Getting Fixed

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My husband Tom wasn’t home when our son Greg and his new girlfriend of two months came over during spring break. Lori was nice and we got along great. That night on my way back from getting a drink of water, I passed the guest room where they were staying and stopped in my tracks at the noise coming from the bedroom. I didn’t wait long but when I was in my bedroom, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It had been a while since I made those kinds of sounds. Damn, Tom wouldn’t be home for another two weeks. Damn. Damn. Damn!

The next day I spent a couple of hours catching up on some work before I joined Lori by the pool. No sooner had I sat down then Lori said that she was feeling tired and was going to take a nap. “Judging by the noise you were making last night, I can understand why.” She blushed and said that she was still getting used to him. “Is he your first?”

“No, no,” she blushed, “It’s just that… well, he’s a little bigger than I’m used to.” She must’ve seen a look of doubt on my face because the next thing I knew, she was holding her hands apart. My eyes grew wide as she continued with, “No, it’s true. I’ve never measured him but he’s about this big.”

“Cawmon, now.”

“No, I’m serious. Even soft, he looks big. If you don’t believe me, you could go upstairs and walk in on him right now. He just went to take a shower.” With that, she gave me a wink.

“Lori, I can’t believe you just said that!”

“What’s the big deal? I’ve walked in on my dad and seen his junk. Besides the only reason I’m telling you this is so you’ll believe me.” I took her hand. “Oh, Lori, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that.”

That night in bed I kept thinking of how far apart she held her hands, and the more I thought about it, the more I told myself that Lori was exaggerating. But what if she wasn’t? Well, there wasn’t anything wrong with just a quick peek.

I would have walked in on him the next morning. Unfortunately, they were showering together. That evening as I walked toward the pool, I wore, for the sake of modesty, a very conservative one-piece swimsuit. Greg teased me, telling me that the 1920s called and it wanted its swimsuit returned. “Ha, ha very funny.”

“Seriously, Mom, don’t you have anything more modern?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Well, then?”

“Well, I didn’t want to embarrass you.”

“Mom, I’ve seen some of your more modern suits.”

“Yeah, but Lori….”

“Jody,” Lori added, “Don’t worry about me. I mean you have an amazing body. Show it off. Who cares if he’s your son.”

As we sat there, I realized that Lori had given me the chance and an opportunity to check out her claim about Greg’s anatomy. And since Lori had booked an earlier flight than Greg, I would still get a chance to walk in on him sometime during his stay.

The next morning I again heard them showering together and knew this might be a recurring theme. I changed my strategy. I waited in the kitchen drinking juice until Greg came downstairs.

I wore a loosely tied red kimono that fell to mid thigh. With the satin material rubbing back and forth over my nipples, they weren’t difficult to notice. When I leaned to give Greg his glass of orange juice, I saw him smile. I sat next to him, letting the robe part at my thigh, knowing that if it fell open an inch more he would be able to tell that I wasn’t wearing underwear.

As we talked, I let my foot and calf touch his. I placed my hand on his thigh and asked what he wanted to eat for breakfast. That’s when we heard Lori coming down the stairs. “Nothing now.” He answered. She came in and I went to get dressed, I wondered about his response. Did he know? Was he encouraging me? Damn, I was horny. I decided that if he didn’t object I would continue with my “harmless” teasing and when his father Tom returned, I’d screw my husband’s brains out. I masturbated thinking of Tom bending me over the bed and taking me from behind.

Lori and Greg continued to shower together. However, for the rest of the week, I wore revealing clothes or skimpy bikinis. I made sure to bump into him with every part of my body in and outside of the pool.

The first time I did it I couldn’t wait for bedtime. I massaged my breasts as I thought of how I had wrapped my arms around him, crushing my breasts into his back and chest and even letting my hand slip down and “accidentally” brush against his groin. As I slipped my finger into my vagina, I thought of me riding Tom with my back to him, watching us in the bedroom mirror as his dick slid in and out of me. As my finger increased in tempo, Tom’s image was replaced by Greg and I exploded as I thought of his big thing inside me.

The next evening I watched my son look at me in my brand new backless halter bikini. The white strings tied around the neck and waist with plenty of flesh showing from the front and sides. Two small triangles covered my breasts. The bottom was just as revealing. Two loosely hanging strings kept the small triangle from revealing my sex while the smaller one barely covered mariobet güvenilirmi my behind. He let out a whistle and behind me I heard Lori exclaim, “Right on, Jodi!”

