Getting To Know The New Neighbor

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Warning: There is Bi-male sex, if you’re not into this don’t read this one.

Chris stood at the back of the moving truck and glanced across the yard to his new neighbors house.

He saw his new neighbor mowing the grass and a woman working in the flower bed, it was hard not to notice she was wearing a skimpy pair of shorts and a tight tee-shirt.

He watched as she bent over the flower bed, and her shorts rode up her ass. “Fuck,” he whispered to himself, he wondered if she was wearing any panties. She had her long hair in pig tails, she turned around and that is when he saw she didn’t have a bra on. Her shirt was white and he could see her hard nipples through her white shirt.

“Damn, look at those tits,” he said to himself, “that’s one lucky guy.” he thought picking up another box and walking toward the front door. Glancing back at her he felt his cock jerk in his pants. He promised himself that later tonight he was going to watch some porn and jack off.

By the time he walked out of the house the woman had went inside and he watched the man finish mowing.

Walking back up the ramp into the back of the truck he realized that he might have some trouble getting this huge cabinet into the house by himself. He had a friend earlier who had helped him load the heavy stuff but couldn’t help him get it moved into his new house. He would do the best that he could.

Pushing the lawnmower into the garage, Ted glanced across the yard and

noticed his new neighbor was having trouble moving a large piece of furniture.

After putting the lawn mower away Ted walked into the kitchen, Patti was leaning against the counter drinking a bottle of cold water.

“It’s so hot out there honey,” she said taking a big swig of water.

“Yes it is,” he said getting himself a cold bottle of water and walking over to her. ” He leans down and kisses her, “it’s hot in here too,” he said placing the bottle of cold water between her tits.

“Baby that’s cold!” she exclaimed with a laugh, “I’m going to take a nice cool shower, care to join me?” she said looking up at him.

“In a few minutes,” he said looking at her, “I was going to walk next door and see if our new neighbor needs some help.”

“Oh you noticed him too huh?”

“Yeah, he’s a nice looking guy.” Ted said, thinking his new neighbor was a very handsome black man, maybe in his late 30’s or early 40’s.

“Bet you wouldn’t mind getting a hold of him huh baby?”

“Well, you know if he was into that sort of thing.” Ted told her with a wink.

“Oh yeah, well you did a pretty good job of getting our neighbor Fred into sucking cock.”

“Hey, I’m good, what can I say baby girl.”

“Yes you are baby, the best,” she tells him standing up on tip toe and kissing him.

“I will be back in a few I promise.”

“Okay honey, be careful.” she said glancing up at him, “You don’t know what you’re missing.” she said reaching down and placing her hand on his crotch giving his dick a gentle squeeze.

“Hold that thought I’ll be back in a few.” he tells her reaching up and pinching her hard right nipple between his fingers, he heard her gasp. “Who knows baby, maybe this new neighbor would like to play someday.”

“Yeah?” she said remembering how hot the new neighbor had looked in those tight jeans and tee-shirt. She had glanced over at him a few times when he was unloading boxes off of the moving truck. She had imagined licking and sucking his black cock, she could see the outline of his dick through his jeans.

“I’ll be waiting for you.” she commented with a sexy smile, “I’m just so HOT and sweaty I need you to wash my back honey.” she tells him with a sexy pout.

“Be back in a few minutes.” Ted tells Patti and kisses her deeply and walks out of the kitchen.

“Say, do you need some help.” Ted asked walking across the yard, “I live next door and saw you struggling with this.” Ted said putting his hand out for a shake.

“Oh yeah some help would be great.” the man said, “I’m Chris, just moving in.”

“I’m Ted, I live right next door with my wife Patti, nice to meet you.” Ted guessed that Chris worked out, nice looking, broad shoulders, great looking body, light coffee toned skin.

“It sure is hard trying to get moved without any help.” Chris commented leaning against the truck. “A buddy of mine was supposed to help me today but he backed out at the last minute.”

“Well I can give you as much help as I can.”

Forty five minutes later Ted and Chris had all of the large pieces of furniture in the house. thankfully not too many of them had to be taken upstairs. Ted didn’t mind helping someone move but he sure did hate carrying furniture up stairs.

“Well that’s the last big thing,” Chris said wiping his face with a rag, “Thanks so much for all of your help Ted.”

“Oh no problem,” Ted said glancing around the room, “I guess you’re single?”

“Well I was engaged and Michelle and I just didn’t see eye to eye on a few things.” Chris said sitting down on the sofa, Sefaköy Escort “have a seat, I don’t bite.”

