Greg’s Therapy – Round 02

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Part 3 – Round 2

I would have licked his cum off my fingers and sucked him dry if Aunt wasn’t around. Instead I took the box of tissue paper and cleaned the cum off my hands, the couch and his thighs. Then I took some more tissue and patted his shrivelled cock. The tissue got soggy and one part broke off and stuck to his shaft. I tried to scrape it off with my fingernail and had to press in a little because the skin is now wrinkled and trapping the tissue. He squealed a little and I laughed.

“Oh I’m so sorry! Did that hurt?” I teased him. “There’s some tissue stuck to your cock, and I’m trying to get it off. The poor thing is still super sensitive isn’t it, making you squeal like that? It’s so sticky with all that lube. Do you think we should use less next round?”

I talked while scraping the tissue fragment off the side of his cock. I was so amused to see him clench his fists and keeping his mouth shut so he wouldn’t squeal like a girl again. He’s so much fun even when he’s softened!

“You know what, Greg, I’m going to clean your cock head now. It’s still got lots of juice on it. Do you think the paper will break off this time?”

He tried to sit up and told me he will clean it himself, but I would have none of it.

“Just relax, Greg! I will take good care of it! I promise I will be gentle with it. I will use my fingertips and not my nails.”

“No nails! No nails!”

“Ok no nails, I promise you. Trust me! I know what I’m doing.” I was almost begging him to let me have my way with his cock head. I love it when he’s so vulnerable now and so jumpy now, afraid I will do something harsh on his exhausted cock. I placed my hands on his buffed body, stroked his hard pecs on his chest, looked into his eyes and made soothing sounds to calm him down, telling him to trust me. The thing is that, yes I would love handling his post-orgasmic cock and watch him squirm, but what I really want now is for him to say yes and to agree to what I say. He has given me so much control while he was hard and I want him to continue being submissive to me. I hope I haven’t played him too hard and frightened him off.

And before he tried to get up again, I very quickly wiped the tissue on his cock head. He saw me looking down and tried to sit up and stop me, but I was already done. It was a fresh sheet of tissue and didn’t disintegrate, fortunately. I smiled at him and said, “See, I told you I’ll be gentle with it. Didn’t we tell you that you need to trust us to help you and that you need to be open with us? I know your penis will be so sensitive right after an ejaculation. Let me take care of it. Just relax.”

His 6 pack abs were slick with perspiration from the effort of fighting for control. He got off the bed when I’m done cleaning him up and walked over to the table where Aunt Margaret had glasses and water waiting. I enjoyed the sight of his deflated cock and balls moving as he swung off the bed and walked around. We chatted a bit after his drink. He stood leaning against the bed, his shriveled penis dangling down between his legs. It’s probably as small as it will get, I think. I’m always curious to know how much it grows.

I pulled a chair over and questioned him on how he would normally wank, how long he would last, whether he tries to hold back or cum as quickly as he can. He seems so much more open now and freely answered all my questions. Well after getting so acquainted in round 1, this is something like pillow talk. I also took the liberty of wiping his glans again early on during the chat when I saw his tip leaking again. Probably some residue. I was pleased to see that he hardly flinched this time. He’s getting comfortable with me. I enjoy taking such liberties without having to ask!

I also noticed him looking at my boobs when he thought I wasn’t looking. Not the most discreet thing to do when your penis is naked and inches away from me! It didn’t stay limp for long, not when he is confessing his sexual preferences. I reached out and lifted his cock when it started to twitch and grow a bit longer. It seems to have recovered from its earlier ordeal. It’s still more limp than erect and felt so much lighter than when I was cleaning it up earlier on. Hardly any blood in it yet.

“Greg, if you feel like you can get hard again, we should continue.” Aunt Margaret reminded us. “Maybe we will have time for even round 3 or 4 if we can start soon. Would you like that?”

“I don’t really know… I would like to see how long I can last this time.”

“If you resist for too long and dun cum, you might get blue balls. That’d hurt.” Aunt told him.

“I’ve heard of that. Maybe I should give it a try while you’re here to guide me?”

