Grandfather Clock

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I was on my knees in the living room, my hands secured to my ankles, my breasts being held up with a new push-up bra that was little more than a shelf, my ass barely covered by a piece of loose lace. I did not know what was up, just that I would do what my Master wished for me to do.

I had arrived that day at the appointed time, 4 pm. Master had me prepare dinner and then had me stand at his side as he ate. He complimented me on my culinary skill and when he had finished, I was allowed to eat before cleaning up.

Master had sent me into the bedroom to shower and cleanup. The bra and lace skirt were lying on the bed when I got out of the shower. There was also a bottle of Channel perfume that I applied to my breasts and shaved mons area. And there were the handcuffs.

Master had positioned me in the middle of the living room and had secured my ankles to my wrists and told me he would be back soon. I heard the Grandfather clock strike nine and then three 15-minute chimes sounded before I heard the key in the door.

Master entered with two couples. I could feel my breasts and face redden as the couples entered and milled around me, discussing my position as if I were not there. One of the women approached and stroked my long black hair as she circled behind me and then stopped directly in front of me.

“I like the dark Latina skin, the dark nipples,” she commented to the others.

Master walked past without comment. I heard his shoes on the hardwood floor of the kitchen. The two men and two women took seats on the couches and chairs positioned around the large living room. The Grandfather clock now struck ten times. Master returned with five fluted glasses and a magnum of champagne. Conversation continued between the five people as I stayed quiet and still, my body exposed to the eyes of my Master’s guests.

I was able to identify the people by name through the conversation. Becky was the tall redhead who had circled me and commented on my dark complexion. Her mate, not sure if they were married or boyfriend/girlfriend, was named Mark. He and the other man, Steve, were dressed in expensive suits. The other woman, Sylvia, was the quietest of the four. She was oriental, dressed in a very expensive silk dress that plunged deeply down her chest and ended a few inches above her knees. My Master was, as usual, dressed in an expensive Armani suit.

Through the small talk I was able to glean that the five had been out for appetizers and drinks at a local hotel bar. They had returned here with the promise of a surprise from my Master.

“Will she agree to anything you ask?” Becky seemed extremely interested in my obedience to Master.

“I would not ask her to do anything she would not agree to.” My Master knows me well. He and I have been together now for five years and never had I not granted him what he had asked me for. He was the holder of my heart and there was nothing that I could imagine him asking for that I would not give to him freely.

Steve stood and walked from his seat beside Sylvia to my side. He gazed unabashedly at my body. He walked behind me and then called for Sylvia to join him.

The oriental woman quickly obeyed and I heard a zipper being released and then felt soft silk fall upon my arms and feet. Mark, Becky and Master were now observing Sylvia standing behind me.

“Get on your knees.” Sylvia was also a submissive but her master was Steve. I felt her kneel behind me, close enough that the heat from her skin could be felt against my back. I could hear her breathing and feel her exhales on the back of my neck.

Steve repositioned himself to stand to our sides. My head did not turn, I stayed perfectly still not knowing what was going on. Steve moved back to a seat that was just off to my left and sat down before nodding slightly.

This must have been a signal to Sylvia as she immediately placed her hands on my sides and stroked my skin. She touched me softly and slid her hands from my hips to my underarms and back again. I could feel her long fingernails sliding along the sensitive parts of my body that Master always started with.

“How long do you think she will last?” asked Becky of my Master. I knew that he understood my inhibitions of sex with another woman and the way that a woman’s touch quickly turned me on.

“Not long at all, we should be enjoying her discomfort within just a few minutes.” Yes, he understood completely. I could already feel the slight tingle of my sex and the hardening of my nipples from the gentle caress of Sylvia’s fingers and nails.

Becky then looked at Mark and smiled. “You are enjoying this thoroughly, yes?”

Mark smiled wickedly as he continued to stare at Sylvia and I. I glimpsed down and could see the reaction he was having to the show.

“Look at her nipples, how hard and filled they are already,” Becky remarked with delight and amusement.

This was not the first time that I had been used for other people’s gratification. It had come up early in our relationship and I had willingly appeared for others in compromising görükle escort positions. My Master had told me that my body was such that he could not think of not sharing the sight with his friends.