“Oh that’s too bad.” Ted said glancing around the room, “I mean about you and your fiance’.”

“Yeah, she couldn’t deal with certain things that I enjoy.”

“Well it couldn’t be that bad,” Ted commented wondering what things Chris’ fiance’ didn’t like.

“Well to her it was the end of our relationship,” Chris said with a sigh, “Oh well it’s time to move on with my life.”

“I hope you’ll like living here.”

“Oh, I’m sure I will, say was that your wife out in the yard earlier.”

“Yes, Patti was weeding and watering the flower beds.” Ted commented, wondering if Chris had noticed how sexy his wife had been dressed.

“I thought so, not to be rude but she looked hot in those shorts and that tee-shirt.”

“Oh you noticed that did ya?” Ted said liking the idea of his neighbor noticing his sexy wife. He felt his cock start to swell at the thought of having some fun with Chris.

“Who wouldn’t?” Chris said feeling his cock stir in his jeans, just thinking of seeing her tits through her tee-shirt made him horny.

“She does have a nice set of tits.”

“Yes she has,” Ted commented, “Bet all of us could have some fun together.” he thought noticing a bulge developing in Chris’s jeans. “She has a great ass and pussy too.”

“Say would you like a cold beer?” Chris asked, he noticed that Ted had been checking him out. Chris wondered what kinds of things Ted and his wife were in too. “Be right back.” Chris said getting up and walking toward the kitchen.

“Yeah, sounds great,” Ted said pulling his cell phone out of his pocket and dialing Patti. “Hon, I’m sitting over here at Chris’s house relaxing for a few minutes drinking a cold beer.”

“Well, okay,” Patti commented sadly, she had waited for Ted to come home and she had finally went and gotten into the shower by herself. She had quickly taken a cool rinse off shower and now she was lying on their bed naked, pinching her hard nipples.

“What are you doing young lady?” Ted asked, putting his phone on speaker when Chris walked back into the room.

“Lying on our bed, naked pinching my nipples.”

“Excuse me.” Chris said turning to walk back into the kitchen. He didn’t want to interrupt their conversation.

Ted motioned for Chris to listen to the conversation, “Are we naked baby?”

“Yes Daddy, and just SO horny.”

“Horny enough to touch yourself?” Ted said winking at Chris. Ted knew she would play loud enough for them to hear her. She did always get off when she knew someone was watching or listening to her.

Chris handed Ted the ice cold beer and sat back down on the sofa. He pictured her lying on a bed with her legs spread wide and her hand between her thighs.

“So, how horny is my wife right now?”

“VERY horny baby, I need to have a cock in my mouth.” she said reaching over into the bed side table and taking out her favorite 7 inch dildo. “I might even want a cock in my ass tonight.”

“Yeah my baby wants some back door action does she?”

“Yes, I need your hard throbbing dick in my tight ass hole.”

Chris almost choked on his beer, he looked at Ted. God, it had been a couple of long weeks without any sex of any kind. He needed to get off in the worst way.

“Hmmmm,” Patti murmured licking that dildo from the base to the tip. Making loud sucking noises, nibbling the shaft up and down. “I love sucking dick and getting fucked baby.”

“I know you do honey. Lick that cock and make it wet, pinch those hard nipples.” Ted replied watching the expression on Chris’s face.

“Mmmm, licking this dildo isn’t the same thing as sucking your hard, throbbing cock.”

“Well don’t get too carried away honey, I’ll be home in a few minutes.”

“Okay if you hurry home I’ll make you feel very good.” Patti said taking the head of the dildo into her mouth sucking on it.

“I’m on my way baby.”

“Alright honey,” she said, ” I need you.”

“I need you too.” he said glancing at Chris, “I’ll be there in a couple of minutes baby, bye.”

“Bye honey.” she said hanging up.

“Well I guess I should be going, I need a shower and the wife needs me.” Ted said, standing up. “She is horny 24/7,” he said with a chuckle.

“I was thinking, if you both aren’t busy tomorrow perhaps we could get together for a small cook out.” Chris suggested. He knew he was going to head for the shower as soon as Ted left and jack off.

“Yeah that sounds great.” Ted said liking that idea, he really wanted to get to know his new neighbor. “I can have the wife whip up some potato salad, and a few other side dishes.” Ted wrote down his phone number and handed it to Chris. “Call me and let me know what time you’d like us to be here.”

“Okay great,” Chris said standing and walking Ted to the door, “ya know I think I’m going to really like living here.”

“Well welcome to the neighbor hood buddy, see you tomorrow.” Ted said walking out Sefaköy Escort of the door, “oh thanks for the beer.”

