time, it was just me and two other guys on the couch. I knew I should leave soon before I ended up drinking more and wouldn’t be able to drive home so I reluctantly heaved myself up from the couch and went off in search of Audrey.

When I finally spotted her, she was in the most crowded room arguing with a guy by the drink table. The guy was clearly drunk and she had obviously had several drinks herself. He kept telling her something and she kept shaking her head and refusing. Several times he attempted to take her hand and lead her upstairs but she yanked her hand back and crossed her arms. I shouldered my way through the people separating us and walked up next to her.

“Something wrong?” I asked her.

“Hey buddy we were having a conversation here,” the drunk guy snapped. kaçak iddaa “Why don’t you just move along now.”

“Come on, Audrey,” I said, ignoring the belligerent jerk. “We have to leave.”

“Okay, let’s go.” She replied, relieved to have a way out of the situation.

As we turned to leave, the guy reached out and grabbed her arm.

“I said we were having a conversation, amigo,” he snarled. “Now get lost.”

“I’m not having sex with you, Bobby!” Audrey snapped back. “Let me go!”

The alcohol in my system and the blatant disrespect he had just shown me started boiling up inside me. As he began to pull her towards the stairs, I clapped my left hand on his shoulder and spun him towards me. He turned to look at me just in time to catch my right fist square in the side of his jaw. He stumbled backwards from the blow before dropping like a bag of stones. I began moving towards him as he staggered to his feet before collapsing again and passing out, but Audrey took my forearm and tugged me away as several of his friends moved in to help him up.

“Come on, John. Let’s just leave.” She pleaded with me.

My adrenaline waning and my rage burning out, I allowed her to pull me through the cluster of people who had gathered around and towards the door. We walked through the house, averting the eyes of dozens of people as they stared at me and whispered things to their friends. Some people looked angry, some looked at me with admiration, and some were indifferent, but they all kept their eyes trained on me as I passed. It made me feel nervous and I was eager to get out of there. We hurried towards my truck and pulled out of the driveway. Once we were out of the driveway, Audrey turned towards me.

“Thank you, John. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t stepped in.” she said.

“Don’t mention it,” I replied. “Who was that asshole anyways?”

“That,” she said, “was Robert Odenbach. That was his house and those were some of his many friends. You better be careful, John. He isn’t going to be happy once he wakes up.”

“What was I supposed to do? Let him drag you upstairs?” I snapped back, irritably. The alcohol was affecting my attitude a bit. “Besides, I have plenty of my own friends who could put a beating on any one of those preppy fags.”

Audrey’s expression softened and she put her hand on my arm.

“John it’s not like that. I really am grateful for what you did back there. There aren’t many guys who would have done the same. Some girls aren’t so lucky.” She said softly. “So, let me say thank you.”

She reached her hands down into my lap and started fumbling around at my crotch in the dark.

“What are you doing?” I asked, looking down at her.

“Eyes on the road!” she snapped as we started to dip into the other lane.

I brought my eyes back up and brought the truck back into my lane. Audrey finally managed to unzip my jeans and reached inside. Another few seconds later, her hand found my soft cock and had pulled it out. She began to stroke my shaft lightly, bringing my cock to life as it quickly became erect. She kept stroking me, her small, warm hand caressing me until my dick was at full staff and rock solid.

“What are you doing?” I asked, wanting to look down at her.

“Just relax,” she said. “Relax and keep driving.”

Audrey then leaned over into my lap and before I could say another word she had wrapped her soft lips around the head of my penis. I let out a groan as her tongue swirled around the head and massaged it gently. As she sucked lightly on the head of my dick, her right hand stroked the shaft. I was stuck between two worlds right now. On one hand, I had to focus on the road or we would surely crash. On the other hand, Audrey was doing her best to pleasure me and milk my balls dry of their cum. It was an extremely disconcerting sensation and I was certain we were going to hit someone.

However, despite the inherent danger of distracting someone while driving, at night no less, Audrey only increased her efforts to get me to cum. She gripped the base of my shaft with her two small hands and then bobbed her head all the way down to meet her top hand. She coughed as the tip poked at the entrance to her throat but kept on bobbing her head up and down. She continued this method for a while and I could feel her efforts down in my balls as they started boiling.

