Girlfriend’s Special Surprise

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My girl friend thrived on sex. Her all-consuming lust was tainted with an healthy dose of kink. She was the most compelling person I had ever met. She wasn’t the most beautiful woman in a room but certainly the most captivating. I was enthralled. She lead me down paths of sexual adventures that I had only ever dreamed about, some I hadn’t believed when I read about them and many I never conceived possible. She had given me orgasms that had left me numb.

When she suggested a dirty long weekend at resort area several hours from town I readily agreed. She assured me that I was about to have the weekend of my life. As I waiting for to pick me up I literally hopping with anticipation. When she pulled up to the curb I could see through the window that she was wearing a very short skirt exposed the tops of nylons and the tantalizing ribbon clasp of a garter. My heart skipped a beat as I stared dumbfounded with lust. A toot of her horn brought me out of my stupor so I could I stumble into the car and her giggling embrace.

She let me drink in the sheer sexual energy of scent and warm body before pushing me with a squeal of delight as she stomped on the accelerator sending us careening down the street. As she drove she teased me with vague hints of what was in store for me over the next few days as I stole lingering lust filled glances at her deliciously nylon clad legs and a hint of pantied crotch when she shifted dramatically enjoying her effect on me. I groaned shivering as her fingers trailed over my thigh before brushing suggestively of the bulge in my jeans.

Without warning she pulled the car into a rest stop to come to a screeching stop in front of the toilet block. Lunging from the car she rushed around to my side of the car throwing open the door as I looked about bemused. “Well silly,” she purred in my ear, “You joining me or what?” I gasped startled at the prospect looking up to see if she was serious. Arching eye brow suggestively she tossed me a lewd wink before scurrying away.

Fumbling with my seat I stumbled from the car and followed her cautiously casting a wary eye over the other cars nearby to see if anyone was paying any attention to us. With a shrieking giggle she caught my eye disappearing into the shadows of the men’s toilet. Intrigued but nervous I strode swiftly after her. In sudden darkness I slowed proceeding cautiously blinking rapidly to adjust to the gloom. I barely stifled a roar of fear when her hand darted out of the darkness of a cubicle to pull me bodily inside.

She was no longer giggling. Taking full control of the situation she pushed me into a corner of the stall before slamming the door closed, locking it. I stood there meekly compliant as she deftly began pulling at my clothes to expose my flesh. Pushing up my shirt she wrapped her hot lips about a nipple sucking hungrily into her mouth. When her teeth closed about my sensitive nipple I gasped passionately arching my back as she pulled open my pants. Holding my nipple at the mercy of clenched teeth I panted for control when her hands slipped into my underwear to gently fondle my already surging manhood.

Massaging my cock Bostancı Escort and balls she continued to bite or suck on my nipple driving me crazy. My cock was rock hard and it felt like my eyes were rolling into the back of my head when she stopped as suddenly as she had started. My passion drunk mind failed to comprehend while sexual tension wracked my body as I thrust myself towards where she had been wantonly — she was gone. Panting, hands on knees, I shivered with the cool air on my sex hot body and pent up passion as I watched incredulously as my erection slowly deflated.

With a groan of frustration I rearranged my clothing with trembling hands before sheepishly exiting the building. She was waiting in the car with a Cheshire cat smile on her face. She watched me coolly, calculatingly as I slipped awkwardly into the car. Without a word and not waiting for me to buckle up she sent the car screaming from the car park.

We sped down the highway to the pounding beat of new wave music that made conversation impossible leaving me to stew with in my thoughts and pent up sexual frustration. When were getting close to our destination she surprised me by abruptly taking a side road that was barely even noticeable. As I looked about the enclosing foliage trying to figure out she was up to now she turned again and we were in a open glade. Skidding to a stop she looked lasciviously at me and murmured, “Get out.”

My body surged with sexual adrenalin as I hastily complied. She was totally in control as she exited smoothly from the drivers door and sauntered around to stand before me. Playfully she caressed the collar of my shirt leaning her warm body against mine. “Strip for me baby,” she breathed hotly into my neck. “I want to see you naked.”

Without a thought of refusal I started to shed clothing. She watched as I clumsily compiled nodding her head approvingly as my hairless body was exposed to her. “Very good baby,” she purred dragging her nails sharply over my skin. “Hmmmm, yes, very nice,” she gurgled throatily before heading to the cars trunk. Standing there stark naked my swelling cock ignoring the cool air as goose bumps dimpled my body I watched expectantly trying to see what she was up to behind the cars open trunk. My breath caught in a shuddering gasp as she reappeared pulling lengths of rope from a bag.

Watching warily my nervous questions were hushed my a finger to her lips. She smiled reassured as I bit my lip nervously while she slipped a pre-knotted loop of rope around my neck. I swallowed hard for control as she pulled the rope tight then down, forcing me to bend towards her. “You trust me don’t you sweetie,” she whispered seductively in my ear. With her hot breath tingling on my cool flesh I nodded enthusiastically. She giggled sweetly wrapping rope with surprising dexterity and skill about my wrists tying them tightly behind my back. Turning me towards the car she passed the length of rope trailing from my neck between my legs.

