Fresh Recruits: Rex

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Kyle was hammering Melanie in her bedroom on Friday morning, her juicy and tight Latina ass stretched around his cock as he squeezed and played with her tits. The slut screamed and cried, bucking her ass back at him as he kept fucking and slapping.

“Oh GOD!!!” Melanie screamed, “Yes!!! Fuck me deep!!”

“Bounce that ass, bitch!” Kyle grunted, picking up speed, “swallow that cock!”

His dick slammed hard into her hole, her pussy getting wetter as Kyle’s heavy nuts banged against it. She cried out as she came violently on his shaft, her juices squirting rapid fire onto his crotch and torso, holding onto her rack as his cum bubbled up his shaft.

He then jammed every inch into her and dumped a fat load into Melanie’s quivering ass, each thick blob of cum shooting into her bowels. Once dry, he pulled out and lay back, grabbing the bottle of whiskey from the bedside table as Melanie took his dick between her tits, getting him hard again.

Soon enough, she was riding him, Kyle sucking her tits while groping her ass. She whimpered and came hard on his throbbing cock as he grunted and shot her pussy full of even more of his scalding cum. She breathlessly dismounted, his limp cock falling to the bed as they kissed and shakily exited the room.

Passing the bathroom, they saw Wendall filming. They entered and saw Victoria in the shower, getting fucked hard up her ass by one of the company’s new hires, Rex. His thick 8 inch dick pounded the slut hard as he squeezed her bouncing tits.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned, picking up even more speed as the water ran down his chiseled torso to his thrusting cock.

“YES!!” Victoria screamed as she braced herself against the wall, “Fuck, I love that shit!”

Rex kissed her and squeezed her tits even tighter as she threw herself even harder back at him before sliding her ass off his cock to give him a go at her pussy. He slid inside without any hesitation and began to fuck her harder. They kissed as they went at it, his heavy nuts smacking against her cunt, Rex moving to suck her swollen nipples until she creamed all over his dick.

She moved to suck his cock, fingering his asshole as she did so. She sucked and slurped, Rex moaning with pleasure as she kept her eyes locked on his, rubbing her pussy. She displayed her ass again and he inserted Bomonti Escort his dick back inside, both of them moaning as he began railing her deep.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she panted as he fucked her brutally.

“Oh god, take it bitch!” Rex grunted, slapping her ass hard with nearly every thrust, her wet skin burning with each hit.

Victoria screamed and began bucking, colliding her ass with his groin. Rex groaned, his eyes rolling back as he began to cum, shooting rockets of his hot seed into her tight asshole, shaking throughout his orgasm. Once the scene was over, he came and kissed both Melanie and Kyle.

“How was that?” he asked, his spent cock hanging down.

“Perfect,” Kyle replied, “It’s not often a rookie gets more than three climaxes from Victoria.”

At the same time, she walked by and slapped Rex’s ass. “Nice going, kid.”

He grinned as she and Melanie left the bathroom and he turned to Kyle.

“I want to thank you again for this opportunity Mr. Anderson,” Rex said, “Ive been watching your family’s movies since I hit puberty.”

Kyle laughed. “Well you’re welcome. And as I said, it’s Kyle.”

Rex smiled nervously and looked down, admiring the differences between he and Kyle’s dicks, neither of them by no means small but Rex had seen the damage Kyle could do. And Rex, a long bisexual wasn’t about to let his job’s fringe benefits go without he discovered.

Soon, they were in the next room, Kyle aggressively fucking Rex’s ass. He was so fucking tight but Kyle soldiered through, Rex’s cock swinging beneath him as Kyle ravaged him.

“Oh god!” Rex panted.

“Yeah Rex,” Kyle grunted, “open that ass!”

The room was soon filled with moans, grunts and the sounds of male rutting. Kyle gripped Rex’s hair and pulled his head back and continued slamming his cock into his hole, his ass warm and inviting to Kyle’s big hunk of dick.

“FUCK!” Kyle yelled, “I’m gonna cum!”

“Inside!” Rex pleaded, “Please, do it inside!”

Kyle let out a groan and dumped load after load of cum into Rex’s quivering asshole. He came without stopping, Rex’s dick throbbing as he burst onto the bedsheets, feeling each hard burst of Kyle’s dick until his master removed his slippery cock and walked out as Rex fell asleep.