Sylvia’s nails were now grazing the sensitive sides of my breasts that were exposed by the skimpy bra that I was wearing. I could feel the rush of blood to my nipples as they continued to harden and lengthen in reaction to Sylvia’s ministrations.

“I think her cunt lips are opening.” Miss Becky was very perceptive. I could also feel the lips of my sex becoming engorged and splitting. Soon the wetness of my womb would be forming droplets on those same lips.

Sylvia was also reacting. I sensed her breathing becoming a bit deeper and faster. The heat of her exhaling was more prevalent now on my neck and her body was emanating more heat. I could imagine her fingers becoming more sensitive to the feel of my skin.

Then Sylvia stopped, she removed her hands from my sides and they disappeared behind me. I suspect that Steve gave another slight signal that she had been expecting.

I felt her rise behind me and then she walked around in front of me and again kneeled, this time facing me. She took up a mirror image to me, her hands back to her ankles. This was the first view I had of her beautiful long body. She had small breasts like those of most young Asians. Her pussy was covered with a copious tuft of pubic hair but her lips were shaved bare. Her olive skin glistened with the oil she used to maintain herself.

I was staring straight into her deep, midnight-black eyes. Her face was thin, her lips full and painted with a deep red-colored lip-gloss. Her nose was straight and perfect. She seemed to be perfect and I parted my lips as she leaned into me for a deep kiss.

I could hear comments being made by the three onlookers as Sylvia explored my mouth with her tongue. Her lips were pressed hard against mine and we breathed in each other’s aroma. I could smell the sex, not knowing if it was from me or from her. I sucked deeply on the fragrance, filling my lungs with the aromatic air that surrounded us. I was disappointed when a pair of hands clapped and Sylvia broke the kiss and returned to her mirror posture of my position.

We continued to stare into each other’s eyes for a long time as the two men and one woman sipped their champagne and made small talk.

I heard whispering, nothing that I could understand. My eyes were still transfixed on the beauty of Sylvia’s face when Mark approached us. He came down close and ran his hands over both Sylvia’s and my back. He slid his fingers between my asscheeks and then returned them to my shoulders. I suspected that the same was done to Sylvia.

Mark then kneeled beside us. He took two breasts, one of mine and one of Sylvia’s, in his hand and squeezed them gently. He bounced them as if testing them for proper weight. His touch was not as much of a turn on for me as the touch that Sylvia had applied to my skin.

My eyes stayed transfixed on Sylvia as his fingers roamed lower. The tips of his fingers found my bare mons and made small circles on the sensitive shaved skin of my female sex. He slipped lower, between my spread thighs, and rubbed my still open lower lips with his rough fingers. I almost twitched as he roughly pressed my exposed clit with his workmen’s hands. I could tell he did not wear a suit to work.

“Enough.” It was Becky. She called Mark back to her side and told him she needed a little attention. Although I could not see, I knew that when he returned to her side his fingers found her sex instead of Sylvia’s or mine. She was moaning and telling him how good it felt, her breath being sucked between her teeth like in an adult film.

The sounds and the proximity of Sylvia were enough to excite me. My imagination was working overtime with the possibilities that were available. Was I to be used by any of these people? Would Sylvia and I be able to consummate what had already been started with her caresses? Would I be able to please my Master? This last question was mute; I would do whatever was necessary to please Him.

Sylvia was suddenly called back to Steve’s side. The view of the action was now opened to my eyes. There sat Becky, her legs splayed wide apart with Mark’s fingers delving between the reddened lips of her sex. She was thrashing about with her eyes closed as he pumped her clit and her hole.

Both Master and Steve were watching with interest as she closed in on her orgasm. Her hips were gyrating up and down, her vocalizing was becoming louder and her body was tensing. Suddenly she let out a long, high-pitched scream and I could see her asshole pucker and her thighs twitch as she lost control of her sexual urges. She continued screaming and clinching her hands as the waves of her orgasm rolled through her stomach and cervix. Sweat was forming on her brow. Then, much quicker than it had begun, she suddenly stopped and her modesty took over.

