Going Down…

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He gives her a passionate kiss, and looks her straight in the eyes and tells her, “I’m about to make you feel so good, and I cannot wait to savor every drop that is a result of what I’m going to do to you.”

He slowly snakes his way down her chest, using the tip of his tongue to trace his way down her heavenly body. He stops at her belly button, flicking his tongue in and out, and sucking. She moans with delight at the sensation, and needs his mouth on her clit. Her hands are directing his head, trying desperately to push him down to that lovely spot, but he resists, he wants to make her wait a few seconds longer. He finally moves his way down to the promise land, inhaling deeply at the scent of her arousal. Her pussy is already drenched, ready to be taken, ready to be ravaged. He plants small sucking kisses around the perimeter of her clit, sending sparks of electricity into her as he grazes her engorged pleasure palace. He works his way closer, closer, and as she thinks her clit will be under his spell, he pulls back a bit and Yozgat Escort breathes a warm moist breath on her clit. She moans with insatiable desire, and he seems to be toying with her. It is a paradox to her; she loves the tease, the buildup, but at the same time she would love to be simply ravaged and brought to orgasm as quickly as possible.

It takes every ounce of his own self control not to dive into her divine honey pot. He works his way down one side of her pussy, as close to her opening as he can get. Firmly licking and sucking, engorging her more and more. He works his way toward the bottom and underneath her pussy, and like a magician, beckons more blood to her erogenous zone, he wants her sensations to be as intense as they possibly can. He then deliberately slows as he reaches the top, firmly pressing his tongue into her as he approaches her clit. Time seems to be in slow motion for her, she is on fire and needs his mouth and tongue on her most sensitive spot. His tongue seems to disappear under her Yozgat Escort Bayan clit’s hood, making direct contact and curling up the shaft. She arches her back in absolute approval, and tries to speak, but all that comes out are sounds of delight. She thrusts her hips into his face, burying him there. He starts kissing and sucking, flicking his tongue exactly on the spots she loves. Her wetness builds by the second, and the sounds of him consuming every drop only adds to her excitement. Her orgasm starts to build.

He delights in the taste, the smell, and how her body consumes pleasure. It is a beautiful symphony of sexual bliss. As he ravishes her clit with his mouth, he slides two fingers into her pussy. Immediately upon feeling this she exclaims, “I’m going to come!! Can I come?!?!”

He slows his pace just a bit and tells her, “Not yet babe. Ride this high a little longer. Don’t come yet.” She can barely hold her orgasm, it wants to explode out of her and onto him. He increases his pace and Escort Yozgat intensity, building her arousal once again. His fingers probe, his mouth delights, and she is exactly where she wants to be. He buries his fingers inside of her and as he comes back out, he curls them up, finding her g-spot.

She exclaims, “I HAVE to come, PLEEEEEEEEEASEEEEEEE!!”

He replies, “Almost babe. I will tell you when you can come.” He buries his fingers again, and resumes pleasuring her clit at the same time. This time he forcefully presses his fingers into her swollen g-spot, almost lifting her hips off the ground. “Go ahead and come for me”, he demands. His fingers are now firmly circling inside of her and the tip of her clit is in between his teeth. She unleashes the tsunami of pleasure that is inside of her and it spills onto him. Her pussy clamps down on his fingers, locking them there, and her contractions fill her and ripple throughout her body. She is rigid and fully under the spell of her climax, she cannot hear anything, see anything, and all of her senses are directed at the pleasure he has gifted to her. Her body rides the waves of delight, refusing to come off its crest. She shouts moans of approval as the orgasms work their way to the tips of her toes and bounce back to her pussy. Bliss is an understatement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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