For the Third Time…

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“For the third time, I want to fuck you”

That one sentence was how I found myself parked at this hotel in Central Jersey. Ok, clearly not just that sentence.

It all started with an ad. My first on Lit. Not sure how I got to their personal sections after years of reading stories, but there I was, posting for the first time on Lit. “Married man, 44, looking for someone to roleplay and tease during the day,” or something similar. Two lines max. Not my best writing.

My expectations were not too high. After a series of flings and some really strange situations on another online board, I just wanted someone to innocently play with during the day. A little teasing, some roleplaying. Nothing serious. Locals need not apply. Just a fun distraction from the mundane monotony that being a mid-level manager in a small software company brings on in spades. Nice and easy.

I’d love to say the responses to such a deeply and thoughtfully written ad came rolling in like wildfire, but we all know it wasn’t true. Aside from the expected spam and folks so far out there they had to be fake, I got a single private message.

“MWF, 43. Sounds fun.”

That started a whirlwind of fun and flirtation. The first day was filled with the usual get-to-know-you type stuff. We actually grew up just a few towns away from each other. Potentially knew some of the same people back in the day. Then pictures were exchanged. Physical characteristics shared.

She was tall. Taller than me, although that is easy as I top the ruler at five-foot-seven. That typically ends the conversation right there, but not this time. Short men? No problems for her. After all, this was roleplay. Fantasy.

Over the next few days, texts quickly turned to sexts. Sexts became FaceTime. Toys became involved. We had “Friday Lunch” together. FaceTime playtime when she worked from home. As cliche as it seems in stories of this type, this woman was as horny and worked up as I was daily.

Conversations became nightly. Wants and desires spoken of and fantasized about. Phone sex on the way to work even. Surreptitious pictures of the tent in my jeans after a hot conversation during a conference call. Damn, was that a fun first few weeks.

I don’t want you to think everything was sunshine and lollipops. We definitely had some hiccups along the way. Like the disastrous first pic I sent her that she still makes fun of to this day. The sad first attempt at phone sex while she rode a train to Connecticut for work. But something just clicked. We got past those without batting an eye, and the conversations grew hotter. More passionate. Insanely erotic.

When I say it was everything I was looking for when I posted that ad, that is not an exaggeration. We texted daily. We sexted daily. To and from work.

One day, I told her how I would make her come at every traffic light on her long drive to work. The next, she texted how she’d blow me nonstop on my way home. Coaxing as many orgasms out of me as she could.

She made recordings of getting herself off at a friend’s pool party and sent it to me. If I had a break in my daily grind on the weekend, I checked my KIK account to send her a note and see if she had time to play. She was already a step ahead with a simple note asking: What are you doing? Inevitably, one or both of us got off by the end of the conversation. Fuck, it was hot.

Then, nearly two months into the fun, fate decided to shine its light on me. I was going to be travelling to see family without my wife in October. Less than 60 miles from my fantasy girl. Now, I have not been a saint in my marriage, and I have had a female friend or two. But those were all online. A fleeting moment. A truly sage NSA encounter. Not sex but definitely close. This was different. Not quite sure how, but definitely different. It was a long shot, still, I had to ask if she could get away that Saturday night.

It was a big moment going from fantasy to reality. Heart (and hard-on) in hand, I waited for the answer which ended up not being the one I anticipated. You see, she had yet to venture outside her vows except for our flirtations and fun. She would love to get together but wasn’t sure she’d be ready to take that final step yet. Being the kind and respectful gentleman I was (no… the irony of also being a philander wasn’t lost on me), I said I’d love to see her and we didn’t need to do anything she didn’t want to. In fact, I wasn’t going to sleep with her unless she told me three separate times she was ready. That was my brilliant philosophy!

So plans were set with hotel reservations made, and flirting ratcheted up about 300%. Generic teasing and fantasies became crystallized around that weekend. That hotel. That room. Every conversation began with her opening the door and ended with us exploding in mutual orgasm, as all true fantasies should. Roles began to form. She wanted someone to take control. Not my usual style, I was so invested in giving her what she wanted that my fantasies and stories went bursa escort bayan down that road. Telling her what I wanted. Taking control. Fuck. That got me so turned on. After 25 years of being the nice guy, being somewhat dominant in my fantasies opened my eyes to a new world… but that’s all it was. Fantasy.

