Freaking Friday Ch. 01

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Monica bounced as she flopped onto her bed. She slammed her fist into her pillow, then buried her face in it and screamed with frustration.

“Damn her!” She yelled into her pillow, “Damn her, damn her!”

After a few more blows to her pillow she grabbed her cell phone and punched the quick dial number for her best friend.

A moment later, Tricia’s voice said, “Hey, Mon. What’s up?”

“Mom’s not going to let me go, that’s what!” Monica replied as she rolled onto her back, “She said I’m not 18 yet and she doesn’t think I should be spending the night when boys will be there. I’ll be 18 in a week, for Christ sake! I’m the last one in our class to turn 18! I don’t want to miss this party!”

“How did she find out?” Tricia asked. “No one knew but those who are going.”

“She wouldn’t tell me, but she knew exactly who was going to be there. Someone shot off their big mouth!” Monica spat the last words disgustedly.

“It wasn’t me!” Tricia protested. “Who do you think would tell?”

“I don’t know. “Monica groused. “but someone let it slip.”

“So now what?” Tricia asked, “Do you think your mom will tell my mom and Cristy’s?”

“No. I got her to promise she wouldn’t if I promised not to sneak out and come over tomorrow night.”

“Aw, gee. Thanks Mon. you’re the greatest. I’ve been looking forward to this for ages!”

“Oh, spare me!” Monica spit out.

“Oh, Mon, there’ll be another time. Like you said, you’ll be 18 in a week, then it’s your choice, and you can do whatever you want!”

“I guess.” Monica sighed, “What time is everyone leaving Saturday?”

“They have to be gone by 11:00 AM. My parents will be home in the afternoon and I’ll need time to clean the house.”

“I decided to work tomorrow since mom wouldn’t let me come over. I’ve gotta be at work at the book store at 2:00 PM and I won’t get off until it closes at 10:00. I’ll call you about noon Saturday. Maybe I’ll come over and help you clean up if you’re not done.”

“Okay. Thanks, Mon. I wish you were going to be here,” Tricia said.

“So do I.” Monica replied, anger still edging her voice “So…do…I!”

Monica hung up the phone and thought about her Mom, ‘She’s forgotten what it’s like to be young. I wish we could trade places…even for a few days so I could show her how unfair this is! Just a few days…’


Eve absently placed another dish in the dishwasher, her mind preoccupied by the argument she’d had with her daughter a short time before.

‘It’s so difficult raising a daughter by myself,’ she thought.

The relationship between her and Monica was growing very confrontational and strained as of late. And it didn’t help that she was a single parent. George, her ex hadn’t been in their life for ten years. He had decided that a career in advertising was more important than a family, so he’d left them and moved to New York.

She had raised Monica by herself for the last ten years. Eve worked two jobs and tried with all her might to stay close to her daughter. One of the things that had helped was they shared their birth date. Monica had been Eve’s birthday present, almost eighteen years ago. During her younger years, Monica enjoyed the shared birthday. And Eve had felt it brought them closer together.

Things had been going smoothly until Monica hit her late teens, then all hell broke loose. Eve had kept Monica from experimenting with drugs and away from too much alcohol. And Monica was still a virgin. Eve knew that wouldn’t last, but she was hoping she could convince Monica to remain celibate at least until her 18th birthday. She wanted her daughter to be mature enough to enjoy sex once she was introduced to it. She didn’t want her daughter marrying the first man that she slept with, like Eve had done with Monica’s father.

Eve had always tried to be frank and open with her daughter about sex. She took pains to explain anything Monica wanted to know. She wanted her daughter to be able to enjoy sex without the stigma of dirtiness that society always seemed to attach to a completely natural act. Because of that she was adamant that Monica should wait until she was 18 before she tried it. Eve felt that being more mature would be the best chance for Monica have a guilt free sex life.

Eve wasn’t a prude by any means. There were a couple of men in her life. They were just casual friends, or more accurately, casual lovers. Eve had a healthy sexual appetite and needed sex fairly frequently. She had mutual arrangements with a couple of male friends. No commitments, other than friendship, and the only demands each made on the other was companionship and sex when they or she wanted it. But it had taken her years to get to the point where she felt free to have lovers, years to accept her own sexuality, years that she didn’t want Monica to waste.

