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Hailey is a gender-neutral British name meaning “hay’s meadow.” It is derived from the Old English words heg, meaning “hay,” and leah, which translates to “meadow” or “clearing.” Hailey is also rooted in Norse, where it means “hero,” and in Irish meaning “wise one.” Hailey is a name with many sides, making it perfect for my beautiful sorority sister, a fellow ginger and former roommate, At DePaul, Alpha Phi betters the community by focusing on six core values: sisterhood, service, scholarship, leadership, loyalty, and character.

She was staying with me for a couple days interviewing with Law firms after graduating, shorter then me standing just five foot tall. Hailey has long red hair like mine but bigger breast then me. She is a gorgeous little thing with the cutest little feet and toes.

She arrived at my apartment while I was at work, I had left a key with the doorman for her. She called my office to tell me she had arrived and I told her to make herself at home. I opened my apartment door to find her lounging on the sofa in my favorite red bath robe sipping on a class of white wine.

Laughing I said “enjoying yourself.”

She Laughed with me “you said make myself at home,” responding coyly, “join me Cheri,” raising her glass in a salute.

I went to my bedroom, sliding off my black pumps, undressing and hanging my work cloths neatly in my closet. With no robe to put on I returned to the living room in just my red lace panties and a DePaul University tee shirt. Sitting on the opposite end of the sofa from Hailey, she stretched her legs out her gorgeous little feet finding my lap. I caressed her smooth legs finally working her feet prodding each foot, digging into the soft balls of her feet. Knuckles enclosed around her soft cute little toes popping them lightly.

She moaned her approval, “Cheri that feels so good,” she purred, “you always gave the best foot rubs.”

My mind flashing back to our playful university days of tickle fights and rubbing each others little beans. I brought her foot to my mouth without really thinking about what I was doing. Sucking each cute little toe in my warm mouth working my long tongue around each one. Hailey’s moans telling me I was Sincan Escort on the right track sucking those beautiful toes.

“Cheri!” Hailey said exasperated, playfully kicking me, laughing, what a tender moment between sorority sisters. Sensing opportunity, climbing up on top of her, tickling her, laughing, playing, my robe she was wearing falling open exposing Hailey’s gorgeous naked body. She wiggled under me laughing, our faces so close, both of us laughing, our lips meeting, kissing my hot sorority sister, tongues dancing in each others mouths.

My hand playing with her amble breast, pinching her nipples erect, drifting down her tight body to find Hailey’s sweet wet pussy, rubbing gently, slipping in my fingers, in and out, sweet moans coming from her lips.

“Cheri, what are you doing? Ohhh, I’m not a lesbian,” She stuttered.

Nibbling her ear I whispered, “Want me to stop?” I Started to pull my hand away, had I went to far?

“NO” She said moaning.

I whispered, “What do you want Hailey?”

“Fuck me, Cheri, please fuck me.” Hailey begged, pleaded really. I felt a strange power over her.

My fingers returned to work thrusting into her with force now as she moved her hips to meet my wet fingers pushing them deep inside her, curling them inside her. She was mine now, a prisoner of her dark desires, drooping down, lowering my mouth to tease her swollen little clit with my long wet tongue.

“Yes, Cheri, yes,” she cried out in pleasure

Bucking to meet my hand, my long tongue making little circles on her clit, Hailey’s pussy was so smooth. I felt her body tense, her pussy contract, then shake, squirting warm pussy juices all over my face. Tingling all over I nearly came my self at that moment, I climbed back up kissing her, letting her taste her own pussy.

Crawling up to straddle her face, lowering my pussy softly on her lips, I felt her tongue tentatively take it’s first licks. Grinding softly on her mouth, her tongue licking, probing my insides. My wetness spilling out over her face, I pressed harder against her mouth, rubbing my clit, riding Hailey’s face. I felt her finger poking at my asshole, what a dirty act, poking in, pushing Escort Ankara deep in my ass.

