God is Gay Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of incest or incest content.


When Tom woke up he knew two things — Aaron Klienman was his God and that he found men extremely attractive.

Neither of these things were true last night. But that didn’t bother him. There was nothing wrong with being gay; Tom’s older brother had come out last year and it wasn’t a big deal. And he hadn’t been religious anyway.

The strange thing was that he didn’t know who Aaron Kleinman was. He knew that he was God and that he had created the world and that Tom would do anything he asked. Also, Tom was sure Aaron was the hottest man on the planet even though he had no idea what he looked like.

Tom headed downstairs and heard his Dad cooking in the kitchen. As Dad’s backside came into view — bent over a counter with an apron tied above his shorts — Tom realized how hot his Dad really was.

A man in his early fifties, he had a tall but stocky build with silvery hair thickly coursed across his body. His salt and pepper was even more pronounced with the short beard he had adopted in recent years. What was once an affectation of grief after his wife’s passing had become a source of attraction for the series of divorcees Dad had been dating.

But Tom couldn’t imagine him wasting his time with any of them anymore. He’d probably much prefer a hot young guy to get down on his knees to see if his beard below matched the silver one above.

I wish I was that guy, Tom suddenly thought. But that would be a weird thing for Tom to do right now. Wouldn’t it?

“Dad… Do you know who Aaron Klienman is?”

“He is our God, son,” said Dad matter-of-factly without turning away from the stovetop.

“Yeah, I know that. Of course. But who is he? I don’t think I knew about him yesterday.”

“Neither did I. But he is a great man. His cum created the universe. And everything on Earth is made up of just one bead of precum on the head of his cock.”

“Wow! That’s beautiful,” Tom said — awed by the description. “Where did you learn that?”

“Oh, it was on the news this morning.”

Dad swerved around with a plate of eggs in his hands but stopped short of serving them as soon as Tom came into his view.

“Son… you are…”

“Yeah… Dad?” Tom replied meekly — blush already flushing his face.

“Just gorgeous,” he said with a smile radiating off him. “I am so proud I raised such a handsome man. I think you’ll make some man very happy one day.”

“Awww, Dad. Thank you. I hope I can make you proud”

“I’m sure one day you’ll get to be Aaron Kleinman’s personal little fucktoy. His most submissive servant — spending your days deepthroating his cock and rimming his ass.”

A slight moan escaped Tom’s lips as he imagined being fucked by God himself. Nothing would make Tom happier than giving up his life to provide a moment of happiness to Aaron.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever be that lucky. I’m sure God would rather have a slave with six-pack abs or something,” Tom said as he gestured towards the slight pouch of his belly. “Or a cockwhore with a bigger cock than me.”

Dad shook his head as Tom laughed nervously at his own modesty. The truth was that Tom had always been pretty insecure about his looks and sexual prowess. He wasn’t unattractive; just a bit nerdy, twinkish, and young looking for his nineteen years. His hairless body and 5-inch cock hadn’t been a big hit with the ladies. He could count on two fingers the number of women he had slept with. And now that he didn’t care about them, he had even less experience with men.

Tom had always hoped he’d end up more like his Dad with his height and rolling baritone. There was so much testosterone pumping through his veins that he had a full beard at fourteen and a receding hairline at twenty-four. As much as Dad would protest, Tom could never be as much as a man as his father.

Large arms engulfed Eskort Bayan Tom in a hug as Dad whispered in his ear, “To me you’ll always be the second hottest guy in the world. If you weren’t my son I would bend you over the table and fuck you right here and now.”

Tom could feel the bulge of his Dad’s cock pressing into his thigh — the dick that made him pulsating as it grew. Even though it was only a semi, Tom could tell that it was already larger than his own penis, which was standing at full attention.

“God, I want you to fuck me so much,” whimpered Tom.

He felt his father’s hot breath leave the nape of his neck and two piercing blue eyes come into view mere inches from his face. The two men just stood there for a moment — both hesitant to go further. Tom was so close that he could feel the edges of his Dad’s beard brush against his cheek.

Finally Dad broke the silence.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Yes,” Tom simply responded.

Tom felt lips smash into his — his father’s full weight forcing him onto the kitchen table. The lips weren’t soft like lips he had kissed before. They were the lips of a man who knew what he wanted and he wanted Tom.

Tom kissed his father back before he could think. Blood rushed from his head to his crotch — leaving him light-headed and unable to think past those lips. As Tom’s tongue tried to find the inside of his Dad’s mouth, it discovered the sharp hairs of Dad’s beard. As they tickled the stubble of Tom’s face, he could swear he felt his dick grow inches larger than it ever had before.

