Girls Like Boys Who Like Boys

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(Note to reader: This is the second in what will be a continuing series of stories about the erotic adventures of the three friends, Jade, Yvette and Steve, two women and a man. The first of these stories, “Two Plus One Equals Fun,” has already been posted.)

Jade and Yvette were having lunch with Jade’s friend, Carol. It had been many weeks now since the two women had enjoyed their scorching threesome with Steve. Having experienced such intimacy with him, and with each other, every time they now met or spoke there was a knowing tone to their rapport, a rapport which had become deeply sexualized.

What Yvette didn’t know yet was that Carol, too, had enjoyed such intimacies, three months ago having herself joined Jade and Steve one evening for a very intense menage a trois. “How’s your brother?” Jade asked Carol.

She’d known Carol for years and saw her regularly, but it had been quite a while since she’d seen her teenage brother.

“Oh he’s fine,” Carol said, “he turned eighteen last week and started college this month. As a matter of fact he and a roommate got themselves an apartment not far from where you live, Jade.”

“So is he– uh– still– ” Jade began.

“Gay?” Carol said with a knowing grin, finishing the question. “Yes, I would think so.”

The last time Jade had laid eyes on Billy he had been to the beach with his sister and Jade. He was a nice looking kid and appeared to be a regular clean-cut teen; there was nothing especially ‘gay’ about his looks or his manner. And Jade still remembered the strikingly visible bulge then in the crotch of his bathing trunks. When he went off for a swim she slyly mentioned that bulge to Carol, who smiled knowingly. That’s when she told Jade her brother was gay. And confirmed for her that it wasn’t just wadding he had stuffed into his trunks. No, she had caught sight of him naked recently and confirmed that he had himself a really big and meaty cock. She hadn’t seen it stiff, but, still, with sisterly pride she acknowledged that her brother possessed quite a specimen down below.

“He’s gay and he’s hung,” Jade said, turning to Yvette, knowing that she always perked up at any mention of an oversized cock. She now told Yvette about that observation she’d made at the beach and how Carol had confirmed it.

“Listen to this,” Carol said, leaning in and lowering her voice, “a few weeks ago we were at my folks’ summer cottage up at the lake. Billy was there too. Well, one night I couldn’t sleep so I went down to the kitchen to get something to eat. I walked past Billy’s room and saw that the door was open and there was a light on. So I peek in and you know what I see?”

“No, what?” Yvette said excitedly, guessing.

“He was beating away at it. And this time it was stiff. I mean, rock hard. My eyes just about popped out. I couldn’t believe how huge it was. I mean, it was amazing.”

Hearing this, Yvette’s jaw dropped as a chill ran down her spine.

“Just how huge?” Yvette asked.

Carol, with a big, almost smug smile on her face, stuck out her two forefingers and then pulled them apart teasingly until they seemed to be almost a foot apart from each other.

“You’re kidding us!” Yvette gasped in amazement.

“I kid you not,” Carol told them, “and he’s at least as thick as my wrist.”

The other two women gazed down at Carol’s wrist and imagined.

“So I stood there, by the open door, and Billy glanced up and caught me looking,” Carol continued, “He blushed, then pulled the sheet up over himself. But I felt sort of brazen. So I waltzed into his room, complimented him on what he’d revealed, telling him I was proud to have a brother who was so well-equipped. Then I left, closing the door behind him, and told him to keep doing what he was doing. That I was probably going to do the very same thing myself when I got back into my room and in bed.”

“Wow!” Jade said, a little amazed herself.

“Me and my baby brother are pretty close,” Carol said, “and after I saw him like that we became even closer. I told him that he must be quite a hit with guys. He said that he was, but when I pressed him he told me that what really got to him was other guys’ cocks.

Carol looked back and forth between Yvette and Jade, then held her gaze on Jade.

“You know, I think he’d like Steve,” she said, Yvette a little taken aback at the remark.

Now Carol turned to Yvette.

“You’ve met Steve?” she asked.

“Oh, she’s met him alright,” Jade interrupted, figuring she might as well fill in the blanks, revealing to each of the two women that the other had enjoyed intimacies with she and Steve. Jade’s two companions now looked at one another, sharing this knowledge and the added touch of intimacy that came with it.

“Has she told you how they’ve done it with guys?” Carol asked Yvette bluntly, feeling a little wicked. With the cat now completely out of the bag, Jade told Yvette what she had already once revealed to Carol, that she and Steve had mixed it up with men in scenes where Steve had fucked those men Antep Escort Bayan and had his cock sucked by them.

