Florida Heat

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Helen wasn’t much when it came to being sexually adventurous. We had been married almost ten years and every year our sex life became less and less interesting. After some protracted foreplay, if I were lucky, she’d begrudgingly consent to let me fuck her in the missionary, so long as I didn’t take too much time. I got my rocks off but she, more or less, just lay there, showing absolutely no signs of life on her part, much less enjoyment. Afterward, she’d complain that the problem was that my penis was too big or she was tired, or some other excuse.

She didn’t like to give head. Said it was disgusting. I promised not to cum in her mouth. She said no, it’s still disgusting. I tried cunnilingus, but she still said I was being disgusting. I told her to just relax and enjoy it. She didn’t enjoy it. Said my stubble chaffed her legs. To her disgust, I regularly jacked off in bed like a hormone-charged teenager. About the only thing she did like was a good tittie sucking. At the mere suggestion of anal sex she went ballistic, calling me a perverted animal.

We went to counseling, but after two years we were only poorer without any improvement in our sexual relationship. In frustration, I took to taunting her, telling her how I wanted fuck her in the ass, telling her how I wanted to jab my dick down her throat, telling her how I wanted to bring some buddies over and loosen her up for me, and continuously suggesting that we vacation at a nudist resort. I never really did any of those things, and it only made things worse, if that was possible.

Then one day, I came home early and found her in bed, locked in a 69 with her best friend, the dreaded Karen. That explained everything. I just wish she’d been honest with me and just admitted that she was a dyke. She wasted my life and her life in a marriage that had no chance of success. I was in the right, filed for divorce, but still had my clock cleaned. Still, it was worth not being shackled in a relationship that fundamentally was no relationship at all.

Free of stone-cold Helen, I boldly thrust myself into the dating scene after a decade-long hiatus. I discovered a series of single mothers and divorcees that were very nice to fuck. After a near celibate life with Helen, any sex was fantastic, especially with the women who truly liked a guy with a big cock and who really got nasty. But I didn’t have a real emotional connect with any of them. After sex, none of them were personally all that interesting to me, that is until I was horny again.

Being done with Helen freed me up to explore all avenues. I fantasized about leading a hedonistic lifestyle and visiting swinger resorts and nudist resorts across the country. I fantasized about having multiple lovers who in turn had multiple lovers. Alas, the single moms that I screwed on regular basis had serious obligations with their young children and none were willing to embark on a sexual adventure of the type I envisioned. Still they were good for a quickie or an enjoyable Saturday night if the kiddos were off somewhere else.

One evening while surfing the net, feeding my fantasies, I read a personal ad posted on a naturalist web site.

On a lark I replied, . I included my e-mail address and a recent photo of myself that showed that I really was a decent looking guy with a fit body.

Two days later I got the following reply.

No reply.

A few days later I heard from her.

I opened the first JPEG file and there beaming at me in close up was very pretty lady, freckled, green eyes, short auburn hair, and all of her teeth. The second picture was of her in a blue sundress and a large straw hat. She looked as fresh as a spring day. I could tell that she wasn’t lying about being proportional in height and weight. She definitely wasn’t overweight and had a nice bust line. From the photos, she was a knockout!

What followed was about two months of daily e-mail exchanges, telling each other all about ourselves. What we did for a living (I’m a financial advisor a.k.a. an insurance agent and she’s the assistant principal of a junior high school); what we like to drink (I’m a scotch man, she likes white wine and martinis); what our favorite foods are (I’m partial to shrimp and steaks, she’s a seafood freak, but enjoys a steak now and then too); how many kids we have (I have none, she has two daughters); what happened to our marriages (her ex-husband was convicted of embezzling company funds and is now doing time); we exchanged medical reports documenting that neither of us carried VD. She never would tell me where she canlı bahis actually lived or what her full name was; said she had to be careful because of her job in a small community.

