Foot Fetish Fridays Ch. 03

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Hi, I’m Brittni. I want to update you on what has happened so far in the previous two chapters. When I was 22 years old, I started working as a receptionist at this hip internet fashion company. All of us employees were walking advertisements for the company as we competed by wearing the latest fashions and completed against one another. A shy 32 year old tech intern named AJ started working there and I happened to catch him jerking off to one of my boots in his office. After disclosing that he had a strong foot and nylon fetish and that he was a virgin, I began playing with him by making him worship my feet on Fridays after everyone had went home. Eventually we went on a date and I incorporated foot sex as I took his virginity. This led to me telling my coworkers Tina and Starla about his fetish and one day we went down to the basement where AJ was enjoying his lunch and we three put on a foot tease sex session for the ages!


It had been two weeks since I had seen AJ after our basement foot fun and much to my surprise, he had taken a leave of absence from the company. To be honest, I really missed the shy cutie. He was a compassionate sub and did a phenomenal job of tending to my feet when they were sore, tired, or just needed some love. I was so tempted to reach out and find him during his absence for a quickie but I decided that I would wait until he returned so that he would be the one to crawl to me, literally.

It was a Thursday and happened to be the day of the month when the clearance items come into the building. We girls always “fight” our way to the spare room where they are kept in order to stake our claims. As soon as I entered, I had my eye on a pair of red knee high rubber rain boots with a cute little black stripe across the ankle. On the outside, they were flawless as they were as shiny as mirrors and I immediately thought not only could they be put to good practical use on a rainy day, they were fashionable enough to wear to work with maybe a cute pair of leggings.

I was hoping that they were my size and as luck would have it, they were close. At seven and one half, they were just a half size too big. I took off my strappy high heel sandal and slipped my bare foot inside one of them. Even though there was a little extra room, I couldn’t pass on a pair of 400 dollar boots marked down to 20. Unfortunately, the reason they were marked down was because they had no inner lining and the insides were only rubber. They were just too cute, too cheap to pass up and I had to have them. After purchasing them, two skirts and three tops for less than 200 dollars, I was extremely happy with my take.

While I was putting my discounted clothes in my work cubbie, AJ happened to walk by which was surprising because he had been gone for 13 days after Starla, Tina and I had played with him. He was his usual shy self but maybe even more so as he didn’t look up when he passed. He seemed really overwhelmed and almost scared of us. Ever since I had started playing with him, he would at least smile or give me a quick wave.

I looked over at Starla who shrugged her shoulders while Tina was busy working and didn’t see him. I gave her a wry smile as I couldn’t help but miss the puppy dog and that past Friday seemed so lonely without him there to play with. I had gotten accustomed and even sexually charged by teasing and controlling the poor guy with my feet even though he was ten years older than my 22. I guess when all three of us girls had our way with him, he was too embarrassed to face us for a while.

I sat back down at my desk and began working. The more I sat there, the more I thought about how I needed to let him know it is OK and there was nothing to be shy or embarrassed about. I mean with all our history, we were well past that. It was nearly break time and I sent AJ an email, telling him to meet me out at my SUV in 30 minutes. He responded with a quick, “OK.”

When the time came, I walked out to my vehicle and an anxious AJ was already standing there when I shot a quick, “Hi. How and where have you been?”

While looking down and moving his foot around he responded, “I’m…I’m OK.”

“We wondered what happened to you. I know we’ve missed you,” I inquired.

He looked up with his soft eyes and stammered, “Well…I…I…just needed to get away for a little while, that’s all.”

When I asked him why, he said that he felt a little strange about the encounter in the basement, “I don’t regret it at all. I loved it! I just didn’t want you girls to be making fun of me because of how much I love musky, stinky female feet”

I assured, “You know better than that. Do you think I would have given you all those Friday sessions if I thought that? I took your virginity for goodness sakes and you were great. You are a sweet foot boy and I love it. Be proud of what you are. Who else would take care of my pretty feet if you weren’t around?”

AJ smiled widely and showed off those cute dimples while blushing when he responded, “You have a point. Anadolu Yakası Escort What about Tina and Starla? Do they think I’m strange?”