We entered town as she continued to gag herself on my cock. Drool was seeping past her lips and running down my length to the base. She removed her right hand and resumed kaçak bahis the stroking motion with her other one which was now even further enhanced by the saliva which allowed her to jerk faster and more smoothly. She took a break to catch her breath and recover a bit and see where we were. Worry flashed across her face briefly as she realized how close we were to her house. She had hoped to make me finish before we had gotten anywhere near her street to avoid any chance of her parents finding her in the driveway sucking off a boy from school in his car. The look of worry was quickly replaced by a look of determination and she once again wrapped her lips around my penis.

Audrey sped up her hand, jerking me off faster than before. She bobbed her head faster and faster, gagging herself with increasing speed. Drool poured out of her mouth and over her hand as she doubled down on trying to make me erupt. However, with me having to focus on driving, it just wasn’t enough to finish the job. A couple minutes later, I pulled the truck in her driveway and put it in park.

Now Audrey was frantically jerking my cock and increasing the suction. She knew that if her mom had been woken up by the truck pulling in, she would surely come out and ask Audrey why she was getting home so late only to find her giving a blowjob. Then Audrey would be in it deep. I also realized the inherent risk and knew that it would be just as bad for me, maybe worse, if we were caught. I needed her to finish me off now.

With my hands now free of driving, I was able to fully engage myself in the sex. I reached down and took hold of her head and started to guide her down deeper and with increasing speed. Each downward stroke would hit the back of her mouth and stop at her throat, causing her to choke. With my full attention directed on the blowjob, I was now really feeling the stimulation which had been going on for a long time. I could feel that sensation in my balls and I knew I was finally about to blow my load. With a final push, I shoved Audrey’s head down on my cock. I pushed past her lips, past her tongue to the back of her mouth. My cock head caught there for a second but I applied more pressure to the back of her head and my tip slipped into her throat. With that roadblock cleared, I shoved her head down and the remaining four inches disappeared between her lips. Another millisecond later and I completely bottomed out in her face.

Audrey gagged and choked violently as I held her there. Her lips were stretched around the base of my shaft and her nose was smashed into my crotch. She gagged once more and that set me off for good. I began spewing gallons of cum down her throat and into her stomach. The sensations were incredible and I thought I was never going to stop. Every time I thought I was finished, Audrey would choke and her convulsing throat muscles would milk another shot of jizz out of my balls.

Finally, after what seemed like a century, I could tell I was done and my cock began softening. Only then did I feel Audrey’s hand frantically tapping my thigh and realize that she still couldn’t breathe. I relinquished my grip on her head and she flew off of my dick. As my cock slid out of her throat and exited her mouth, I suddenly felt all the exhaustion from the long night. Audrey let out an enormous gasp as my penis left her mouth and she gulped in air like she had just full out sprinted for a mile. She coughed up cum and spit and lay in my lap recovering for a couple minutes while I stroked her back soothingly.

Eventually she regained enough strength and bearing to the point where her breathing was now even and she her chest stopped heaving. She lay in my lap for a few more seconds before slowly easing herself up into a sitting position.

“Come one,” I said. “Let’s get you inside.”

I climbed out of my car and opened her door, holding out my arms for her.

“No,” she weakly protested. “You need to go before my mom wakes up. I can’t sneak in the house with you making every floorboard creak.”

“I don’t care, Audrey.” I replied firmly. “I’m not going to let you risk hurting yourself because you passed out on the stairs or something.”

I reached out and wiped the cum and spit off of her face and chin before reaching towards her again. She reluctantly allowed me to pick her up and I carried her in her house and upstairs to her room. It was very late and, to my relief, Audrey’s mom was still asleep. I carried Audrey down the hall to her bedroom and gently lowered her into her bed. I kissed her lightly on the forehead before leaving her there and going back to my car. A few minutes later, I was pulling in my driveway and stumbling up to my room where I collapsed onto my bed. Within a few minutes, I had dropped off into a deep and dreamless sleep.

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