Flight Attendant gets Fired

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Crystal had been out of work for three weeks when the phone rang. She had been, putting it lightly, let go by her then employer Delta. In her mind she had just been doing her job, by offering full service to the elite business class. Before she got lost replaying the scene in her mind Crystal picked up the phone.

“Hello, Crystal Mehaguci speaking,”

“Hi, Crystal! This is Bethany Roundah, I don’t know if you remember me, but we were in the same flight attendant training program,” Crystal thought back to the days of flight attendant school, how much fun it had been. She briefly remembered a Bethany in her class. “Anyway I saw you post on the facebook group saying you were looking for a new job, and my employer wants me to find another flight attendant for their private jet. I was wondering if you would like to join?”

“Hi Bethany, thank you so much for the opportunity! I’ve never worked a private jet before; I’ve only been on commercial flights,”

“Don’t worry about that, honey, it’s pretty much the same, just less stressful since you’ll only have a max of five people to worry about. Give me your email and I’ll be able to send you all the details about the position, and if it all looks good to you, we have a flight to China next week.”

Crystal gave Bethany her email, and promised she would look over the email as soon as it arrived. Bethany cheerfully said goodbye and hoped she would hear from Crystal soon.

Crystal hung up the phone feeling absolutely elated! She had a job offer, one for a private jet too. Crystal honestly thought she might never be able to get a flight attendant job again after Delta had fired her. Her mind drifted back to the fateful day…

Three Weeks Ago:

All the passengers had just settled into their seats and the fasten seat belts sign was on. Crystal was walking down the first class section aisle, when a very handsome, mid-forties fellow caught her eye. Despite being seated, Crystal could see he was tall and well built, his biceps were nearly busting out of the tight white pinstripe button down shirt he was wearing. The man made direct eye contact with Crystal and made a come hither motion with his left hand.

The way the plane was set up, allowed front of the plane passengers to have their own row and a privacy curtain. Crystal knew this look very well. She thrived having men look at her this way. She knew just how hot she looked in her uniform. The short skirt, allowed her model length long legs to be on display, plus with her 2.5in heels on her ass looked fantastic. The dress code said she was supposed to wear panty hose, but after her first time joining the mile high club with a passenger she had ditched them. Crystal secretly loved getting passengers off while in the air. Her chosen passengers loved it too. The first time it happened, well that’s another story. She slowly started to make her way to the man, subtly adjusting her breasts so they were nearly spilling out of her under-buttoned shirt.

Once directly next to the gentlemen’s seat, she bent at the waist, putting his face very close to her cleavage. “Yes sir, how can I make your flight more comfortable?” Crystal breathily asked him.

The man’s face instantly lit up when she addressed him as sir. Most men really got a kick out of being addressed that way, Crystal had found out. “I would like a glass of your most expensive whiskey, and I’ll be needing a hot towel and some assistance when we’re in flight,” He smoothly said then pulled out his wallet, “This is for you, and I’ll have more for you after you bring me that hot towel,” He winked as he slyly reached up and unbuttoned one of her shirt buttons and deposited the bills into her bra. cebeci escort

“Sir, you really need to have your seat belt buckled for the beginning of the flight,” Crystal said as she reached across his lap, purposely sliding her hand across the front of his pants, to reach the buckle. Instantly she felt his dick harden at her caress. She pretended to fiddle with the seat belt for a moment, while using the back of her hand to rub his hardening cock through the suit material. Once he had a semi-chub going on, Crystal fixed her top pushing the hundred dollar bills into her bra and said, “I’ll be back shortly with your whiskey and that hot towel you needed, sir.” Crystal straightened and walked back to the service station at the front of the plane.

This flight it was just herself and another attendant named Mary working first class. There were two other attendants in the back. Mary was pushing 65 and hated her job and by extension Crystal. She knew Crystal was up to some sneaky shit, but didn’t know what it was, and had never caught Crystal doing anything against regulation. Mary was in the service station when Crystal came back to get the passenger’s whiskey.