I laughed, “Don’t be silly. As a matter of fact, Starla wore a pair of old black flats last Friday when you were gone and commented how they made her feet smell and added how she wished you were there to enjoy them. Two days before that, Tina was wearing a pair of shiny white thigh high boots, the same ones that Starla is wearing today by the way, when she took them off and rubbed her hosed feet, she had said the same thing. I can tell you that both girls bought those in honor of you after you had insisted that I wear my pair on our date.

“You are just saying that,” AJ interjected.

“No, I’m serious. You would have gone crazy! I got a whiff each time from my front desk.” I giggled, as I mockingly pinched my nose then continued, “I told Tina that I was going to start calling her Starla.”

After hearing that, AJ stood up with his eyes and mouth wide open as if he saw a naked woman at the beach. I could see a bulge starting to grow in his pants. My nipples matched his excitement. I felt naughty.

I looked down at it, looked back up and smiled, “You like that don’t you? You are hard. Are you also leaking in there?” I opened the back of my SUV door and continued as I lifted and pointed my high heel covered foot, “I have an idea. Let’s get in and I can take care of it with this.”

I knew he could not resist as I opened the door. He slid in beside me and closed the door. As I started slowly unbuckling his belt, I seductively whispered in his ear, “I bet he missed my feet. I sure know they missed him. Let’s just see if that anteater is slobbering for my cute piggies.”

When the belt and pants were unfastened, I instructed, “Pull your pants down baby. Let me see it.”

AJ was a little hesitant which caused me to slide away from him and hold up my Chic black suede high heel sandal covered feet on his lap, “If you pull your pants down for me, then I will let you love on these.”

He swallowed hard before slowly pulling his pants down to his ankles while his underwear soon followed. He was nervous as if he was young man being examined by a doctor for the first time. Sure enough, his uncut six inch cock was rock hard and pressed against his belly. The precum was smeared against his skin.

I continued, “Now take my heels off me but do it slowly.”

AJ meticulously used his fingers to slide the strap off the back of my heel so that my sandal would pop off quite easily. When my foot was freed from the leather, he inhaled deeply before gently placing it on the back floorboard. That is when I offered my other foot and giggled, “Don’t forget this one.”

He slid the second one off as he had done the first and left me pressing both my feet together, pointing my toes while resting on his lap. His eyes were wide and his heart was beating quicker. He wasn’t quite sure how to proceed but he knew he was mesmerized by my feet right there within reach. He was almost in a trance.

He stared at my burgundy painted toes then back at me, then back at my feet but remained frozen. I took my big toe and wiggled it on the head of his leaking cock, which had now popped free from all of its thick foreskin, carefully smearing the goo around it. He took a low moaning deep breath before sighing, “Ahhhhhh. Oh….yeah, that feels so good Britt!!

I slowly and carefully lifted my foot and placed my slimy toe on his lip before instructing, “Taste it for me sweetie. Ooooh, I bet it is so sweet. Please suck it off my toe.”

AJ opened his mouth allowing me to insert my toe until it completely disappeared. He sucked it like a baby nursing on his mother but I could feel his tongue rolling on it as well. After several seconds, I pulled my toe out of his mouth before teasing, “I haven’t seen you in two weeks and my feet have been neglected all this time. Do you know how bad I have needed them smelled? I need you to smell my feet baby. Don’t be shy. Inhale that scent that you have missed out on it for so long.”

I put both my feet in his face, right under his nose. I wiggled my toes so that scent of my daily wear would be stronger. He was inhaling and his cock would twitch with every breath. I continued my tease, “Go ahead baby, jerk it for me while you smell my feet. If you are a good boy, I will even let you shoot your hot load all over them.”

He grunted while slowly fisting away on his beautiful uncut cock, “I haven’t cum in two weeks. Oh baby, my balls are so full, they freaking hurt! Oh it’s going to be a real big one!”

I giggled, “Oh goodie. Shoot it on my feet. I want to feel your warm sperm all over them. Do it baby. Ejaculate your seed and paint them! Please AJ, they need it so bad.”

His hand was now rapidly flailing up and down. I know he was wanting to smell them more but I proceeded to wiggle my feet in between his legs and gently lifted his balls with my toes. I made sure to Avrupa Yakası Escort rub each one and confirmed they felt real heavy. With my toes dancing and fondling that loose skin hanging around his nuts, he was moaning even louder and enjoying himself.

