Grandma Julie, Again?

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“Okay, I will need one man to help me prepare supper. Eric? Okay, thank you. And to reward you for volunteering when no one else would, I am going to fuck you in the kitchen.” Both groans and cheers echoed across the back yard.

Grandma Julie turned to go to the kitchen but hesitated. After about two seconds, she turned back to her audience with a mischievous smile and walked over to the food table. She reached down and took a potato chip, then she looked down at her cum-covered body. Using the chip, she scooped up a large glob of cum and pushed the chip and its cum into her mouth. There was a loud and cumulative groan from my friends, a groan I joined. Then she reached for a tortilla chip and scraped more cum off her body. Crunching on the tortilla chip, she moaned and then grinned at all of us.

“I think I prefer the tortilla chip. And I think I need more than one.” She continued grinning as she took chip after chip and scraped cum on them. She must have eaten a dozen cum-covered chips, all the while grinning and moaning. And the guys were beginning to get restless. Soon, there were several guys with serious boners, stroking away. Grandma Julie looked around at her audience and chuckled.

“Oh, I love young cocks. So responsive…” She dropped her eyes to the table, as if searching for something else to eat. She grinned when she saw there was a piece of pizza still on a serving platter, and she took it and put it on a paper plate from a stack on the table.

“Okay, boys. I need some more cum. Think you can help me out?” And several of my friends immediately stepped forward. They stroked themselves a little faster for several minutes, with the rest of us watching and getting hard. In another minute, one of the guys groaned loudly and stepped closer, positioning his hard dick over the piece of pizza. Seconds more and he shouted his release. He shot several streams of cum on the pizza, even shooting some over the top of the plate and landing on the floor. Then another guy grabbed the plate and slid it toward himself, oozing a large amount of cum onto the pizza. He grinned at his buddy who had beat him to it.

“You might shoot farther than me, but I got my entire load on the pizza.” The look on his face showed that he believed he won the apparent contest. This, of course, brought another one of my friends into the contest as he stepped forward to shoot his cum on the pizza. Two more joined in the effort to coat Grandma Julie’s pizza with cum. Then she stepped forward and picked up the plate. Smiling all around, she looked closely at the cum-coated pizza and grinned widely at everyone. Turning so everyone could easily see, she raised the pizza and slowly ate the entire piece.

“Yum! I think that was the best pizza I have ever had. Thank you guys for your contributions.” Then she slowly licked her fingers, causing everyone around her to groan loudly.

“Now, I need the rest of you to think about what you would like to do with the cum loads you are building up for me.” And this time she turned and walked into the kitchen. Eric looked around and grinned at his friends, and then followed Grandma Julie into the kitchen, his hard cock showing he was clearly excited at what might happen there.

The rest of the guys turned to me with various expressions of lust and excitement on their faces.

“Shit, man, you have the coolest Grandma in the world!”

“Yeah, and she is the hottest!”

Several more of my friends made similar comments, underlining the fact this this was clearly the best Birthday Party I had ever experienced. I couldn’t stop grinning at everyone.

Suddenly, I heard my cell phone ringing. I reached for my pockets and realized that my birthday suit had no pockets. I looked around for it and didn’t see it anywhere. That was when I realized I could barely hear it, indicating it was apparently in another room.

“Bobbie, your phone is ringing.” I looked over to the serving window and saw that Grandma Julie had slid it open and was trying to hand my phone to me. I walked over to take it and pressed the button.

“Happy Birthday, Bobbie!” The exclamation was followed by a squeal, and then a sincere attempt at singing the relevant song. I recognized the struggling voice of my friend and sometimes girlfriend, Andrea. She was very attractive, even beautiful, but her interests were nothing like mine. So we would date a few times and then break up, while remaining friends. A couple months later we would repeat the pattern. This cycle haunted us for the last two years, separated by a more sincere effort at dating others. But somehow these other relationships never lasted very long and we would return to dating each other again. It seemed to be a crazy pattern, but one which we were apparently doomed to repeat. And probably the primary reason we repeated this pattern was because sex with Andrea was simply incredible. She loved to give and receive head and her blowjobs were the best I ever experienced. Plus, she loved to wear sexy clothes on our dates and tease me canlı bahis with flashes of her tits and even pussy with apparent unconcern over how many people could see her body parts. So we fucked a lot for a couple months, and then our interests would wander to other people. Through it all, Andrea and I managed to remain good friends.

