Give and Take

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Big Dick

Nicole’s breasts were pressed into my back and arms wrapped around me, clutching me tight. We were both warm and a little sweaty after a good, hard, late-night fuck. Her fingers raked through my pubic hair tickling me with a soft, light touch. We were both drifting, close to sleep when I decided to casually throw it out there.

“Have you ever been curious about trying anal sex?”

Her fingers stopped their wandering abruptly. The silence seemed to hang forever and I fought to not tense up my body in apprehension. Keep it casual…

“Anal? No not really, although now that you mention it, it does sound pretty kinky.”

Oh, really? Back from the brink… Play this cool…

“Yeah – I thought so, too. I have to admit to always being a little curious what it would feel like.”

I could feel her hot breath on my neck as she was whispering in my ear.

“Mmmm! Oh, yeah… Very freaky! I’m game – I’ve heard that prostrate massage is supposed to be pretty intense.”

“Umm, sweetie… you don’t have a prostrate.”

“I know that, silly…….. You do.”

Uh, what? With an uncomfortable laugh, I replied…

“Oh, sweetie… I wasn’t talking about my ass. I meant me doing yours.”

There was another long, uncomfortable pause. I was beginning to regret bringing this up. Finally, I felt her warm lips on my neck. She sprinkled me with soft kisses, working closer and closer to my ear.

Her voice was low – she was almost purring. “I know exactly what you meant, and I’ll do it, too. You can plough my virgin ass until you pump it full of your cum. BUT… only if I get to do you first. Goodnight, sweetie”

With that she plunged her tongue into my ear and moaned before biting me hard on the earlobe. My heart was racing and my head began to spin. What? What was she proposing? This is NOT what I imagined!

She untangled her arms and legs from mine and scooted back to her side of the bed. She reached out and stroked her hand across my ass. Her touch felt wonderful until she shocked the hell out of me by snaking a finger into my crack and lightly scratching right over my bud with her long, manicured fingernail. I jumped from the unexpected contact but I couldn’t deny the electric charge that ran straight to my cock. She cupped my ass and gave it a good squeeze before rolling over.

“Think it over.”


I was thinking all right. Thinking about how the hell I had ended up in my current position – laying on a paper-covered table in a brightly lit treatment room with my legs pulled to my chest while a 20-something, blonde woman smeared hot wax all over my balls and ass. Each pull of the paper produced the same exclamation.


I had an entirely new appreciation for women’s grooming rituals. God bless them for doing this for us.

I kept muttering under my breath, “What the fuck am I doing?”

Diane, my ‘technician,’ had my cock firmly in Büyükesat Escort her grasp, pulling it obscenely away from my body to pull the skin taught. With another swipe of the wax she finally said, “Oh, don’t worry about it. A lot of guys do this for their boyfriends.”

Through my teeth I was able to gasp, “Oh no, I’m doing this for my girlfriend.”

“Right.” She smiled and went back to her work. A few moments later she whispered, “Wait, you’re serious, aren’t you.”


She must have been able to read all over my face why I was in the spa today.


And that was all that we said until she helped me up and handed me a mirror to admire her handiwork. Bare. Red, angry, and bare – that was all I could think until I ran my fingers across the skin. Ok, add smooth to that. Very, very smooth.

I gave her a big tip as I checked out at the main counter. She just winked and said, “Enjoy!”


It was the third day in a row that I’d given myself a light enema in the early afternoon per Nicole’s instructions. The anticipation was killing me but she was crystal clear that it would happen when she wanted it and that I should be constantly ready for her to take me.

The doorbell rang, snapping me out of my contemplation. I opened the door to see Nicole wearing a long coat over black pants with red heels. I croaked out a hello as she stepped inside. I took her coat as she slipped it down her arms revealing a nearly sheer, low-cut white top framing deep, eye-popping cleavage.

Turning back from the closet, I was pinned against the wall as Nicole attacked my mouth with her own forcing her tongue into my mouth and gripping my hair by the roots. Our tongues battled in and out of each other’s mouths. When she pulled back, I gasped for breath. She only stepped back and pointed to her feet.

“On your knees. I want a blowjob.”

I gazed down her body past the mountains of flesh bound by her straining top. She was wearing a tight pair of black dress pants that hugged her every curve. Simply beautiful.

There was one thing that was completely out of the ordinary, however. The clinging fabric revealed a decent bulge and the outline of a stiff cock pushed down one of her pant legs. I dropped to my knees, looking up into her eyes. She took my hand and placed it on her ‘cock’ – making me stroke it through her pants as she smiled down at me.

“Take it out.”

I began fumbling with the clasps until I was able to pull her pants open and push them down a few inches. She was wearing a pair of black latex panties that clung to her sex. Fastened to the front, however, was a bright red, jelly cock. I reached inside and tugged it free of its confines.

I knew how she wanted to play this now. This wasn’t just about pegging my ass; this was about control. My pulse echoed in my ears as I began to jack her Elvankent Escort off without hesitation. This was more than I’d bargained for, but I was eager to please her. Slowing my strokes, I tentatively placed the tip to my lips and sucked on the head of her “cock.” It tasted of floral soap, but not unpleasantly so.