“Yep, no problem.”

Ted walked into the bedroom and found his wife lying on the bed legs spread wide, fucking herself with her favorite toy. “Hey, you started without me.”

“I told you earlier I was horny honey.” Patti said letting that dildo slip from her wet pussy.

“Yes you did,” Ted said reaching down and rubbing her shaved bare pussy, “I will be right back, don’t move from this spot.” he said turning and walking toward the bathroom.

Chris was upstairs getting undressed he was so ready for a hot relaxing shower, he kept thinking of his new friend Ted and his wife.

Chris was hoping that he was right about the feeling he had about his new neighbor’s. He had noticed that Ted had been checking him out earlier. Chris was hoping that Ted was bi like himself. He knew that he needed a blow job and some tight pussy. It had been way too long.

Standing in the shower Chris stroked his throbbing dick, fuck he needed some release and soon, he thought rubbing precum all over the head of his cock. “Oh yeah, suck my dick Ted,” he moaned stroking himself. He imagined Ted down on his knees in front of him sucking his manhood.

“Awww fuck baby suck my dick.” Ted moaned looking down at his wife. She was lying on her stomach on their bed. He watched her licking and teasing his growing cock. She knew just how to make his dick hard.

Patti looked up at her husband, stroking his balls, nibbling up and down the hard shaft of his dick. “Mmmm,” she moaned, loving the feeling of his growing cock. She had always loved sucking and having his throbbing cock in her mouth. Moving down a bit she slowly licked his big balls, one after the other, rubbing her lips all over them. She could hear his moans from the pleasure she was giving him.

Ted’s thoughts went to the new neighbor. He wondered if Chris was bi or even bi curious. He had caught Chris looking at him earlier. Ted was curious to find out about Chris without seeming pushy.

Patti glanced up at him, letting his balls slip from her lips, she slowly ran her tongue around her lips, she reached for his balls gently stroking them. She knew she was being a tease getting Ted close and then backing off.

“Fuck, you know I love when you suck me, don’t stop please.” he said looking down at her, watching her every move. He put his hands in her long hair and pushed her mouth back down on his balls.

Patti gently spread Ted’s ass cheeks, running her wet tongue up and down the crack of his ass. She felt him put his hands in her long hair and tangle it in his hands, she heard him moan loudly.

“Aww fuck yes.” Ted gasped when he felt his wife licking up and down the crack of his ass, flicking her hot, wet tongue all over his tight ass hole.

Damn, but he did love when she did this for him, it drove him wild, “Yeah baby girl lick Daddy’s tight hole.” he said glancing down and watching her. He was glad when he had taken a shower this morning he had made sure he was clean inside and out.

Patti was licking and teasing his tight hole. Pushing her tongue in and out, stroking his balls at the same time. She knew she was being a really bad tease and she would need to be punished later.

“More honey, give me more,” Ted said holding her head down, he wondered what it would be like to have some fun with Chris. He wouldn’t mind seeing Chris down on his knees sucking his cock he thought, feeling his dick throb. Reaching for his cock he stroked himself while watching his wife licking and eating his ass hole.

Patti reached over to the bedside table and picked up a bottle of anal lube, she poured it over his ass, watching it dribble down She gently rubbed it all across his tight hole, making sure he was lubed good.

Ted pulled his legs up and back so that she had access to his ass, he wanted, no needed to feel her fingers in his hole. ” Oh yes, just like that.” he said feeling his wife pushing one finger gently in his back door. In and out she slowly fucked him. Patti loved the tight feeling of his ass around her finger. She added another finger, stretching his hole a bit more, making sure she didn’t hurt him.

“Fuck,” Chris whispered standing in his upstairs bedroom and watched the action from next door. He had gotten out of the shower and walked into the bedroom and glancing across to Ted’s house he realized he could see into Ted’s bedroom, the blinds were open and he could see everything.

“Oh yeah, fuck him.” Chris whispered reaching down with one hand and stroking his hard dick. “That’s it, fuck him,” he watched as Ted held her head while she fucked his ass.

“That’s Daddy’s good girl, fuck my ass.”

Chris stood at the window and watched Ted’s wife finger fucking his ass.

Knowing Chris was watching made Ted’s dick throb that much more. Chris would get an eye full. “Ahhh, fuck yeah,fuck my ass.” Ted groaned feeling her fucking him deep, hitting his prostate. “Do it Escort Sefaköy yes, make me cum.”