“Have you ever given blue balls before, Jenny? No? It’s quite simple really. Just play him slowly, keep him hard and give lots of stimulation so that semen builds kurtköy escort up in his balls. Don’t let him cum, and he will feel a dull ache when enough fluid has accumulated. It may take a while though.”

“First, let’s get you hard again.” I told Greg.

I dropped my tank top and bra and stood very close to him, my nipples a couple of inches from his chest. The cold air in the room made my nipples hard and erect. I know he likes breasts. I had noticed him looking at Aunt’s pair during the briefing. She was wearing a tight black and bared a bit of cleavage. Very decent, except that she’s so big that he actually got to look into her deep valley. With a pair of 34C boobs, i wasn’t used to having them ignored. But mine were overshadowed by my aunt’s during the briefing, and then he was so focused on his cock after that. My boobs finally got his attention now that they are bared and pointing at him. Looking into his eyes, enjoying his attention and signs of growing excitement on his face, I reached with one hand and grabbed his cock again. Yes, he definitely like what he is seeing. I’m sure he can get hard again without me needing to bare my breasts, but this is more fun! I hope my aunt don’t complain!

“Want to touch them?” I whispered at him.

He reached out with his hands and gently caressed my boobs, weighed them with his hands, thumbed my hard nipples and pinched a little. I gasped and tried not to flinch. Not when his touch felt so good! I squeezed his cock in my hand. Semi-hard and still growing. I hadn’t teased it yet. I was just holding it, enjoying the feel of it growing from almost zero to a full erection in my hands. I have to use both hands to hold it now. We stood there for a while longer, playing with each other. We might have locked lips if Aunt Margaret had not interrupted us.

“Greg, are you OK to let me measure your length and girth? Of your erection, I mean. I always do that with clients who come for this particular therapy.”

Greg didn’t mind and climbed onto the bed as instructed. Despite his heavy breathing, he actually seemed more relaxed than he had been during the first round. Maybe having cummed in front of us already, there isn’t much more that he can still be shy about. His cock is stiff and straight now. Aunt Margaret got a tape measure and placed it along the length of his stiffy and called out the measurements. 5.5 inch length from root to crown. 5 inch girth around the thickest part of the rod. Quite a good size, she assured him. I wondered idly if she records the measurements somewhere. I had done my measurement earlier with my hands and I know that his is a good size and feels comfortable in my hands. Neither too big nor too small. Just perfect! But it is good to have numbers too.

When aunt was done, I stood over his abs, midway between his hands and his cock. His hands roamed over my tits when mine roamed over his rod. I enjoyed his gentle touch, but I can use only one hand when I stand so near. This is cramping my style, so to speak.

“Let me give you a good wank to warm you up first…” I smiled at him.

He murmured his approval and I moved away from his hands, which trailed down to my nipples and finally dropped away. I knew my panties were really soaked now. If he were to see them later on, he will know how aroused he’s made me too.

I got the oil and started pumping him earnestly with 2 hands. I went at him with what I’ve got for half a minute and his fists were again clenched at his sides. I don’t think he’s going to cum so soon the second time round?

“Are you going to cum already, Greg? Do I need to squeeze you off?”

“No, not yet, but it feels so good!”

His handsome face is a pleasure to look at, especially when he is lost in his pleasure and not as guarded as in the first round. His eyes rolled back again he started his soft moans again. Before too long, he started leaking precum again.

“Give me some of your lube, Greg.” I teased him.

I dipped one finger into the small pool of clear fluid oozing out of his pee hole and spread it gently across his glans. It’s a barely-there, ticklish feeling, a change from the hard and fast pumping I had just given him earlier. I bent down and whispered to him, asking if he can feel what I’m doing to him, if he knows what I’m going to do next. I know he can feel my touch. His cock twitched and jumped away from my finger and that is as good as flinching. I held his balls in my left hand, thumbing his marbles gently. Then I rubbed my palm over his cock head to check how slippery it is. I slid my right hand up his shaft, reached the crown and dragged my whole palm over his glans, pressing down lightly. My middle finger trailed over his pee hole for the added sensation. That got him gasping for air. I sniggered.

His precum isn’t quite enough yet. I gently teased the sides of his aydıntepe escort crown with my fingertip. He twitched, and oozed a bit more.

