Girl Power

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Sometimes guys don’t make a whole lot of sense. Just when you think you know what they want; they think you’re crazy because you do give them what they want. I mean they tell you they love girls and can’t get enough of them; and when you give them an opportunity to get kinky with a whole bunch of us girls they run a mile.

Take Johnny for example. Now this is a guy who fucked me at the beginning of the school year and then told me he wanted to keep fucking me as long as he could keeping fucking other girls. He told me he needed to “learn about women,” can you believe that? He also told me he had a fantasy about being with a whole lot of girls at once, as if he’d have the stamina for that. But Johnny wanted it all; or I suppose he thought he did.

Anyway, my friend Amy and I cornered Johnny in the dining hall one day and made a proposition. Though before I mention what that was, I should step back and let you know what my friends and I had been up to this year. The short of it is we were having the time of our lives. Why? Because we were finally learning to have fun, and we had fun because we realized that fun didn’t depend on boys. We had to have fun despite them because the fun we girls want to have isn’t always the kind of fun boys have in mind. And seeing that boys usually got what they wanted from us, it was about time we got what we wanted from them; and we could do just that as long as we worked together and helped each other out. because we girls are invincible in numbers, as I will soon explain.

Now I told you about Brian, that enormous pain in the ass who might have made my final year at college a real drag; but he didn’t succeed because my friends and I decided to have some fun and teach him a lesson and have been teaching him a lesson practically the entire school year. And Brian’s leaning all about girl power, and he’s learning the hard way; and he’s become really sweet and compliant, at least most of the time. And when he does act up and give me or my friends attitude, we make him regret it; and have fun doing so, I can tell you. Fun at all costs; that’s our motto. And if a guy doesn’t like it, too bad.

Speaking of pain in the ass, Brian knows what that means all too well. Just the other day, we had some girls over from the Chi Omega sorority across the street for Thursday paddle practice. We stripped Brian and had him assume the position over the back of the sofa, his balls dangling so vulnerable between his legs for all to see and us girls trying out our paddling techniques on his soft, white ass; which, mind you, doesn’t stay white for long but got awfully red. Which is fine by us because we all love beating Brian’s ass until it gets bright red, and watching his balls jiggle every time someone takes a paddle to his ass cheeks. And when it’s done, I always remind him that we did it because he was a “pain in the ass.”

It’s always a lot of fun, and since the Chi Omegas are always having friends over (and they have a strict no boys policy at their house) it’s a great way to mix with other girls around campus and expose them to the joys of girl power in action. So everyone in our circle of friends knows about Brian and so every Thursday we invite everyone over to share a laugh over drinks and try out paddle techniques. Because you can never get too much practice.

But I’m getting sidetracked. I was going to tell you about how much fun we’ve been having what with the fall school term almost finished. And my friends and I have been determined to have even more fun and to make our term as memorable as possible. But there was one night only last week which we can never forget, nor will two stupid guys who totally got what was coming to them.

And one of those guys was Brian, that asshole who was learning not to be such an asshole and to realize that the world didn’t revolve around him and that what mattered was what my girlfriends and I wanted. But he wasn’t learning fast enough.

I should mention, though, that Brian was my slave. Well, he was everyone’s slave, and we told him that he had to do whatever any of us girls wanted whenever we wanted it. In short, he was community property and we girls made good use of him; it would have been a waste not to.

And with Brian, no one had to lift a finger. Anyone needed laundry done, we had Brian do it. We wanted some home cooking, we had Brian do it. Though his cooking left something to be desire at first, he’s been learning a lot over the months and is actually pretty handy in the kitchen now. And then best part about having Brian do the cooking is we have him do it naked, which is always good for a giggle. And if it’s a formal occasion, we’ll give him a bowtie so he won’t feel so exposed; though we’re always having new girls over who can’t help but giggle a little at seeing a boy from school naked and following all kinds of ridiculous orders like jump on one leg, bend over or do jumping jacks. I think he still gets embarrassed alsancak escort when he’s naked in front of newcomers, but it’s all part of the fun. And there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun.