Until, the first time she said she was ready.

We are about two weeks out. Sexting and Face-Timing nonstop. Everything was about the room. Pushing her up against the door. Kneeling behind her and eating her out until she begged for my cock. Straddling my head as she took me into her mouth, swallowing every inch. Her sitting in the chair as I filled her with every hard thrust. This wasn’t making love. This wasn’t just sex. This was FUCKING. And quite frankly, I hadn’t fucked since college. To say this was intense was an understatement. Then at the end of one of sexting sessions came the message:

“I want to fuck you.”

“That’s one”, I said.

Two more times were needed. And I had meant it. A night of pleasing her orally, manually, and with her ever-present set of toys was more than enough for me. I wasn’t going to push. Not for her. Not for the timing and the step she needed to take. But that didn’t stop the fantasies from being fuck-filled, for lack of a better term. Through the fantasies, my tendencies grew more dominant. Grabbing her hair to pull myself deeper inside of her. Smacking her ass while I fucked her doggie-style. Sliding a finger into her ass while I fucked her with my other fingers. Things I had never done but still turned me on more than I could ever imagine.

The ideas kept growing, but always in that room. Sometimes, we entered together. Sometimes, I opened the door. Or she did. But it was always hot. Always amazing. Even if it was all virtual.

I don’t remember the details of when the second time she told me she wanted to fuck me, but it was at least a week later.

I am not quite sure how the temperature kept getting raised, but it did. I kept playing the nice guy in between sessions. Of course, I was fine if we never got to number three. Whatever made her comfortable. I would never push. And all of it was true. I firmly stood by that.

But thank God, I never had to fight that temptation as the Thursday before day we were meeting, she sent THE message:

“I want to fuck you.”

I sat there and stared at the screen, a huge smile on my face. My reply was simple:

“I cannot wait to fuck you.”

So 300 miles and a few stories told to my family had me sitting there in the parking lot, ready to meet this woman who had me perpetually hard for the past two months. I texted her to let her know I was there. She responded to meet her at the bar. So beer in hand and butterflies in stomach, I waited. About ten minutes later, there was a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and hugged her for the first time.

I don’t know what I was expecting. Even though we had Face-Timed often, she just looked better in person. First thing I noticed was the height difference. She had at least five inches on me. Every other woman who I had been interested in, or vice versa, that was taller had intimidated the shit out of me. But not here. Not now. All I noticed were those legs. They just kept going. And fuck, did I want them wrapped around me.

I got her a glass of white wine, and we sat down next to each other. A little awkwardly, I put my hand on her knee. During the course of the conversation, my hand moved to the small of her back. It was just like two old friends shooting the breeze and having a drink at the bar. I was able to keep the charade up for 15 minutes, max, before I finally leaned in and said, “Do you want to get out of here?”

I am not sure I’ve ever enjoyed a smile so much as when she nodded. The moment we stood up and I leaned in to kiss her, I knew this was going to be fan-fucking-tastic. The perfect combination of lust, eagerness, and anticipation swirled between us. We didn’t linger and quickly walked hand in hand back to the lobby.

The hotel had a bank of glass-fronted elevators that faced any onlookers below. I’d never been much of an exhibitionist, but once those doors closed, we couldn’t get on top of each other fast enough. My hands were drawn to her ass, tracing up her legs, pulling up her skirt. Our tongues starting a delicate dance for the seemingly slowest ride up to the third floor. If that first kiss had left me feeling staggered, this elevator ride set a fire beneath us. I needed her. NOW.

Not soon enough, we were out of the elevator and down the hall. I vaguely remember walking past the hotel manager and a few other patrons before we basically ran down the hallway to the room. After another kiss at the door, I got it unlocked and there we were. IN THE ROOM. Just like in our fantasies.

I have zero recollection about who grabbed who first, nor do I really care. But next thing I knew, I had her pushed up against the door. It was the very fantasy we had gorukle escort played out in our heads and in our chats a million times. My hands were quickly all over her body as our tongues danced ferociously. Traveling up those long legs and under her skirt. Pulling her panties aside to slide two fingers in immediately. Fuck, she was so wet. The force of my hands pushed her against the door while she grabbed between my legs, stroking my rock-hard cock.