My speed increased, my moans growing louder, I was out of control, riding her face with no mercy. Feeling the first stage of extasy, pleasure encompassing me, I looked in her dazzling blue eyes. Stopping for a second, Hailey gasped for breath, “are you ok?” I asked concerned I went to far. “Can I lick your ass?” Hailey asked.

Turning around lowering my asshole on her mouth I felt her tongue take it’s first tentative licks at my brown star before poking inside. She explored my dark hole with enthusiasm, has I fingered myself with one hand and her wet pussy with the other.

My sorority sister licking my ass, probing my insides, so depraved. her secret dark desire. Pleasure crashing through my little body, trembling, shaking, screaming her name “HAILEY!”

Orgasms shattering our little bodies as we collapsed in a heap, panting, spent, our naked bodies cuddling together. I stroked her sweet little face starring into her dazzling blue eyes. Alpha Phi forever.

“Why didn’t we do that sooner?” Hailey asked.

Taking her hand leading her to the shower. Climbing in the hot shower, soaping her body, what a beautiful site. Washing Hailey’s back with my soft soapy hands, reaching around washing her large breast with the hot soapy water, I teased with her hard erect soapy nipples, taking my time, as I let my hand slide down slowly over her flat stomach over her smooth body to a soaking wet pussy.

Rubbing softly, caressing, washing, the soap so slippery, making love to each other, letting my wet soapy fingers play with with her little clit, rubbing softly. Inserting one then two fingers inside her, kissing under the hot water, has she does the same things to me. Slowly moving in and out, our desire growing with each thrust. Our soapy fingers making a slurping sound as our fingers thrust in then out. The hot water, the steam, lust, mixing to make a beautiful moment between sorority sisters.

Tingling all over with sensory pleasures, legs spread and my right foot raised on the tube, hot water trickling down my ass crack sending shivers up my spine. Moaning, pulling back, moving Eryaman Escort Bayan my hips to meet her soapy slick fingers plunging into me. My body dancing with pleasure, a magnificent feeling, our scents filling the bathroom. Slowly dropping my wet fingers down the crack of Hailey’s ass to her little brown flower rubbing my soapy fingers on her tight little asshole. Probing the entrance, gently, poking one wet finger inside her ass thrusting so deep, she lets out a sigh. Then out, then in, adding another wet soapy finger and a third driving hard pounding her ass, which she seemed she to love, deeper and deeper. Hailey’s fingers rubbing my wet soapy swollen clit as the first waves of sheer pleasure start encompassing me.

The hot water, a bathroom full of hot steam, our own little sauna. The pain and pleasure, the depravity, of fucking my sorority sister’s sweet ass. The dirty little redheaded slut, I love so much, as Hailey’s screams of delight fill my ears as I drop to my knees for a taste.

Hailey is so wet my long tongue exploring her sweet insides. Curling, dancing, tasting her juices with my long tongue. She grabbed my head, legs trembling. knees buckling, “YES! Cheri YES!” She screamed, “Eat my cunt slut.” Squirting in an erupting orgasm all over my face I linger there savoring her taste.

We dried each others wet bodies, my beautiful friend, then we climbed in my king size bed. Snuggling together pressing our naked bodies together so soft and warm. Kissing me sweetly, then passionately, her tongue dancing in my mouth. Our naked bodies coming together, hands, fingers, legs, cute little feet rubbing each other. Pussies grinding together bringing the lust, desire and arousal.

Intertwining in perfect delight, scissoring, tribadism, legs divided a pleasurable intersection. Our wet clits colliding, rubbing, moaning, ecstasy with a purpose. The art of two woman making love so beautifully inclined a beautiful harmony.

Sweet nectar flowing, fingers inside wet pussies, what an entertaining passion, a tasteful elixir. Two women on fire, two redheads, split like scissors. Humping frantically, squeals and sighs, feelings building, tingling. Panting like wild animals, bodies grinding and shaking, squirting her juices, a beautiful orgasm for two.

Walking along the riverwalk to Obrien’s for dinner holding hands a tender moment between sorority sisters. The moonlight gleaming on the water stopping to kiss under the Bamberg bridge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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