However the photographs we exchanged barred it all. In one series, she was naked with a lot of other naked people. No one was trying to be particularly sexy, just naked. She said the group photos were taken at a resort near Tampa. Sandy was definitely someone I wanted to press fresh with in person rather than in cyberspace.

Finally we agreed to meet for dinner in Gainesville, Florida. I drove down on a Saturday when the Gators were out of town, and checked in at the Marriot. At the appointed hour I strode into the designated dinner club and selected a table where I could watch for her when she arrived.

Waiting for her, I was as nervous as a homeless tomcat. As the minutes ticked by, my apprehensions increased. I fretted over whether my new suit was stylish enough or if my shirt and tie matched properly. Did I have case of halitosis? Was my hair decent? (It’s closely cropped so I don’t know why I fretted over that.) Did I have B.O.? Then as the appointed hour arrived and passed with no Sandy, I imagined all sorts of things, namely that she was a no-show and that the whole e-mail thing was someone’s idea of a joke.

Having nothing better to do, I waited. When she walked in, I recognized her immediately. Dressed in a slinky green dress that very nicely accentuated her womanly charms, any initial misgivings on my part evaporated. Maybe it was the short skirt that emphasized her long, shapely legs, but live and in person, she was much more attractive than her photographs.

“Wow!” I uttered under my breath. Gathering my cool, I rose from my table and greeted her at the hostess station.


“Hello Matt,” she greeted with a smile and flash of her green eyes. “Sorry I’m late, but…”

“No need to apologize. You are well worth the wait.”

I don’t recall a thing about what I ate that night, or any of the small talk we made while eating, but do recall being smitten like never before. Whereas she was witty and absolutely charming, I just sort of drooled.

I tired my best not be too Neanderthal-like and struggled not to stare, but the plunging neckline of her dress continuously drew my attention to her cleavage. If that wasn’t enough to hold my gaze, her nipples, pressing against the thin fabric of her dress, were clearly outlined. I think I had a hard-on throughout the entire meal.

After dinner, we danced. Holding her close to me, I nuzzled into her fragrant hair as she pressed her bosoms into my chest. During our second dance, my right hand wandered down her back to her hips. Subtly I felt around. I couldn’t detect anything underneath. Holding her to me, she ground herself into my prodigious stiffy, taking her own measure of what I had to offer. On our third dance, my hand slid up her thigh and into the slit up the side of her dress. She made no effort to remove it. Next dance my hand went deeper into the slit, coming to rest on her bare bum. When that dance was over, she looked up at me with a saucy smirk and said, “Your place or mine?”

“Does it matter?”

“Well, a girl likes to be near her stuff and I didn’t bring much in my purse.”

“Okay, by me. I don’t need a damned thing.”

“Not even me?” she teased.

“Oh, I need you all right. C’mon. Let’s get a cab.”

As we had arranged, she was also staying at the Marriot, so that made it very convenient. On the ride back to the hotel, she made it apparent that she was as hot to fuck as I was. She had my cock out in no time and if it weren’t such a short drive, I’m sure she would have gone down on me in the backseat of the cab. I had to scramble to get my pants fastened when the cab arrived. The cabbie grinned and gave me a wink as I handed him a sawbuck for the five-minute ride.

Walking through the lobby, all eyes seemed to be watching the stunning red head by my side as she strutted to the elevators. Either that or they were looking at my open fly as my damned zipper had jammed.

The door to her room had barely closed when she put her hands around my neck and drew me into a smoldering kiss. Our tongues danced and our hands roamed across each other. Despite the lustful passion, we controlled ourselves and simply stood smooching for five or ten minutes near the door.

When we finally broke for air, I looked down into her incredible green eyes, amazed that I was in the arms of this incredibly sexy, very desirable woman. I had already unzipped the back of her dress and once I slipped the straps off her shoulders, bahis siteleri the dress fell to the floor, pooling around her feet. There, but for her jewelry and high heels, she stood next to me completely naked.

