Friendship to Fervour Ch. 02

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When Ling woke again, the bedroom was empty. The light said it was around mid-afternoon. There was an Elisa-shaped depression in the sheets opposite her, but it was the scent lingering in the bed that drew her mind back to yesterday’s events.

Ling rolled over and looked at the ceiling. She heard voices outside, chatting. Alex and Elisa. She stared at the ceiling for a while, emotions swirling around in her head.

Too much to process now.

She pulled on some sweatpants, and made her way to the shower. Thankfully she wouldn’t need to pass them, and could let the hot water bring her back to normalcy.

Except that it didn’t. She felt hyper-aware of her skin, as the water coursed and licked its way over it, serpentine.

In her room, she went to her wardrobe. She looked at the long skirt and top she would normally wear for a day like today and felt … like she wanted more.

She took out a shorter skirt, something from her university days – nothing overly provocative, but something that combined with her figure would certainly turn heads. She matched it with another university special, a halter-top that cut low on her back and exposed her midriff. One of her lusher red lipsticks completed the look.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Just like those summer days back on campus.

She made her way out to the living room. As expected, Elisa and Alex were there, a selection of takeaway bagels and coffee on the table. “Hey,” she murmured to them as she walked in, nodding to Alex and heading over to the fridge, poured herself a grapefruit juice and leisurely walked around to the counter facing across the two. Slowly, measuredly, she brought her eyes up to focus on Elisa.

She had felt Elisa’s eyes flicking to her the second she entered the room. ensest porno As they finally met, Elisa looked away. She kept running the conversation with Alex, but knowing her friend as she did Ling could read the embarrassment.

A jolt went through her body at the realization. She’s really embarrassed. Whatever happened this morning is still here, a living thing in the air between us.

“Anyway, I better get going” Alex finished, picking himself up off the coach and heading over to Ling. He, too, wasn’t particularly meeting her gaze, and then she remembered – the bathroom incident! She had almost forgotten. Normally she would be content to let the incident pass into awkward memory.

Then, in a sudden flush, she decided to be bolder.

“Hey Alex,” she said, and the unfamiliarity of her tone brought his head up. “Don’t worry about last night.” She gave him a conspiratorial grin as she said it.

He seemed lost for a second, but then returned the smile. And, to her slight astonishment, winked at her.

“See you later.”

The door clicked shut to the apartment.

The air grew heavy. Ling looked across at Elisa. She didn’t meet her gaze, blushing, and pretending to check her phone as she returned to her room, lame excuse hanging in the air.

“Shit, I’ve got to get back to Melissa about today.”

Ling stayed there for a moment. The wave of disappointment without Elisa’s attention roving all over her was unexpectedly acute. Then she had an idea.

In her room, back into her wardrobe, searching for it. Her old strapless bikini from college. She’d only worn it once, as the rear cut was approaching a G-String and the appearance of nudity combined with the accentuation of cleavage had garnered looks she escort porno wasn’t too comfortable with around the pool.

Hungry looks.

It was still there, buried under some older one-piece suits. Stripping down, she pulled it on, happy that it still fitted snugly … though it touched her in unfamiliar ways.

Ling realized her nipples were pulsing to attention. She looked down and saw that they were poking into the bra, hard nubs.

And that she was very, very, wet.

She ran her hand down to her cunt. She rarely touched herself, but this felt different. Almost not like masturbating. She ran her middle finger up and down the outside of her lips, thinking of how Elisa had moaned, teasing open the moisture within.

She knew she could orgasm, probably fast. But since this morning she felt like she was riding a new wave of energy, that releasing now could somehow forfeit.

Movingly quickly, daring not to stop and look in the mirror, she grabbed her shades, towel, and sun cream and headed out to the balcony.

Spreading out the towel and sitting down, she began the task of applying sunscreen. She imagined herself an Egyptian queen, scented oil slicking every surface, being oiled up by lithe servants.

From behind she heard Elisa open the door to her room, walk out. And then stop. With her back to the door, a shiver went through Ling.

A moment passed, and it was her own voice that broke it. “Hey Lizzie, can you come do my back?”

Another pause, and then the sound of someone awkwardly fumbling a balcony door and coming over to her.

She melted face down into the wooden surface.

Thick ropes of oil squirted onto her back, haphazardly mapping the curvature. And then hands running over gizli çekim porno her. Moving up and down, around, down, circling, exploring out the valleys and edges. Slowly, languid, thin fingers as brushes lightly dusting patterns that sparked then tingled after each pass.

Welcome to my dream, Elisa. Let me be a good host.

Ling reached back, unclasped her bra, and pulled it away to one side. The fabric dragged over her nipples as she did so.

The sound of a hand reaching for the sunscreen, fumbling it. Then a pause.

“So,” came Elisa’s voice, its careful attempt at a neutral tone evidence of its artifice, “are you just going for tanlines on the bottom?”

Can I do this?

“Mmmm,” Ling replied. “I suppose not.”

Languidly, she rose up, hooked her fingers into the sidebands the bikini bottoms, and pulled them slowly down her thighs, slowly, dragging them across her calves, feeling the air brush and lick her soaking cunt. And finally off.

She imagined how it would look. Her bent over, revealing herself totally to her flustered, clothed, adoring friend.

The hands continued, swirling now, and Ling felt any second that they were going to dive in and discover her soaking cunt. She felt herself willing Elisa in. Touch me. Worship your queen.

And then Elisa’s phone rang.

Time cracked.

They paused for a second, united, hoping that it would stop by itself. Another beat. It rang again.

Elisa fumbled into her pocket, pulled it out, and snapped irritably into the receiver. “Hello? Yes, I … yes … ”

Ling lay there. In the reflection of the pole ahead of her, she saw Elisa talking, finishing her call, putting the receiver down.

And then stopping to watch her again, unsure of whether to approach or not. Finally, starting and stopping, then retreating into the apartment. But unable to stop looking.

Ling smiled. Despite her arousal, she wasn’t frustrated. Elisa was sat there, watching her, fascinated by her.

She opened her legs slightly, and dozed off into a white cloud of dream.

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