Golden Lust Ch. 08

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Sometimes I can’t help but wonder, is this all a dream? Is all of this truly happening in my life? How can I NOT when all of these… amazing things, have been happening to me, in one raunchy incident after another. It just all seems so strange…

But what is most strange of all; Is how I’m actually starting to ENJOY these… no… CRAVE these things that have been happening to me, that most would feel is immensely embarrassing or a punishment, not a BLESSING by any stretch of the imagination.

I immediately got dragged back over to Cindy’s Sorority house once again, by her and Samantha when my final class had let out; After they had both teased me during school, by sending me pictures of their panties right in the middle of class. Tammy (Cindy’s Roommate at her Sorority of all people; Who caught me drinking down Cindy’s piss, and got me to end up drinking her own pee WITH Cindy’s encouragement), who was sitting next to me rubbing my dick at the time, ended up discovering my big sisters playful antics towards me; When she saw Samantha’s particular pic, and her text along with it, telling me how her panties had gotten really soggy during her class; And how she was thinking & wishing I were there with her, so I could eat her out & lick up all of the sticky juices between her legs right there.

When Tammy had saw this message from my big sister (while never letting go of my erection), she smiled at me My reaction by itself gave me away (much to Tammy’s delight), and I felt that I was ruined that the secret Samantha & I shared was out now & discovered by her. Now Tammy (of all people) knew about it, that there was literally nothing I could do.

After that my phone notification light started blinking once again, and Tammy told me to check it once again. It was a message from someone who’s # I didn’t recognize, stating how they’d been watching all “fun” I’d been having lately, and they were ready to have some fun with me too. Tammy had motioned me to look upwards towards someone, and it was the Gothic looking girl “Victoria”; Whom was looking downward at me from an upper row in the lecture hall, and smiling deviously leaving me not knowing what to say, in my already defeated state of being.

When Ms Tasha had signaled that class was over, I immediately jumped out of my seat (utterly disregarding the erection Tammy was massaging), and hit the door only to be seized up by Samantha & Cindy outside of my class, like to hungry leopardesses who had caught on to some prey. After they got be back to the Sorority house, they both began to mess with me, by kissing me then pointing directly at the floor for me to kneel down. They had both began to harshly question me (yet in a playful manner), if it was in fact true that I had been messing with other girls. Even though it wasn’t ME who was initiating the encounters, I was getting all of the blame for it nonetheless. With them both severely agitated, by them learning what I had done (at least in their minds), they proceeded to administer punishment to me, for showing attention to other girls pussies. One at a time Cindy and Samantha both had crawled up a the couch in the living room at the Sorority, and commanded me like a personal servant, to come up and lick their musty butt holes clean. They had both ended up farting directly into my face & mouth to teach me a lesson in loyalty, and even both flooded my mouth and throat with their warm urine.

After they both felt I had been punished harshly enough, they pulled me up onto the couch and began to simultaneously lick my painfully hard erection to give it some relief. Before I could cum however, the doorbell of the house had rang, causing me to go into a state of shock. I wasn’t even allowed to be in Cindy’s Sorority house, and then Cindy & my big sister both put their panties into my mouth, and demanded I go to answer the door.

Doing what I was told (reluctantly to say the least), I answered the door to see Tammy, Victoria, and another girl who was tall; With raven black hair & absolutely striking blue eyes just like Victoria herself has, who ended up being her own older sister. Standing before them all with Cindy’s and Samantha’s panties in my mouth, was truly one of the most embarassing moments in my entire life. On top of that my raging hard-on was sticking out like a lightning rod, as I was standing in the doorway looking at the 3 girls who had just arrived at the house. It was all a scheme I had learned, Cindy and Samantha had lured me here to the house, just so these girls could all get me here for themselves. This new girl’s name I had learned is Anastasia, and they had all told her and Victoria, about the disgracefully kinky acts I had willfully been committing under their command.

