Guardian Angel Ch. 04

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Hey everyone! Well here is the next chapter of Guardian Angel. I decided against continuing the story in Quinn’s perspective based on reader’s comments as well as my own preference. Please leave any comments you have, I really do enjoy reading them all and I hope you all enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Quinn was shaking as he walked up the stairs to his locker, luckily he hadn’t encountered Ryan or anybody else from his world religions class. He got to his locker and was almost brought to tears by what he saw, there was writing all over it, mostly words like “Fag” or “Cocksucker” all over it. He quickly opened his locker so that he could get his books and then leave for class. Once he had all his books ready he began to leave for his world religions class hoping nobody would say anything about what happened Friday but already knowing they would. “Hey Faggot!” Someone shouted from behind him.

Before Quinn could even turn around to see his tormentor he was pushed to the ground, his books went flying everywhere. He started to get up but felt the bottom of someone’s shoe connect with his back sending him flat on the ground. He tried to talk, but nothing came out, he wasn’t able to make any noise except to whimper. The next blow hit him in the ribs and again he tried to call out but nothing came. By now all the other kids had surrounded him in a circle, all of them taunting him and calling him names. He kept wondering why no one came to his rescue, why not teachers were breaking this up yet.

“Stupid cocksucker!” Another blow, and another and another, most to his ribs, back or head. He prayed he’d pass out soon enough so he didn’t have to go through the pain.

“Quinn!” Suddenly he heard Galen’s voice through all of the name calling and he was no longer at his school being beaten but instead in his room with Galen. Galen was shaking him all the while saying his name over and over. That’s when Quinn realized he had been dreaming; he wrapped his arms around Galen and began crying. “Shhh, it was a dream, just a dream. A horrible dream, it’s not real.”

“Th-th-they w-w-ere h-h-h-hurting m-me!” Quinn wailed.

“I know, I know, you were screaming in your sleep Quinn, but everything’s okay, its all okay.” Galen was gently rocking Quinn back and forth hoping to calm the poor boy.

“N-n-n-nobod-dy h-helped! N-n-n-no o-one!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. They can’t hurt you here, you’re with me, I won’t let them touch you.” Galen comforted. Quinn buried his head in Galen’s chest and continued to cry while Galen comforted him.

Galen picked up the shaking boy and walked into the bathroom. He turned on the warm water and waited for the tub to fill. Quinn didn’t seem to acknowledge that he’d been moved from his room to the bathroom, or that Galen was filling the tub, he just continued to cry against Galen’s strong chest. When the tub was filled, without even bothering to remove Quinn’s pyjama pants he lowered themselves into the warm water. It was only once Quinn was in the water that he looked up from where his head rested on Galen’s shoulder, once realizing where he was he laid his head back down on Galen’s shoulder. Galen continued to rock Quinn back and forth all the while murmuring endearments to him. Quinn was no longer crying but instead lightly sniffling, when the tears had finally stopped, Quinn looked up into Galen’s face and was almost reduced back to tears with the amount of love he could see in Galen’s face.

“You okay?” Galen asked, looking slightly worried.

Quinn just nodded and laid his head back on Galen’s shoulder, he was glad Galen had taken him to the washroom, ever since he was young he found warm baths calmed him down, then he realized that was probably why Galen brought him here, because he’d been watching Quinn from day one and already knew this. He never thought he’d meet someone who knew everything there was to know about him, not a secret in the world he could hide from Galen. It made him feel exposed, like he had nothing to hide behind but at the same time he felt comforted that Galen knew everything, he just wished he knew everything there was to know about Galen.

“I-i-i d-d-don’t w-wanna g-go t-t-to s-school t-t-tomorrow.” Quinn stammered out.

Galen lifted Quinn’s chin to look into his eyes, he leant down and kissed Quinn’s forehead; “You can’t stop going Quinn.”

“W-why n-n-not? I-if I-I-I g-g-go, th-they’ll h-hurt me!”

“If you stop going, I have to go back to where I came from and watch over you that way.” Galen whispered. He felt Quinn tense as he finished his sentence.

Quinn’s eyes filled with tears at the thought of not having Galen around. “W-why?”

“Part of the condition of my being here is that you must continue to do things you would have done if I weren’t here, like school. If you stop going they’ll see it as I’m interfering and therefore causing you to feel you don’t need school. You DO need your schooling for what you’re going to do, and if you stop going your life path will be altered too much.”

“I-I’m s-scared t-t-to g-go.”

