Friends in Need Ch. 02

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As I continued to pump into Diana, barely thinking of anything else, a new feeling came suddenly; the familiar sensation of fingers running down my back. I started to turn, but Diana cupped my face and held my eyes on her, while her legs kept me firmly locked onto her body.

The new pair of hands softly caressed my back, running the length of it downwards and grabbing my ass cheeks, they started to softly and expertly knead them. At the same time, I felt hot breath on the back of my neck, hot breath of desire. I continued fucking Diana, who took my thrusts into her with renewed fervor, a smile of pleasure and ecstasy on her face, as I felt the newcomer’s lips on my skin, the kisses getting lower and lower until finally, I felt their hands parting my ass cheeks and a hot, wet tongue probing my exposed asshole.

I bucked, trying to understand what was going on, but Diana once more held me in place. “No,” she said. “Let him go on. You’ll like it, I guarantee it!”

Him?! What was she talking about?! That was a guy behind me, his hands all over my body, his tongue in my ass?! I tried to move, to pull out, my eyes wide with surprise and shock. I couldn’t think, I had to stop!

Both him and Diana continued to hold me there. Diana thrust her pelvis harder against me, my cock buried to the hilt in her wet pussy with every thrust. The newcomer continued to lick my ass, my hole really wet now from his hot tongue. “Relax, Darren,” Diana purred, “relax and trust me. David’s going to make you feel as good as you’re making me feel right now!”

I couldn’t think anymore; I was so confused, and at the same time I was lost in Diana’s pussy, nothing existed beyond that and I couldn’t stop now even if I wanted to. David let go of my ass and I was surprised to feel a sort of desolation there, after his tender attentions. Wait, canlı bahis what was I thinking?! Was I enjoying this?

His hands returned on my ass cheeks and gently parted them once more. Only this time, I felt something else, probing my hole, pushing against it. My God, it was his cock! He was pressing his cock against my asshole! He wanted to fuck me, just as I was fucking Diana!

“No,” I tried to say. No, I don’t do that, I don’t like that! was what I wanted to blurt out, but I couldn’t. Diana’s face was ecstatic as I grimaced against the pain in my asshole and the humiliation I felt as David pushed into me for the first time.

“You look so beautiful,” Diana said to me, as her breathing was getting harder by the second, and I tried to relax against the pain. David’s hands caressed my back gently as he entered me inch by painful inch.

My only response was to fuck Diana harder, harder and harder until she was screaming under me, while David’s cock filled my asshole.

Diana let out a final scream and a breath, and smiled up at me, through the tangle of sweaty hair on her face. “Now it’s your turn,” she said mischievously and kissed me. She pulled out slowly and slid out from under me; suddenly I became very aware that I was on the bed on all fours with a cock all the way into my ass. Before I could think of anything else, David started pumping into me, like I had fucked Diana just a few minutes before. I moaned loudly, not knowing if what I was feeling was pain or pleasure. But it couldn’t be pleasure, could it? I liked girls, I never thought of guys that way, I never wanted to have sex with a guy!

But David thrust into me, and thrust by thrust slid in and out more and more easily, and I found myself instinctively pushing back against him, hearing his balls slap against my ass cheeks and satisfied bahis siteleri with his grunts of pleasure. I couldn’t believe this!

Diana climbed down from the bed and settled on an armchair facing us. She spread her legs and started running her hands over her dripping pussy, smiling all the time. “You both look so hot!” she breathed as she started fingering her cunt. “Fuck him hard, David, you can see he likes it! Give him what he wants!”

And it was true. I did like it. I loved it, in fact, and I couldn’t believe that was me. I imagined myself on all fours, David (who I didn’t even know what he looked like) pumping into me, taking my virginity. I moaned so loudly now that I was sure that the whole party had stopped and was standing outside Diana’s room. And that somehow got me even hornier! What was happening to me? Who was this exhibitionist cock slut getting fucked on this bed, ’cause it sure as hell wasn’t me! Or was it?

I couldn’t take it anymore, I grabbed my own hard cock, still wet from Diana’s cunt juice and jerked like a maniac, moaning with ecstasy at each of David’s thrusts. I finally came screaming, almost in unison with Diana who came for a second time with three fingers in her pussy. I spurted all over her sheets and my hand as David fucked me harder and harder, his breathing becoming more rugged with every thrust. Finally, I felt him tense, he gripped my ass cheeks hard and started shooting his hot cum in my hole! It was the sexiest feeling I’d ever experienced, his hot cum filling my asshole, his hands gripping me tight, his cries and hard breathing as he gave in to his orgasm. As we collapsed on Diana’s bed together, I only knew that I wanted to have that again. And again. And again.

David kissed the back of my neck as we lay there, spent. Diana slid next to us and gave me a deep, wet kiss. “That bahis şirketleri was perfect,” she said. “You were perfect.”

“So were you,” I replied, out of breath. “How did you know?”

“There are things a girl just sees,” she smiled. “But I thought it was better to show you than tell you”.

I turned around under David, wanting to face my hot mystery lover. I saw a guy around my age, with a cute, masculine face. His hair was bleached blond, and he had beautiful brown eyes. His body was slim and smooth, and he was one of the fittest guys I’d ever seen.

“Wow,” I breathed without even thinking about it.

“Hi, you,” David smiled at me. “That really was perfect, Darren.”

“It really, really was,” I replied, and put my arms around him. Smiling, he leaned down and kissed my lips repeatedly before his tongue slid through my lips and met mine. He tasted so good, salty and manly, and… oh perfect!

We made out for a few moments like that, when Diana stood up and started getting dressed, smiling. “There’s still a party going on downstairs, and they probably miss me,” she said. “And I think you boys have a lot to talk about,” she winked at us before going out the door.

We smiled at each other and continued making out, as we felt our cocks grind together, getting hard once more.

Most of my male friends couldn’t handle it when me and David announced we were dating, and they drifted away from me. It hurt, but it didn’t matter, because David was –

and is- really supportive. I’m so happy with him I can’t believe I was missing out all these years. And I still have my other circle of friends; Diana and the girls still invite me over, and we still talk about boys. Only now, I have a lot more to offer to the conversation, having my own boyfriend back home!

Diana’s my best friend now, and what we have is beyond sex. She opened me up to a whole new world, brought out a side of me I never knew was there, and she made me happy. I only hope I can make her as happy as her friend, because isn’t that what friends do?

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