“I just wanted to call and wish you Happy Birthday in three hours. Plus I wanted to say we should get together. We always get together on our birthdays. and we always have a really good birthday fuck. So, why haven’t you called me?” I looked around at the friends surrounding me. Several looked like they were going to interrupt the call in an attempt to embarrass me so I picked up what I hoped was my beer and tried to walk away. But my friends followed. When I turned toward them, trying to gesture that I wanted some privacy, one of my friends leaned in and spoke loudly.

“Hey, Andrea. Bobbie is having a great Birthday Party that he couldn’t invite you to.” Several of my friends laughed loud enough for Andrea to hear.

“Oh, hi, Will.” Andrea paused for a few seconds and then continued.

“Yes, it clearly sounds like you are having a party. So why didn’t you invite me?” A ball of fear suddenly materialized in my stomach, threatening to eject the food already there. I froze, uncertain what to say. During my silence, one of my friends made a suggestion.

“Why don’t you invite Andrea to join us? Or are you afraid?” Several of the guys laughed out loud, embarrassing the hell out of me. Greg, the guy who said that, made sure he spoke loud enough for Andrea to hear. All my friends here at my party knew Andrea. Most of them liked her and a few of them had been the beneficiary of her flashing activities in the past. They all thought she was attractive and some thought she was hot. They all knew we fucked a lot and some had even suggested they would like to participate. But so far, neither Andrea nor I had suggested a mthreesome to the other. I guessed that was simply not one of her fantasies, and I knew it was not one of mine. And yet, I had to admit that the idea of inviting Andrea to the party tonight was exciting, in a perverse way. For just a second I saw Andrea and Grandma Julie on their knees side by side, with all of my friends lined up waiting for a blowjob. And then Grandma Julie ruined my resistance.

“If that is Andrea, why don’t you invite her to the party. We have plenty of food for her, and I am sure she would enjoy watching everything.” For a moment, I panicked at the thought. And then I found myself getting even more excited. I hesitated for a couple of seconds, long enough for Andrea to interrupt my thoughts.

“That was your Grandma, wasn’t it? You are over at her place for your party, right? Okay, I am coming over. I will be there in ten minutes.” And I panicked at the idea of her joining the party.

“Wait, Andrea. I am not sure that is a good idea.” I stopped and gulped, and then I tried to continue.

“I mean, the guys are acting a little crude and I am not sure you… I mean, it might be a little much for you.” My comment felt really lame and Andrea made the effort to point point that out.

“Bobbie, is there some reason why you don’t want me at your party? Do you have a stripper there? Is that why you don’t want me there?” I panicked again, totally unsure how to deal with this.

“Well, not exactly. I mean, no stripper.” And the minute I said that, I was sure I was in trouble. I knew I had just set her imagination loose.

“If you don’t have a stripper, then why did Will say you couldn’t invite me over? Is there something going on?” I hesitated, this time too long.

“Okay, Bobbie, I am coming over. Be there in ten.” I gulped quite loudly and then gave her a warning.

“Okay, Andrea, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” She replied with a comment that I didn’t hear, and then she cut the call.

“Oh, shit!” My comment was more of an explosion and suddenly all the guys were talking at once. It was hard to follow the various conversations but most of them included comments about what the guys were going to do to Andrea when she arrived. And I became aroused at some of their comments. I knew that Andrea enjoyed flashing me in public, and I knew she included some of my friend in her flashing, but I had no idea how she would react when she walked into a group of my naked friends. I groaned out loud and a couple of my friends laughed at my expression. And just then, Grandma Julie walked out with a couple more six-packs to put in the coolers under the table.

“Is Andrea coming? Oh, I can see from all your expressions that she is. Well, good. I think she will enjoy looking at all your hard cocks.” And she looked down at her naked body, as if just now seeing it.

“And who knows? Maybe she will join in. I haven’t tasted a young pussy in way too many years.” Her comment made me groan again as I covered my eyes in anxiety. And suddenly the comments around me got very graphic.

A few minutes later, the doorbell bahis siteleri rang. I hurried to answer the door, quite nervous about what was about to happen. I had asked everyone to put their suits back on, jumping into my swim suit as I was asking them but none of the guys followed my lead. Even more traumatic was the fact that Grandma Julie didn’t get dressed, either.