All Maltepe Escort of them simultaneously together had pulled me into the living room, where they had all stood before me, scanning my ill-fallen disposition. Victoria had looked at me standing there not knowing to I could possibly say, as to why my girlfriend’s and my sister’s panties were in my mouth; She then just quietly walked up to me, placed one of her hands onto my chest near my heart, and the other around my extremely stiff penis Her big sister Anastasia had walked up next to her, and began to pull on my dick alongside her little sister. Both of the two nearly identical looking Gothic girl’s hands, felt soooo good on my already desperately tense penis, I nearly came at that moment Which they both licked off in an eerie haunting fashion.

As much as that little relief by Victoria When the girls all started talking about me & the things that secretly turn me on, leading Anastasia to right out and ask Samantha, how did she come to discover the hidden deep-rooted desire that I have, for seeing & playing with a woman’s piss. That was the absolute LAST thing that I wanted them to all talk about, and I attempted right there to try and stop them. But unfortunately Samantha’s & Cindy’s panties were lodged so deeply inside of my mouth, the only audible sounds that I could make, were indiscernible grunts and jibber-jabber through the panties.

My big sister ended up “Shushing” me in front of the girls, and told them all how one day she had immediately went through my cellphone, as soon as I came home from school Anastasia herself then whispered in my ear, & told me how she really needed to go to the bathroom, and asked would I mind helping her with it. Victoria however wasn’t so secretive… she calmly looked up into my eyes, and told me she needed to go potty. I swear I’ll never forget that, as Victoria is clearly the shortest girl out of all of them. She just looked up right at me with those piercing blue eyes, and asked me to come with her to the bathroom, to help her with it.

Feeling as if Anastasia and Victoria had both immediately put me in a trance with their words, I really didn’t resist letting them both pull me up the stairs, to go to the bathroom with them. Except I still had Samantha’s and Cindy’s panties still in my mouth; Which they both called to me, and demanded that I spit their panties back out onto the floor. I then knelt down & picked them both up, and then carried them over to where the rest of their clothes were, and then folded up both pairs of dirty panties nice and neat, getting approval from all of the girls there.

When I rejoined Anastasia & Victoria, they lead me upstairs to the Sorority house bathroom. It was amazingly huge & very very clean, not like the common restroom Samantha and I share in our basic apartment. Both of the lovely Gothic students/sisters both stared at me, signaling that it was my duty to undress them right there. Anastasia reminded me that she was a senior at our University, and I’d better show respect honest respect & gratitude, for the privilege of undressing an older student. I remember getting to sneak a glimpse of both of their bra sizes, Victoria (being the smaller & younger of the siblings) had a (38B) & Anastasia had a (36C) I think… I can’t forget however that precious cinnamon color both of their nipples are.

When I finished undressing Anastasia and got to Victoria however, she did something I really didn’t expect… She stood on the tips of her toes (wearing those wild mutil-buckled boots), and kissed me right in front of her older sister. I don’t know why she’d even do that, she knows I have a girlfriend. If Cindy found out that Victoria had kissed me, who knows what she’d do.

When I finally got both of their shits They then had me kneel down before them, and commanded me to stare between their legs at their pants crotches. They began to talk down at me, telling me how their piss needed to fall from their nether regions, causing me to blush with extreme embarrassment & arousal. When I lost my focus & ended up looking away from both of the Gothic girls crotches, that slightly irritated them & they ended up pulling their panties down, to show me their panties & the LARGE wet spots, that they leaked inside of them. I remember my obedience to their crotches INSTANTLY came back, I honestly couldn’t take my eyes from between their legs at that moment. My attitude adjustment & returning respect towards their pussy regions delighted them, and they decided I deserved the holy reward, of tasting the pussy cum, that they had leaked inside of their panties. The Gothic girls had me look up at them, looking down at me with their calm unreadable expressions, Ümraniye Escort they both ended up pushing their G-Strings into my mouth. I can’t ever forget how EXQUISTE their sticky pussy liquids tasted in my mouth, I absolutely relished that moment, as they continued to look down at me inquiring at my respect level.