Oh, and Brian cleans dorm rooms and apartments. No complaints and no questions. he has to do anything requiring a little manly strength, which is about all that men can offer, if that. And whenever a friend is moving, I make sure that Brian is there as long as he’s needed because he’s a workhorse and he needs to realize that. I mean he should make himself useful considering we let him worship our bodies too, which he should be grateful for, though he still hates it even after several months of worshiping our stinkiest body parts. He doesn’t know how lucky he is that he gets to worship our feet as much a he does, and we’ve trained him to be quite skilled with his mouth and hands. He’s gained a bit of a reputation among us girls who love rewarding him for all his hard work cleaning, cooking and giving massages and pedicures by letting him have a little good, kinky, and often stinky fun under our feet. It is a reward and maybe one day Brian will realize that and stop complaining about smelling and licking our feet when our feet get extra nasty and ripe.

“It’s just a bunch of stinky feet,” I explained one day when he was especially upset over my having worn my ratty sneakers for two days in a row. I wanted some first rate foot worship but he begged me not to make me worship my feet after I’d been wearing those nasty canvas sneaks.

“The smell is nauseating,” he explained. To which I told him that I had a long day “and that all I wanted from him was some quality foot worship. The way he acted you’d think it a crime for me or any of my friends to have stinky feet. “They’re feet and they stink. Big deal. Just make yourself useful and start making my fee feel amazing.”

“But the smell. It’s not fair.”

The more he complained about the smell of my feet, the more I realized he needed to smell them good and proper. So I told him to stop being a baby, take off my shoes and start smelling my toes so I could hear him. For me, there were few things more fun than watching smell my feet despite his obvious disgust. He hated feet and I loved it that I could make him smell and lick my feet and anyone else’s anyway.

He knew I need only call my friends over and he not only be smelling my feet but theirs too. And, as chance would have it, their feet sometimes smelled even worse than mine. She he shut up, pried off my sneakers and started sniffing my toes, and when he pulled away, I pushed my foot into his face, and my toes over his nose until I was ready for some foot worship. I deserved it.

By the way, if my friends and I are feeling a little horny, we’ll usually have Brian get on his knees and eat us out until we cum. And sometimes my friends will come by just for orgasms, and when they get they’re orgasms, they thank me for lending Brian and are usually on their way. It’s oral sex when and whenever we want, and we don’t have to ask. We tell Brian and he does it; and when we want it again and again, he keeps licking until we’re good and satisfied. Sometimes my friends and I will be watching tv when someone will open her legs and order Brian to eat her; which he does and then he winds up doing the same to everyone. The girls especially love coming by after practice and having Brian eat them out knowing just how sweaty they are and knowing that Brian has to bring them to orgasm no matter what. Because when he doesn’t give one of us an orgasm, he knows there’s hell to pay because we’ll bend him over the sofa, paddle him and maybe do unspeakable things to him with dildos we keep on hand, not to mention tormenting his privates a little. I think guys underestimate how sadistic we girls can get. They’d be shocked to realize how much fun some of us have hurting guys. I mean my friends love it when he acts up and so they really give it to him until they have him on the floor, begging for forgiveness and promising to do everything he’s told. That’s always the best moment, and we milk it for all it’s worth.

Once, one my of friends Gloria, couldn’t cum even though Brian was licking her for fifteen minutes or so. I knew he was doing the best he could, but rules are rules and we made him regret failing to bring her to orgasm. And I think we even paddled his cock around; because if we didn’t get the pleasure we wanted, he was gonna feel some pain where it really hurt.

I used to feel bad that Brian didn’t get off, until I realized that’s his problem. he can get himself off in his room on his time; though he knows that when I come home hot and sweaty and eager for a good, long massage and determined to get my sore feet thoroughly worshipped and rubbed, he’d better come running no matter what he’s doing. But he knows I take priority, even if I need just a face to put my feet after a long day while I ayrancılar escort watch a little Oprah.

