Friends Sweaty Girlfriend Pt. 03

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I looked up and there was Sarah and Rose appearing in front of me, coming from the direction of the bathroom. Apparently, they had been there the whole time and watched Ali use me. They unlike Ali, had changed out of their cleats and uniform, but still had on the socks, spandex and sports bras from the game, which were clearly still soaked with sweat. Just as they walked over to us, Ali pushed herself off my dick, reached between her legs and scooped out a finger full of both our cum and sucked her finger clean. She reached down again and got another finger’s worth, this time she feed the cum to Sarah who suck her finger clean. Ali then started making out with Sarah’s cum filled mouth while Rose observed.

I was already hard again as I watched this unfold right in front of me. I longed to get involved but I was still tied down to the bed, so I lied back and took in the show.

After they had fooled around for a few minutes, Sarah said, “Hey bitch boy, you ready to be my slave?”

“As long as it is ok with my mistress” I said.

Ali laughed and said, “You will do anything they request as if it was me. They are your Mistresses as well.”

With that, Sarah jumped on the bed, still with her spandex, bra and socks on and straddled my stomach. I could feel the dampness of the spandex as she got situated. “So, I see you like sweat and you like feet, if that is the case you are going love this.” Right then she covered my face with both of her size 9 sweaty socked feet. They smelled even worse than Ali’s and I couldn’t believe how wet they were. They felt like she had stepped in a puddle they were so wet.

“Open up” she said and stuck one foot in my mouth as far as it go. “Suck my foot you little bitch! Suck all the sweat right out.”

I complied and started sucking on her foot for all I was worth; tasting the sweat that ran out of her sock. When I had sucked just about every drop of sweat out, she removed her foot, and slid up my body so she was now just below my neck with her legs spread and said, “Can you smell my sweaty pussy?”

“Yes mistress.”

“How bad do you want this sweaty pussy,” she said as she started to rub her clit through her spandex. “Or maybe it is my sweaty ass that you want?” Which she followed up by her reaching in the back of her shorts, ran her finger up her sweaty crack and rubbed her finger under my nose. It smelled so sweaty and musty but in an amazing way. Then she stuck her finger in my mouth and I greedily suck it clean as my dick twitched and leaked precum.

“Look the pervert’s dick moved from your ass sweat…ewww” said Rose.

“Oh so it my ass you want then huh? Maybe if you clean my pussy real well and make me cum hard enough, I will let you clean my asshole as well.”

“I would love nothing more Mistress.”

With that she moved up onto my face, still in her spandex and started to rub the damp fabric encasing her pussy against my face. It was so damp and sexy having her nasty spandex clad pussy on my face, my dick started to hurt I was so turned on. After a few minutes of me trying to lick her clit through the spandex, Sarah needed direct contact. She rolled off me and the bed, then peeled off her sweaty spandex. As I watched her struggle to remove these tight wet shorts, I noticed behind her, Rose and Ali were both seated on her couch fingering themselves. Ali was still naked and Rose had her hand buried deep in her spandex.

After a minute of struggling, Sarah was able to free herself of the spandex, which she proceeded to then pick up and start rubbing them all over my face. I was loving the smell and felling of the spandex on my face, until she removed them suddenly, turned them inside out and replaced them on face with the taint area directly over my nose and mouth. I loved the smell of them and was just lying there enjoying myself for a few minutes when Sarah pulled her spandex off my face. I looked over and she was now completely naked, except for her soccer socks, and looked amazing. Her toned athletic body glistened with sweat, her round muscular ass and her golden muscular soccer legs; I wondered if I died and gone to heaven. I knew I was there only for their enjoyment and amusement, but it was more than I ever could have dreamed. I was lost in my thoughts for about how lucky I was when suddenly some water dripped on my face to snap me back to reality. I looked up and I saw Sarah wringing out her sports bra above my face. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, trying to drink as much as possible.

Suddenly, she was back on the bed and lowered her sweaty pussy onto my mouth, facing towards my dick, which forced my nose deep in between her wet ass cheeks. “Start cleaning my pussy” she calls out, which I could barely hear because she was covering my ears with the thighs. I started by licking the outer area of her pussy and cleaned up all the sweat that accumulated from the game. She tasted different than Ali, which I thought was because Ali was sweatier down there, but she still tasted amazing. After I was sure the sweat was gone from her outer lips, I started working my tongue into her sweaty slit, as she moaned urla escort and her pussy started to drip into my mouth. I worked her clit, teased it at first, then I worked it hard and faster, until she was moaning and grinding down on my face.