“No shit!” Yvette said, “that’s such a turn-on, hearing that. I’ve always wanted to watch two guys make it. That’s been one of my big all-time fantasies.”

It had been one of Jade’s also until she’d had that particular fantasy fulfilled.

“I just know Billy would enjoy Steve,” Carol said with a sly smile.

“Sure sounds that way,” Jade said, her feverish mind scheming.

And so a few weeks later she invited Billy to have dinner at her place, saying two friends, a man she was seeing and a girlfriend, would also be joining them. As far as Billy was concerned one of his older sister’s closest friends, learning he now lived in the neighborhood, was inviting him over for a home-cooked meal. Of course Yvette was well aware this was a ruse, the hope being that young Billy could be lured into some special intimacies. Steve, ever horny and always up for a new and twisted sexual adventure, had been told that Billy preferred men and was very receptive to the offering of a stiff cock. And then, of course, both women, especially Yvette, were eager to see if Carol had been telling the truth, if Billy’s cock was, in fact, something for the record books.

They had finished their dinner and Jade directed everyone to the living room, the two men setting themselves down on a leather couch, the two women opposite them in adjoining arm chairs.

“So, Billy,” Jade said, putting down her wine glass, “your sister tells me that you’re a very well-endowed boy.”

Stunned by her bluntness, Billy blushed a deep shade of red.

“Don’t be embarrassed, it’s something to be proud of,” Yvette said, sipping wine, “if it’s true, that is. Is it, Billy?”

He was silent, numbed.

“Steve’s pretty well-endowed himself,” Jade said, “not quite up to your prize-winning dimensions, if you sister isn’t exaggerating. But still, nothing to be ashamed of.”

Steve smiled cockily, assessing the scene and everyone’s reactions.

“Maybe we can get Steve to show us his,” Jade said, “and then maybe that’ll encourage you to show us yours, Billy. I know you boys like to show off your prize possessions.”

The two women chuckled.

“So what do you say, Steve?” Yvette said to him, “feel like whipping it out for us?”

“Why don’t you two do something to encourage me,” he said to the women.

Yvette and Jade looked at one another. Both were wearing slinky cocktail dresses and now reached under them to pull down their panties. Then they hiked up their dresses, flexed and spread their legs and showed off their two pussies to the two men.

“Does this encourage you?” Jade purred.

“Yeah, does it?” Yvette asked, seductively gliding a hand up her thigh.

“I think it does,” Steve said, reaching down lazily to unzip his jeans, then digging in to pull out his suddenly very erect cock, a cock quite familiar to Jade and Yvette.

“How about you, Billy?” Yvette asked.

“Uh– you know, I’m– uh–” he stuttered.

“Gay. Yeah, we know,” Jade said.

“Well why don’t we just admire Steve’s for the moment,” Yvette said, admiring it. “You too, Billy.”

Steve loved having his cock be the center of attention like this for the two women and their male guest as he stroked it almost lewdly, twisting it in his fist slowly and sensually, the shaft straight and rigid, standing at full mast. The two women glanced quickly at one another as they saw how intently Billy was staring at the vividly exposed erect penis.

Then Jade got up and walked over to Steve, dropping to her knees in front of the couch and taking his cock in her mouth, sucking it.

“Oh yeah, girl, do it!” Yvette urged with a sassy cackle.

Billy stared with eyes wide open, stared in near disbelief at what he was suddenly witnessing. And if all that wasn’t enough, Yvette now dragged herself over to the couch and joined Jade, the two women taking turns sucking Steve’s cock, looking right at Billy as they took that cock between their lips.

“So tasty, isn’t it, Yvette?”

“I’ll say!” the other woman responded, stroking the shaft now.

Now Jade focused on their guest.

“Say Billy? Why don’t you slide over here?”

He hesitated a moment but then slid over so he was right alongside Steve.

“Here, why don’t you hold it,” Yvette said, ‘handing over’ Steve’s cock to the teen who, again, waited a long moment before taking hold of the cock, his hand eager but a touch shaky with nervousness.

“That’s right, just like that,” Jade said encouragingly as Billy began to stroke Steve. Even if he hadn’t been gay, she knew Billy probably had much experience stroking a hard cock. After all, what man didn’t!

“How about a little taste now?” Yvette purred, bringing a hand down to the back of Billy’s head, pushing his head down gently. This time there was no hesitation as a suddenly eager Billy lowered his head and took Steve’s cock in his mouth.