“I wish Monica could see it from my side for a while.” Eve said to herself as she stared out the window, “Just kadıköy escort for a day, I wish she could see what I see, feel what I feel. Perhaps she would then

understand my side…”


That night, a few minutes before 10:00 pm, Mr. Stiller the bookstore owner handed Monica an old, leather bound book and said, “Could you put this in the vault? I bought it last night at an auction. It’s rather old. It’s supposed to be from the 17th century and the auctioneer said it’s the diary of Francisco Octavius, a reputed mage. He was rumored to be very versed in the magical arts, and to possess a wicked sense of humor. From what I’ve read of him, he loved practical jokes and went out of his way to pull them. ”

Mr. Stiller grinned and added, “So be very careful with this book. Who knows what jokes he booby-trapped it with!”

Monica snorted and replied, “Mr. Stiller! There isn’t any such thing as magic! Quit poking fun at me!”

Monica put on her cotton gloves to keep from damaging the old book, then started toward the vault. As she did she studied the leather-bound cover in her hand with interest. A thought flitted through her mind, ‘were there any spells in the pages of the book she held, just waiting for the right time to be released? Maybe there’s one that can get my mom off my case.’ A moment later she snorted and dismissed the thought as silly.

She carried it to the vault where Mr. Stiller stored all his most valuable books. As she

was about to place it on a shelf, her curiosity got the better of her. She laid it on the felt topped table, used to view the most valuable books, and opened the front cover. As she did pages began to slowly flop open as if of their own accord. Finally, a last page rustled open, then all was quiet as Monica peered at the passage that had been exposed. For a moment she could have sworn it was written in some strange indecipherable language, then it seemed to shimmer and shift and with a start Monica found she was looking at a passage written in Old English cursive script.

Monica followed the line with her finger as she read out loud:

“Born together, yet apart,

a touch a wish from the heart,

older to younger, one to the other,

daughter to mother,

thou will have fun,

for a day it shall be done!”

Monica felt a chill run through her. She didn’t understand what the passage meant, but she did know it gave her the creeps. She slammed the book shut, laid it on a shelf in the vault and hurriedly left. By the time she pulled her car into the driveway she had forgotten about the book, her mind again full of thoughts about how unfair her mother was.

The next week was hell for both Monica and Eve. Monica refused to talk to her mother, fuming about the missed party. Eve let it go but by Thursday she was getting angry. She decided that she and Monica were going to have a talk and straighten things out because their shared birthday was not going to be ruined by Monica’s pouting.

Eve was sitting in the kitchen sipping a cup of coffee when her daughter arrived home from work at 10:15. She called Monica into the kitchen and pointed at a chair on the other side of the counter.

Eve had poured her daughter a glass of cola and Monica picked it up and took a sip as her mom said, “Sit. We need to get this thing settled. I don’t really want to ruin our birthday by continuing to fight. You’ll be 18 tomorrow. You will have reached the age of majority, which means your choice. As of tomorrow, you can do what you want to, but you need to make good sound choices. All I’ve ever wanted was for you to be happy. To enjoy your life.”

Monica took a drink of her cola and responded, “I don’t think you wanted me to enjoy my life. All you’ve ever done lately is to say “no”. No, you can’t go to the party, no you can’t do this or no, you can’t do that. I think you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be young.”

“I haven’t forgotten, but you don’t know what it’s like from where I sit.”

Eve reached out and took Monica’s hand.

They both spoke at the same time and the words coming from Monica’s mouth were carbon copies of those spilling from Eve’s.

“I wish you could be me for a day!”

An electric-like shock flashed between them. They let go of each other’s hand and jumped back.

“Wha-what was that?” Monica stammered.

“I have no idea, but it was very strange.” Eve responded.

Monica’s hand still tingled from the shock. She looked at it, half expecting to see a burn mark, but nothing was there. Eve slowly reached out her hand and touched her daughter’s.

When nothing happened, she sighed with relief and said, “Must have been a static electrical charge. I think I’ll go to bed, but I want to continue this talk in the morning before I go to work. I love you and I’m tired of us fighting all the time.”

Monica üsküdar escort rolled her eyes and deadpanned, “Yes, mother.”

Eve climbed the stairs, undressed and climbed into the bed. It took her an hour to fall asleep, her mind full of thoughts of her daughter. Eve awoke early and sleepily made her way to the bathroom. Yawning, she turned on the water, checked the temperature, then climbed in.