“So hard,” she mumbled through our kiss, unbuttoning my jeans and wrapping her hands around me for the first time.

Our hands moved together in a rhythm. And the kiss. Fuck, I still remember that kiss.

But I needed more. I needed her. All of her. To touch… to taste… to take.

Pulling her blouse over her head, I started kissed my way down her neck. Her chest. At some point, her bra came off, and my lips wrapped around her hardening nipples. Licking. Sucking.

Her hands were still tied to my cock. Increasing in speed and need while I lingered and teased until I couldn’t wait any longer. My journey south needed to continue.

My hands went to her waist while I knelt and pulled her panties down, leaving her naked in front of me. Breathing heavy. Flushed. I spread her legs and tasted her wetness. Her perfectly smooth pussy was practically dripping when I ran my tongue tentatively across it. Teasing her. There was only one word to describe it: intoxicating. Somehow, she was still on her feet, her hands running through my hair. I flicked her pulsing clit with my tongue. Slid my finger deeper. Her soft moans filled the room. For the first time, I was completely lost in her.

I grabbed her ass, pulling myself against her. Forcing my tongue inside her. Fucking her slowly. Going back to lick her clit. Then inside her again, deeper. Regretfully, I got to my feet. My fingers replacing my tongue below, I kissed her with a passion I didn’t know I had. We stumbled over each other on the way to the bed.

As we landed, she quickly took down my pants. My boxers. Our eyes locked. And then she was swallowing me slowly. Her lips teasing every inch. Amazing me. Her head bobbed. Taking me deeper.

My hands were now in her hair. Gently guiding. Getting more insistent. My hips meeting her every stroke. Fucking her face hard. Her hand tickled my balls while her mouth drove me to places I truly hadn’t been for decades. This woman knew how to suck cock.

When I could take no more, I pulled her back up to me, kissing her again. I slid between her legs. Not forcing the moment until she stopped and looked at me. When she said, “Fuck me.”

Her hand wrapped around me, guiding me inside her smoothness. Slowly. Teasingly. Sliding every inch deeper inside of her.

Above, our lips locked. Tongues danced while our bodies became one. My first few strokes were tender… almost loving. But the more she drew me into her, the more I started fucking harder. Burying myself fully inside of her then sliding all the way out. Letting her feel every inch of me.

Her long legs wrapped around me. Trapping me (like there was a chance in hell I wanted to leave). Keeping me close while we found our rhythm. Sensuality out the window, we became more animalistic… primal. My thrusts never stopped. Never slowing. Giving her the fucking we’ve been fantasizing about. Hard. Long. Deep. Reaching down and pull her legs up to my shoulders, touching her in new places. Her moans turning to grunts.

“Harder, harder,” she said. “Fuck me. Fuck me, now.”

I reached down and pinned her arms above her head on the bed with one hand. My other hand rubbed her clit while I continued my assault on her body. “Is this what you want? My cock? Fucking you?”

Sweat covered both our bodies. A continual stream of obscenities spewed from us as we fucked nonstop. Minutes that seemed like hours for the second time, I was lost in her.

I pulled out and turned her around. Facedown on the bed, I pulled her hips up. I need to fuck her from behind. Show her that her pussy now belonged to me. She wasted no time and reached between her legs, guiding me into her. I continued fucking like there was no tomorrow.

Looking down, I saw her ass was bouncing right in front of me. Now, I have never been an ass guy. To this day, I don’t know what it was about hers that called out to me, but fuck… did I need to spank her. Hard. WHAP! The sound echoed around the room. Then again. And again.

From her lips, I heard, “FUCK! AGAIN!”

I matched every stoke with a firm slap on that amazing ass. It got redder with every smack. Jesus, I could have played with that ass forever.

And that is exactly what I wanted to do right then… needed to do. With her perfect roundness in front of me, I stopped slapping and started teasing. Wetting my finger and rubbing her sweet little asshole. My cock still filled her up. My full body weight repeatedly slammed into her from behind. But now, my thumb made small circles on her bursa merkez escort bayan ass. And fuck, did we take off.

