Good Vibrations

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“How does it work?” Claire asks holding up the vaguely “U” shaped object.

“This part goes inside,” I say grabbing it out of her hand. “It curves up at the end to hit the g-spot. The other part is supposed to stimulate your clit.”

“It stays in?” she asks grabbing it back.

“I guess so. The idea is you can use it as a vibrator. You can wear it fully clothed. I downloaded an app that lets me control it. You can supposedly sync it up to audiobooks or music too.”

“It’s like if James Bond was a girl and had a high tech vibrator,” Claire jokes. “What did you have in mind to do with it?”

“I found it when I was looking up vibrating panties online. This was a lot more expensive, but it seemed a whole lot better than the cheap panties I was finding. This can go with anything.”

“I take it you wanted to try it out tonight?” she asks.

“I thought since we were going out to eat…”

“Oh,” she says surprised. “I just meant at home, but I like your idea.”

She goes to the bedroom to get dressed. I’m already dressed and ready to go, so I sit on the couch and open the app. The vibrator has five different speed settings and five different preset patterns. Looking through the app I figure out that I can make my own patterns by tapping on the screen. I could even download patterns that other people have made. I’m not sure if she’s put it in yet, so I don’t click on anything. However, my cock is somewhat hard thinking about controlling it while we’re in public. After a few more minutes, Claire comes out fully dressed.

“It felt weird at first,” she says. “But now its fine. I can still tell it is there, but it isn’t uncomfortable.”

“That’s good,” I say. “Let me test it before we leave.”

She nods and goes about getting her shoes on and collecting her purse. I open the app and connect to it using Bluetooth. I click on the first pattern which is just a steady vibration and select the first speed. Claire squeals from across the room and then giggles.

“It kind of tickled Başakşehir escort bayan at first,” she says. “It’s pretty gentle.”

“Just wait,” I say. I pause it and select a pattern at random. It looks like Morse code—a series of long vibrations with short bursts between. Next I select the highest speed and press play.

“Fuck,” Claire says and leans over. “That is a lot harder.”

“That was the highest speed,” I say and pause it again.

“Have to work up to that,” she says. “And it was kind of loud.”

“I couldn’t hear it.”

“You would have if you were closer,” she says and stands up straight again. “We’ll have to go somewhere louder so that no one notices.”

“I’m more worried about them hearing you than the vibrator,” I say and stand up.

We get in the car and decide to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. It is loud enough there that no one will notice and with the games going on someone might think she’s watching one if she does make a little noise. She drives and I consider turning it on but decide I don’t want to crash us. Once we reach the restaurant, we ask for a seat that is further away from the rest of the people there saying that I wanted to see one of the hockey games on the TV. After our waiter comes and takes our drink order, I pull out my phone and set it on the table. I give Claire a smile and she smiles back nervously. I open the app and turn it onto the same pattern it was before with the long and short vibrations, but I set it to the lowest setting. I see her flinch just a bit when I start it, but she doesn’t make a noise. She looks at me and smiles again.

“Feels good,” she says.

While we wait for the waiter to come back, she looks on her phone and I get distracted by the hockey game. I notice the waiter walking over with our drinks, and I quickly pause the app. Claire lets out a little sigh just as the waiter reaches our table. We do this thing where I don’t order at Buffalo Wild Wings specifically, so she orders for us. Escort Bayrampaşa As soon as the waiter is away, I turn up the speed on the vibrator one notch and restart it. This time she shudders and lets out a little moan, but no one is near us or would even notice if they were.

“I’m so wet,” she says to me softly.

My cock throbs in my pants as I think about her wet pussy quivering with pleasure. I’d thought about us getting caught. I’d thought about her making too much noise. I’d thought about her not wanting to try it. I hadn’t thought about what would happen to me and my inability to get any release. After a few minutes, I switch the pattern to the steady vibration and get up to go to the bathroom. It takes me a little bit to go because of the hard on and by the time I come back our fried pickles have arrived.

“How’d it go?” I ask referring to the waiter coming by the table while her pussy was vibrating.

“Fine,” she says. “He didn’t notice anything, but I was a little out of breath.”

I nod and pause the app. We eat until we reach the soggy pickles at the bottom and by that time the rest of our food has come. About hallway through, I start the vibrator again. I pick a new pattern and set it up to the third speed. She moans audibly when it starts and then looks around embarrassed. I leave it going for a little bit and then turn it back down a speed.

“How’s it going?” I ask her.

“Wonderful,” she says. “Its turning me on so much.”

“Me too,” I say.

“I like hearing that,” she says.

I turn it off again when she gets up to go to the bathroom. The waiter comes and clears our table. When I see Claire walking back to the table, I open the app again and turn on the vibrator to the fourth highest setting. She stumbles from the sudden jolt in her panties and the people at the table she’s passing look at her funny before laughing. She smiles at them and then looks my way. Our eyes meet and she looks embarrassed and aroused all at the Beşiktaş escort same time. She slides in her chair across from me with a big sigh that disguises a moan.

“They notice?”

She shakes her head and clenches her lips shut.

“Still feel good?”

She nods and then shudders. My dick throbs watching her try and control her pleasure. I switch the pattern again. This one has long pauses in it so at first she thinks I’ve turned it off.

“Oh,” she moans a little too loudly as it kicks in.

She covers her hand with her mouth and shudders again. I feel a little bit of precum drip from my penis as I watch her. I turn the speed up to the highest setting and her foot involuntarily kicks the wall we’re setting next too. I can hear the vibrator buzzing in her panties, but I’m sure no one else can. It is loud enough in the restaurant that you’d have to be right by us. She closes her eyes and keeps her hand over her mouth. I see her wiggle back and forth a little and I know she’s grinding the vibrator against her for more stimulation. Her eyes snap open and lock with mine and I can hear the moan through her hand. She closes her eyes again and shudders and I know she’s coming. She’s practically biting her knuckle to keep from making noise and his is what she looks like when the waiter walks over to hand us our check. He looks at her a moment before he hands me the bill. He shakes his head a little as he leaves, but doesn’t say anything. I look at Claire and her eyes are open again and watching the waiter walk away as she twitches. She points to the phone and I stop the app. She lets out a big sigh of relief and slouches a bit in her chair.

“How was it?” I ask.

“Fantastic,” she says as she catches her breath. “Hurry up and pay so we can get out of here.”

In a few minutes, we’ve paid and are back in the car.

“That was so intense,” she says.

“You like it?”

“It was so hot.”

“Feel good?”

“That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had with a toy,” she says.

“Glad you liked it.”

“Did you?”

“I might have to talk to my doctor about an erection lasting longer than four hours.”

“Let’s get you home so I can diagnose and cure your problem,” she says and reaches across the car to grope my hard cock. “I wonder if they have remote control vibrating cock rings.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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