I pulled my tongue off her clit and buried it as deep into her pussy as I could; which was met by her grinding down even harder on face, rubbing her clit hard onto my chin. After a couple minutes, she slid herself up my face so I could lick her clit again. I understood and licked and sucked at her clit for all I was worth. She ground down hard on my tongue, while she poured pussy juice into my mouth. As she was approaching her orgasm, suddenly she reached out and started playing with my dick, jerking it hard, as she clamped down on my face. After only another minute of squeezing both my dick and my head, wave after wave of pleasure took control of her body, as she flooded my mouth with cum. The combination was enough to send me over the edge; I came hard with a loud moan which was muffled by her pussy.

We were both coming back down from our intense orgasms, when I felt a tongue on my stomach, licking all around and worked its way down to my dick. She took my half hard cock in her mouth and sucked the last of cum out of my balls. Sarah slid down onto my chest freeing my nose from her asshole and said, “Luckily for you, my pussy is clean and I came very hard. Now you are going lick my asshole clean.” The thought of her sweaty hole on my tongue got me hard almost instantly. Whoever had licked the cum off my chest and was continuing to suck it out of my dick, stops and said, “He’s hard again…hahaha…just the thought of your sweaty asshole make his dick hard.” I recognized the laugh as Ali’s, knowing she was the one who sucked up my cum, turned me on even more. They all laughed as I felt Ali leave the bed and walked back over to the couch.

Suddenly I saw Sarah’s sweaty ass coming towards my face, which stopped inch from my mouth. “Stick out your tongue and make if flat” she said. I did as I was told and she lowered her crack onto my tongue and moved back and forth, so my tongue licked from the top of her crack down to her taint. I couldn’t even begin to describe how amazing her ass smelled and tasted. I licked up all the sweat not only from her ass but from the sweat that had run down her back as well. With every pass she would press harder, which forced my tongue further and further into her crack, tasting better and better.

After several minutes, I had cleaned almost her entire ass, except for the hole itself. Suddenly, she put the full weight of her ass right on my mouth as shed spread her ass cheeks. I went to town on her hole, licking it then pushing my tongue up inside. As I was doing this, I could hear her starting to moan with pleasure and I could see she was actually enjoying having me tongue her asshole. As I continued to work her asshole, I felt a naked body climb onto me. I felt her lie down so we were stomach to stomach and I wondered what she could be doing. Suddenly I heard Sarah gasp loud and she pushed down harder on my face and I realized that Ali was eating her pussy as I worked her asshole. Sarah was going wild and came again in a minutes, I could feel her cum dripping all over my neck and chest. When her orgasm was over, Ali sat up and they started making out on top of me.

“I love how my pussy tastes on your face,” Sarah said as she slid back down onto my chest.

“I love it too” said Ali.

I looked over at Rose and the front of her spandex shorts were soaked as she fingered herself for all she was worth. I wanted Rose so bad, I had never told anyone, but I had a crush on Rose since we met, but had never done anything for fear of getting rejected and it being awkward in future visits. I hoped I would get to service her, now that the other girls had gotten off several times. Suddenly I heard Ali say, “Rose, it is your turn to have some fun.”

“No I think I am good just watching,” replies Rose.

“Get your ass over her now and let Dan make you cum hard. As much as a pervert as he is, he actually has a very good tongue,” said Sarah.

“Just wait to try his cock,” added Ali. “I love the girth and shape of it. It hit me just right. A dick has never made me cum before.”

“Really? Well move so I can ride it for a little while,” said Sarah. Ali rolled off the bed and Sarah positioned herself right over my cock. As she lowered herself onto it, she moaned but has to stop to let her pussy stretch. After a few minutes I was fully inside her, but she was just sitting there not moving. I started to rock my hips a little, but Sarah quickly reached behind her squeezed my balls hard and said, “Not yet.” She had a devilish grin as she released my ball and gave them a light slap.

They began to call for Rose again, this time I chime in, “Please, let me make you cum. I will do whatever you want. I promise it will feel good.”

Rose didn’t answer, but Ali said, “Dan, the problem is, Rose has never actually been with a guy before.”

“Ali!” shouted Rose.

“What it’s menderes escort true. She has never had an orgasm from anything other than her own fingers. Come on Rose, we will start slow. Just come over here and take off your cloths.”