Just as she the water hit her things seemed to shimmer and blur, a sensation of icy cold washing over her. She shivered, quickly turning the hot water on a bit more, then stood under the steaming flow for a long time. She turned it off only when it started to grow cool. Stepping out she felt energized; the chill she felt earlier was gone. She grabbed a towel and walked into her bedroom as she dried herself. Passing the full-length mirror attached to her door, she glanced at herself and stopped dead still. Her daughter’s image stared back from the mirror.

Slowly, she raised her hand to her cheek and watched in fascination as the image of her daughter did the same. She slowly looked down, expecting to see her dark, neatly trimmed pubes, only to see the sparse, red pubic hair of her daughter. She stumbled back and sat down heavily on her bed, her mind trying to grasp what was happening.

A moment later a scream echoed through the house from Monica’s room. Eve jumped to her feet and dashed from her room into Monica’s. Monica was standing frozen in front of her mirror staring at the image of her mother reflected there. As she heard her mother come into the room she turned and screamed again as she saw herself standing in the doorway.

“You-you, you’re ME! Wha-what the fuck!” She shrieked, bordering on hysteria.

“Honey, please don’t panic.” Eve gasped desperately. “I’m not sure what’s going on but we can’t panic!”

A “Mom” thought washed through her. “And watch your language,” she admonished her distressed daughter, who stared back dumbfounded.

“LANGUAGE?! MOM! I’m you and you’re me!” Monica shouted. “How the hell did this happen?!”

” I have no idea how this happened,” Eve said, much more calmly than her daughter. “But it’s not a usual day that’s for sure. We need to find out what’s going on.”

“But, but I’m old!” wailed Monica.

“Mature honey, mature.” Eve gently chided with a smirk.

They stared at each other for some time, when suddenly Monica began to giggle which soon turned to laughter. Before long both of them were doubled over with huge snorting guffaws. Eventually the laughter tapered off into giggles, then faded to silence.

“It is kind of funny.” chuckled Monica. “I ‘ve been wishing you could be me for a day so you could see what it’s like.”

A thoughtful look crossed Eve’s face as she replied, “That’s funny I’ve been wishing much the same, that you could be me for a day to see what that’s like. I wonder???”

“Well, what do we do until we figure out what happened? No one will believe us if we tell them!” Monica exclaimed.

“I’ll call in sick for the day, that will give us the weekend to figure out something. What about you? Can I call you in an excuse for you at school?” Eve asked, then chuckled as she added, “or you call me an excuse in.”.

“No.” Monica groused, “I’ve got to take a test in math today, and today is the only time my teacher, Mr. Lokar, will give it. If I miss it; I’ll fail.”

“Ok. I think I remember enough math to pass a test. I’ll go take it for you. But you have to go get my license renewed today. It’s the last day I can do it, otherwise I’ll have to take the driving test again.”

“Let’s get dressed.” Eve tossed over a shoulder, heading for her bedroom.

She stopped halfway to the door and turned, looking back at Monica. “I guess this is my bedroom now. For a while anyway.”

Monica giggled, nodded and said, “Maybe I should help you choose what to wear and you can do the same for me. I have no idea what you would want to wear!”

An hour latter Monica and Eve stood in Eve’s bedroom looking at each other. Eve was dressed in low fitting hip huggers, a small revealing top, with no bra (which had caused much argument), and platform sandals. Monica was dressed in a cotton print sun dress, sports bra, lace panties and low open toed sandals.

“You really wear this?” Monica asked incredulously.

“Yes, I do, but I can’t believe you really wear this! With no bra!” Eve responded.

Monica snorted and said, “Yeah, but I do look good in that!”

She glanced into the mirror on the wall and thought, ‘Actually, you still look good too Mom. I think this might be fun!’

“OK. Let’s do this! ” Eve declared. She handed the keys of her SUV to her daughter and took the keys of Monica’s Honda.

“You be careful with that!” Eve said over her shoulder as she walked out the door.

“I will! Don’t forget to pick-up Tricia on the way!” Monica called back.


As tuzla escort Eve drove, she found herself wondering how this had happened. She also found the sensations of her daughter’s body to be distracting. She really wanted to slip her hand into her panties and find out how it would feel to rub herself there. Just the thought of it caused a flush of moistness to dampen her inner thighs. She bit her lip and tried to get her mind on something else. She had forgotten over the years just how much sexual energy and drive an 18-year-old girl had.