Heck, he knows even my feet take priority over anything he’s doing. And with all the time he’s spent worshipping our feet, he’s been learning that every woman’s feet take priority over any of his needs. And the best part is we don’t have to care how nasty, stinky or dirty our feet are because he’ll thoroughly worship them all the same. And hopefully he’ll realize how grateful he should be to have spent as much time as he has with our feet in his face, smelling, licking and sucking on them; and that ugly and incredibly stinky feet deserve the same attention and care as nice, clean ones.

Like I tell him every time, it’s foot worship. It’s not meant to be nice for him. It’s nice for us.

So you see, we’ve been quite sweet to him letting him worship our feet all the time. It’s just that he doesn’t realize how good he has it; but he does have it good. And my friends Katey and Amy feel the same way because when he’s done a good job of cleaning their rooms, or their clothes or anything else they needed done, they reward him by having him get on the floor, removing their shoes and socks and letting him smell their toes for a while (the stinkier their toes the more they loved having him smell them) and clean every inch of the feet and toes (the sweatier and dirtier their feet, the more time is needed to clean them with his mouth). And the more generous they feel, the more time they’ll spend getting their feet super ripe beforehand. And considering just how extra stinky Katey and Amy get their feet, I know how much they appreciate Brian and love rewarding him.

Though if there’s one thing I wish I could do it’s make Brian realize that doing our stinky feet is a reward and not a punishment. I mean it started out as a punishment because he hated smelly feet and wouldn’t massage our feet even though he promised he would. So we gave him a dose of foot stink he wouldn’t forget, but the more we did it to him, the more we realized he was lucky. I mean how many guys get opportunities to worship so many feet, and there are guys would consider it heaven to have their faces covered in hot, sweaty stinky feet; but not Brian. Though I was hoping I could still change that; maybe cause him enough pain that a few horribly cheesy feet in his face would feel like heaven.

It would be better for Brian if he could just have fun with it; then we wouldn’t have to feel like we’re teaching him a lesson. As long as we girls are having fun, he should have fun. We’re having a laugh, he might as well join in or he’ll feel we’re laughing at him. Which of course we are, but he can laugh at himself too and take enjoyment out of the fact that we’re having a good time making use of him and humiliating him. And when he stops thinking he should get something out of it, we’ll all be better off.

Though I’m wondering if maybe I’ve been too hard on Brian lately which is why he’s been avoiding me. About all I have him do now is eat me out when I get horny, after which I usually send him off to bed, or have him worship my feet after class and after practice. But we never talk; though when we did talk it was usually a complaint from him. And if he has nothing but complaints (i.e. Your feet are too smelly, your pussy smells, etc) then I’d rather not hear anything from him. And it wouldn’t bother me if I didn’t know he was spending so much time with my friend Tasha. I mean he’s as much her slave as mine and she has her needs, which Brian needs to satisfy; but he almost seems to enjoy satisfying her needs more than mine. And that bothers me. He is my roommate, after all, which should entitle me to some priority.

“He belongs to us all equally,” said Tasha only last week when I asked her why she was spending so much time with him. “It’s been a rough week and I’ve needed the attention. Not to mention the fact that my foot odor problem has been flaring up again and you know how much I love making Brian worship my feet when they stink.”

“Maybe if you didn’t wear your ratty sneakers all week without socks,” I advised with a smile. Tasha was so skilled at getting her feet insanely smelly. Though the thought that perhaps Brian liked Tasha’s super cheesy feet crossed my mind. And then I remembered how much he hated feet, even after months of worshipping so many feet.

“Maybe you’re right. But my friends were visiting from town and we thought it would be fun to have Brian jack off for us after he treated them to some first rate foot worship.”

And then I realized that Brian was getting off while he was with Tasha. It made no difference to me whether he came or not; but Tasha was giving him an outlet, even if it was for the amusement of her buddies. And maybe, just maybe, Brian was learning to associate sexual pleasure with worshipping sweaty feet and seeing it as more of a pleasure.