When they were satisfied with the job I was doing, sucking the old pussy cum from their underwear, they tried pulling their panties out of my mouth, but I honestly didn’t want to release them. They saw that I was resisting, and enticed me to let them go, by telling me if I were a good boy I’d be able to get their piss. I ended up following them into one of the shower areas, where Victoria actually farted (Boy was Anastasia pissed when she did that). Victoria ended up turning toward me in the shower, and stared at me as she just started to piss right in there. I didn’t need any encouragement whatsoever, I knew what to do, what… I wanted & HAD to do with Victoria’s piss. I ran over to her and got down on my knees as quickly as possible, and began to lick up and drink as MUCH as her piss that I could. It was too precious to let any go to waste, I licked up every drop that had ran down her leg in the shower.

I was so lost in the lust-induced trace of drinking the young pretty Gothic girls urine, I didn’t even notice that the old Gothic sibling, that walked up next to me. She told me to catch her pee pee, and she just released a hot torrent of it, directly on my face and up my nose. The bubbling sensations of both of their piss was so heavenly at that moment, I was getting soaked by both of the Gothic siblings in the shower. Cindy would have been embarrassed by the way I relished soaking in Anastasia’s and Victoria’s piss, when Anastasia confessed she held hers in all day because she knew she’d be doing this, it made it even raunchier as the whole shower started to smell like their hot urine. When they both ended finishing up on me, that had me taste and clean both of their butt holes, which they ACTUALLY stuck their lollipops that they were sucking on earlier inside.

Both of the girls ended up having tremendous orgasms in the shower. When they were done having me serve them the way they wanted, they both ended up spraying me down so I could be cleansed from the piss & scent, that they (and Cindy and Samantha earlier), had put onto me. Exiting the shower all together, Anastasia had quickly ran into the two sister’s bedroom. She came out with something she said was “special” just for me, and after a while we all came back downstairs (with Anastasia & Victoria both holding my hands) to meet up with another familiar voice.

“Oh my he’s wearing a BOW TIE. He looks absolutely adorable.” Says Ms Tasha, as she is standing directly at the bottom of the staircase smiling at me. I freeze for a moment in shock to see my beautiful teacher here at the Sorority house, but not only that… she’s standing in front of me, wearing nothing but a white bra & a pair of pink Brazilian Bikini-styled panties.

I can’t believe what I’m seeing, as Ms Tasha continues to offer me her warm signature smile, almost completely naked. This feels like a dream as I can clearly see Ms Tasha’s nipples protruding through her bra, and the fiery red pubic hairs of her pussy puffing a few strands through her underwear. What is she (of all people) doing here? What the hell am I supposed to SAY? Especially now that I’m standing before her & the rest of the girls wearing… this.

“Wow, you really got him to put it on. He actually looks kinda CUTE wearing that.” Tammy says from off over the side of, and slightly behind Ms Tasha; As she’s holding up her cell phone, and is pointing it in my general direction. I quickly reach down to cover up my crotch emitting extreme embarrassment, causing slight giggles to burst out by some of the girls in the room. I don’t know why I’m supposed to wear this kind of clothing, why in the world would Anastasia have me come downstairs in it. It is then Anastasia & Victoria pulls both of my hands away from my crotch region, to reveal a matching pair of black male underwear, with a white bow on the front of it.

“Geez you look so HOT like that Danny, you look like one of those male exotic dancers!” Cindy calls out to me, as she is pointing her own cell phone towards me as well. I try to cover my underwear covered dick again, but Victoria & Anastasia hold allow me to do so as they smile at me again.

“I knew this would look great on you Danny, it really suits you perfectly. I couldn’t wait to have my new boyfriend wear this.” Anastasia states to me in her cool collective manner, as she continues to smile easing my tension just a little bit. But wait… İstanbul Escort what did she just say?

“You really are handsome Danny. I’ve always wanted to see a guy wear something like this; And now I have my boyfriend here to wear it for all of us.” Victoria then says as she smiles, matching the relaxed tone of her older sister beside me. But did Victoria just call me her BOYFRIEND? Why would her and Anastasia both make remarks like that? This whole situation does make any sense… but why is my dick only getting harder in this moment? It really hasn’t gone down, ever since Samantha and Cindy both DRAGGED me here.

