From Dominator to Dominated

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I knew I wanted her the first time I saw her. I also knew I would never be able to get her. She was the image of perfection in my mind. Georgios long platinum blonde hair. Large perky D cup breasts. A thin waist. A delicious round bottom. A fit and highly feminine form that she did not hesitate to flaunt in front of everyone, despite company dress code. If only I had ignored her. I could have avoided this whole mess.

Adrianne was her name. The new front desk secretary. She was hired to replace Helen, an old bag of a woman who was retiring. I saw her for the first time the Wednesday after she was hired, bending down in the brake room to fill a paper cup with water from the dispenser. I just turned the corner to go have my lunch, and her toned ass was staring back at me, barely covered by her short skirt. She didn’t see me that day.

I backed out of the room quickly and headed to the 3rd floor restroom behind the server room. My sanctuary in corporate hell. Most people didn’t know it was there, as the renovation of the server room several years back had left only a thin corridor to access the hidden bathroom. When they had changed the building locks during renovation they missed the hidden room. I had managed to snag an old master key off the thrown-out locks in the trash after they refurbished. Meaning I was the only one with a key.

When I got into that secluded bathroom the first time after seeing her I jacked it like I had never jacked it before. Just the fading image of her ass in my mind was enough to send me into groaning ecstasy almost instantly.

My obsession with her started then. Every day I would try to catch glimpses of her. I didn’t have many excuses to go to the lobby, but when I did I made sure the job took longer than it needed to.

Every time after I saw her I would retreat to my hidden fap room and stroke one out. Soon I wanted more. Just the mental image of her wasn’t good enough anymore.

I snapped a picture of her from behind with my phone the next time I saw her in the break room. My heart was pounding the whole time. I hadn’t been able to hold my hands stable, so the picture was blurry. She turned around right after I took it. I snapped another one.

“What are you doing?” she said in a disgusted tone that revealed she knew exactly what I was doing.

“J-just checking my e-mail” I stammered like an idiot.

She rolled her eyes and walked past me with a haughty aura of contempt. I got off hard that day. Looking at the blurry pictures captured against her wishes, and thinking about wiping that disgusted look off her face.

My obsession deepened, and I began to hatch more plans to get better images of her. I stayed late after closing one day and went to her computer at the front desk. Using the ADMIN password, I logged it. I quickly set up a webcam in the computer and linked it to my laptop. It was a small low resolution web cam that I hid in plain sight, attaching it to the bottom of her monitor.

The next day when I snuck to my bathroom I took my laptop. Opining it, I tapped into the webcam. I had positioned it decently. The deep highly pixilated cleavage of her large bosom filled my laptop screen. It was a thrill knowing I was masturbating while watching a live feed of her breasts.

That was enough to hold me over for a long time, but eventually I wanted more. After hours I went back to her desk with another webcam. Crawling under her desk I began to attach it to the underside of the desk, pointed at her chair. I needed to see her panties.

I was disappointed to find out that the underside of the desk was far too dark to see anything. All I could make out on the live feed the next day in the fap-cave was a vague outline of her legs.

This frustrated me to no end. I tried other webcams, and even contemplated placing a lamp on the floor to provide light, but all my attempts to get pictures of her nethers proved fruitless.

My failed attempts haunted me. I wanted her. Needed her. Needed to see more. Slowly I began contemplation on a new plant. The bathroom. That’s where I could see her.

I waited for everyone to leave work. No one paid any heed to the reclusive tech guy staying late. I often did. Once everyone was gone I set to work. The number of stalls surprised me. There were only two in the men’s room. There were five in here. No urinals, of course.

I hesitated, holding a small battery powered camera in my hand. It was small. Barely larger than a few D batteries. I looked around. The ceiling had one smoke detector in it. That’s what I was looking for. I rolled an office chair in front of me. Standing on it, I could reach the device. I had to tug rather hard to get it off the ceiling. Anadolu Yakası Escort The edges of it had been painted over.