Becky sat up straight; she pulled her skirt down and pushed Mark’s fingers görükle escort bayan from between her legs. Her face was still covered with sweat and her breathing still irregular, she was reverting to the modest person that she now appeared to be. I almost smiled as I understood what Mark wanted from her: Becky was to be his subordinate before the night was over.

The Grandfather clock struck eleven chimes.


Master rose to his feet and invited Mark, Becky and Steve to accompany him. I followed their footsteps onto the different flooring throughout the house. They entered the dining room with the bamboo planking, then the hallway with the granite stone. Next I heard the key go into the lock on the door that was opened only on certain nights, the door that contained our play equipment. Master called this room his Dungeon.

Sylvia and I looked at each other, her already aware of what was to transpire this evening, and we heard Becky gasp loudly as she entered into the room that all Masters maintained.

It was only seconds before we heard her. “Mark, what are you doing? Mark, really honey, why are you doing this? Mark, I want to go home!” She would be indoctrinated into the world of the submissive beginning tonight. Then the door could be heard closing and Sylvia and I were left alone, her on her knees near the seat her Master had vacated, her position being maintained due to the wishes of her Master, me in the center of the room, my position also maintained by Master’s wishes but also with the hard cuffs that physically restrained me.

Ten minutes passed before Master and Steve returned to us. I was now released from my physical bonds. Two collars appeared and one was placed on Sylvia and the other on myself. We were then led through the house to the Dungeon.

Sylvia entered first. Her Master led her in. I followed her and Master behind me. The sight that met us did not shock me.

Becky was naked, tied to a cross, her arms spread above her head and her feet together, secured by a single tether that pulled her tight. She had a gag in her mouth and a clamp on each nipple. Her eyes looked about nervously and she pulled on her bonds helplessly.

“Becky, I want you to understand, I need you to become like Sylvia and Carleen.” It was Mark trying to explain to his mate what he wanted from her. She stared back at him with wide-pen eyes. She could hardly communicate but she seemed to be less than willing to accept her position. “We will now leave you with these two girls to prepare you for later.”

The three men then left to enjoy more champagne and small talk. Sylvia and I knew what was expected of us.

Sylvia began by mixing a scented ointment and I gathered together the things we would need to apply it to her. We worked silently, knowing we were not released to converse with each other.

I handed Sylvia a large natural sponge and took one myself, dipping them into the ointment and spreading it over the outstretched arms of our new sister. She moved her head back and forth between us, pleading with her eyes to be released. We continued our ministrations moving to her armpits and then to her nick. As we brushed her breasts her nipples hardened quickly and we moved down to her stomach.

Becky had been given release from the sexual frustration both Sylvia and I were suffering. We washed her pubic area carefully and cleaned her of all remnants of her orgasm. She would understand after tonight the joy of denial of sexual gratification.

I began to towel Becky dry as Sylvia finished washing her legs. She was mumbling through the gag and pleading with me to release her. I wanted to tell her to just enjoy herself but I was not released to speak. Instead I put a finger to my lips in a non-verbal form of communication and she began to softly cry.

We then shaved all the body hair from Becky’s body and again wiped her down with the ointment. The oil made her skin shine in the harsh lights of the Dungeon. Her nipples remained eraser hard as we stroked her armpits and crotch with the safety razor removing all remnants of the red hair that covered her privates.

Once completed both Sylvia and I exited the room and walked to stand silently at the entrance to the living room, announcing silently to the men that Becky was ready to begin. The men took their time responding and five or six minutes passed before Steve said it was time to begin.

We followed the men down the hallway and entered the Dungeon. Becky was inspected and Sylvia and I were congratulated on the cleanliness of our new sister.

With one man holding each leg, Mark untied Becky’s feet. A stretcher bar was moved in place and her ankles were now secured 36 inches apart. She was now on display for us as she had displayed herself under Mark’s ministrations.

“Becky, you will learn to please me tonight, you will learn to be like your two sisters here, submissive sexually to me.” Mark tried to explain to the furious eyes of his mate. “You will learn to enjoy this state of our relationship and you will become bursa escort completely mine.”

With that said, Master handed Mark a large dildo. Becky’s eyes grew wider as she saw Mark place the huge cock between her legs. He moved it up until it barely made contact with her labia and then pressed a switch and the giant cock began to vibrate quietly.