I dove into the water. I came up about halfway from where Greg sat at the edge of the pool. I glanced at Lori who had returned to reading her book. I swam until I could stand and walked toward my son. When I reached him, I plastered my chest against his knees and asked, “So how does your mom look now?”

“Amazing.” I looked at his crotch and said, “Thank you, Greg, I’m glad you talked me into this.” With that, I turned and dove under the water and didn’t stop until I reached the deep end. I turned to see Greg swimming toward me.

When he reached me, he took my hand and told me how much he enjoyed my new bikini. We were about a foot apart when he asked me why I hadn’t worn this one the other day. “I just bought it.”

“So you wore it for me?” He smiled.

“Maybe,” I returned his smile and looked away.

“Well, I really like it.” His hands moved up my arm.

“I thought you might get upset.” I wiped some water from my lips with the tips of my fingers.

“Why would I do that?” His hands had slowly moved up until it reached my elbows.

“Because I’m your mom and I shouldn’t dress like this. Besides, I didn’t want you to tell your dad on me.” His left hand slipped around my waist while the other remained an inch above the elbow.

His voice lowered as he said, “I would never tell dad about how you dress.” I felt him move his fingertips where my left mammary spilled over the side.

“No?” I asked and hooked my right leg over his calf.

He shook his head at my question. “I wouldn’t tell dad anything you did. I think you’re sexy and should show off what you have.”

“Oh, honey.”

“I’m serious, Mom. You’re an amazing beautiful woman, and I love you with all my heart.” I leaned into him and wrapped my arms around him. As we hugged, I couldn’t help myself and wrapped my legs around him while his hands moved down my body to my hips and then to the back of my body where he held me by my derriere, letting me feel his growing hardness. And as I felt him down there, I knew that I didn’t just want a glance. I wanted a look. But then I heard a splash and knew my plan had to wait. I disengaged from him and swam away.

Later that night as I lay in bed, I asked myself what I would do if I got the opportunity to be alone with him. I could see myself dropping to my knees and taking a really good look at that thing that I had felt rubbing against me and pictured me taking it in my hand. From there, it was the image of me opening my mouth. The fact that it was my son’s prick didn’t matter. If he wanted to share the love we had for one other in a more physical form, I wouldn’t object.

On the day before Lori was supposed to leave to visit her folks, I was putting lotion on Greg. I did his back first. When he turned, I started at his feet and moved up his legs at least until I encountered the baggie swim trunks he wore. My heart beat faster as a naughty idea occurred to me. I squatted over him. My hips at his knees, and I heard my breath increase as I leaned forward, letting my chest touch his stomach. I heard a little gasp when I tweaked his nipples. “All done.”

“Thanks, Mom.” I went to kiss his cheek. “Oh, I missed a spot.” I said and moved further on his body, sliding my hips up until my private part was at his groin. His bulge just grazed my crotch. I was breathing hard at what I was doing. I leaned forward and pressed my breasts into the quick rise and fall of his chest and rubbed lotion on an imaginary missed spot and placed more pressure on his crotch with my bottom. “Geez,” I heard him mumble as I quickly stood. I kept my blue eyes locked on his eyes. Another very naughty thought occurred to me, and I reached down and gave his hardening tool a gentle squeeze and said, “Oh, my! you better get that fixed too!”

I lay on the lounge next to him, trying to control my breathing and feeling myself getting moist down there. I closed my eyes thinking of what I had done when I felt the sunlight being blocked. I opened my eyes and saw Greg standing in front of me. His bulging shorts were inches from my face. “Let me do you, Mom.” He saw me glance at the sliding doors.

“Okay,” I answered as he squirted lotion into his hand.

“Don’t worry it’ll be a few minutes before she finishes making our drinks.” He said as he started at my feet. Knowing that we had limited time before Lori returned, he quickly made his way around to my back. I didn’t say anything when he undid the tie at my back. He moved the strings to the sides and the part of the material covering the sides of my breasts fell away.