With a sly smile, she kicked the dress to the side, and began removing my tie. Getting me undressed took a lot more time. First the tie, then the shirt buttons, then the jacket followed by the shirt that was underlain by a t-shirt. I managed to kick off my shoes before my trousers joined the rest of my new suit on the floor. Sandy knelt to remove each sock, then looking up at me, she unsnapped my boxers and allowed them to freefall to my feet.

I stepped out of my boxers and she ran her hands up my thighs and began kissing her way up my leg to my eagerly awaiting cock. She took her time, nuzzling into my ball sack and rubbing her face across my seeping penis. Then looking up at me, her eyes locked to mine, she began laying kisses along my swollen erection. For several minutes she teased my dick and balls with her tongue and lips before she ever started mouthing my glans. It was only when she took my dick head between her full lips did we break eye contact, and then only because my eyes rolled up into the back of my head.

Slowly she worked my dick into her mouth, all the while licking at the underside with her tongue. When I finally looked down, she must have had half of it in her mouth. Our eyes locked again and like a snake swallowing a rabbit, she took me to the root. Her nose was buried in my pubic hair and still she maintained eye contact. It felt absolutely incredible! Never before had a woman taken me orally like this. She swallowed, her throat constricting around my hard cock, massaging my organ, causing me to groan in appreciation.

Locking her lips tightly around my shaft, she pulled up, drawing my cock crown from deep within her throat to her mouth until she held the glans once again between her lips. Then, she drove it down into her esophagus again to massage it with the walls of her throat, before locking her lips and slowly withdrawing, suctioning me in the process.

“I’m gonna cum,” I groaned in warning. “I’m gonna cum.”

Sandy let my wet dick slip from between her lips momentarily replying huskily, “Then cum Baby, cum,” before taking me fully again.

I tried my best to stave off the inevitable, but to no avail. Soon I found myself standing on the balls of my feet, my legs quivering, as my nuts churned. Consumed with exquisite anguish, I erupted. She seemed to take no notice other than pull off far enough so that I shot off in her mouth and not directly down her gullet. As my balls unloaded, the intensity of my pleasure caused me to cry out, “Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhh!” as my semen copiously gushed forth into her voracious mouth. She fully inhaled my pulsating cock again and I grunted, “Ughn! Ughn! Ughn!” to the final weakened contractions that took place deep in her milking throat.

Pulling my dick back into her mouth, she swiped my now supersensitive head with her tongue, causing me to twitch and jerk in response to each delightfully wicked lash of her talented lingual digit.

Showing me a measure of mercy, she allowed my now semi-erect cock to momentarily escape from her wet warmth of her mouth. I expected her to stand up and lead me to her bed, but instead she continued to slather all over my cock and balls until I was dripping with her saliva. Once she had me hard again, she rocked back on her heels, letting my renewed erection to audibly pop from her mouth.

“Mmm hmm,” she said, sighing contentedly as she stood. “You’ve got such a nice dick, Matt. A very, very nice dick.”

“Thanks,” I managed to mutter. “You’ve got a nice mouth.”

She didn’t reply, but stood before me, hefting up her ample tits, squeezing her perky dark red nipples in an unmistakable offering. “You like my boobs? “

“Damned right I like your boobs.”

“You don’t think they’re too little?”

They certainly weren’t EE’s or even DD’s monster hooters, but too little? Not by a long shot. Her firm orbs where more than a handful, but without a hint of sag. “Hell, they’re magnificent!”

“Thanks, I thought you’d might like them,” she said with an impish grin.

“Oh yeah,” I mumbled as my face descended to her tit flesh.

I didn’t go straight for the nips, but rather licked and nibbled at her soft, yet firm globes, laying kisses all cross the expanse of her breasts while she held them in offering to my lips. When I did flick her dark red, pebble-sized areola with its crowning, proudly stiff nipple with my tongue, she jerked. I realized that bahis şirketleri like my ex-wife Helen, Sandy had in those compact nips a concentration of nerve endings that could induce an orgasm if properly stimulated.