When she stopped to pick Tricia up, her daughter’s best friend jumped into the car and began to chatter. Eve wasn’t worried about Tricia becoming suspicious. The girl didn’t shut up long enough to notice anything suspicious.

Eve shook herself and became aware of what Tricia was saying, “…and then Christy said she watched her pull his cock out of his shorts right there in the gym and she sucked him until he came. And she swallowed it too! Can you believe that? Then she said he picked her up and put her on the desk, pulled her panties off and ate her pussy until she came! He wanted to fuck her but she couldn’t on account of she’s not on the pill and they didn’t have a condom. Can you believe that? Mrs. Shram and that hunk of a gym teacher? Christy said she heard him tell her that if any of her friends wanted to, they could come by too! Christy said she was tempted to come out of her hiding place after Mrs. Shram left and offer to do him! So, what do you think? Should I do it? Should I go offer to give him a blow job? I’ve never let a guy cum in my mouth, but I guess there’s always a first time. And I am on the pill. Thanks for taking me with you when you went to the family planning clinic to get yours. Maybe I should let him fuck me too! God, he’s such a hunk and if he’s been fucking Mrs. Shram, he might do me!”

Eve couldn’t think of who Tricia was talking about, but it sounded like a very good looking young gym teacher.

“So, what do you think?” Tricia asked again.

“Ah, um, I really don’t know. Let me think about it.” Eve replied uncertainly.

Tricia gave her an odd look but then started off again on a verbal rampage about the Goldman twins. They pulled into the parking lot a few minutes earlier than usual.

As they strolled across the grass, Tricia nudged Eve, pointed and said, “See, look at the way he walks. I think I will go suck his cock, just because he’s so tasty looking!”

Eve stared at the figure Tricia was pointing out. He was six feet tall, tanned, lean and muscular. When he turned her way, she was taken by the ice blue of his eyes and the sensuality of his smile. ‘My God, I’d suck him too!’ she thought.

As they walked down the hall, they were greeted by first one then others of the crowd clogging the narrow, locker-lined passage. Some Eve knew as her daughter’s friends, some she knew not at all, so had to fake recognition. They arrived at the math class and took their seats. An hour later, Eve’s mind felt numb. She hoped she had passed the test for her daughter, but she worried about it. She had forgotten more then she’d realized. After math class, they headed to the History building for their next class.

“I think I’m going to skip the rest of the day.” Eve declared.

“You can’t! Not yet, anyway!” Tricia squealed, “Don’t you remember? A bunch of us are skipping this afternoon and going to Jimmy Crider’s parents’ cabin. Remember? Dammit Mon, I’d almost swear you aren’t you!”

“Oh, oh yeah, that’s right. I g-guess I’m just not feeling well is all.” Eve stuttered.

“OK. But let’s get going. That hunk Franky Marx will be sitting in front of us today. Man that guy has a fine ass! Remember last year when…” Tricia went off on another long rambling story about Franky and some girl named Grace.

As they made their way to class Eve wondered how her daughter was making out…


Monica had left to drive to the DMV office a few minutes after her mom had left. When she arrived, the line was almost out the door, so it took her the better part of two hours to get her mom’s license renewed. As she walked towards her car, she heard someone call out to her. Bill Jordan, a friend of her mother’s that Monica had met once, was jogging across the parking lot towards her.

He stopped in front of her and said, “Hey, Eve. You told me you were going to renew your license today and I was hoping I’d catch you. Would you come take a look at these new additions to my stock? I think you’ll appreciate them.”

Monica rather liked him. He was a bit older than her mom, but well-built and handsome. She had always suspected that he and her mother shared more than friendship. She had no idea what kind of stock he meant. Bill ran a small gun shop and she knew her mom wasn’t interested in guns.

“I really should be getting home, uh, Bill,” Monica said.

“Oh, come on.” Bill grinned, “Just take a look at these and tell me what you think. Then you can go home.”

“Okay. All right. I’ll take a look.” Monica replied, then followed Bill as he returned to his shop.

He held the door open for her to enter. As he stepped through, she noticed him locking the door and then he flipped the sign hanging on his door from “Open” to “Closed”.

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