“I know you’re up to something,” Mary hissed at Crystal.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Crystal calmly responded as she scooped ice into a plastic cup and grabbed the only whiskey they had on board.

“I’ve seen you spend extra time with passengers,” Mary spat at Crystal

“So you’ve seen me do my job,” Crystal walked away with the whiskey cup and a napkin. Returning to her special passenger she handed him his whiskey, “I’ll be back in an hour,” she whispered to him.

The next hour passed uneventfully, all the other first class passengers were tuned into the movies on their screens, or asleep. Crystal and Mary had just completed regular service of first class. Crystal knew this was when senior Mary would take one of her naps. Mary would sit down and pretend to read a magazine, but really nod off for about 30 minutes, and this is when Crystal and her special passenger would have their moment. Just as before after they parked the service cart, Mary sat down and got out her magazine.

“I’ll collect trash,” Crystal said. Mary simply grunted and got comfy. Once Crystal had returned from collecting passengers’ trash, Mary was passed out, silently snoring in her chair. Crystal deposited the trash bag, washed her hands, and grabbed two hot towels and quickly headed to her passenger. His privacy curtain was already pulled closed. She carefully looked around to make sure no one was watching, and then slipped into his private area.

“I brought you your towel, sir,” Crystal said as he reached up to take it from her. He reached up for her breasts, but she pulled back and smiled and said, “I’ll need that other tip first,” He reached into his trouser pocket and produced what looked like another $1000. He stuck it in her skirt waist band, and started massaging her huge breasts. Crystal kneeled down in front of him, thank god for first class having spacious leg room. She unbuckled his belt, and opened his fly. His hands were now inside her bra, pinching her nipples, which made her very wet. She took out his flaccid member and started stroking it. He was rock solid in her hands very shortly. She spit into her hand to add some lubrication and started jerking him off. He started to moan, quickly she threw her hand over his mouth, “Don’t get us caught,” She whispered. She grabbed the other hot towel and stuffed it into his mouth to keep him from making any other noises.

He had found the front clip to her bra and undone it so her boobs were free and spilling çeşme escort completely out of her shirt. She took this opportunity to use them to jack him off. Putting his hard dick between her breasts she pushed them together and started moving up and down his erect cock. The man squirmed with how good it felt having her tits surround his member. He desperately wanted to have her mouth around his cock. Maintaining eye contact with him while she fucked him with her breasts, she opened her jaw and took the head of his cock into her mouth.

That exact moment was when Mary pulled back his privacy curtain. She saw her slut of a coworker lips and breasts around the passenger’s cock and screamed. Thereby waking the entire plane and causing the other flight attendants from the back to come running to the front to see what was happening. Fast forward to the plane landing 45 minutes later, Crystal was fired soon as she got off the plane. As she stormed away from the terminal, Crystal laughed to herself; she at least had gotten her full tip from the guy. She had been making extra tips on the airplanes for months now and had a pretty nice stash of money put away.

Back to the present:

Crystal hadn’t even noticed she had started playing with her nipples while thinking about what got her fired. It had been too long since she had had a real lover, not just a fuck on an airplane. Those were fun, but not the same as someone taking her aggressively in bed. Crystal loved being a total slut. She had a small toy collection for each hole; dildos, plugs and vibrators for every occasion. Just as she was debating about which plug she wanted to use, Crystal heard her email ding. It was the email from Bethany with the job’s details. Crystal skimmed it, it looked pretty basic, like all other flight attendant job descriptions; uniform included, room and board provided at destination, etc. The only thing that caught her attention was the requirement that she get sexually tested, and be open to extra positions. Crystal wondered what that could mean, but wasn’t too worried about it. Thankfully she had been tested recently so that was out of the way. She quickly printed the application and filled out her information, scanned it back in a sent it.

‘Now to celebrate,’ Crystal began again pinching and pulling her nipples through her thin shirt, making them stick out, continuing with one hand she used the other to pull up her favorite lesbian gang bang porn on her tablet. Next Crystal took off her pants, leaving her just in the thin crop top, and her lace thong. Crystal grabbed her hitachi magic wand from under her bed, and positioned it so she was sitting on top of it, and turned it on to its lowest setting. The wand purred to life, making Crystal jump a little as it pressed directly on to her clit. She continued massaging her tits through her shirt; while she watched the girls on the screen eat each other out.