I rushed out of the bathroom with it, back to my office with my tools. It didn’t take long to hallow out the device, pulling out all the innards for it’s function, leaving only the covering behind. There were small slats in the half sphere of the smoke detector. I placed the camera inside it and tried to line it up so I could see through those slats.

It didn’t work very well. Even after fiddling with it for half an hour the best I could do left half of the camera’s view blocked by the slats. I couldn’t do any better though. Not without breaking a slat. And I didn’t want to do that. Too much danger of being discovered.

I rushed back to the restroom and replaced it. From it’s place in the ceiling I could only position the camera to view one stall. It was the stall second nearest to the door. Well, I didn’t have any choice. I left it installed, then went home.

My heart pounded all of the next day. I didn’t know how often she would use the restroom in a day. The 1st floor staff restroom was far out of his usual working area. One in five stalls watched. A 1/5th chance of seeing her? Maybe.

I stayed late again to review the footage. I got blue balled. Five woman used the stall. None of them were Adrianne. A few were very attractive women. One would think a man as horny as himself would have been satisfied by this, but I had an obsession. I wanted Adrianne.

I was patient though. And three days later I was rewarded with what I was looking for. My heart leapt into my throat as I saw her platinum blonde head waltz into view as she opened my bugged stall. She stepped in, turned to face my unseen camera, and pushed her skirt down as she sat with one fluid motion. I had been waiting so long for this. I hadn’t masturbated since catching the live footage of her breasts weeks ago. Now, the simple sight of her naked legs and crotch -pixilated though they were- was enough to make me cum on sight. She had pubic hair. Not a full bush, but more than I had expected. Somehow that turned me on more. When I watched porn I never searched for women with pubic hair, and the fact that Adrianne had it somehow made me want her even more.

I turned the footage of her walking into the stall, turning, pulling down her skirt, and sitting down into a short gif. I must have masturbated to that footage 100 times over the next two months. It was heavenly bliss for a while. The best masturbation I had ever had. But soon I grew tired even of this crowning jewel of stolen footage.

It was then that the stalking began. True stalking. Outside of work. My obsession grew. I followed her everywhere as often as I could. I learned where she lived. What route she took too and from her apartment. What grocery store she went to. I watched. And waited. For what? I wasn’t sure. Somehow, I knew I would know it when I saw it.

It was three months before I got my opportunity. She was having a fight with the guy she was dating. He looked familiar somehow, but I could never place it. Somehow that made me hate him more. I saw as she threw him out of her apartment. She was ranting and raving, yelling at him. I could tell she was drunk by the way she stumbled at the door when she slammed it as he left.

Her apartment was the one on the end of a row of apartments. I was parked in the alley across the street. I waited and watched her moving around her apartment with my binoculars through her clumsily closed blinds. She was still drinking. After a while I didn’t see her moving around the apartment anymore.

I waited. I think even then I knew that night would be the night. I waited for over an hour. Maybe two. Then I exited my car and as casually as I could I walked across the street. It was quiet. Only a few lights were on in other apartments, but all their blinds were closed. I made it to her windows. I peeked inside.

And there she was. Passed out on the couch. Empty beer bottles scattered around her. She looked disheveled. Her slim black dress was askew. One of her breasts was almost completely out. Her bra, easily visible, was barely covering the nipple. Her hair was rumpled. Her makeup was smeared.

I had to tear my eyes away from her. Quickly, not really knowing what I was doing, I grabbed her spare key from under her doormat. And I opened her door. I stepped in, closing it as quietly as I could behind me. She didn’t move at all. Not a muscle.

I don’t know how long I stood there looking at her. Minutes probably. It felt like hours. Her arms were wide at her sides. She was slumped deep in the couch. Her legs were splayed partially Avrupa Yakası Escort open at the knees and her dress was sliding up her thighs because of it.

It had started off innocently enough. Just accidentally seeing her butt in the break room. Every step from there had seemed like a small one, following logically from the last. And all those steps had led me here, to looking at her unconscious body slumped on a couch as my pants quickly grew tight.