“Mmmmm you’re such a pervert little brother. Coming down here with a bow tie, and some skimpy male underwear like that. It’s sexy…” Samantha says to me. Licking her lips & then pointing HER cell phone to me as well, making my face almost start to warm in slight humiliation off of her words.

It is then Ms Tasha walks up closer to me, her huge breasts inside of the white bra presses up against my chest. GOD the feeling of those monstrous tits is incredible. I can’t even help but to look down at them, as they push into me causing them to fluff out and wobble from the contact. It is then Anastasia & Victoria both let go of my hands, and then kiss me on either side of my cheeks simultaneously before walking off. The shock of the two Gothic siblings kissing me in front of everyone, didn’t even have time to set in, as I suddenly felt a hand starting to rub my male thong-covered cock. My face starts to burn red from the confusion and embarrassment of the entire situation, but for some strange reason… I’m actually HAPPY this is happening to me, as odd as the whole situation is. I wince a bit at Ms Tasha’s warm hand starting to slide up and down my covered painfully-hard erection, she is looking at me staring at with her beautifully bright light green eyes, that have light brown traces in them. Being so up close and personal with her in the light, gives me a brief moment to be absorbed by their beauty.

“I’m so glad that you made it here Danny, I’d been waiting to be able to have some more time with you.” Ms Tasha says at me softly, then pulling the underwear over to it’s side, causing my cock to flop on out of them violently. Pulling her huge tits away from my chest, Ms Tasha then slides over to the side of me (still just as close); And begins stroking me giving all of the girls a FULL view of us, as she looks at them all while smiling proudly, as she slides her hand back and forth on my exposed dick. Cindy, Samantha, and Tammy are all watching Ms Tasha and I on their cell phones, as my teacher seems to be relishing in the spotlight of the moment. She starts to wave her other hand at the girl’s cameras, like she’s a beauty queen at a pageant. I can’t believe my teacher would ENJOY being exposed doing this with me one of her own students, but she seems to be getting caught up in the lust of this ridiculously kinky moment.

“Wow sis, you’re such a slut! You’re just stroking Danny off like that, and you’re ENJOYING being recorded by all of us!” Tammy giggles at her big sister.

“I never knew you had this side in you Ms Tasha, you’re just being so lewd right now it’s inspiring!.” Cindy states afterward.

“Ms Tasha is amazing.” Victoria then calmly speaks out.

“She is the best teacher ever.” Anastasia states right after her younger sister, in the same haunting tone. Causing Ms Tasha to start to giggle, from the younger girls reactions towards her playful display to them.

“Oh my I just can’t help myself right now, he looks like one of those sexy butlers; And with this adorable baby face of his, I just have to touch him all over.” Ms Tasha says in an increased sultry tone. It is then Ms Tasha looks back at me, her usual bright and sunny smile has turned into a predatory hungry grin. Never stopping from stroking my cock with one hand, she then places the other onto my shoulder, and moves in closer to place a kiss right on my lips.

It is one of the biggest shocks of my life, as my eyes widen in disbelief, As Ms Tasha begins slide her tongue deep inside of my mouth, while never letting go of my cock which has unexpectedly jumped in excitement from the heightening escapade. My teachers tongue slides directly underneath mine lifting it up, then runs itself along the side of it, as her tongue flicks the tip of it, and ultimately brings itself along the top of my tongue, bringing lots of her own saliva into my mouth causing me to taste it.

I let an almost whimpering muffled moan out, with Ms Tasha’s tongue deep inside of my mouth. The sheer unanticipated ecstasy of the moment, of my own teacher sliding her tongue over and over across my own, tracing her saliva all around inside of my mouth, making sure I taste Feeling myself falling into the darkness of lust alongside my teacher, my left hand almost instinctively raises up, and begins to squeeze Ms Tasha on her plush ass cheek, that is closest to it.

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