Once he finished with my shoulders, his progress slowed. His hands moved in circles. My heart hadn’t stopped its fast and loud pounding when I felt the tips of his fingers move closer to the sides of my breasts. I could hear his breathing over my own. I licked my lips at the quick mariobet yeni giriş in and out take of air. His fingertips finally skimmed the sides of my “bad boys”. I sucked in a quick breath. When I didn’t object, he did it again. Each time he became bolder. After the fourth time, he stretched his fingers out and felt the sides of my mounds making a slow round motion as he rubbed the coconut oil over the flesh protruding from the sides.

He kept them there just skirting his hands up and down, teasing me. My heart thumped loudly at what we were doing, and there was an electric tingle between my legs. I lifted my chest to tell Greg he needed to stop, but he just moved them underneath and cupped them. “Oh, damn,” I heard him groan as he lightly rubbed my nipples. That was it. I need a look. “Come closer.” I ordered.

He moved to the side of the lounge chair, so his back was to the sliding doors. My right hand went to the waistband of his shorts. It was time to find out if Lori was telling the truth. I caught movement out of the corner of my eyes and let out a, “damn!”

“What’s wrong, Mom?” he asked as I lay on the lounge chair again.

“She’s opening the door.” I quickly started to tie the strings of my top and then turned on my back. I watched as he started to move toward me. “What’re you doing? She’s going to see you.”

“Nothing,” he answered. “It’s just that I forgot to tell you that you need to get these fixed.” With that he reached over, and pinched and twisted my nipples slightly harder than before. The gentle pain shot directly to my crotch. I let out a moan and then he added, “and this too,” and he ran his index finger over my crotch, pushing part of the material between my vaginal lips. I almost came when he did that. I watched with open mouth as Greg dove into the pool.

Lori gave me a sly little smile as she handed me my drink. The way I was feeling I knew that if I had too much alcohol, I would do something I’d regret like jump on Greg’s bones even if Lori was there. I nursed on the wine, drinking less than half a glass when I decided to call it a night.

In my bedroom, I thought of the flirting we had done during his stay. As I replayed the events that had happened that evening my finger found its way to my nether region. I pictured me pulling down his shorts and watching his erection pop into view and taking it in my hand, watching as his precum leaked over my fingers as I rubbed the big blue head over my lips and cheeks before taking him into my mouth and popping him back out and then languidly swirling my tongue over the helmet and just as he was about to cum, I’d place that beautiful big thing of his between my tits and jerk him off with my tit flesh until he exploded on my chest. I imagined him kneeling and licking his cum off of me as I licked his juice off my fingers.

I imagined us swimming to the deep end. I’d hold him like we had done all week but this time as I wrapped my legs around him and held him to my opening, he would pull my bikini bottoms to a side and then sink into me. With that image, I exploded over my fingers. I knew then that I didn’t care about his size. I just wanted him.

I waited for more than an hour hoping Greg would come to tell me good night. Instead when I got up to get a drink of water, I heard moaning coming from his bedroom. I went back to bed feeling depressed. Maybe I was fooling myself. Maybe everything that Greg and I had done was just harmless teasing.

The next morning I took a shower, still feeling dejected but then I realized that even if it was harmless flirting, it had been fun and when my husband returned from his business trip this week, this would add some excitement to our sex life as I pictured myself being with Greg.

I dabbed on the perfume Greg had told me that he really liked. I wore a flimsy, yellow summer dress that if the sunlight hit it just right, anyone could see that I only wore panties. I finished off the outfit by wearing yellow two inch open-toed sandals. “Wow, Jody, you look great.” Lori complimented. “Do you have a hot date this morning?”

“After I drop you off at the airport, I have a breakfast date.”

“Are you seeing someone? Give me details.”

“No, no, it’s not like that at all.” I smiled.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you walk away with a handful of phone numbers after your breakfast date. Greg will be jealous when he sees how you dressed for your playdate.” As she told me this, I thought that maybe just maybe I might get a chance to finally see Greg’s impressive equipment. If he was asleep, I could walk in on him or maybe barge in while he showered. Either way, I was going to get a good look.

By the time I returned from dropping off Lori at the airport, my panties were soaked just thinking about what I was about to do, imagining different scenarios where he would be eating breakfast and he’d see me, take me in his arms, and lay me down on the table or maybe carry me to the couch where he would place one leg over the back of the sofa mariobet giriş and the other one he put on his shoulder.