“Hell, I figure that if she hasn’t seen it, she won’t know what it is. So, don’t sweat it, Bobbie.” And she just laughed. She apparently didn’t understand why I didn’t think her comment was funny.

As I let Andrea in, I tried to prepare her for what she was about to see. But before I could say anything, several of my very naked friends appeared around the corner. Her eyes went wide for a second, and then she grinned. But her reaction was totally different when she saw a very naked Grandma Julie.

“Holy shit! What is going on here?” Grandma Julie jumped in with an answer before I could say anything.

“Welcome, Andrea, to Bobbie’s 21st Birthday Party. The boys got a little frisky and things went awry. Now it seems like they don’t want to get dressed. Do you have a problem with that? Should I demand that they all get dressed?” Andrea looked at me and then at Grandma Julie and finally at the guys standing nearby with hardening dicks. She slowly grinned as she looked everyone over a second time. Finally she spoke.

“Well, hell, no. I like a hard cock as much as the next woman. And it looks like you enjoyed them, too. Is that dried cum all over you, Grandma Julie?” The older woman looked down at the cum on her body and then looked up with a wide grin.

“Well, not all of it is dried.” She paused, returning Andrea’s grin. “Why? Do you think I should clean up before serving all these horny boys supper?” The older woman and the younger woman looked at each other, locking eyes for a moment. Then Andrea chuckled.

“Well, I think we need to see about feeding these horny boys. What do you say, Grandma Julie? Should we spread our legs and watch them go crazy?” Andrea looked hard at Grandma Julie, her eyes offering a challenge to the older woman. The room was silent for several seconds, and then Grandma Julie spoke to the younger woman.

“Well, first I need to confirm you are over eighteen. I don’t want to get arrested for what is about to happen.” Andrea grinned with anticipation and claimed she was one week younger than me, stating that everyone knew I was three hours from becoming twenty-one. Grandma Julie nodded her approval of Andrea’s answer, and then continued.

“Next, I must ask you to give your word that you won’t tell anyone about what happens here. No matter who you tell, sooner or later someone else will find out and then I risk getting shot by someone’s parents. Do you give me your word, Andrea?” She paused, waiting for Andrea’s response. After waiting for a few seconds, Andrea slowly nodded her commitment to silence. Grandma Julie then grinned her acceptance of that commitment.

“Then I think we might agree to drive them crazy.” She walked over to the nearby couch and sat down. Still staring at Andrea, she patted the couch next to her. Then she grinned at the boys standing nearby and slowly spread her legs.

“What about it, Andrea? Should we give a couple of these guys an early snack?” For a moment, Grandma Julie stared at Andrea, waiting for the teenager to respond to the challenge.

Andrea, still dressed, took several seconds to scan the faces of the teenage boys who were watching, all with eager and lustful expressions on their faces. The last face she scanned was mine, tease in her grinning eyes. Then she seemed to make a decision. She shrugged her shoulders and sat down next to Grandma Julie. Pulling up her skirt and spreading her legs, she showed that she was wearing no panties.

“Oh, dear, I seem to have left my panties in my car. So now what should I do, Grandma Julie? Should I go back to my car and see if they are there?” The two women chuckled and looked expectantly at the boys. The room fell silent for a moment. I finally decided that I needed to do something, so I walked over to Andrea and dropped to my knees.

“Let me see here. Yep, you are right, Andrea. You seem to have left your panties behind. Plus, you seem to be freshly shaved. And the more I look, the more I see that your bald pussy is really wet. Maybe I should clean that pussy for you.” I grinned at her, and then grinned at Grandma Julie. And then I leaned forward and licked my favorite pussy in all the world. Andrea moaned and tilted her head back in pleasure. And I kept licking that juicy pussy.

It only took a couple seconds and one of my friends knelt down in front of Grandma Julie. Looking into her eyes for a second, Craig almost seemed to ask her permission. My Grandmother granted that permission with a wide grin.

“Honey, don’t tease this old woman. Dive in or move aside.” He needed no other encouragement, and a second later the two women were receiving great pleasure. Granny watched what was bahis şirketleri happening between her legs for a moment, and then she turned to Andrea.

“Is this great, or what?” Andrea giggled in response.

“No, this is awesome! What have you been doing to turn these guys on so much?” This time it was Granny Julie who giggled.

