For the BBC at the Glory Hole…

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This story is 100% true. Nothing is made up.

Please enjoy

I had spent almost 2 hours on my knees at the glory hole sucking every cock I could find. My face was a mess. My chin still dripping with cum. I was getting ready to leave for the night when I saw your gigantic black cock. The largest cock I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Part of me said “No, I’m done for the night. Besides, this is a monster cock.” but yet another part of me said “This is a monster cock and I need to prove I’m an amazing cocksucker.”

Guess which voice in my head won?

So I move back to the hole to the already hard BBC. I put my mouth on the head and it BARELY fits in my mouth. I hear a low satisfying moan from the other side of the wall.

I’m not sure if it was the moan, the feeling of power I get when sucking a cock, or the challenge of making this big fat dick cum, but I wanted more.

I started moving my mouth VERY slowly down the shaft of this cock. Stopping İkitelli Escort to flick my tongue under the head in that sensitive spot. The moaning was back and I loved it.

I kept sliding my mouth closer and closer to the base. Going slow so I didn’t gag or choke, giving my throat time to accept the girth of this cock.

I could feel my throat bulging where the head of his cock was moving slowly down my throat, and I was proud of myself for not gagging.

Before too long I felt his pubic hair on my nose and I kept moving until I had as much of this behemoth cock in my throat as I possibly could.

I knew I couldn’t bob up and down on this cock or I should choke for sure. And that’s not sexy at all.

Instead I started swallowing. Not really swallowing, but the muscle movement in my throat like swallowing. I did this 3 or 4 times before hearing “Oh holy fuck yes!” from the other side of the wall.

I started doing this swallow movement İkitelli Escort Bayan harder and a little faster, and he pushed his cock as far into the glory hole as possible.

After 5, maybe 10 minutes, I felt his balls tighten. I felt his shaft swell in my throat. I heard his breathing getting faster and deeper.

And then it happened

I couldn’t taste his cum. He was too deep in my throat for that. I felt him cuming. I felt his cock swell from the base all the way to the head. It was making my eyes water because my throat was already at maximum size allowable. But the feeling was incredible. I could feel ripples as his cock throbbed in my throat.

I knew. I really KNEW. That this monster black cock was pumping hot, thick, sticky, gooey, delicious semen deep down my throat. And his moaning. He was moaning like he was feeling the same incredible feeling I was.

After a few moments the throbbing stopped. And I just stayed. I just Escort İkitelli held his cock in my throat. I could feel him getting soft and the pressure in my throat getting less and less.

Finally he withdrew his cock completely from my mouth and throat. I got a small taste of his sperm on my tongue as I flights the hole in the end of his cock on the way out.

I immediately put my mouth up to the hole and said “Wait…”

But it was too late. He was already pulling up his pants and leaving the booth.

I quickly pulled my pants up over my pantyhose and put my shoes on and ran out of the booth.

But he was gone.

I ran to the parking lot, but there was a Buick pulling out of the driveway. I couldn’t even see the license plate because the lights on the car that light it up were burned out.

I walked to my car, saddened.

I looked at myself in the visor mirror. My face a mess with several loads of drying semen.

I could still feel the feeling of him throbbing in my throat and I wanted more. Much MUCH more. But I didn’t know how.

So, if that was you, and you’re reading this. PLEASE respond.

Let me know the city it was in so I know it was you.

I want to swallow your cock again. And again. And again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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