“Oh wow! I can’t fucking believe it! He’s sucking his cock!” Yvette gasped as she now actually witnessed what for so long she had fantasized.

“That sure as shit is what he’s doing,” Jade said with a chuckle. She of course had seen men devour Steve’s penis more than once.

“Uh huh, Billy, suck my dick!” Steve hissed, pushing down on the teen’s head.

And suck his cock Billy did, with relish and zest. Carol had told them her young brother enjoyed servicing other man’s cocks even more than having his own massive one serviced by them. And the eager manner in which he was going down on Steve, taking more and more of the rigid shaft in his mouth and down his throat only confirmed the sister’s impression.

“Holy shit! Look at that!” Yvette said, pointing to the crotch of Billy’s jeans. The striking outline of the bulge, of the erect cock, could not have been more vivid.

“I think Billy must be enjoying himself,” Jade cackled, reaching with a hand for the zipper of Billy’s jeans. He did not recoil, just cast a quick glance Jade’s way. She unzipped those jeans now and unbuckled his belt as he kept sucking Steve, Yvette looking down at the swelling with eyes as focused as a pair of lasers. Jade dug her hand into the open zipper.

“Wow, have I got hold of something!” she gasped.

And then that something she had hold off was pulled out and revealed as jaws dropped in wonderment. Carol had, in fact, not been exaggeration. Billy’s cock, fully erect now and no doubt made so by the excitement of sucking Steve’s cock, was as awesome in its dimensions as his sister had claimed. It stood straight out of his pants now, stood straight and tall, easily close to the twelve inch length Carol had claimed for it. A beautifully formed and massively oversized penis it was. And it’s thickness! Steve, too, looked over at the stunning sight, appreciating the spectacular equipment possessed and now revealed by their young guest.

Jade took it in her hand and stroked it.

“I know you’re gay and everything, Billy, but is it alright if I touch it?” she asked seductively, a feline purr underlining her words.

He didn’t say yes, but he didn’t say no, so Jade took that as an affirmative. Carol herself had urged that Jade invite her brother to dinner, thinking that this way he could be lured to the attraction of Steve’s cock, a cock Carol herself had once thoroughly enjoyed. This way the two women could also get a look at that massive cock of her brother’s she had described so vividly and over which they drooled. But once Jade had told Carol that the invitation had been made and accepted, Carol made her promise that whatever they did with her baby brother, the two women would not try to fuck him. First, she said they probably would find him just too big to take inside themselves. But more importantly, she didn’t want her brother to feel uncomfortable. He was gay, she well knew, and she didn’t want two lusty women to try to turn his head. Jade now thought back to that promise she’d made. Yes, she’d sworn that she and Yvette wouldn’t try to fuck Carol’s brother, but she didn’t say anything about not handling or sucking his cock. Fucking a woman’s pussy was one thing. But fondling and sucking his cock is something he’d experienced plenty with other males. So how different, really, would it be to have himself handled like that by a woman, or by two women?

“Oh man, Carol wasn’t kidding, was she?” Yvette said, staring at the stunning penis, a long, thick pole as rigid as a length of steel tubing, and every bit the prize sentinel of male virility Carol said it was. Yvette was mesmerized by the sight, even more than Jade, for she had a special fetish for very, very large cocks. Now Yvette reached over as Jade pulled her hand away, letting her girlfriend have the massive penis to herself. Staring at it in awe, her eyes fixed, her jaw slack, Yvette sensually fisted the immense shaft. And to be able, while doing this, to look up and see the man whose penis she was now fondling wrapping his lips around Steve’s rigid shaft, sucking it hungrily — well this was about as much stimulation as Yvette could handle.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Yvette said, looking up at Billy, who met her gaze but was unable to speak, his mouth full and busy.

So without waiting for an answer, Yvette brought her mouth down and began at Billy’s balls, dragging her tongue over the rough skin of his scrotum, feeling the two balls hard and tight under her tongue. Then, slowly, teasingly, she now dragged that tongue up the underside of Billy’s cock, a seemingly endless journey. She held that shaft in her hand as she licked away until, finally, her lips her reached the top and she opened wide to envelop the smooth, round cockhead, taking it her mouth and sucking it, sucking it with the same raw relish as Billy was sucking Steve’s.

“Look at you, slut!” Jade said with a raucous laugh, appreciating her friend’s unabashed hunger for this massive slab of male meat. Then Jade brought her face down and the two women, together, embarked on a frenzied orgy of licking and sucking, sharing the thick twelve inches between them, massaging it and mouthing it as, all the while, Billy gave a Steve a thorough blow-job.

