Going to College Ch. 02

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We had decided to find our parents before our mom’s decided to find us. We were still a little nervous about getting caught. I was sure mom knew, and Nick’s mom seemed pretty aware something was going to happen with her kids, but we just couldn’t be sure.

I wanted to get Stace and Jenn together but it didn’t appear it was going to happen this weekend. The thought of breaking two girls into bisexual activity made my cock hard, which everybody noticed. They all started laughing at me. Nick told me ”you better get that thing under control before you get in front of you mom.” The thought of mom seeing my hard on made my dick ache. I didn’t say what I was thinking. I didn’t want them knowing just how perverted I had become. Maybe they would think I had crossed the line. Of course I had crossed the line but would it be too far to fantasize about my own mother. Then I noticed Nick had gotten hard too. Was he thinking of his mother? The girls looked pensive, were they thinking of their fathers. Everybody walked in silence until we got to the hotel.

Nick ” she asked? “Not until today on the way here. I have tried to see her naked before, but now I can’t get her out of my mind.” “I am glad you said that,” she said “ I didn’t want to be the only one thinking about fucking a parent.” We got to the door and Stace knocked.

Mom answered the door in a nightshirt that was a halter-top that went down just below her ass. Her mammoth tits were spilling out the side as well as the front. She bent over at the waist to pick her glasses up, giving us a good view of her ass. Stace looked at my crotch and giggled, then stared back at mom with glassed over eyes. Mom didn’t make any attempts to cover up or stand up very quickly. Nobody said a word as mom stood up. “By the way,” she said, “How was the movie.” Before we could answer she asked, “Would you guys care if we stayed another day? We decided to call in sick tomorrow. We didn’t think you guys would care, you all seemed to getting along good.” The Jackson’s are going to stay too.

Stace and I were speechless. What had she seen? Finally I was able to speak and told her “the movie was pretty bogus.” I worked up the nerve to ask her “what did you think of the movie”

“I didn’t see much of the movie, I was busy,” she said. Mom sat down on the bed. She patted the bed “sit down, we have to talk. Your father has been told to stay away so we can talk freely. I have told your father what I suspect, but we need to know how far you two have gone.

“Wh-what do you mean how far we have gone.” I stuttered. “Your sisters sheets have had cum stains on them for two months. I saw her legs and shorts when she got here, and when you were driving into the drive-in last night Jenn’s head went into Nick’s lap. “ She looked at Stace “are you on the pill or making him wear condoms.” Stace didn’t mean to, but her reflex answer confirmed what they wanted to know, “I am on the Pill.”

“So you two are fucking, is Jenn and Nick.”

“As of last night they are” I answered.

“Mom, how long have you been swinging with other people?” Stace asked

“So you saw us last night.” “Yes” we both said together. “We started a couple of years ago. Our sex life had gone south and we needed some stimulation. It added spice back into our lives. We probably would have gotten divorced if we hadn’t started swinging.”

I was staring at her tits, when she lifted one of them out of her top and offered it up to me to suck on. Then she lifted one up to Stace. I was sucking on her nipple watching Stace to she what she would do. She hesitated for just a second before she took both hands, and bowed her head to suck on the other nipple. I could hear mom moan as her two children suckled her tits.

I had one hand on her tits holding her nipple up to my mouth and the other hand dropped to her bare thigh. I slowly slid it up to just under her nightshirt. I waited to see if anything was said. When nothing was said I slid it up till I could feel the heat coming from her pussy, still nothing said. I was waiting for permission to enter, when she spread her thighs. I took that as permission to enter, so I pushed two fingers into her and swirled my thumb around her clit. Mom went from moaning to calling on us to make her cum.

I Betturkey abandoned her nipple to crawl down between her thighs to get a better view of her pussy. I pushed the other two fingers into her, and followed with the thumb. Her pussy was sopping wet and her voice had elevated two notches to “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, push your hand in, Suck my nipple harder, harder, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” She was now screaming. I pushed my hand in all the way till it disappeared all the way up the wrist, I was fisting my mother. I had only seen pictures of this, I had never talked or met anybody who had ever done it, and now I was pushing and pulling my whole hand in and out of my own mother. I heard “OH GOD THANKYOU” and her pussy started shooting cum out, wetting everything, then she collapsed.

She grabbed my hand and removed my wrist out of her pussy, and pulled me up to lay next to her. She began licking my hand to clean it off. Then she stuck it in Stace’s mouth and had her lick it off. When Stace was done licking, mom grabbed a fist full of her hair and brought her mouth to her mouth and began a kiss that would make any woman cum. Just watching her kiss Stace made my cock so hard again. She seemed to sense that and pulled me on top of her, with my cock at her opening. I pushed myself into her, she was so wet and warm I almost came before I got all the way in. She was so hot and horny she was coming on contact. Stace’s pussy was right in front of me, so I started twirling her clit and pushing fingers into her. Two fingers went into her pussy and the thumb into her ass. My fingers could feel the thumb so I pinched them together and finger fucked her. The noise from Mom and Stace was getting deafening. With my fingers in her pussy and Mom’s tongue was so far down her throat Stace was squirting cum. I was drilling mom with everything I had, and mom was cumming hard, which brought me off. The three of us collapsed trying to catch our breath. I had cum so hard, my knees were weak and the top of my toes had been blown off.