I buried myself as deep in that smooth wet pussy as a man could while she fucked me back like there was no tomorrow. Switching from teasing her ass to slapping it then back again, we fucked like that for what felt like hours. Words got dirtier… hotter. My cock growing; pulsing. I wouldn’t be able to last much longer at this pace, so I turned her over again. Leaned down and kissed her while I slowly worked my cock up and down her wetness. I lifted her legs one last time. Getting them up on my shoulders while I hammered her as hard as I could. So close. Ready to explode.

Here was where I guess people typically would see fireworks, or God, or something like that. But damn. I am not exaggerating when I say it was one of the most intense orgasms I ever had.

Collapsing next to each other, we kissed each other gently, basking in the afterglow.

A little nervous laughter spilt from both of us. And then she was a bundle of energy. Getting a glass for the forgotten bottle of wine she’d brought. Talking up a storm, the topics of which were completely lost on me.

I’d been down this road before. I knew how this was going to go. Maybe a few nervous kisses. An awkward move to the shower. Then a hastened goodbye before going out the door.

But just like that, the rules I’d followed changed. And so much for the better

She finished her glass of wine while I was still recovering on the bed. Then she laid down next to me and kissed me. I guess you could call it a single kiss, but I don’t think it ever ended. We laid together, kissing.. touching… feeling.

I started learning her every curve. Her responses to my touch. The small of her back; the swell of her breast; her smooth wetness. But our lips never left each others. Gently teasing. Fondling.

And her hands were all over my body, too. My hair; my chest; my cock. The latter already responding to her touch. Growing in her hand.

It was no exaggeration to say we lay there kissing for over an hour. Sexuality turned to sensuality. Lust turned to something much more intimate. We couldn’t stop. Hands, lips, tongue… all with an intensity that shocked me. I was truly drinking her in like a man finding an oasis in the desert, and she was reciprocating like no partner I had ever known. This, my friends, was truly one of the most erotic hours I ever had.

But, of course, that wasn’t enough. I needed more. She needed more. WE needed more. So I began kissing my way back down her stomach. Much slower. Lower and lower. Finally reaching her pussy. My tongue found her clit and licked. Between her moans and encouragement, she reached over and grabbed something out of her night bag: her glass dildo. This was new territory for me. Having my partner use a toy on the phone or on FaceTime was old hat, but I’ve never actually used one with my partner.

Sensing my apprehension, she took my hand and worked that toy with me. Gently fucking herself with it while my tongue fluttered nonstop across her clit. Both our hands working it deeper. My lips moved up to her breasts, sucking. Gently biting while her hands slid off her toy and onto my hardened cock. Stroking me in time with my continual fucking using the toy.

Her moans grew louder while I found just the right spots, her hand jerking me off. Building faster as I continued my way up her body and kissed her lips again. Whispering in her ear, “I need you. Now.”

I slid back inside her, the toy discarded to the side. There was no gentleness this time. No teasing. Just brute, fucking need. I felt an audible gasp in my ear when she took me fully. Heard her repeating my name nonstop while I drilled into her. Her pussy grabbing and squeezing me tightly on every thrust. Harder and harder, I fucked her. Giving her every inch. Every ounce of energy I had. Without warning, I pulled out and dived between her legs. Eating that unbelievably wet and hot pussy. Finger fucking her while teasing her clit. Another finger entering her ass. Then I replaced my fingers with my tongue. In and out. The taste addictive. Just as quickly as I’d pulled out, I was back inside her. Fucking as though tomorrow would never come.

I repeated this cycle over and over. Sucking. Fucking. Licking. Fingering.

Finally, without pulling out, I rolled us over so she was on top of me. Bringing her head down so I could keep kissing her. Her tits pressed against my chest. My hands slipping down over that ass that I just couldn’t get enough of. Grabbing it. Slapping it. Lifting her up and down my full length. Fucking her with reckless abandon. And those lips… they never left mine. The combination of the wild fucking and intimate kissing was such a turn on. Holy fuck, this woman was amazing.

There was no way I could hold out this time. Not after the last 90 minutes of foreplay, her ability to kiss, and watching her bounce up and down on my hard cock. I could feel it coming. Too soon, but so fucking needed. I broke our kiss to tell her I was close.

All I heard back was, “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder!”

My hands gripped her ass one last time, and I arched my back, exploding deep inside of her. Rope after rope. Spasm after spasm. Full release.

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