After a minute, Rose got up from the couch and walked over to the bed. I watch as she took off her shirt, followed by her sweat soaked sports bra. As she peeled it off, her huge tits bounced free, as all three of us stared, I felt Sarah’s pussy contract on my dick. She was getting turned on my by Rose’s tits as well. “Rub your sweaty bra all over his face. He will love it” said Sarah.

I nodded as she reached out and nervously rubbed it on face. I moaned in pleasure which gave her some confidence as she continued to rub it around my face. Suddenly without prompting, she took her bra off my face and wrung it out, so the sweat dripped right into my mouth just as Sarah had done. The taste of her sweaty drove me crazy and my dick twitched a couple times inside Sarah. I know she felt it because I heard Sarah moan in pleasure. “Nice work Rose, you just made his cock twitch inside me. Keep going” said Sarah.

Rose then dropped her bra on my face so I couldn’t see, but after a few seconds she pulled the bra off and I could see she had her spandex shorts in her hand. I glanced over trying to see what kind of panties she had on under the spandex, but she wasn’t wearing any. I also noticed a patch of hair, unlike the other two girls who were completely shaved. I don’t have much of a preference when it comes to pubic hair, but there was something kinky about her having a bush, covered in sweat. As I was lost in the sight of her bush, she brought be back when she wrung out her spandex shorts. These tasted different than the bra because there was pussy juice in the mix. “Get that sweaty pussy up here and put it right on his face” yelled Sarah.

“No, I am gross down there. You are at least shaved, I have all this gross hair” said Rose.

“He doesn’t have a choice, if he doesn’t do a good job on you, we will tell Joe about what Ali caught him doing,” said Sarah.

I chimed in, “Rose, please sit on my face. I love that you have hair, it is really sexy. Ever since we met, I dreamed of licking your pussy. It is a complete bonus for me that you are sweaty. Even if I had a choice, the only thing I want is to eat you out.”

Ali and Sarah laughed out loud at me and Ali said, “OMG…he has a crush on you. Why don’t you lower that beautiful pussy on his face and make his dream come tru?.”

“Do you really have crush me,” asked Rose?

“Since the first time we met, I had a crush on you. Why wouldn’t I, you are smart, funny, kind and amazingly sexy. You are the whole package.”

“I have kind of had a crush on you as well. That was the only reason I agreed to be in here in the first place,” said Rose.

“Awww,” Ali and Sarah said at the same time.

“Come on, let me be the guy who makes you cum for the first time other than your hand,” I said.

“Ok,” said Rose. With that she climbed on the bed, completely naked except for her socks, straddled my head and I saw her wet pussy for the first time and it was amazing. She slowly lowered herself down until she reached my eager tongue. Her pussy smelled and tasted different to the other girls, but better than I could have imagined as I licked her outer pussy lips. I heard her moan as I lightly licked over her clit, while her matted pussy hair brushed against my nose. As Rose was getting into it, Sarah started grinding her hips on my cock, as I continued to pleasure Rose. Her pussy was getting wetter by the second and she was moaning loud, so I started licking and sucking her clit faster. She gasped loud when I attached her clit but I could tell she loved it, so I kept going. After a few minutes, her pussy was dripping sweat nectar into my mouth. She started to buck her hips back and forth until she clamped down her thighs around my head and flooded my mouth with pussy juice and screamed out, “OH MY GOD!”

That was all I could take, having a mouth full of my crush’s cum sent me over the edge as bucked my hips hard and flooded Sarah’s sweaty pussy with another huge load of cum. The feeling of me cumming deep inside Sarah was enough to make her cum again on my dick. She had already cum several times while fucking me, I could feel her pussy drip cum as it puddled under me.

After they came down from their climax, Sarah said, “How was that? As good as your hand?”

“Ugh…so…much…better” was all Rose could get out as she was still out of breath from her orgasm. After Rose had caught her breath, both girls climbed off me, Rose stood next to bed and stared at my dick and Sarah went and sat on the couch. Without notice, Ali dropped between Sarah’s legs and started to eat my cum out of her pussy. “Don’t hog it all. Share some with me,” said Sarah. With that, Ali sucked out the remaining cum and positioned her mouth over Sarah’s as she spit the mixture of my cum and her cum into her mouth. Once all the cum was in her mouth, Ali leaned in and the girls made narlıdere escort out swapping the cum back and forth.