“I’m going to pinch your glans, Greg. Try not to cum yet… You know how disappointing that will be for both of us…”

I lightly pinched the sides of his cock head between my thumb and finger, taking care not to catch my fingernail on it. They are all well lubricated with oil and precum and it slipped out from between my digits. I got a good grip on the side of his cock head on my second try and that drove him wild. It was incredible seeing him twitch and throb when I’m holding him by the corner of his cock head. He groaned and buckled and shook off my fingers momentarily.

“Greg! Are you trying to escape from my fingertips? Why? You’re not going to cum already are you?” I teased him.

“I… I couldn’t help it. You know how it sometimes twitches by itself.” I think he was a little bit embarrassed at being unable to endure the teasing. I love playing with this guy!

“I want to train up your cock head so that you can ensure such sensations without flinching. You want to last really long, don’t you? But I will need to lubricate you again.”

He’s leaking a lot of precum. I held onto his shaft with my left hand and spread his juice over the head with my right, but not so gently now. He can take so much more teasing than the first round and I was having so much fun using my hands! He kept twitching in my grasp but I’m more familiar with his body now and I know he’s not going to ejaculate yet. I kept changing what I was doing to him. Sometimes I will tell him what I’m going to do, sometimes I just stop for a while and touch him again after a pause. Sometimes I’m gentle, sometimes less so. He doesn’t know what to expect and all this anticipation is playing tricks on his mind and wearing him down. I can hear his grunts of frustration. I love having a willing participant like this! But he is definitely getting nearer to the point of no return.

“Hey you’d better not cum yet! This is too early!” I warned him and gave him a good squeeze to bring him back. “Don’t cum yet… You’re not allowed to cum yet.”

He groaned a little. I drive him so wild and then I press his off button. I think he’s frustrated. I control his cock now. When he was back from the brink of ejaculating, I let go of my toy and moved towards his upper body.

“I’m going to let your cock rest for a while. But I don’t want it to soften. You can use your hands…”

His hands eagerly resumed playing with my breasts and nipples. They were clearly making him very happy and his mouth was open in wonder. He seemed particularly fond of tweaking my nipples, rubbing them between his thumb and forefinger. He was gentle about it and I thought it would be best if he doesn’t know how much of a turn-on it is for me. I rested my hands on his hard chest and abdominal muscles, enjoying the feel.

“You like my big, erect nipples don’t you, Greg?” I asked him, as evenly voiced as I could manage.

“Yeah, they’re fun. Do you like what I’m doing?”

I kept quiet. He looked at me, trying to find some evidence of enjoyment in my expression. I reached out one hand to touch his waiting cock and check how hard it is. It doesn’t get any softer at all from the rest it’s getting, maybe my tits are helping a bit.

“Good. I want you to stay hard.”

I stepped away from his hands and resumed my teasing on his jewels. A short rest is all I’m letting him have. A short grope from him is all I dare permit myself to enjoy. I didn’t want to start moaning!

We repeated this tease-squeeze-rest cycle a few rounds, sometimes without the squeeze and I just slowed down and got him to practice holding back by himself. It took less and less to bring him to the brink with each round. I know that the squeeze doesn’t totally remove the urge to cum. It just suppresses it for a while and he’s still very sensitive. If I continue teasing again right after squeezing, I risk him spewing his load uncontrollably. He continued to leak his natural lubricant and his cock was like a volcano waiting to explode. His whole body was slick with perspiration and he was in agony. So near to cumming, yet I would not finish the job and I even put him through the indignity of being squeezed to slow him down! I think he’s building up a mind-blowing orgasm now.

“How is it, Greg? Are your balls hurting yet?” I purred, caressing them gently in my hands. I tugged them downwards and his cock swayed towards me.

“Maybe you should stop for 10 minutes or so.” Aunt Margaret advised. “Let him rest longer so he can focus on the sensations building up in his balls.”

