Grandson/Grandfather Ch. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


After our intense sex with each other we fell asleep in each others arms.

I awoke sometime later in the pitch blackness of night. I was lying on my side and felt something rubbing between the cheeks of my ass.

I reached down behind me and felt Brandon’s cock rubbing on my ass. His cock head was wet with pre-cum as he worked it towards and against my fuck-hole.

Holding his cock I pressed the head against my rectum and pushed back with my ass.

Brandon produces a copious amount of pre-cum and that was all the lubricant we needed.

I was more than ready to receive his cock and have my grandson deposit his seed deep in me.

Suddenly the head popped past my sphincter muscle. I could feel his mushroom knob begin to stretch and fill me as he gently pushed and slowly worked deeper into me.

Brandon’s cock is about eight inches long and around five to six inches in circumference.

I have had many large cocks in me but none that filled me as completely as did Brandon’s.

He slowly worked his cock as deep into me as it would go, then after holding it there for a few seconds he pulled back and began to slowly pump in and out. My hips began involuntarily pumping back against him. Meeting thrust with thrust.

Brandon fucked me for several minutes in this position and then somehow rolled me onto my back with my legs over his shoulders, while keeping his cock in me. He leaned down and our lips locked together as he slowly pumped in and out of me.

My grandson worked his arms under my shoulders and pulled me tight to him as we thrust against each other… him sliding his cock back and forth in me and me humping against him, riding his cock.

As he held me tightly against him I realized Brandon was not fucking me, he was making love to me. He gently slid in and out of my ass and I became more and more possessed by him and I finally succumbed to that possession.

I entered a state of nirvana, yet also felt Brandon gently making love to me. I started a crescendo of wave after wave of orgasms, each one more intense than the one before.

I lost track of time as I remained in nirvana and enjoyed the pleasures I Topkapı Escort was receiving at the hands of my grandson.

Brandon started pumping harder as I felt his cock twitch inside of me. He pushed in as deep as he could and held himself there as he started pumping his seed into me. I do not know how many squirts it took for him to empty his balls in me but I do remember feeling seven mighty pulses of his cock. After each time his cock squirted it would shrink a little in circumference then swell again as he prepared to shoot another stream of his seed.

I have been on the sissy side of the line for many years now, but this is the first time I have been totally possessed by a man. I knew, with a feeling of pride, that I had just became Brandon’s sissy cum slut and I will be available to him at any time …

Brandon let go of my legs and collapsed onto me with his cock still buried in me.

An immense feeling of pride in my grandson overcame me. I had often thought of my ass as being used like a cunt. But now I am thinking that my ass is a cunt and my grandson owns it any time he wants.

We lay in that position basking in the afterglow of our love making. We kissed deeply and when we broke our kiss Brandon rolled over off of me. We lay in each others arms for several minutes until I realized that Brandon was asleep.

I slipped out of bed and as I headed for the bathroom I felt Brandon’s cum running down my legs. I sat on the toilet and drained as much of his cum as I could out of me and then took a hot shower.

When I returned to the bedroom I saw the sheets were soaking wet where Brandon and I had been and Brandon had rolled onto the far side of the bed. The side where Brandon and I had been was soaked with our combined sweat, precum and cum.

After taking a shower I was wide awake and it was of no use to get back in bed. Besides my side of the bed was soaking wet and Brandon was peacefully asleep. My eyes traveled over Brandon’s body and came to rest on his cock as I contemplated on the love making we had just done. No one had ever totally possessed me as my grandson had just done. He treated my ass as though it is a pussy and deep down I knew that I am his anytime he wants.

I donned a light Topkapı Escort Bayan robe and headed out to brew some coffee. As I walked to the kitchen I realized I was walking a bit straddle legged. My ass which I now think of as a pussy or cunt ached. Not a painful ache but one of emptiness with a yearning to be filled.

I brewed a pot of coffee and filled a cup. I went to the bar and splashed some Jack Daniel’s into the coffee. I took my coffee out onto the porch and sat down on the porch swing.

I sat on the swing, in the pre-dawn light, sipping my coffee and relived the pleasures that Brandon and I had just shared.

As I sipped on my coffee I thought back over the years that Brandon and Myia lived with me. First Myia seduced me many years ago and we did and do lovingly enjoy each other. Now her son, Brandon, seduced me, although it was not difficult for either of them to do so.

I thought about Brandon’s formative years and with the benefit of hindsight I recognized the traits of his homosexual leanings. Not that I object to any of it … he is a very good lover.

Brandon did not get out of bed until early afternoon. I had dozed off while I was on the swing and I was dreaming about Myia and me. I felt a hand on my shoulder and thought it was Myia waking me up, when I looked up into her face I realized it was Brandon standing there.

He was wearing a light robe and had a smile on his face. A hard cock tented his robe. Without either of us saying a word I slipped to my knees on the floor, reached inside his robe and took hold of his very hard cock. I pulled his cock out of the robe, kissed the head and licked the slit where pre-cum was beginning to form. I cupped his bare balls as he peeled his robe off and I licked up and down his shaft.

I took the mushroom head into my mouth as I licked, slurped and sucked on his cock … worshipping every inch. The head of his cock entered my throat and I massaged it with my throat-pussy muscles.

I felt his cock begin to pulse as he prepared to feed me his seed. He shot a massive load of his seed directly down my throat and I backed off, keeping his cock in my mouth. He gave me six more large ropes of cum. I swallowed, then licked his cock clean. Escort Topkapı I licked his slit while sucking to make sure I had got it all. When I was sure there was no more and his cock started going limp I dropped it from my mouth.

I arose from my knees and sat once again on the swing, Brandon sat beside me with his arm around my shoulder. He pulled me closer to him as he kissed me. Our tongues dueled for awhile as they danced with pleasure. He placed my head on his chest as he held me.

Neither of us said a word, but we both knew that last night I became his sissy cum-slut and we just now reaffirmed that indeed I am his slut.

Brandon asked me if I thought that Myia had any panties in her room and if so would they fit me.

I replied, “I am sure that Myia does have clothing here for when she spends the night. But I do not need to wear her panties as I have several pair of my own … as well as other articles of feminine attire.”

“Will you put some on for me,” Brandon asked.

I did not say a word but kissed Brandon, arose from the swing and went to my room, leaving him sitting on the swing.

I put on a pair of black lace panties, a pair of black thigh-hi’s with lace around the top, a lacy black bra. I then donned a flimsy see through short black dressing robe and a pair of slippers with three inch heels.

I then strutted back to Brandon who was now sitting at the bar. There were two drinks on the bar, one for him and the other for me.

He used me in many different positions over the rest of the weekend. He had me wear some of my feminine lingerie. During the rest of the weekend if I had any clothing on it was feminine in nature. Brandon only wore a robe.

Monday morning, before going to his college class, he reminded me that he wanted me to tell Myia that he is gay. I told him that I will do so if he promises to try having sex with a couple of females. He replied that if he could find someone as hot as Myia he will.

I asked, “If it is acceptable to Myia would you make love to her?”

Brandon replied, “Yes I will. The few times I have heard you and her fucking, I masturbated while fantasizing that it was me fucking her.”

Myia called me later that morning and told me that Tom, her husband, will be going out of town the next day. He will be gone until sometime Saturday and she wants to stay with me while he is out of town.

I told her that her room here is always ready anytime she wishes to use it. I also decided to wait until tomorrow to tell her about Brandon.

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