After their tongues wrestled for what seemed like an eternity, Dad abruptly jumped back to the safety of the stovetop — a spell momentarily broken.

“What am I doing? You’re my son.”

As Tom’s high deflated, he took stock of the damage from their tryst. The eggs Dad had cooked were trampled on the floor — thrown from the table by the force of Dad’s hulking frame.

As Dad knelt to clean up pieces of egg and the shards of a plate, Tom once again admired his ass and wondered what it would be like burrow beyond miles of steely fur to lick that pink asshole.

Tom joined his father’s efforts on the floor and sought to console him..

“It’s ok, Dad. We just got caught up in the moment,” Tom said. “In fact, have you ever been attracted to me before today?”

“No,” Dad replied. “I’ve never even thought about another man like that before I woke up this morning and realized I was gay. Let alone my own son.”

“Me neither. We both realized we were gay at the same time we found out about the existance of God.”

Dad stared back blankly — ignorant of Tom’s implication.

“Maybe that isn’t a coincidence. Maybe Aaron Klienman is gay too and so he wants all his believers to be gay to better serve him. You said it yourself. About me being his slut,” Tom said with a smirk.

“You’re right. Aaron wants us to be gay,” Dad said with astonishment.

“And since we’re so attracted to each other, Aaron must want that too. Want us to…”

Tom trailed off as his hand searched his father’s crotch for his cock. It wasn’t difficult to find.

His mesh shorts easily slid down his thick thighs — revealing a forest of pubes that released a pungent aroma in the air that Tom greedily inhaled. It was the sweaty smell of balls in need of worship. While it wasn’t a naturally pleasant odor, it was mind-numbingly intoxicating to Tom right now.

But what Tom loved the most was what that jungle framed — the largest python of a penis he had ever seen.

Flopping naturally past his knee, it was easily eight or nine inches only semi-hard. It’s beauty was accented by the precum dripping off its tip — glistening in the fluorescent light of the kitchen.

Ignoring the dirty floor, Tom prostrated himself before his father’s dick. Mere inches from its head he submissively looked up to Dad for a sign of approval. While a dumbstruck look flashed across Dad’s face, there was also a carnal hunger that Tom could not mistake.

With this encouragement Tom buried his face in a mountain of pubes and inhaled his father’s musk. Tom’s tongue found itself traveling from the base of the shaft to the tip. Along the way he could feel the cock grow in excitement for Tom’s mouth.

Reaching the top, Tom kissed the tip and tasted his first dose of Dad’s precum. Clear and without much flavor, but to Tom it was the best thing had ever tasted.

From there Tom went to the work of earning a full load of cum straight in his slutty mouth. Gripping the shaft with both hands, he pumped up and down while using the saliva from his tongue as a lubricant. Meanwhile, the dick invaded Tom’s mouth — plunging itself immediately to the back of his throat.

Tom feared that such an intrusion would make him gag from its sheer force, but Aaron had apparently made his creations natural cocksuckers.

His mouth glided smoothly down to the point where Tom’s nose nearly buried itself in the silvery hair of Dad’s crotch — although the penis in his mouth had grown to such an absurd size that he was still nowhere near the base of the shaft.

Hearing a grunt from Dad above, Tom was pushed up to his knees merely with the strength of his father’s penis. Towering over his whore, Dad could no longer play a passive part in his son’s defiling.

Despite the strain of his knees on the hard linoleum floor, Tom readily accepted his father’s guidance. Dad fucked Tom’s face with all his might and Tom could tell the large man was already reaching his climax.

Tom felt a mixture of saliva and precum drip onto his chest as the velocity of his facefucking increased. Dad grabbed ahold of the back of Tom’s head to keep him in place while the assault continued.

“Ahh, fuck,” Dad grunted involuntarily.

Tom didn’t respond because in that moment he felt an eruption in his mouth — millions of sperm filling every crevice of his mouth. A euphoria unlike anything he had experienced before cascaded through Tom’s body. How had he not been attracted to men before today when this liquid golden ambrosia could have been his for the taking.

In one gulp he tried to greedily swallow the whole load but more and more flooded Tom’s mouth. The force of the ejaculation pushed the dick out of him. Even more strands coated Tom’s face and chest.

There was so much cum it was almost as if Tom’s father hadn’t came before in his life. Tom reasoned that the copious ejaculate must be a gift from Aaron for their devotion to him.