When Bomonti Escort Bayan Rex awoke, he saw Cassidy and Thomas beside him fucking hard on the bed, barely seeming to notice him as he painfully made his way to his feet and walked into the hall. In the room across from him, Aaron was aggressively fucking Victoria, Rex’s cock throbbing as he watched Victoria’s tits shake vigorously as she was fucked hard.

He continued downstairs to find Kyle with Selena bouncing on his cock, her tits in his big hands as her pussy slid down his dick. Kyle groaned and came, shooting his thick load into Selena’s waiting cunt. She screamed as she erupted in her own orgasm, rubbing her clit until she exploded onto Kyle’s thighs and the floor.

Nicky was watching them as he jacked off and his mother dismounted and sat her ass on his cock. She began to ride him hard and Nicky groaned, squeezing her tits. Selena gestured to Kyle and he brought his sticky cock to her mouth, Selena taking him down her throat.

“Oh fuck…” he groaned, fucking her face.

He then heard Rex frantically beating his dick behind them, groaning and grunting as he watched them intently. Selena moaned around Kyle’s cock, fingering herself as her son and husband had her tits in their hands, fucking her other holes with all their power.

Nicky then came, shooting her ass full of cum as Rex followed soon after, cumming harder than he could ever remember, splattering Kyle’s back and ass, Selena’s face and tits and Nicky’s chest with glittering globs of hot spunk. Kyle finished last, cumming down Selena’s throat before pulling out to add his cream to Selena’s already covered rack.

“Fuck…” Rex panted, dropping his exhausted dick from his hand.

“Welcome to the family,” Kyle said with a wide smile.


The next morning was a hot one. Rex was on his back with his cock in June’s pussy and his hands filled with her warm tits as his mouth was equally filled with Thomas’ thrusting cock. The scene finally ended as he burst in June’s cunt, Thomas cumming soon after in his ass.

Though sore, he hurriedly rushed to his next scene, fucking Savannah in some hot beach action, even at one point, having her jerk him off as she ass fucked him with a sunscreen bottle. The orgasm was mind Escort Bomonti blowing, her pussy overflowed with his seed.

He then shot a scene with Kyle and Emily, Kyle fucking the shit out of his asshole while he banged his wife. Kyle then got on his back as Emily rode him, sucking her tits while Rex railed her ass. As he dumped his load inside her, Rex and Emily kissed before Kyle shot his load across both of their faces.

After filming ended for the day, the family kept right on fucking, cumming, screaming and squirting well after it got dark. Rex groaned as he came hard inside Marie’s ass, both his cock and ass sore and exhausted after hours of relentless pounding while his employers kept at it without stopping.

He approached Kyle as Savannah bounced on his cock, her tits in his mouth as he squeezed her ass.

“Mmm…” she said as she looked back at him, “want to come through the back door, Rex?”

Rex laughed. “I’m afraid I’m tapped out actually.”

He watched as Kyle stuffed her pussy with his jizz, standing up with his thick cum still dripping from his cock.

“Um Kyle,” Rex said, “Sorry to interrupt but I missed my ride so I was hoping I could ask for a lift home.”

“Oh sure,” Kyle said, “Just let me get on some clothes.”


A little while later, Kyle and Rex pulled up to Rex’s apartment complex and walked inside. Rex brought out some beers and they drank and talked.

“I can’t thank you enough for giving me this opportunity with your company, Kyle.”

“Oh don’t worry about it,” Kyle replied, “We’ve got to have the best right?”

Rex smiled, his mouth watering as he watched Kyle’s boner dance in his bulky shorts. He looked up and met Kyle’s eyes, seeing him grinning brightly at him. Soon, Kyle’s shorts were around his ankles and Rex was sucking his cock. Kyle kept drinking his beer as he moved Rex’s head up and down, his throat tight around Kyle’s hard dick.

“Oh fuck Rex…” Kyle groaned, soon pumping his hot and thick load down Rex’s throat.

Soon after, Kyle’s lubed cock was slamming into Rex’s ass as he was stretched over the bed. Kyle didn’t miss a stroke as they both grunted like animals, Rex’s balls banging against Kyle’s.

“OH FUCK!!!!” Rex screamed, his ass getting brutally pulverized.

Kyle then yelled out with a deep roar and began to cum, a gushing ocean of white cum blasting from the head of his cock into Rex’s quivering ass just as his own cock began shooting his own jizz all over the bedspread. Kyle then fell back exhausted, falling asleep with his cock in Rex’s mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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