Tittering like a school girl she pulled the rope up to my crotch snugly beneath my balls. Gasping my surprise I rose to my tip toes as she continued Ümraniye Escort to pull the rope up splitting my balls to either side. Distracted by trying to keep her from damaging my manhood I barely noticed her tying the loose end off to the car door handle. As I struggled to keep my balance on my toes she gracefully bent at the waist engulfing my semi-erect cock with her hot moist mouth. With the cool air wafting over my naked body I pranced on tip toes as she sucked my cock erect.

She stopped. I was left panting struggling to stay upright as she turned away heading back to the open trunk. My nostrils flared as I struggled for control of my emotions and body. A swish air and a loud snap immediately caught my attention. She stood there, legs firmly planted apart holding a long thin crop before her. A calculating smile creased her features as she coldly assessed her effect on me. Dumb struck I could only stare back silently hoping I hadn’t miscalculated my relationship with this dynamic woman.

I held my breath when she started towards me swishing the crop menacingly back and forth before her. Stopping just within reach she teasingly played the tip of her crop over my twitching naked body. Smiling with a glint of delighted evil in her eyes she quietly announced, “It’s time we found out just how kinky you are darling.”

Leaving no time to grasp her meaning my girl friend drew back her arm and lashed my naked buttocks with her crop. The stinging pain was excruciating and I screeched in surprised agony as a burning welt rose on my air cooled flesh making me dance on my tips toes to keep my balance. “Each time you scream darling,” she warned with mischievous glee, “you’ll get ten more.”

While I struggled she lashed me again. This new welt adding to the pain of the previous one. She was merely flicking her wrist to exact such terrifying pain. She timed her lashes to catch me off guard as I pranced about trying to stay upright, avoid as much of her lashes as possible and not cry out. Eventually I was forced to lean into the cold steel of the car door allowing her free reign to lash my bare buttocks at her pleasure. I was gritting my teeth as stinging lash after stinging lash bit into my once creamy white buttocks. Warm tears streaked my cheeks and I was biting my lip to stifle my desire to scream out. When the switch wrapped around my ass biting viciously into my hip I pleaded with her to stop. My pleas were met with another nasty lash.

It took me a moment to realise that she had ceased whipping me. Hot stinging welts covered my buttocks, lower back and upper thighs. My body trembled with shivers in the cool air as I looked to see her staring vacantly at the results of her efforts. I sniffled warily watching her raise the hem of her short tight skirt to reveal the moisture stained crotch of her thin nylon panties. With a beatific smile and a glazed expression she began to masturbate herself with the knobby handle of her switch. I watched shaking with a mixture of pain and lust utterly fascinated as she brought herself to a shuddering orgasm.

When she had ceased her orgasmic convulsions Anadolu Yakası Escort she straightened her skirt before advancing towards me flicking her switch, giggling at my terrified response. “Hmmm, oh sweetie that was wonderful.”

My breath came in shuddering gasps as she traced welt after welt with a finger nail humming happily to herself. “Oh my, but I haven’t hurt you have I?” She inquired in a mocking voice as her finger nail traced the line of my hip working its way towards my still very rigid manhood as I strained against the restraints and losing my balance. That little girl giggle again made me flush redly as she ran her nail around and about my dick.

“It looks like you really enjoyed that my pet!” She breathed hotly into my neck before a squeal of mock fright as my dick lurched convulsively to release a spurt of pre-cum. “Oh my yessss,” she purred swirling her finger tip about in the clear slick goo as my cock twitched in reaction to her touch, “oooh yesssss, very interesting darling!”

My body trembled from exertion and the building need for sexual release. She used her goo slick finger to caress and tease my straining cock. “Come for me baby,” she urged me breathlessly watching her handiworks effect closely. Leaning forward she blew hot air over my sex sensitive cock drawing a whimper of need from me. When her lips brushed over the veiny hardness of my erection my body convulsed ready to explode. As her hot moist lips enveloped the head of my cock the surge of my orgasm erupted from my body. A howl of pain and pleasure echoed across the glade as the orgasm tore through my body.

Lurching and convulsing, my cock enveloped in her hot mouth, I struggled for balance certain I fall. She raked her finger nails across my sensitive welt rippled flesh of my buttocks adding to my tortured state. Knee weakening trembles of emotion washed over me as I gasped for breath. A whimper of need escaped my lips as her wondrously hot mouth left my still straining hard erection and she kissed her way wetly, hotly, up my cool dimpled flesh. Stopping to assess me with hooded eyes she encircled her a hand behind my head to caress the nape of my neck. Her fingers entwined in my hair as she drew my face towards her parting her slick ruby lips to show me she tongue resting in a pool of my creamy white cum.

Her fingers tightened in my hair as her cum covered tongue emerged from between her moist lips to lick my lips leaving them tingling and cum slick. She seemed to enjoy the effect and licked me again. Then again more forcefully. Then pulling my face towards her she plunged her cum covered tongue deeply into my mouth to swirl it about my own. Consumed by her passion I allowed her to pull my head back so that she was kissing down on me flooding my mouth with my own ejaculate. Her tongue swirled about and thrust into my mouth as she tongue fucked me.

By the time she finished it was only her hand griping my hair that held my limp body upright. Her Cheshire Cat smile was back as she drank the effect she had on me and my body. Giving me a cumy wet peck on the cheek she deftly released the rope from the car releasing my hair at the same time, then giggling mischievously as I crashed weak kneed to the ground. Squatting down beside me my girl friend stroked my numb shivering body and purred breathlessly in my ear, “Hurry up and get dressed sweetie, we have a whole weekend to look forward to.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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