“I know you are, but your almost done highschool Quinn, you’ll be graduating school in a few months; Bayan Escort Gaziantep don’t let them win by not allowing yourself to get your diploma, we both know your so very smart and destined for great things but if you don’t get that diploma you will truly limit yourself. And I’ll still be with you when you’re at school, you won’t be able to see me but I’ll be there watching over you.” Galen whispered. He truly hated that Quinn was this scared to go back, nobody should have to be frightened this way, no one.

“Y-you will?” Quinn asked, not sure if he believed it.

“Yes, I will be, a guardian angel cannot leave the side of the one they watch, so when I can’t be with you physically then I go back to my spirit form and watch over you that way. So I WILL be with you, You’ll never be alone. You never truly were alone Quinn.” Galen said.

“O-okay … I-I’ll g-go.” Quinn whispered.

Quinn laid his head back down on Galen’s shoulder and just enjoyed the angel’s arms wrapped protectively around him along with the warmth of the water and Galen’s body. He still didn’t want to go back, but he didn’t want Galen to leave either, and Galen was right, he did have very high marks and he probably would be able to get a good job, so not finishing highschool would only cripple his future in the end. Galen and Quinn just sat there in the warm water, holding eachother and enjoying the other’s company, not wanting to let go. After about a half hour they both decided to get out and dry off. Neither of them had planned anything for that day so just decided to stay at home and lounge around the house. Normally Quinn would be doing his homework except he couldn’t due to the face that he had left his bag at school when he ran out of the room in utter humiliation, but he didn’t wish to think about that event.

They decided to have grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and then icecream for dessert. While they were eating the phone began to ring and Quinn went to go answer it.


“Hey bud, how is everything over there?” Quinn’s father asked.

“I-it’s g-good” Quinn answered.

“That’s good to hear, I just called to make sure everything was fine and to let you know that I’ll be home late on Saturday this week.”

“E-everyth-thing i-i-is f-fine h-here.”

“How is everything at school Quinn?” Jackson asked.

“I-it’s f-fine.” Quinn lied.

“Okay, well I better go so I will talk to you again sometime this week, okay bud?”

“O-o-okay, b-bye.”

“Bye son.” Jackson said before hanging up the phone.

Quinn hung up the phone and went back to where Galen was to lie down with him again. He smiled as Galen began to tenderly stroke his hair.

“You lied to your father.” Galen stated.

“W-what?” Quinn replied, taken a little off guard.

“You told him everything was fine at school when it wasn’t. I don’t understand why you don’t ever talk to him about what goes on at school.” Galen said, continuing to gently stroke Quinn’s hair.

“I-i-it’s n-not l-like h-h-he c-can d-d-do a-anyth-thing.” Quinn responded.

“He can’t do anything because you don’t tell him anything; he knows that you’re being picked on at school and has tried on several occasions to get the school involved but the school cannot do anything unless YOU tell them what is going on. And when it comes down to it, your father can do a lot more for you than I can, all I can do is be here for you when you need me, and I always will be. But if you want it to stop completely you need to come forward and say something!” Galen said.

“B-b-but i-i-if I t-tell a-a-anyone th-they’ll only h-hurt me m-m-more!”

“They can only hurt you now because you’re too afraid to say anything, that’s exactly what it is they’re couting on; you being too afraid to say anything. If you do speak out than they’re left with the consequences of their actions and nothing more. The truth is they won’t want to come after you for saying anything because by then they’ll know that you are not afraid and WILL tell people and they’ll only be left with MORE consequences. I know you’re afraid to say anything because you think you’ll be standing alone, but you won’t be! Your father and myself will be there standing with you, and the school is taking these sorts of issues much more seriously, once they find out what has been going on with you then they too will be standing with you. You are never alone. But I can’t make you stand up for yourself, I can only be here for you. You have to make the decision in the end Quinn, whether the bullying continues or not is ultimately up to you.” Galen said.

Quinn wasn’t sure what to say, he knew Galen was right, but he was still afraid to speak out against any of it, it was easier said than done.

“I-I’ll th-think a-a-about i-it.” Quinn replied.

Galen knew that he wouldn’t be able to force Quinn to say anything, but at least he’d gotten him to consider it.

“H-how w-w-will y-y-you g-g-go b-b-back t-to sp-spirit f-form?” Quinn asked, obviously wanting to change the subject.

“I go to sleep. When my physical body is asleep, my spirit leaves it and I can stay that way for as long as I wish to.” Galen explained.