She stepped back and leaned against the wall as I began to lick and suck at her. After a few minutes she grabbed me by the hair and thrust in and out of my mouth, pushing the fake cock nearly into my throat. I did my best not to choke on it as she fucked my face rhythmically.

“God, I feel so powerful. Suck my cock, you dirty slut.” Turned on by the humiliation I pushed her as deep as I could go until I felt my lips touch the cool latex of her panties. I took a few deep breaths through my nose before she pulled me off her and pointed to the bedroom.

I quickly stripped naked as she waited, then helped her take her pants down. She slipped the red stilettos back on, perfectly matching the deep red of her cock. She pulled her top and bra off leaving her in nothing but the heels and the strap-on. Stepping close to me I could feel her hard nipples against my chest while both our rigid cocks rub against each other. She took one in each hand and gripped them tight at the bases.

“Mmm, so smooth and soft, but mine’s bigger than yours. I can’t wait to hear you beg me to fuck you with it.”

She spun me around and bent me over the footboard, pushing my face into the sheets and pulling my ass up into the air. Her fingers traced my balls, over my taint, and up and down my crack before lingering at my entrance. She slowly circled the bud as I felt her dribble lube onto her finger. It ran down into my crack as she rimmed me. I’d never felt anything so amazing. My already sensitive, hairless ass was tingling as she continued her lazy circles, slowly applying pressure until the tip of her finger broke through my ring.

I grunted at the intrusion, but she just laughed. “That’s nothing sweetie, wait until I’ve got my thick cock pressed into your ass.”

She worked her finger in and out, loosening me up until she could fit a second and then a third finger inside. She poured more and more lube on her fingers until it was running all over my ass and even down my thighs.

“Ooh, you’re so wet. Did I do that to you? It is a good thing I’ve got you naked or you’d be soaking your pretty panties. I think you’re ready for it now, don’t you?”

I didn’t say a word, only sucking in air as I felt her fingers leave my ass. It was quickly replaced by the tip of her jelly cock.

“Pull yourself open for me!”

My face turned scarlet as I reached back to grip each of my cheeks and held them apart. The wet head of her cock pushed past my ring in a quick thrust and I cried out. She held steady, though, neither advancing nor retreating.

“Gentle or rough?”

I Beşevler Escort froze, unsure of what to say.

“Gentle or rough?” This time her voice was stern and accompanied by a hard smack across my ass.

I couldn’t bring myself to look back at her. It was barely a whisper, but she heard it nonetheless. “Rough.”

She pushed away my hands and grabbed my hips hard. With no warning she slammed into me until I was full to bursting. Without concern for my comfort she began to ram in and out of me until she’d managed to loosen my ass enough that she could get completely inside me. The smacking sound of her hips against my ass was the only sound louder than me breathing as I gripped the sheets and held on, dancing on my tip-toes, through her brutal assault on my ass.

Every few minutes she’d smack my ass across one cheek or the other leaving a hot, stinging sensation to accompany the burning fullness in my ass. My cock was as hard as it has ever been and was smacking against the footboard with each thrust. She slowed and paused, pulling out of me completely.

I moaned aloud from the sudden feeling of emptiness. The realization that it was a frustrated moan of disappointment was not lost on either of us.

“Get on the bed. Knees forward, ass in the air!”

Moving as quickly as I could I crawled onto the bed, burying my face, and assuming the position she demanded. Her hands roughly pulled me back until my backside was hanging off the edge of the bed. Another big squirt of lube ran down my ass, dribbling onto my balls and cock.

I heard a buzzing sound and a feminine gasp before I felt the thick red cock force its way inside me again. She resumed her fierce thrusting in and out of me, but this time I could feel a faint buzzing running through my ass and a tremble in her legs. Her pace increased until the slapping of our bodies was nearly deafening. She was panting now and growling as she had her way with me.

“Beg me for it!”


“Beg! Beg for it!”

This was totally out of character for Nicole. We didn’t really do the dirty talk in bed thing, but she was clearly getting into it tonight. I had no shame left as I shouted into the pillow.

“Fuck me! Fuck my ass with your big cock!”

“Cum with me. I want to make you cum while I fuck your ass.”

Ever eager to please, I reached between my legs and began furiously pumping my cock while she kept working toward her own peak. As she got closer she began a series of long, hard thrusts. I stopped pumping my fist and let the force of her thrusts push my cock through my fingers.

She screamed as her orgasm hit her and rammed into me hard. She ground her crotch into my ass as she rode wave after wave. A few short pulls on my cock and I unleashed a tremendous load of cum onto the sheets beneath me. She leaned into me and I collapsed under our combined weight onto the wet bed. We were both covered in a thin sheen of sweat from the exertion of the fucking we’d just experienced.

Once she caught her breath, Nicole pushed herself up and pulled the huge cock out of my sore ass. She rolled over causing it to flop obscenely in the air.

I reached out and held her hand tight. Smiling at me, all she said was, “If you’re that hard on MY ass, I’ll fucking kill you!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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