He began to shake and let out a large growl, “Ohhhh….here it comes baby! Oh Fuck!” before a monstrous, thick load of cum jolted out of his cock and plopped down directly on top of my right foot while he continued grunting it out, “Augghhh! Aughhhh! Augghhhh!” That was followed by another and another and then another.

Each spurt felt heavier than the previous one. I thought he would never stop! I couldn’t believe the quantity and consistency. It was like yogurt. When he had finally finished, my feet looked like pastries coated with thick layers of frosting and I could barely see any skin!

He crashed his head back on the seat and let out a long sigh of relief while I asked, “Did it feel good baby?”

Just as he was about to answer, we were both startled by a knock on the SUV window. When we looked up, it was Starla as she loudly spoke through the window, “Hey, what are you guys doing in there?”

I laughed, “What does it look like? I was giving our disappearing boy here a little foot sex to show him what he has missed out on.”

She responded, “I thought I saw you guys come out. I want to play too.”

“Hmmmm…I don’t know, AJ just coated my feet with about a billion babies!” I teasingly joked, waving my cum covered tootsies at her to say hello. Starla’s jaw dropped before flashing her pretty smile and then lifted her leg to show that she was wearing those white thigh high boots and nylons. Knowing it would grab his attention, she happened to flick the tan hose out a bit but careful not to put a run in them as AJ moaned and then sighed even louder while his legs twitched in anticipation. He politely opened the door to offer her an invitation to enter.

“Oh my God! Look at all that cum! Geez!” Starla declared before sarcastically continuing, “Thanks a lot Britt for not asking me to come out here with you and have a little fun with our shy tech boy here. You guys scoot over so I can get in.”

“You will have to wait a minute. He has a mess to clean up first,” I replied with a lifted eyebrow before turning my attention to him, “Hurry sweetie and clean this up before it starts dripping on my back seat.”

AJ was almost in a trance, gazing like a small child admiring a rocket toy with all of the sensory overload before replying, “I don’t have a towel or anything.”

In my mischievous chuckle, I answered, “You don’t need a towel sweetie. You have those gorgeous soft lips to take care of this problem.”

As he was processing to what I was inquiring and before he had a chance to decide, I made the decision for him as my spunk covered feet were raised to his mouth. Once the slimy sperm touched his lips, instinct and horniness took over. AJ held the bottom of my feet like he was holding a tray of food. His warm lips began to slurp and lick up the mess he had made. It tickled but my pussy was getting wet while watching him consume his own semen off my cute feet.

Starla ducked her head inside the vehicle, “Oh AJ…do it baby. Look at that Britt, he is doing a great job. Use those sexy lips.”

That encouragement inspired AJ to gobble up his own seed like he was being timed. I loved watching him eat it up. Starla interrupted his meal when she giggled, “Oh shit. Somebody is coming. Hurry up so I can get in.”

I held up my hand, “Hold on. He is almost finished. Let him get it all. I don’t want a mess on my seats.”

Not long after I said that, AJ had finished. The only thing left on my feet was his saliva. I slid over to the opposite door while he lifted his ass and slid over beside me, allowing Starla to jump in beside him and quickly close the door behind herself. AJ then smiled and let out another warm sigh of relief like the ones you see in commercials promoting good sleep, as he sat back in the seat. I was happy that I had brought such pleasure to him which in turn created pleasure for myself.

I proceeded to caress the back of his head, rubbing. “Oh my sweet, sweet foot boy, you are loving this, aren’t you baby?” AJ could only stare as he was riding a natural high in some fantasyland.

“Awwwww, look at him. He is still our own special puppy, whenever we need a quickie,” Starla added.

I found myself looking on with pride as Starla was starting to think like me because she was using her teasing personality. Even though AJ was our play toy, he was also a caring, feeling man who yearned for love and we genuinely cared for him. I believe he sensed this as he seemed to be building confidence. That is why it was so surprising that he took a leave of absence after our foursome foot session.

“Hey Starla, look at his cock,” I said while nodding at it.

“Holy Shit! No way! Look at how fucking hard he is after he just came!” Starla blurted İstanbul Escort as if she had seen a winning lottery ticket.