“S-so w-when y-you w-w-went t-t-to s-s-sleep l-last n-n-night y-y-you w-w-were r-r-really a-awake? J-j-just i-i-i-in y-y-your s-spirit f-form?”

“Yes, I don’t actually need sleep, my body can stay awake for however long I want, sleeping just gives me a way to leave my body. Usually when I sleep at night with you and I leave my body I go to the ‘spirit world’ and report to the Arch Angels.”

“O-oh, th-that’d b-b-be c-cool t-t-to d-do.” Quinn responded.

“And I wish I could take you, although unfortunately you aren’t able to do that. But when you die your spirit will leave your body and you will go straight to the spirit world.”

“I-I g-g-get i-it.” Quinn replied.

For the rest of the night before they went to bed they decided to watch National Treasure, one of Quinn’s favourite movies. Though neither of them really paid a whole lot of attention to the movie, Quinn couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen on Monday, and Galen couldn’t stop trying to think of ways to comfort Quinn. By the time the movie was over Quinn felt as though he were emotionally drained and just wanted to go to bed. Galen was worried for him, he didn’t want Quinn to be scared and wished he could make all of his problems go away, he hated that his sweet Quinn had to be scared like this.

After turning off the T.V. he picked Quinn up and carried him to the bedroom. As they both lay down Galen held Quinn close to him so that they were in a spooning position. Galen could sense Quinn’s trepidation about Monday and wanted very badly to relax him in some way. His hand slowly travelled down Quinn’s torso and stopped at Quinn’s groin, he heard Quinn take a deep breath as he gently squeezed the quickly hardening member through his pajama pants. For a few moments he continued to gently kneed Quinn’s groin; Galen brought his hand up to the waistband of Quinns pants and slid his hand underneath and grasped his hard penis. While he stroked Quinn’s cock he used his free hand to play with Quinn’s small nipples. Quinn knew it wouldn’t be long before he shot his load but tried to prolong it anyway. Galen listened as Quinn’s breath began to quicken and felt as his rock hard cock seemed to harden more.

“ungg, ohhhh” Quinn moaned.

“Cum for me.” Galen whispered in Quinn’s ear. He began to pump Quinn faster as the boy stiffened up and released his seed covering his chest and Galen’s hand. As Quinn began to come down from his orgasm Galen continued to slowly milk Quinn to ensure his balls were empty.

Quinn let out a soft moan as Galen took his hand away from his sensitive member. He relaxed into Galen’s embrace as the angel wrapped both arms and wings around his small body.

“Everything will be fine tomorrow Quinn, I promise.”

Quinn turned around to face Galen and wrapped his arms around him. “I-I l-love y-y-you s-s-so m-much.” Quinn replied.

“I love you too Quinn, so very, very much.”

“P-p-promise y-y-you w-won’t l-let th-them h-h-hurt m-me?” Quinn asked, looking up into Galen’s eyes.

Galen felt so much love for Quinn as he looked into the boy’s eyes, he wanted to be able to make that promise but knew he wouldn’t be able to do much if they did hurt Quinn. “I’ll do my very best, Quinn.” Galen whispered, his voice choking as the tears welled up in his eyes.

Quinn nodded his understanding and laid his head back down and snuggled closer to Galen, he had a bad feeling about tomorrow but knew his angel would do anything he could to protect him.

Quinn got up that morning and started to walk towards the bathroom, as he walked there something didn’t feel quite right but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Quinn entered the washroom and started his morning ritual beginning with his shower, after which he used the toilet and once done his business went on to brush his teeth. He was brushing his teeth when he looked into the mirror above the sink. He nearly choked on the toothpaste as he seen what was wrong, right on his forehead was a tattoo the word “FAGGOT.” He spit out the toothpaste and grabbed for a washcloth and immediately began roughly scrubbing at the word but to no avail. No matter how hard he scrubbed the word would not come off. He dropped the cloth and ran out of the bathroom.

“GALEN!” He screamed but was answered with silence. He screamed Galen’s name again and again but each time got no reply.

He started to hear noises coming from his backyard and darted for the backdoor and burst into the outdoors. What he saw nearly made him faint, all of his relatives were out there celebrating some sort of occasion. There were balloons and cake and small children running around. He noticed a boy who looked to be eight sitting in the corner alone, it looked as though the other children were picking on him. He started to walk towards him but stopped as he seen his father make a beeline towards the boy. He watched as his father roughly grabbed the boy’s small arm and pull him away. Then Quinn’s father looked up and seen him standing there, and evil smile appeared across his face as he shouted “He’s here!” and then began pulling the boy toward him.