Sylvia was instructed to hold the dildo in place as the three men took seats and sipped their champagne. I was standing off to the side and watched the transformation of Becky from fury into sexual bliss in a matter of minutes. Sylvia could control the pressure of the vibrations against the other girl’s vulva and she took full advantage of her power. She pressed it tight, and then pulled it back so it barely touched her thighs. I could hear the whimpering that escaped around Becky’s gag.

“You will not cum slut,” Mark stated as her hips began to gyrate. “If you do, you will have to service Sylvia.”

Becky’s eyes grew wider than I had seen them all night. She had a phobia for other women, this was for sure, but she would not be able to escape from having relations with both Sylvia and I this evening. This was for sure. I looked forward to having her between my stretched thighs soon.

Sylvia increased the pressure of the vibrating rubber cock against the swollen clit protruding from Becky’s cunt. It was only seconds after Mark had warned Becky that she convulsed in her second orgasm of the night.

The grandfather clock struck twelve.


“Now you will receive your first punishment. This time it will not be painful; it will be deprecating but not painful. You will use your mouth to get Sylvia off.” Mark delivered this little speech in a very quiet voice with his mouth near to Becky’s ear. She remained still throughout, her eyes closed as she continued to enjoy the orgasmic release she had just experienced.

Master moved to the side of the table and pushed a switch, lowering the entire table to within twelve inches of the floor. He then moved the wings on the table and Becky’s head was supported by no more than 2 inches of wood under the back of her head.

“Sylvia, sit on her face and make sure that she knows you are there.” Steve moved to the table as he gave his instructions to his slave.

Sylvia moved quickly, positioning her sex above the redheads face. Mark reached under Sylvia and removed the gag. Before she could make much noise, Sylvia lowered herself onto the woman’s mouth and nose, grinding herself onto the unwilling participant. She pressed herself hard onto Becky wishing for an immediate release of her own sexual energy.

“Lick her, put your tongue inside her!” Mark was giving instructions to his little slut. “Suck her good and if she cums quick, you will not be further punished, but if it takes too long, you will feel pain.”

This seemed to motivate the phobic woman and she began to minister to Sylvia’s needs. I watched as Becky’s tongue rode the slit between Sylvia’s legs, searching for the clit she knew was there. The inexperience of the new slut was the only thing stopping her from bringing Sylvia off.

Steve waited twenty minutes or more before giving Sylvia permission to cum and she became like a wild animal, seeking release by any means possible, rubbing herself up and down the face of the slut between her legs. Her body was covered in sweat and she was so close to orgasm. It was only three or four minutes before I saw Sylvia’s stomach start to undulate and then she spewed forth with an amount of pussy juice I had never before seen, cumming almost like a man but with a more liquid type fluid. The juice ran all over Becky, in her mouth, up her nose, in her eyes and hair. She looked as if she had just had a shower.

I was now in a heightened state of arousal, having been forced to watch the two women having sex and then being privy to the way that Sylvia came all over her partner. I would have to ask her about that later and hopefully have the chance to experience her cumming all over my own face.

But it was now back to the training session. Her Master immediately removed Sylvia and Becky was again gagged. Her hands were released and she was moved to a padded sawhorse. She was bent over the tool and her hands were secured to the spreader bar that also secured her ankles. She was now vulnerable, her ass high in the air, her legs still spread with her asshole and pussy exposed to all our view.

“You need to forget your fears and do as I tell you.” Mark was now explaining the rules to Becky. “I will go easy this time, but remember these words because you will be asked to please me in ways that will cause you to feel fear again.”

With that he moved behind her. Master handed him a paddle, one that I had become very familiar with, one that left bright red marks that would last for days on my cheeks.

Becky thrashed wildly with the first contact of the paddle to her ass. She tried as best she could to get away from the swinging paddle but it was impossible. She suffered through twenty smacks before Mark stopped and handed the device back to Master. Her ass and upper thighs glowed red from the punishment, the redness further framing her exposed sex and revealing the fact that she remained excited. Her cunt lips were still spread to the point that we could see inside her hole.

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