Mom was the first to revive. “We better call the other room to see how they’re doing. We are supposed to meet everybody for lunch at the tavern across from the dorm.”

Stace moved first, so she got first shower. “What is dad going to think about all this.” I asked. She replied “Just the thought of getting into Stace’s pussy had him hard,” “What about the Jackson’s?” “Elaine is talking to her kids now,” she said. “Are the results going to be the same?” I asked. “Elaine had been fantasizing about this for several years.” “ It sounds like you have been having quite a conversation with Mrs. Jackson” Mom told me “You might as well call her Elaine, you are going to become very friendly with her.”

Now my mind was reeling. What were the plans for the rest of the next couple of days going to be? It sounded like an orgy to me. Just thinking of it made my dick get hard again.

We headed down stairs to find out what was going on with the other people. We knocked on their door and Jenn answered. She opened the door as Elaine was coming out of the bathroom. Her tits were bigger than I imagined, they were huge. They hung almost down to her belly button. She started to cover herself up with the towel when she looked at mom, and mom smiled at her. “I guess I won’t need this anymore” she stated. She looked at us and just stood there, “Well what do you think?” she asked. “I can’t wait till I get my hands on those” I replied. “Later kiddo, everybody here is hungry, it’s time to get lunch.”

“How about a picnic out in the park” mom suggested. I know a secluded spot where we should have some privacy.” “That sounds wonderful” Elaine said “Why don’t we find a grocery store, the kids go find their father and meet at the parks parking lot.”

Elaine threw on a housedress that buttoned up the front and nothing else. She only buttoned up 4 buttons. She had started half way down the front showing the largest cleavage I had ever seen and finished up with the button at her pussy. When she walked you could almost see her hair. You defenantly could see a lot of thigh. She looked at mom, who hesitantly unbuttoned a couple of her button. “I want these guys walking funny just thinking of getting into these dresses.” The walked in front of us wiggling Betturkey Giriş their butts and laughing. We did walk funny and our sisters were laughing at us too.

On the way to find our fathers, I stopped at my car and got the digital camera. I had to get some pictures of this day. On the way to find them Jenn and Stace got into the spirit of the pictures immediately. Before we even got of the parking lot Jenn pulled her tube top down so I could take a picture. Before I could get the picture taken Stace had her T-shirt up around her neck, and mashed her tits into Jenn’s for a great picture. I got a second picture, when Stace hugged Jenn with their tits still out and pushed her tongue down Jenn’s throat with a deep French kiss. Even Jenn was a little stunned. She was so surprised she forgot to pull up her top. “You better cover up here comes somebody,” Stace said. Jenn recovered, pulled her top up. Then she leaned over to Stace, kissed her on the cheek and said, “I want to do that again soon.”

We found our dads and proceeded to the park. We had a talked on the way to the park and while we were waiting for the mothers and the food to show up. Our fathers became like kids in the candy store that had been told eat all you want. It was still morning and the park was empty, so we made use of the digital camera. Stace let Dad know he could do as he pleased when she pulled her top up, and pulled dads mouth to her nipple. He sucked and I took pictures. I was glad I brought extra batteries and another camera storage chip. I got pictures of Jenn and her father too. We hadn’t seen when the mothers drove up, but we heard Elaine immediately, when she got out of the car. She began scolding her husband about having his finger in his daughter and sucking on her tits where anybody driving up could see. We hadn’t been very careful about other people in the park watching. We discovered a jogger who was watching. The girls straightened their clothes, and the jogger went off on his merry way. We started hiking to our secluded spot. It took us about 10 minutes on the path and 5 minutes off the path and over a small hill. It was a privately owned meadow where nobody went. It would be full of houses in the near future, but right now it was away from where anybody went.

As we walked I asked Nick “What did your mom say to you.” “Not much” he answered.
“She told us they saw us at the drive in, and as much as she would like to tell us it is wrong, she had been having thoughts about us in that way, ever since we started into puberty and developing. It was one of the reasons she had let us flirt the way we do. She told us she knew when the time was right she was going to approach us and she thought it was right now.’

“Did you get to fuck her, tell me what happened.”