Quinn didn’t understand what was happening as his father walked towards him, he was scared and wanted to go back inside. Everybody was looking at Quinn and his father now as his father stopped right infront of him.

“D-d-dad, w-w-what’s g-g-going o-on?” Quinn asked with fear in his voice. Jackson ignored his question and looked down at the boy who’s arm he was holding. He leant down and grabbed the boy’s chin and angled his head so he was looking at Quinn. “See Quinn? You take a good look at him, he’s a faggot who’s going to die a firey death and be sent to hell. You NEVER become one of them you hear boy? Or you’ll be kicked out just like the rest of ’em!”

Quinn looked down at the boy who his father had just called ‘Quinn’ and realized this was a younger version of himself, more specifically this was at his 8th birthday party! Tears began to well up into his eyes as his father began to yell obscenities at him and point. Soon the rest of his family were yelling the same things, someone had thrown a piece of cake at him and it wasn’t long before it caught on and he was getting food thrown at him from all directions. Quinn was crying hard as he began running away from his family who had obviously rejected him, he needed to get out of that place fast.


Quinn was startled as he was woken up from his nightmare. He had tears in his eyes as he looked at the clock by his bed that read 630AM, he then remembered he had school that day and immediately began to convulse as the sobs racked through his frail body. As he cried he felt himself being wrapped in downy soft feathered wings, he leaned back into Galen’s body and felt the angel’s arms wrap around him as well. Galen gently rocked Quinn back and forth as the boy continued to cry.

“Shhh, it’s okay Quinn, it’s okay, you’re alright.”

“I-I-I d-d-don’t-t th-th-th-thi-ink I-I-I c-c-can g-g-go!” Quinn wailed.

“Yes you can Quinn, I know you can” Galen whispered.

Quinn didn’t respond, instead just continued to cry as Galen rocked him. He didn’t want to go to school, but he knew he had to if he wanted to keep Galen here with him, and that was something he deffinitely wanted. His crying became less and less and eventually stopped, he just laid back against Galen as the strong angel held him. He didn’t know what was going to happen at school today, nor did he want to think about it, all he wanted was to get through this day peacefully. Quinn slowly stopped crying but remained in Galen’s embrace, he didn’t want to let go, ever.

“We need to get you ready so you don’t miss the bus. I promise I’ll be there Quinn, right by your side, always.” Galen whispered.

Quinn slowly unfolded himself from Galen but refused to let go of his hand as he got off the bed, he wanted to keep any sort of contact with the angel that he could. Galen understood that Quinn wanted to keep contact and hopped off the bed as well, still holding the boy’s hand. Quinn lead the way to the kitchen to have some breakfast choosing cereal as they did not have enough time to cook anything. As he ate he kept going over in his mind all of the possible events that could happen today, wondering if anyone would say anything about what had happend on Friday. By now everyone had to know, things in highschool spread like wildfire and you’d have to be a real outcast not to know what’s happening, even Quinn knew all the rumours that went around and he didn’t even have any friends.

He remembered that time when Emily Baker got pregnant, boy did he feel sorry for her. EVERYONE knew about that one, things that weren’t even true evolved from just that one rumour. It went from her being pregnant to that not only was she pregnant but that the father was a homeless man who lived on the streets that paid her to have sex, and that as a result of having sex with the man she got all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases, one of them being herpes and AIDS. Another rumour was that it was HER father who was the father of the child, boy would that be messed up. As the pregnancy went on more rumours came about, one being that she was tested and it was found that the baby was deformed with a third arm and a tail or something to that effect. But when the baby was finally born it was perfectly normal and the father turned out to be a member of the drama club!

He then started to think about Elizabeth Verno and that time people found out she gave a blow job to some jock on the football team. People were so vicious to her she changed schools! Quinn was really starting to worry as he thought about all of these things, he really didn’t want to have to change schools because that would mean his father would find out he were gay, and that wouldn’t be good. He wondered if because he were a guy it would be different, because all the examples he had to look back on were girls having rumours spread about them, he couldn’t think of any guys. He was afraid that if because he was a guy, people wouldn’t be afraid to physically harm him, he wondered if he’d be able to hide the bruises from his father, or what his father would say if he seen any. Would he have to tell his father he was gay? NO! He couldn’t do that! Not after his dream last night, his father would reject him, he was sure of it. There had to be some way he could avoid people at school, and if there wasn’t there had to be a way to hide it all from his dad, Quinn knew that whatever happend, his father COULD NOT find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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