I hesitantly stepped forwards. A floor board creaked, and I cringed. No response. She remained motionless, breathing deeply and slowly. As I drew closer I crouched down into a squatting position. I could see up between her slightly splayed legs to her lacy panties. The sight of her body so intimately displayed in person set my blood on fire. Logic and reason were gone. Only desire remained.

I moved closer, kneeling between her legs. I slowly reached out, and ever so gently caressed her inner thigh. No response. The feel of her smooth skin sent prickles of electricity shooting through my body. Every base instinct inside of me was screaming at me to pounce. Plunge into her. Ravage her. Cum in her. Impregnate her. It was hard to fight back the desire. Very hard.

I managed it though. For a while. I didn’t throw myself on her. I played it slow. Gently testing the boundaries of her slumber. I rubbed her legs softly. Then a bit harder, massaging her caves gently. No response. Carefully, I hiked her skimpy black dress higher, pushing it up over her stomach and fully revealing her black lingerie panties. Still no response. Even breathing.

I placed my hand over her crotch, feeling the heat of her sex through the fabric. I let out a shaky breath, then gently lifted the fabric from the side, pulling it up as I craned my neck to look beneath. Her lips. They were large and flopped back on themselves. The large puff of her curly pubic hair rested above her lips, trimmed but still wild.

I exhaled a shaky breath across her exposed skin. Her Kegels clenched and relaxed as my breath danced across her lips. I fumbled with my pants. I needed to be in her. I released my cock and stumbled forwards. My cock was already covered in pre. I fumbled quickly, grabbing a condom off the floor and tearing it out of its package. I rolled it on quickly, then unable to restrain myself further, pushed forward.

My cock sank into her flesh, parting her lips and plunging into her hot tunnel. She engulfed me as I pressed my way in. She made a soft grunting noise as I entered her. I lost all control. I humped myself into her quickly like a horny dog. Her whole body shook with each thrust. Her grunts grew louder, growing into moans as I fucked her. The condom was loose on me, and got in the way of truly feeling her. As I pulled out I tried to pull the condom further onto me.

As I pushed forwards I felt a change. The latex ripped and my cock plunged naked into her hole. The sensation of my flesh against hers was glorious. So much better than with a condom. I couldn’t resist. The logical part of my mind had lost control. I kept thrusting. Her moans intensified and she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me tight against her.

Ecstasy overcame me as my cock was buried deep within her. I spasmed, shooting cum into her as I orgasmed. I let out a moan to match hers as I emptied my balls in her. Her legs quivered, holding me tight against her. Finally she relaxed, her legs slumping back down to the ground. I staggered backwards, dick flopping out of her used pussy. I fell on my butt, staring at her gaping hole and my cum dripping out of her and down the sofa.

The deed finished, clarity of thought slammed against me like a freight train. I stared in sick pleasurable horror at what I had done. She’d certainly felt what was happening, but she hadn’t woken up. She probably thought her boyfriend had been the one fucking her. She looked content. There was a smirk on her face despite her now deeper sleep and she had certainly enjoyed the act.

I stood up quickly, dressed, and practically ran back to my car. I sped home, and fapped twice once I got there. Had I gotten away with this? What was going to happen? Surely she took birth control. But then why the condoms on the floor? A million thoughts rushed through my head. That had been so stupid. So stupid. I could go to jail. I couldn’t believe what I had done, but I was also more turned on than I had been in my life. It was exhilarating. The best moment of my life.

From there, things actually got a lot better for me. Work continued. The very next day I got promoted. It seems the higher ups actually liked the server redesign I had done, and they wanted me to implement İstanbul Escort it in other firms. I got a lot more busy with work, but still went back to my old building sometimes. Adrianne was there sometimes at the front desk. She smiled at me every time I came in. I found that strange. She never really liked me before. Perhaps now that my salary had tripled she might be interested? In any case, it didn’t seem like she knew about what had happened.