Crystal had never been with a girl before, but always found girls super sexy. Her hips ground against the wand thinking about what it would be like to have a girl eat her out. Just thinking about having a hot brunette shove her tongue into Crystal’s pussy was enough to put her over the edge. She cried out as she came, pulling her nipples hard. She slumped over, hips still glued to the vibrating wand, she wasn’t done yet. Crystal keep the wand on her pussy, but changing the setting so it would vibrate at random intervals, reached into her bed side drawer and pulled out nipple clamps, a medium butt plug and a vibrating dildo. She pinched and pulled each nipple hard, and then attached the metal clamps to each one. The weight of the chain connecting the clamps added cim cif yapan escort the perfect amount of resistances, and anytime she moved the chain would tug on her nipples making her even more turned on.

Crystal grabbed the bottle of lube on the dresser and lubed up her plug, making sure it was completely covered before using her lubed fingers to pull her thong to the side to massage and lubricate her asshole. Bent over on all fours, Crystal pushed the plug in easily. Turning her attention back to the screen she had timed it just right that the girls on screen were all fitted with plugs now too. Crystal sat up, so all of her weight was on the plug and wand still beneath her. Crystal tugged at her nipple chain while moving her ass around, feeling the plug all the way. Rolling over on to her back she turned off the magic wand, put it to the side, and started sucking on the dildo, imaging that it was a cock attached to a sexy man. She looked over at the screen and watched as the one girl was being fucked by three others with huge strap-ons, one for each hole.

Crystal took her salvia covered dildo, and gently pushed it into her pussy and began doing long strokes in and out. Finally she had teased herself enough, Crystal hit the button and the dildo exploded into life, twitching and vibrating every way possible. She loved the way it felt when she had both holes stuffed with toys. One day she secretly hoped that she would be stretched and stuffed like the girls in the videos she watched. Using one hand to pound herself with the vibrating dildo, Crystal used the other to pull hard on her nipple clamps. Soon she felt the beginning of a huge orgasms, she switched the hitatchi magic wand back on it most powerful setting and pushed it hard against her clit, so she had one buzzing against her clit, a dildo vibrating in her pussy, and a plug up her ass. Rubbing herself hard against the wand Crystal came twice. Letting out a guttural moan as she collapsed onto her bed, all of her toys still going. She laid there for a minute letting everything continue as she watched the porn finish. After the one girl was finished being fucked by the three others, she had her face sat on, and covered in the juices by the three women who had just fucked her. The porn ended with a shot of her pussy juice covered face. Crystal felt another orgasm coming, smaller this time, lazily she rubbed her clit against the magic wand and came a third time.

Crystal powered down the toys and took the plug out. She carried the water proof toys to the shower, and turned on the water to clean herself and her toys off. As she lathered up she wondered what her new employer was like, and what the new job was going to entail.

After her shower, Crystal slipped under her covers and got ready for bed, setting her alarm for the morning and thought she might as well check her email one more time. After it refreshed, she heard the ding of a new email. Eagerly she opened it, inside it read,

Dear Ms. Mehaguci,

I am honored to have you flying with us to China this upcoming week. Bethany tells me promising things about you. Your uniform will be shipped to you shortly, and I have included in this email a packing list. Please call Bethany if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you.


Dr. Westgate

CEO of Westgate Hotels

Crystal couldn’t believe it, she was so excited. Her mind was whirling with possibilities of what her new boss looked like. She wanted to know so badly, so she googled her new employer. All the pictures she could find of Dr. Westgate were of an old man in his 80s. She briefly read his biography on the Westgate Hotels page. He had a daughter who had died tragically young, and one remaining son. The photos of his son were stunning, he was panty wetting hot. Crystal hoped he would be on the flight to China next week. She sighed, Crystal was so happy with life now. She couldn’t wait for her adventure to China next week to start.

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