Greg looks as if he’s going to say something, maybe protest that he doesn’t want to wait 10 minutes in this agony. Maybe that he doesn’t want the blue balls tuzla içmeler escort anymore. But to his credit he kept quiet and he’s going through this like a man. As only a man can, with a stiff and aching cock that is pointing up in the air like a flag pole, lonely and unloved. His flag post drooped from the lack of attention and leaked a small pool of precum on the bed. I would let him play with my tits from time to time. Not enough to get him fully hard, but his cock is kept alive and he is kept horny.

Aunt Margaret finally announced that it’s been 10 min, does he wish to wait any longer? Greg says he’s had enough of the blue balls and can I make him cum please? I walked back to the bed and looked at his supposed blue balls. His cock is now lying on top of his balls, flaccid and less than half its full size. I lifted it with my thumb and forefinger and prodded the balls with my middle finger. His balls are the low-hanging type and it should be easier to tell when they are heavy. I used my other hand and lifted his sack with my fingertips and tried to weigh them. Do they feel heavier than when I was touching them earlier in round 1? Is it just my imagination?

“Are you sure they’re full already? Maybe they can hold some more juice. Should I tease a bit more?”

I stuck a finger in my mouth, tasting the mix of lubricant and his precum. I collected a bit of saliva at the fingertip and used that to nip his glans again. It twitched and soon came back to life. I stepped within range of his hands, I didn’t want him to get fully erect by himself and lose my excuse to let him grope me. I wanted to enjoy one more time, probably the last time. A naughty idea came to my mind while I was waiting for Greg to feel his pain. I’m going to make him scream and beg for mercy later, but if I really do that to him, I don’t dare trust him to be gentle with my nipples after that.

Greg has such tender caresses and he’s so fond of my boobs. He would make a good lover if he can really last longer. He couldn’t put his mouth on my nipples with Aunt around. Oh, she smiled knowingly at me when i looked at her. She knows I’m having as much fun as Greg. I was already so aroused from playing him earlier, I might be able to cum if he continue tweaking my nipples like this. But I don’t want them to know. I’m not sure if Aunt is going to tell my parents what I’ve been up to and I don’t want to take too many liberties with her client!

And now for his second climax. I stepped away from his hands again and lubricated my hands one more time. I grabbed his cock, which is rock hard by now. I started with a few strokes, paying plenty of attention on his glans. I’m by now familiar with his body language and could tell that he is again approaching his point of no return.

“Greg, I’m going make it a big one for you. Let me know when you’re ready to cum and I’ll make it mind-blowing for you. You won’t feel the pain in your balls after you cum. You will feel much much better.”

That is not entirely true. I think he is going to be in a lot of pain in just a while. But he’ll get over it and it will be a good experience for him. I hope he won’t get too upset. He did ask for pain so I’m giving him extra service, in a way.

I continued to pleasure his cock and make it throb in my hand. With a groan, his ejaculation started and he is now at his most vulnerable. I gripped the base of his cock with my left hand, holding it firmly so it doesn’t spray onto my hair later. With my right hand I rubbed his glans and added to the mind-blowing orgasm I had promised him. The first shots of cum erupted from between my fingers. His cock twitched and his whole body convulsed. My grip on him isn’t holding him down when his whole body is arched and tensed up. It’s more like I’m hanging onto his cock while he goes through a roller coaster ride.

After letting him enjoy the first few shots, I resumed my assault on his cock. It is now super sensitive again. I rubbed my right palm on his glans. I was hoping to feel his cum shooting onto my palm, but that didn’t quite work out. It was hard enough to follow it with my hand when he is trying to pull away from me. He squealed and said something I didn’t recognize. Something about letting go of him, I’m sure. The look of panic and anguish on his gorgeous face is priceless! I closed in my fingers and used the nails to scratch his glans lightly. He buckled and tried to slide away, almost falling off the bed.

I reached out and tried to pull him back by his thigh. I didn’t dare let him fall off the bed and be held on only by his cock, comical though that certainly will be. What if i break it??

He landed feet first, fortunately. He crouched down, his hands sheltering his now very fragile privates to protect them from my further bullying. And the look on his face was one of betrayal. He has surrendered his precious cock and balls into my hands and trusted me to give him a good time and to help him with his PE training, and here I am inflicting such cruel pain on his glans when it’s at it most vulnerable state. I did feel a twinge of guilt.

And finally, round 3.

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