“Well, just the usual. A little flashing here, and little cum-eating there…” She left Andrea to her imagination for the rest, and Andrea took up the challenge.

“So, you gave someone a blowjob?” Granny Julie laughed.

“Well, not exactly. I just gave them all a chance to cum. On me. All over me. And you saw some of that cum when you arrived.”

“Some?” Andrea was obviously intrigued.

“Some. I ate most of it. I love cum. So tell me, Andrea, do you like cum?” Andrea took a couple of seconds to groan and grab my hair as I was eating her pussy. Then she replied.

“Cum is my second favorite food.” She grinned at Grandma Julie and then went back to enjoying the action between her thighs. The older woman couldn’t resist the teasing reply.

“Second favorite?” Andrea laughed.

“Yes, nothing is better than half a gallon of chocolate ice cream on the table in front of me. Especially if it’s Rocky Road.” Both women laughed at that, and took a moment to envision a large bowl of Rocky Road in front of them. Then Grandma Julie had an idea.

“You know, I have an unopened carton of Rocky Road in the freezer. Do you think we could get a couple of these handsome men to add some cum to a bowl of ice cream?” Andrea moaned loudly, but no one knew if it was because of my actions between her thighs or because of the idea of eating a cum-covered bowl of ice cream. I decided it must have been because I was sucking her clit.

And then Grandma Julie shouted out her release. Obviously, my buddy Craig was doing a good job because she jumped and bucked and shouted again. And that must have provided Andrea with just enough stimulation to follow her example, because Andrea screamed her release. She jumped and bucked and shouted even more than Grandma Julie. Her orgasm was almost violent, and I wondered if it was because a dozen guys were watching her. Taking a moment to rub a bruised nose, I grinned at her as she calmed down. For a couple of seconds, there was quiet in the room. Then a dozen horny teenagers cheered and clapped. Grandma Julie interrupted the noise and made a suggestion to Andrea.

“Should we go get some ice cream and ask some of these guys to add some gooey topping to it?” Andrea’s eyes got wide with lust and nodded at Grandma Julie. The two women walked into the kitchen, followed by fourteen very horny guys. Grandma Julie rummaged in the freezer for a moment and then pulled out a half gallon carton of ice cream. Scooping a large portion into a large bowl, she slid the bowl to the edge of the breakfast counter.

“Okay, guys, do your thing. I want at least six of you to cum on my ice cream.” She grinned at how fast the guys lined up to cum on the ice cream. She motioned to Andrea to sit down and the two women waited for us to top off their sweet dessert.

We all watched as several of the guys started to furiously stroke their cocks. Then Grandma Julie surprised us.

“Eric, I promised to let you fuck me for volunteering to help me prepare supper, but we were interrupted by the arrival of this very hot woman. So would you come over here and fuck me while we are waiting for your friends to add some very gooey topping to the ice cream?” Grandma Julie grinned at Eric’s expression and then glanced up at Andrea.

“Do you mind me fucking Eric, honey? He earned it and I promised him.” Andrea’s eyes grew wide and she grinned widely.

“Not if I can watch.” Grandma Julie laughed.

“Honey, you can do more than watch. Eric, come over here and stick that hard cock in my very wet pussy.” Eric hadn’t said a word during the women’s discussion about all this but now he quickly walked in front of the older woman. She spread her legs and he stepped forward. Because of the height of the bar stool on which she sat, Grandma Julie’s hairy pussy was at just the right height. So Eric pushed forward and Andrea watched closely as seven inches of very hard cock disappeared inside Grandma Julie’s waiting pussy. Those of us who weren’t engaged in providing a creamy topping to the ice cream watched as Eric furiously pumped into Grandma Julie’s very hairy pussy. The room was silent but for the grunts and groans of the sexual activities in the room.

Suddenly, one of the guys standing over the ice cream bowl bellowed out his release and squirted a huge load of cum onto the ice cream. He stepped back just in time for someone else to release his creamy load into the bowl. Then the room went back to being quiet again, save for the grunts and moans of sex. By the time Eric yelled out his release, emptying his balls deep inside Grandma Julie, four more of the guys had cum on the ice cream.

Eric continued humping his favorite pussy until the sloshing sounds of his cum signaled the exciting end of his orgasm. Then he stepped back, looking like he might collapse from the intensity of his actions. As soon as he stepped back, Grandma Julie smiled at Andrea.

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