Patti let her fingers slip from his hole, and she moved back up and took Ted’s cock back into her mouth. Sucking him as deeply as she could putting pressure on his cock. She felt his cock throbbing in her mouth, she felt him tighten his hands in her hair.

Up and down she bobbed on his cock taking his dick deeper into her throat. Ted would have none of that, he was too close to climaxing. He pushed her head back down on his cock, fucking up into her mouth. “Fuck baby you suck my dick so good.” he tells her holding her head so that she couldn’t move. “Awww yeah, yeah here it comes baby fuck.” he groaned pushing his cock into her mouth, holding her head tightly, giving her spurt after spurt of his cum. “Aghh take it!” Ted exclaimed filling her mouth with his cum. “Swallow it, swallow it all.”

Chris was pumping and stroking his cock like there was no tomorrow, “Oh yeah give it to her, give her your hot cum.” Chris said out loud feeling the point of no return. “Swallow it, swallow his cum.” Chris said watching Ted climax and his wife take every drop of her husbands cum. What he wouldn’t give to be the one taking Ted’s cum down his throat.

“Uuggh fuck yeah fuck her mouth, awww cuming!” Chris said loudly as his rock hard dick exploded, powerful spurts of cum all over the bedroom carpet.

The next afternoon, Chris, Ted and Patti were out on Chris’s back deck and chatting, sipping on cold drinks. Chris couldn’t help but notice the dress Patti was wearing showed her tits off.

“I was so tired last night I took a shower and fell asleep across the bed.” Chris said watching Ted rubbing his hand up his wife’s leg.

“Yeah moving does wear you out,” Ted admitted, “I went home and got attacked by this one.” he said looking at his wife.

“I didn’t hear you complain darling,” she said teasing him, “in fact you got a bit loud yesterday.”

“Well you know when my wife sucks my cock I just can’t help myself.”

“Or fingers your ass.” she said winking at Chris.

“Yes baby or fingers my ass.”

Chris had been thinking of just that thing, getting with Ted alone and having some fun. He had jacked off two more times the night before thinking of sucking Ted’s cock and rimming Ted’s ass hole. He wouldn’t mind if Ted would return the favor.

He needed some man action.

Ted’s wife did look hot and very sexy in the dress she was wearing, it showed her tits off to their best advantage, he could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were erect through the material of her dress.

“Oh darn” Patti said standing up, “I forgot to bring over the potato salad, I’ll be back in a few.”

“Take your time honey.” Ted said knowing this was a good chance to talk to Chris alone.

“Looks like a great day for a cock,” Chris said firing up the grill, realizing his slip up, “Ummm I mean cook out…”

“I knew what you meant,” Ted said. “You like cock too am I right?” Ted asked taking a chance his feelings were right.

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“Just a feeling I had.”

” Can I confide in you Ted?” Chris asked looking at Ted.

“Yeah, sure.”

“Well I need to make a confession,” Chris said wondering how Ted would react to knowing that Chris had watched him and his wife having sex the day before.

“Sure go ahead buddy.” Ted said taking a swig of his drink.

“Well yesterday after you left, I went upstairs and took a hot shower.” Chris said hesitating, “well when I got out of the shower I walked into the bedroom and I glanced over and I could see you and your wife making love.”

“Oh is that all?” Ted asked with a laugh, “I thought you were gonna tell me you were a criminal or something.”

“That doesn’t bother you that a complete stranger watched you and your wife fucking?”

“Oh hell no, she loves it.”

“Well, I feel I need to explain something,” Chris said, wondering how his new neighbor would react to what he was going to say. “Well, I told you yesterday that my fiance’ Michelle and I broke up because she didn’t agree with some things.”

“Yeah, I remember you saying something about that.”

“Well, the things we didn’t see eye to eye on is that I’m Bi-sexual. I uh, like the swinging life style.” Chris admitted watching Ted’s reaction.

“Nothing wrong with the swinging life style.” Ted agreed, glad that his feelings had been right.

“Michelle had called me a pervert and she packed her belongings and walked out.”

“Patti and I are into the swinging life style.” Ted commented, “and we’re both Bi.”

“Really?” Chris said knowing that he had been right about Ted. “I told Michelle just because I wanted to have fun with other people and I like sucking cock and once in awhile fucking another guy or getting fucked myself, doesn’t change my love for her.”

“Exactly!” Ted exclaimed, “Patti and I feel the same way. We can play with other people as long as we tell each other and have no secrets from each other. Patti and I have a few select couples and single friends we play with,” Ted said wondering if they could have some fun with Chris. Ted looked at Chris intently. “Not a lot of people know this especially in the neighborhood, we try and keep a low profile.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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