Watching them was enough to get me rock hard again. I had never cum more than 3 times in row, but I was so turned on by everything, I had lost count and I was sure there was a couple more good cums in me. Without saying a word, Rose reached out and grabbed my hard cock and started to play with it a little. She leaned in and put my dick in her mouth, tasting not only my cum, but the sweaty pussies of Sarah and Ali. After a couple minutes she looked over at me and I knew what she was asking, so I shook my head yes and she straddled me. She lined my cock up and started to sit down, but her pussy was so tight she only got my head past the lips. After a few minutes of moving around, I worked my dick in a little deeper and a little deeper until I was all the way in. We just stayed perfectly still, letting her virgin pussy get used to my dick, which was by far the tightest pussy I had ever been inside. I slowly rocked my hips back and forth, which caused Rose to moan both in pleasure and pain.

Sarah and Ali were still making out and exploring each other’s body on the couch when they heard Rose gasp and they both looked over. Sarah said, “Oh my god, girl you ride that dick hard.”

“That’s it Rose, remember it will only get better and better,” said Ali. The girls came over to the bed and started to caress Rose’s amazing tits, sucking on her nipples as she took a dick for the first time.

“Now move your hips back and forth, slow at first, but go faster and faster,” said Ali. Rose did as she was told and started to rock back and forth. I stopped moving to allow her to get a good rhythm. After a few minutes she was going fast and I could tell by her loud moaning she was about to cum. Just then I felt her pussy muscles contract on my dick and the flood of her cum on my dick as she was just yelling, “HOLY SHIT” over and over. After another couple of her orgasms, I couldn’t hold out any longer and I came as hard, if not harder, than I had all night and unload jets of hot cum into her virgin pussy.

After a few minutes, Rose lifted her pussy off my dick and started to get off the bed. “Don’t forget to share,” said Ali, as the two girls licked their lips staring at Rose.

“Ok, should I go over to the couch?”

“No” said Ali, “Put your ass right on Dan’s face. He will love cleaning the sweat out of your ass crack, while we clean the cum out of your pussy.”

Rose hesitated, but, after a second, climbed onto my face and dropped her sweaty ass crack onto my tongue. Her ass tasted and smelled great as I licked off every drop of dried sweat. As I worked my way up and down her crack, I felt the girls lie down on top of my stomach as they sucked my cum out of Rose’s tight hole. I could tell that they were now eating her out, now that they had sucked all me cum out of her pussy. We continued to tongue both holes until I felt her cum again, this time all over the girls’ faces and dripping onto my chest.

The 3 girls got up off me, looked at my hard cock once again, whispered to each other for a minute, then Ali and Sarah came back over to me. I was a little disappointed, hoping I would get to fuck Rose again, but not too sad about servicing these girls. As they walked up to the bed, they leaned over me, I could still smell them, a mix of sweat and cum, as they untied my hands from the bed, then released my feet.

Sarah and Ali stood over me and said, “You are going to fuck Rose again, this time you will be on top and do all the work.”

I smiled at Rose, so happy that I got to fuck her again. I watched her sexy body lie down in the bed with me, looking sexy as hell in her sock. I leaned in to kiss her and I was met with her tongue, as I ran my hands over her silky smooth ass and then onto her perfect tits. After a few minutes, I rolled on top of her and begin to suck on her nipples a little, before I positioned my head at her dripping pussy. I rubbed my head front to back on her pussy and slapped her clit lightly with my dick. I slowly entered her, this time I went in much easier than before, sliding fully inside her. I started to thrust in and out slowly at first as she moaned out in pleasure. I continued to quicken my pace until she was screaming out cumming again and again.

“Do her doggie,” said Ali.

I looked at Rose and she smiled and nodded her head. I climbed off her and she moved on her hands and knees as I lined my dick up from behind. I slid in pretty easy now and I started thrusting hard into her and she was now yelling with pleasure. I kept going harder and harder until I was pulling her hips as hard as could to meet my thrusting cock. She was going crazy and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, but I wanted to get back on top of her to finish her off. I pulled out and rolled her over on her back. I picked her legs up so they were now resting on my shoulders as I entered her. I got even deeper this way and Rose was cumming again in seconds. I felt the cum start to rise in me, so I took both of Rose feet, still in her sweaty sock, brought them up to my face as I continued to pound her hard. The smell and feel of her sweaty socks drove me to edge of cumming in a matter of seconds, so I put her toes in my mouth tasting her amazing feet for the first time which sent me over the edge. I pumped load after load of cum into Rose’s heavenly pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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