“The first thing she made us do was strip. She started to play with my cock with one hand and rub Jenn’s pussy with the other. She put my cock in her mouth and I lost it almost immediately. I started shooting in her mouth and then she pulled it out and started aiming it at her cheek and her neck. I shot cum all over her. She asked Jenn if she had tasted me yet. Jenn told her yes, and mom told her to lick it off her then. Jenn started at her cheek went down her neck and finally ended up licking her tits and sucking mom’s nipple. Mom told her lie down on the bed, and she straddled her in a 69 position. She leaned over, pushed Jenn’s thighs apart and started eating her. You could tell Jenn wasn’t sure she wanted to lick mom back but she did. By that time my dick was so hard again that I had to put it somewhere, and mom’s pussy was right in front of my face. Jenn winked at me like telling me to put it there so I got up on the bed straddled Jenn’s head and put my dick in moms pussy. She was so wet, I shoved it to the bottom and just held it there. Jenn must have had one hell of view. I could feel Jenn’s tongue licking mom’s clit and my balls were right there, so I could feel her tongue on my balls. Mom and Jenn just kept eating each other while I just kind of held my cock in her. They both started cumming so I started fucking her with every thing I had and loaded her pussy with cum. We all just kind of stayed in that position until I felt Jenn licking my cum up as it came out mom’s pussy. That got mom started again, so she got Jenn going again. I didn’t get hard, but after cumming like that, one of the most intense feelings I ever had was mom’s pussy milking my dick. It felt like she was flexing her pussy around my cock, trying to jack me off to get every ounce out of it. I believe it was empty when she got done. About that time is when your mom called to get ready for the day. So we got up and got ready for you guys.”

We were coming into the clearing when Nick finished his story. Mom laid the blanket down, Elaine started putting the food out and our fathers and sisters were getting out of their clothes. Stace was the first one naked, she only had two articles to remove. She went to her knees in front of dad to help him with his pants and his cock. Jenn wasn’t far behind in getting her father’s cock into her mouth. I had already had mom so I decided to see how receptive Elaine was. She was watching her husband get sucked off by her daughter pretty intently. When I walked up to her, I grabbed her blouse at the bottom and began to lift it over her head. She hesitated at first, but raised her arms to allow me to get it over her head. Nick followed suit in stripping mom. When I had Elaine stripped, she lay down on the blanket with me next to her on my knees over her body. I began with her nipples sucking on one of them gently while I twisted the other one between my forefinger and thumb. “Bite them” she said so I nibbled a little, “Harder, bite them, that’s not biting” so I bit into her nipple and twisted her other one as hard as I could and she held my head to her breast so I couldn’t let go. I bit harder and she moaned and pulled my head harder almost smothering me with her breast. I couldn’t breath she held me so tight. I finally broke free. She grabbed my cock brought it up to her tits. I laid it on her chest where she held her tits around it, so I could fuck her tits. My cock was leaking profusely lubricating her skin so my cock slid easily though her massive tits. She put another blanket under her head so she could get my cock in her mouth when it came through. I fucked her tits and reached back to get her clit with my finger. I looked over at Nick who was slamming mom, Dad was erupting into Stace’s mouth and Jenn had cum dripping from her mouth all other her tits. Norm must have really unloaded into Jenn’s mouth. You could see her swallowing as much as she could, but she was covered by what got out. All this fucking was just too much, I couldn’t hold out any more. I started squirting all over Elaine’s tits, her face, and into her mouth.

Elaine eyes were rolled back and she was shaking under me. Nick had collapsed on mom, and neither of them could catch their breath. I could see cum everywhere. I believe we were finally ready for lunch.

Elaine announced lunch, but Stace and Jenn said simultaneously “No Thanks I already ate.” Everybody just laughed, and got ready lunch.

Watching mom & Elaine crawl around on the hand and knees was a spectacle in itself. The tits that hung and swung with each movement and the asses that stuck up in the air just looking like they wanted a cock stuck in. It made my heart sing and my cock stir.

Stace and Jenn decided that lunch could wait a little longer and were necking off the to side. Pretty soon Stace lay down and Jenn crawled over her putting her legs on either side of Stacey’s head and her own head in Stacey’s pussy. The fathers were already stroking their cocks, and Nick was starting to bother his mother. With him pinching her nipples and chewing on her ear, Elaine finally gave up lay down and spread her legs. Nick climbed on board and stuck his cock in. No foreplay, no getting her ready, just fucked away.

Mom looked around and found everybody busy, and made the comment “we can’t even stop for 10 minutes to get lunch.” It appeared that all was ready to be eaten when everybody was done, but since nobody was paying attention. She crawled over with her tits swinging as she crawled, grabbed my cock and started eating. It may not have been a filling to the stomach but I was going to fill mom up and it sure was a lot more intense.

We did finally eat. The rest of the afternoon wasn’t quite so intense as most of us were pretty fucked out. Mostly nude pictures were taken of us playing around. We did fuck some, but mostly we were saving some energy for the evening. We were going dancing at the local club and then we would see what the evening brought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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