Concentrating on getting her off with a tit-job, I slathered and slobbered away like she had slathered and slobbered at my cock. I wasn’t wrong in my estimation of the sensitivity of her mammaries and after a good working over, she began to swoon and then gasp for breath.

Groaning as the orgasmic pleasure swept over her, her knees began to buckle. I had to hold her up to keep her from crumpling to the floor. As long as she trembled and shook in my arms, I relentlessly suckled and bit at her teats until she grabbed my head and forced me away from her now too tender flesh.

We kissed passionately for a few moments before I swept her up in my arms and carried to her bed. The bed had already been turned down earlier by housekeeping and laying her on the fresh sheets I gazed down at my prize. Smiling up at me with a very contented look, she was protectively covering her tits from any further stimulation.

Grasping her left foot, I removed her shoe. As sexy as they were, I didn’t want those spiked things digging into me when I fucked her. Then I removed the right one. Holding her right foot in my hand, I began kissing her foot. Once again our eyes locked as I took her big toe into my mouth and I began lovingly sucking on it. Sandy closed her eyes; relishing the sensations of the toe-job I gave her. After each delectable digit had been properly caressed, I began my slow kissing-march up her leg towards the grand prize.

I kissed and nibbled and sucked at the silky skin on the inside of her leg, taking it slowly, building the sexual tension. When I arrived at her shaved crotch, I bypassed her fragrant and juicy pussy for the moment and instead kissed her up through her trimmed bush to her belly button and then kissed down again to the left leg. Raising her leg, I kissed all around the inside of her thigh and along the crease on the backside where her thigh joined her buttocks. Finally I returned to kiss her sweet pudenda, relishing the headily divine scent of her arousal.

On my third trip around her smooth fleshly vulva, I took the opportunity to press my nose along her heavenly slit, eliciting a moan of approval from my new lover. I nuzzled into her wet folds to press my nose against the nub of her hooded but hard little clit. Only after rubbing my nose in and all along her cunt did I bring my tongue into play, licking up her passion trench with the flat of my tongue, raking up a good measure of her succulent juices for my own pleasure. As I expected, she tasted heavenly, musky and salty, not bland at all, pure woman.

Orally I gave her as good as she had given me, scouring her cunt with my tongue and sucking on the swelling folds of her inner lips until they were fully engorged with blood and protruded from her cunt. Only after a through working-over of her entire pussy did I finally settle in on her clit. By that time, she was so aroused that it only took a few minutes of strategic tongue play to bring her off.

Using a technique I learned from a lady back home, I pressed my fingers into the area between her vagina and anus while I lashed her clit at the one o’clock position. As her nervous system shorted out, her legs snapped shut around my head and I found it difficult to breathe, but I stayed in there, flicking her clit while she experienced an intense orgasm.

I couldn’t hear anything with the thigh-muffs clamped tightly over my ears, but I felt the violent contractions she was experiencing as she twisted and turned, futilely attempting to dislodge my locked-in head from her groin. Sandy finally managed to rip away from me, curling up into a ball, quaking with the continuous after shocks of her mega-orgasm.

Sitting up, my face was drenched with her moisture. Taking the opportunity, I ran my fingers up her ass crack and paused to toy with her anus. She didn’t object to my gentle probing, and I knew that tonight, anything was possible with this babe. Pulling my finger from her ass, I got up and looked in my coat pocket for my stash of rubbers that I had brought for the occasion.

Watching her as she slowly recovered from her pleasureful ordeal, I jacked my cock to a full erection before rolling a condom over my dick. She rolled over, looking at me with a dreamy-dazed look on her pretty face. She opened her eyes and studied the eight-inch cock that was about to probe and explore the inner depths of her sex. Her winsome smile, changed into a frown. “Do you have to use that?” she whined reprovingly.

“What? What’s the matter?”

“The condom… Have you had sex with anyone since your medical?”

“Well, I…”

“Unprotected sex. Have you had unprotected sex with anyone?”

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