Forest Deep Ch. 03

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The people all around them resumed their tireless orgy once again but Henry barely registered it as his mind wandered over images of the love of his life being fucked by that animal.

Some part of his mind still tried to hold onto the possibility that nothing had happened. But then reality would hit him once again. There was the nagging sense that she had enjoyed every bit of it and that this man gave her something Henry never had. Not because he couldn’t but simply because he had not imagined she would enjoy a treatment like that. Sure, he had imagined it on those hot summer nights when he drifted into a half-dream where the deepest primal urges took hold of him and he imagined a world where he could fuck anyone as he liked and he would fuck them harder, deeper, with all his being.

Hurt and insecurity didn’t exist in this world and lust was not reined in by the moralities and fears of everyday life. Here the lust lived deep in his chest and energy roiled in the bottom of his belly. When he encountered Selena here he violated her, dominated her, there was nothing else to them but his flesh penetrating hers.

This dream world, he realised, was not unlike what was unfolding in front of him this very moment.

He wanted to be let loose as much as he feared that moment. Was he afraid of what he would do or was he afraid of what he would not dare do?

But then when his hands were finally untied there was that woman’s voice again.

“Come with me.”

He turned and walked behind her. Still he had not seen her face. But he was now becoming acquainted with her ass as it swayed in anadolu yakası escort front of him while they made their way through the crowd. It was covered in a sort of clingy, silky material. Some women swayed, and then some women swayed even more. It was hard to understand, that movement. It seemed to involve practically every muscle in the female body. It was like honey, and it drew him. His cock was beginning to swell again, now so agitated that every kind of stimulation made it gather mass.

Many of the women in the dancing crowd caressed his body as he made his way through the revellers, adding to his growing arousal.

Then the woman he followed stopped suddenly and the crowd pushed in. He was surrounded by swaying bodies and his swollen cock pressed in between her ass cheeks. She leaned her head back on his chest, her soft dark hair caressing his skin and then lifted her hands behind her to run them through his hair.

“We want to see now.”

He wanted it, he wanted it so badly. The weight in his stomach had grown unbearable. This is the way of it, it grows until you think it can grow no more, and then it grows more. This is how ice cracks rocks, how trees grow through concrete.

His hold on his loyalty to Selena grew thinner and thinner, always thinner. When is that moment you break? You never make a decision and then you have already made it.

You have entered a different world and in this world you fuck someone else, a stranger, who is leaning into you, holding her arms in the air while seven anonymous hands peel off her ataşehir escort dress.

You notice tiny pearls of sweat glistening on fine blond hairs on her lower back.

Her skin is brown, her spine a cleft in between her straining back muscles.

Straining to arch her back.

Towards you.

You bare your teeth, you grab her slick flesh, you spread her open. It is there, your cock, right there, and in between her spread thighs there is that flesh, that flesh that will part.

When you enter her, which you do. You enter and enter.

This is that moment that should last forever, to penetrate forever. But it ends, you end.

Then you do it again, and again, trying to get it back. You try, you try harder. You growl. Your hand is in her hair, pulling back her head. Your hand is on her breast, mauling it. Your hand is on her hip, pulling it towards you. Your hand is in her mouth. You want to be inside her, all of you, to possess her. You spread her ass. You push your fingers in. You feel your cock moving on the other side of the thin membrane.

Then you feel it coming, release, it is still far away, but it is there. There is that moment when you wonder if you should go there or if you should try to hold on to this. Usually you do. But today, at this moment. It is not pleasure that matters, it is conquest. This woman is yours, she is yours to fuck, she is here for you to come inside her. This is what you were made to do. And as you stand there, surrounded by a mass of people, hands caressing your slick body you quicken your pace. You lengthen ümraniye escort your strokes. You drive them in with that extra force that makes every stroke a small little step towards the edge. It is still out of reach. But if you continue you will get there, you will.


Her head is pulled to the side. Your mouth is on hers and you delve into her and then you are biting her shoulder, her arm. She makes no sound except for that of the air being driven out of her lungs with every thrust. A hand is still pulling her hair. The other circles around her throat and closes down.


Your body strains and you register its pain. It delays you.

Her face is turning red. Veins appear in her neck. A small rattle from her throat.

What is this? Anger? Lust? Love? You will spend the rest of your life trying to find the word. But it does not exist.

Then your body takes over and spasms into her. You were fucking her hard, but your body fucks her harder. You are there.

On the edge.

Over the edge.


What he registered first was bewilderment. Regret, Guilt. And a vague sense of pride, contentment. Someone gulping air. A woman who had almost drowned. Feet. Bare feet. Sand. He sat up and saw her. Several people were holding her where she sat, crumpled to the floor, head bent down. A hand stroked her hair, a pair rubbed her arms. She continued her laboured breathing as if it was work. As if she was providing her body with oxygen, every bit, calling it to life. It was quiet. The music had stopped. After several minutes she looked up at Henry, the first time he could see her face. It was dark. And blank. What was she thinking? Hurt, pride and anger seemed to be battling it out behind the blankness. And then her face moved slowly into a smirk, a smile. She looked around and seemed to be nodding at the crowd towering over her. Then she threw her head back and laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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