I cannot say that I was stunned since he had shown he could have many orgasms in one session. I was, however stunned, he kept oozing like an ice cube on a hot day even after he had just shot a huge load. His belly was covered with a huge gooey patch of precum. He took his hand and gently rubbed Starla’s nylon covered thigh. He loved the feel of nylons and that sensation was stirring something inside him.

I leaned in, kissed him on the cheek as I whispered in his ear but loud enough for us all to hear, “Why don’t you go ahead and take her boots off of her. I bet her feet are really smelly today. You of all people know how they get when she wears boots especially with pantyhose.”

He gasped before looking at Starla as if to ask for permission. With a cute smile, she nonverbally gave him the go ahead. I could hear the leather crinkle as the zipper was pulled down. When AJ bent over to take it off her, his cock was so hard, it never left his stomach. The head was so tight, it looked purple. With a little shimmy back and forth, the boot plopped off her foot. The vehicle quickly permeated with, that all too familiar, musky aroma. She put her hose covered leg overtop his knee while offering the other foot. AJ performed the same task until she now had both her smooth nylon clad legs resting on his lap.

I commented, “Girl, you need odor eaters!”

She looked at AJ before responding, “I don’t think so, do I AJ? I know you like them just the way they are. Isn’t that right sweetie?”

He was speechless as he only nodded and let out a low moan. I scooted against the door to allow for more room for the two of them. He slid over right up against me so that Starla’s calves were now on his lap. She was able to reach his cock and slide his foreskin up over his head, pressed it together which looked like a snake’s mouth closing, causing a large glob of precum to run down the back of her hand. Her hand began to move up and down his sticky cock while her head also nodded in approval, synchronized with her stroking.

She soothingly asked, “You like when I stroke your hard dick, don’t you AJ? Am I holding it too tight? I bet you want to cum again, huh?”

AJ didn’t respond as his eyes were huge. He was loving every second and wanted to remain silent and take it all in. She continued jerking his thick prick.

She then instructed him in a motherly tone, “Go on smell them baby. It’s OK. Put them in your face. You know you want to.”

While holding her ankles from underneath, he brought her sweaty, hosed feet to his face. Once there, he took two large sniffs before inhaling it all in.

As soon as the inhalation started, grunts followed, “Aughhhh! Uuunnnghhhhh!”

The first spurt actually hit the roof of the car! Starla screamed in joy and I gasped. The next shot flew up over the seat, landing in the front. That was followed by AJ shaking, sliding down the seat and shooting several more spurts all over like an unhinged sprinkler. When the explosion had stopped, the interior of my vehicle, Starla’s hand and even the tip of my nose had some of his DNA dripping from it! His breathing was rapid but never once did he move her feet away from his face. He was like a football player on the sidelines trying to get oxygen.

Once the bliss had settled, reality set in for me as I wiped my nose with my thumb, “Damn it, Starla!”

She laughed, “What did I do?”

“Your feet are so damn strong, he made a mess all over my car,” I scolded.

She continued laughing, “I can’t help it if he loves how they smell. Can I AJ? Let him enjoy the intensity.”

He looked up over her moist toes and answered, “I…I don’t want to get in the middle but I do know I could stay like this all day but I will clean it up for you Britt.”

Starla looked at her cell phone, “Oh shit, we have been out here way too long. I hope we don’t get in trouble.”

She had AJ’s cum all over her hand and he had some on his own legs. There was no towel and no time for AJ to clean it up so she took the back of her hand and wiped it on the bottom of her feet. I wiped up the rest off him and also slathered her soles before she slid her boots back on and zipped them up. I was also putting on my high heels while he was pulling up his pants. When we were all adjusted, both doors flew open and out we went.

On the way, I tapped AJ on the shoulder, “What do you think of that? She is squishing your sperm in her boots as we speak.”

AJ gasped, “Ever since we last had fun I wanted to see that again with her. Thank you girls for making it happen again.”

When we exited the vehicle, I wanted AJ to know he was more than just a play thing even though he was OK with it, “I want to talk to you later on at the end of work. I will come to your office.”

He smiled, “Sure.”

AJ found a wet rag in the janitors closet, came back out to my SUV and cleaned his mess for the second time. As the day was coming to a close, AJ heard me knock on his office door. When I entered, I began to talk, “Hey. I have been thinking about things and like I said earlier, I don’t want you to think you are just a play toy for us and that we don’t care about you as a person.”

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