Billy’s young head was spinning. He craved sucking cock, especially a cock as stiff and nicely formed as Steve’s, and of course many men had been greedy to suck his own spectacular penis. But now it was not a man, but two lusty women who were sucking his cock. He’d had only the most perfunctory experience with girls, and all that did was to make him realize that the female of the species was not for him. It was the male who brought forth the rush of testosterone, who aroused his desires and lusts. But how could he deny the skill and eagerness of these two women, of these two seductive fellatrices? There they were, together, licking and sucking his cock with an abandon and enthusiasm that could match any cock-hungry stud he’d ever been with. And while pleasuring him like this he was not denied what he most sought in this world, another man’s hard cock making use of his youthful ardor.

Steve, of course, loved it all. There was Billy’s head, bobbing up and down, eagerly taking more and more of Steve’s cock in his mouth and down his throat. And there were Steve’s two favorite sexual playmates sharing between them a single erect penis, but an erect penis that provided more than enough for the two to feast, and feast amply.

“That’s right, suck that dick, you two!” Steve hissed at the two women and their eyes lifted to look over at him, Yvette’s lips bravely stretched around the massive shaft as she met his gaze, Jade lewdly licking along, smiling as she licked.

“Bring your hand down and hold it for us, Steve,” Yvette said wickedly. She knew from Jade that Steve was strictly a top. Other men handled and feasted on his dick, other men took his dick inside themselves. That was the way it was. But Yvette couldn’t help but notice how Steve held his gaze on Billy’s stunning club, seemingly as fascinated by it as were the two women.

Steve hesitated a moment, then smiled broadly, smiled easily.

“Sure,” he said, reaching down and wrapping his fingers around the thick shaft. Naturally he hadn’t gone through life, sex-crazed fiend that he was, without having some intimate contact with another man’s penis. But quickly he had found that men were deeply attracted to his cock and the style of his sexual approach. And so he became, in the parlance of this realm, a ‘top.’ Of course a dominant outlook and approach came naturally to him. It was the essence of his libido, with women and men both. But he was not one to set absolute limits and barriers. And the look in Yvette’s eyes now as she asked him to reach down and hold Billy’s cock was so utterly seductive and beguiling that he simply could not resist the brazen overture.

“Thick, huh?” Yvette said, looking up at Steve as she pulled her lips away a moment, then returned them to her chore. It excited her to be sucking on this cock while Steve’s hand, a man’s hand, held it in its grip.

Now suddenly Jade lifted herself up, pushed Billy’s face away from Steve’s cock and straddled Steve, lowering herself over him, impaling her cunt on his shaft, fucking him. Not only was she good and ready to have a cock inside her, Steve’s familiar one, but she wanted young, queer Billy to watch while she, a woman, took the cock he had just been sucking deep inside herself, deep inside her cunt!

“Oh yeah, fuck that cock!” Yvette growled, urging on her friend.

“It feels so good inside, Billy, so, so good!” she purred teasingly, twisting her pelvis sensually as she fucked Steve, pressing her body against Steve and moving up a bit so that Billy would have himself a good view of Steve’s cock entering her creamy snatch.

Now, after fucking him like this for a few short minutes, she lifted herself off of Steve, his cock now slick and glossy from the extravagant wetness of Jade’s over-aroused cunt.

“Suck it again,” she demanded, pushing Billy’s head down on it, wanting him to suck the now cunt-scented cock. And Billy did.

“Mmmmmh, like the taste?” Steve cackled, knowing this youth was not intimate with the taste and scent of pussy.

Billy said nothing, just nodded.

“Now me! Now me!” Yvette said excitedly, eager for her turn.

Jade tugged at Billy, making way for Yvette who now straddled Steve and sunk herself down over his cock, rocking up and down on his tautly erect penis, fucking him with her usual wild abandon. And while she and Steve fucked like this, Yvette leaned down and brought her face to Billy’s cock again, sucking that cock. Steve and Billy shared a look, and it was a new, strange feeling that Billy felt. This was definitely a heterosexual moment, having a woman suck his cock while she was fucking another guy right alongside him.

Meanwhile Jade disappeared for a moment and returned with a jar of lubricant. She dug her fingers into the open jar, scooped up some of the lube, and reached back to slap it between her cheeks, of course making sure everyone watched her do this. Jade just loved being the show-off slut. And here she had an audience of not one, not two, but three.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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