Though Tasha was training balçova escort Brian to love foot worship, perhaps I didn’t really want him to love it. Thinking back, I got a real kick out of the girls forcing their stinky feet in his face while he thrashed about and cursed every smelly minute we tormented him with our cheesy toes over his nose or in his mouth. What I enjoyed was that he hated it (and boy id he hate having feet in his face), and hopefully still did. There was nothing better than having him peel off a pair of damp socks I’d been wearing for three days and pressing my toes over his nose and order him to smell them so I could hear him; and having him tied up so he had no choice but to smell my feet and the feet of my friends who’d been getting their feet as stinky as possible too.

Then it occurred to me that I needed to remind Brian how much he hated feet and to make it as nasty as possible. I remembered how much foot odor bothered him and thought that the less he associates it with something good the better. It was for us, and I wanted him to love foot worship because it made us feel good, love smelling out stinky toes because it was funny for us to make him smell our toes; or love cleaning them because we loved feeling his tongue over our soles and between our toes and because it was fun having him lick and scrape the sweat and dirt off them. I wanted him to love the act of worship and of giving me and my friends what we wanted, but I still wanted him to hate feet and foot odor. And the more he hated it the more he’d learn to love it for what we got out of it and not for anything he might get out of it; like oral sex. He would love it because it pleased us even if it was work for him.

Though I owe Brian’s enslavement to Tasha; since it was her idea to have him stripped and forced to smell everyone’s stinky feet after practice back in September. It was still me who made him as submissive as he was. I taught him to make my needs and pleasure a priority, as well as the needs of any woman; and to make my desire for amusement more important than his own shame. If my friends and I got a kick out of having him jump around in the nude, his cock and falls flapping around, he’d do it without hesitation. And when we needed to vent some aggression, he’d offer his body for a little abuse. In short, he was learning sacrifice. And it was better for everyone.

But it was my doing, and if Tasha couldn’t be the proper ballbuster she’d been all year then I was prepared to bust some balls and remind Brian that it wasn’t about him but about us girls.

Anyway, I wanted to teach Brian another lesson, to break him down one last time and to make foot worship the stinky, humiliating task it has been for him for so long; and to have him thank us for it even though he hates is.

And I also wanted to teach Johnny a lesson for having fucked me and dropped me and then for calling me last week asking me if I’d like to hook up again for old time’s sake. He wanted to get a few more fucks in before Christmas break and he figured I’d be more than willing to oblige. And I guess if he’d known about Brian, he wouldn’t have called me. He would have been scared of me and the girls. But what we did with Brian was our secret, and none of the girls who had fun with Brian ever told the guys on campus. Brian was our private empowerment and we kept it to ourselves. We all knew it had to be a secret, and the girls were good at keeping it secret. And it was a wonderfully naughty secret because Brian was the guy who would do anything and who would play out any kinky fantasies any of us girls had. Anything we felt a little ashamed we found Brian and had some fun; because no one had to feel shame when playing with Brian. Everything was fun, and nothing was wrong or shameful.

But I wanted to do naughty unspeakable and humiliating things to Johnny too. I hated him for calling me and thinking I’d be honored to have sex with him again; and when I told all my friends, they hated him as much too; though everyone thought he was lovely and probably wished he’d called on them for sex. All the girls liked Johnny, but it had gone to his head and he deserved a lesson. We had to teach him it wasn’t about him at all, but it was about us having a good time before the school term ended, not Johnny having sex with as many girls as possible or Brian thinking he could brush me aside for Tasha (even if he was her slave too). It was going to be about me and what I wanted, and I wanted payback.

It was girl power which meant that it was about what we wanted, and the more the merrier. It was about us having some good, clean, naughty fun, about totally humiliating guys when they deserved it, peeling off our nasty socks and rubbing as much stinky humiliation in his face as we wanted. It was about us having sharing a laugh even if it was at the expense of some guy who probably never realized how funny he looked naked jumping around while we tried to slap and squeeze his ass and cock and balls; and sometimes it was about venting a little anger and frustration on a guy’s behind and feeling a lot better for it afterwards. It was about making good use of a guy, because why clean up and cook and do laundry when you can make some stupid guy do it, and then when he’s done totally lick your feet.

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