Unfortunately, Greg wasn’t up yet. There went that fantasy. I decided to walk in on him while he slept. If he still was a sound sleeper, I could move the covers off him and see. If he was showering then I would just barge in and place extra towels while I got a good look at his thingy. Who knows maybe he’d ask me to wash his back. A new fantasy started in my head. If, however, neither happened, there was always tomorrow. In the meantime I would play around with this new fantasy I was formulating.

I poured juice into a glass, toasted a slice of bread, grabbed the strawberry jam, and put them on a tray. The last thing I did was to remove my wet panties. As I walked up the stairs, I started to have doubts. Maybe he found me too old. What if he was just flirting with me to make me feel better or maybe make Lori jealous? By the time I was at his door, I was depressed.

I was about to turn around when another voice in my head told me that I had already come this far. “Okay, okay,” I answered that voice and then told myself, “Just turn and pull the knob and see what happens. Just one quick look.”

I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and knocked. I didn’t wait for his answer but opened the door. He was awake and still in bed. He quickly pulled the sheet to his belly, but I still got a quick glimpse of his morning erection! It was a beauty! He didn’t seem offended by my intrusion. He greeted me with a big smile and a, “Wow, Mom, you look beautiful like always.” His words calmed me.

“Good morning, Greg, and thank you, honey. You don’t know how much I appreciate my handsome son telling me I’m beautiful.” I was surprised that my voice sounded normal. My brain told me, “Okay, you got your look now leave.” But I couldn’t.

And then I saw the outline of his penis through the sheet as it pointed toward his chest, and I just had to see it again. “I brought you breakfast.” I handed him the tray. I decided then that I had to do this before I chickened out. I told myself that it was just like I had done earlier when I opened the door and had encouraged myself to do it quickly before I chickened out.

When he had the tray in his hands, I took advantage and pulled the sheet off. God, it was magnificent! My knees felt weak, and I sat on the edge of the bed. The thin cotton dress moved past my knees as I sat in a figure four.

Lori wasn’t exaggerating. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. “Like what you see?” I didn’t answer him but grabbed at his hard meat with my right hand as Greg moved the tray to the end table. I wrapped my other hand around him. He told me, “You better close your mouth before a fly goes in.”

“I have a better idea.” I answered as I lowered my lips over the shiny bulbous head. “Oh, Mom! Oh, my beautiful sexy mom!” he cried out as I flattened my tongue and ran it over the tightly stretched foreskin and then around the purple helmet like I was licking a lollipop, slow and deliberate.

“Oh, Mom, I was hoping something like this would happen when you came back.” My mouth moved further down until I felt the corner of my top hand. I gagged a little and eased away from it. When just the tip was about to exit, I gave it an audible slurp and looked at it again. I had only sucked on three inches and there was still some man meat visible between my fingers and at the base. I pulled his cock toward my open mouth and like in my fantasy I swirled my tongue around it. After I did it a few times, I pressed the engorged tip against the inside my cheek. I moved it more fully into my mouth and as it was about to leave my lips, I scraped my teeth over the sensitive flesh.

“You’ve been wanting to see it all week haven’t you?”

“Ever since Lori told me about it.” I bent to lick the underside of his prick and then further down to his heavy balls and then made my way up again.

My son lifted my face from his turgid member and kissed me. I’m sure he tasted his cum on my lips and tongue. He reached for the top of my dress and lowered the straps. He pulled me closer to him, kissed my neck and somehow I was able to gulp in a big deep breath but continued to stroke him. “How long have you wanted this?” I asked.

“Since high school.” I pulled away and gasped, “What?”

“Yeah, I’ve wanted you since then. What? Did you think it started just this week? Or because we were flirting and teasing each other?” He pinched a nipple before flicking his tongue around the areola and then taking it into his mouth and biting the nipple while his other hand massaged and tweaked the other.

“Mom, you don’t know how badly I want to fuck you!” His penis was slick with my saliva and his own gooey juice. He pulled away from my breasts, moaning, “I am going to fuck you, right, Mom? ‘Cause if you keep doing that, I’m gonna cum.”

“That’s not going to happen.” I pressed on his chest, pushing him down on the bed. I got on my knees and crawled over him. My breasts smashed into his chest as we kissed again. His lips sucked on my tongue. The overabundance of my tatas spilled onto the sides. He reached to feel them with his palms and then reached between our bodies to rub them in little circles with his thumbs. Goodness, I was so wet!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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