A month and a half passed. I had fapped to the memory of fucking her more times than I could count, and it was still as fresh as the day I did it. I was loving life. I was back in the old office. It was late at night, a little bit past closing. I was tinkering with the system a bit. I was on the floor rerouting some cables when I heard heeled footsteps coming my way.

It was Adrianne. She was walking right over to me. I swiveled myself into a sitting position facing her. She was as beautiful as always. Large breasts swaying. Short tight fitting red dress showing her form. “Hello,” she said in a pleasant voice. “Enjoying your raise?”

She had a sly smile on her face, and her hands were clasped behind her back. She very close to me. So close I could almost see up her dress. I cleared my throat. “Um… Yeah, it’s going pretty well.”

“I’m glad to hear it!” she said. She brought her arms around to her front and tossed something at my face. I winced as it bounced off my face, falling to the floor in front of me.

“I’m pregnant!” she said with a cheery voice. I stared dumbfounded at her, then my gaze lowered to what she had thrown at me. A pregnancy test. Two little pink lines in the viewing window. Pregnant. “Aren’t you going to congratulate me?” she said with a mocking tone.

“Con…gradulations?” I managed to stutter. What was going on? Why was she doing this? Did I… Did she know?

“And to you too!” she said, smiling down at me.

“W-what?” I stammered dimly.

“You’re the daddy!” she said. She lifted her dress up, revealing her naked crotch beneath. She patted her pussy lips with her hand. “Don’t you remember filling me with your sperm? You got me pregnant! You’re going to be a dad, congratulations.”

“How-” I began. She cut me off.

“How did I know? Well… isn’t that just the thing. Secretaries hear a lot, don’t you know? I knew of your sick obsession with me. I knew you were stalking me. I knew about the cameras. On my computer. In the bathroom. And my boyfriend? The building manager? He knew you were getting a promotion. So… I laid a little trap. I knew you were in your car in the alley watching us. So I got drunk, threw a fit, and kicked him out. I knew you were a depraved little fuck and counted on you doing just what you did. Let yourself in to my apartment and cum in me like a little jackrabbit.” She let out a cruel laugh.

“But… why?” I asked, still too dumbfounded by what was happening to understand my situation.

“For the child support you idiot. I’ve always wanted a kid, but never wanted a husband. I just needed some schmuck to knock me up, so I could get his money. I was going to do it with the building manager, but it turns out he’s snipped. You’ve got some nice money now, and I’m going to bleed you dry.” I stared dumbly up at her. She still had her dress pulled up and she was massaging her clit with a finger. “Oh don’t look so sad now!” she pouted down at me in mock sadness. “This is a happy occasion. I’m going to be a mommy! And just for being such a good sport, I’m going to give you another present.”

She lifted her leg up and pushed against me with her heeled foot. She pushed hard, and the heel stabbed into my chest. I fell down onto my back. Before I could get up she kneeled down on top of me, one leg to each side of my head, and sat down pressing her pussy into my face. She yanked hard on my hair and ground her crotch down on me, positioning her clit and lips at my mouth. Her pubic hair pushed against my nose and eyelids. Her thighs gripped the side of my head, holding me in pace. “Lick me until I cum you sick fuck!”

I was stunned. I did the only thing I could think of. I licked. I kissed. I sucked. She grinded herself against me, and soon her sex was soaking wet, dripping down to cover my mouth and chin. My mouth was growing exhausted when finally she clamped down on my head with her legs and came in my face.

She stood, releasing me from her hold. “Oh good, it looks like you enjoyed that too!” she sad, pressing the tip of her shoe into my crotch. There was a growing wet spot where I had cum in my pants. “Well, see you later daddy. Expect to be paying child support soon!”

I was mortified for a while, but honestly the arrangement wasn’t that bad. She got very horny during the pregnancy, and often came to me to release her urges. She was always in a dominating role, but honestly, I kind of began to like it. And the rest of it? 18 years of child support? Was it worth it? Honestly? To fuck the woman of my dreams? Yes. Yes it was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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