Once Tom gulped down the last of the seed, he looked up to find his father leaning against the kitchen table and heaving from exertion. In the midst of their lovemaking Dad had discarded all his clothes — leaving him in all his naked glory.

His toned chest featured swirled fur in varying shades of gray. For the first time Tom saw a small tattoo on his father’s upper thigh bearing the name of Tom’s late mother.

As Tom came to his feet he felt a pang of regret. What would his mother think if she saw her son giving her husband head on the kitchen floor?

Those thoughts quickly melted away as he reminded himself that the only being who mattered was Aaron and God himself had blessed the union between Tom and his father.

“Praise be to Aaron. Dad, that was the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” Tom said while proffering the largest smile he had to offer.

“Praise be… to Aaron,” Dad replied with a weak smile — still recovering from what Tom’s mouth did to him.

Tom left his father to clean up the mess that had become his face and clothes but took a moment to look behind him and take in his Dad’s ass sans jeans. It was as beautiful as he imagined.

Reaching the bathroom, Tom assessed the damage in the mirror. Stained from cum and pieces of egg, the flimsy fabric of his clothes were ripped in places and probably couldn’t be worn again. His brunette hair was just a series cowlicks glued together by Dad’s natural adhesive. His eyes burned from tears and cum. Large globules of goo framed his face — sticking to his nose and falling off his lips.

Even Tom had to admit he looked pretty hot.


After a night of heavy drinking, Aaron was greeted with a terrible hangover upon waking. Supposedly a celebration of his thirtieth birthday — the evening became an excuse to drown his sorrows and forget his loneliness.

The only other participant in the festivities was his roommate. But Aaron hadn’t even told him of his birthday while they drank.

The details of the night were fuzzy around the edges, but he remembered how the night ended. Aaron had made a drunken pass at Darren — kissing him without warning.

Aaron couldn’t even remember the last time he had been kissed. It had certainly been years. He had stopped trying to find a boyfriend in his mid twenties only a few years after coming out.

But this kiss was not welcome. Darren was straight. But even if he was into guys, Aaron knew that he wouldn’t be into him.

Obsessed with his health and the looks that were a byproduct of it, Darren was a gym rat who counted calories and earned himself a six pack.

Meanwhile, Aaron was an overweight and unemployed alcoholic who barely left the house.

A sharp pang of shame invaded Aaron as he remembered the look of disgust as Darren tried to squirm away from his advances.

The worst part was Aaron’s angry reaction to his roommate’s refusal. Instead of the guilt and shame he felt now, the inebriated Aaron of last night had fantasized how he could force himself on Darren.

With his superior weight and size, Aaron had imagined how easy it would be to trap Darren on the couch and have his way with him. How easy it would have been to ignore the howls of protestation as Aaron flipped the small and athletic man over to pound his ass — the full weight of Aaron’s gut choking the breath and straightness right out of him.

Thank God he had merely mumbled an apology and escaped to his room, Aaron silently prayed. Nevertheless, it scared him to death to know that kind of violence was inside him. That he was capable of doing something like that.

A flash of light through the curtain of his window snapped Aaron out of his reverie. He sat up from his bed with some difficulty to peek through the blinds.

A man was on the ground outside Aaron’s window. A professional camera hung around his neck from which the flash originated, Aaron surmised.

The man remained frozen on the ground staring straight at Aaron with a dumbstruck look.

Aaron tried to yell at the intruder but his hangover prevented the words from reaching an audible pitch. Instead, he opted to hit the window to scare the man off.

The bang of his fist made the man jump and scurry away to the road by Aaron’s apartment. Following the man, Aaron’s eyes revealed a mass of people congregating around the perimeter of the property.

A line of trucks all bearing the names of different media outlets lined the street. Several TV reporters looked to be in the midst of a live broadcast with Aaron’s apartment complex in the background.

The strangest sight were the dozens of people on the sidewalk who were engaging in some kind of prayer. Some had rosaries and were reciting their hail marys. Others prostrated themselves on the ground in what looked to Aaron like a yoga pose. One even held a bible — apparently speaking in tongues.

Aaron had no idea what any of them were doing there. But his hungover mind prevented him from giving it too much thought.

Suddenly, all Aaron cared about was his ability to take a piss. Slowly swinging his legs off the bed, he made his way out of his room.

Upon opening the door he discovered his roommate splayed on the carpet furiously masturbating.

“Praise be to Aaron,” exclaimed Darren as ropes of cum flew through the air.

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