Halloween Fun

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Whenever Jamie entered a room it seemed to light up. Her smile was so radiant it seemed to shine without reflection. At six foot she was statuesque, her long legs and well-rounded figure made her stand out where ever she went. I was glad to have her as a friend, I could only hope that someday it would be more.

“We have an invitation to a Halloween Party.” she announced.” We have to decide on what we want to go as.”

That was how it started. We spent the rest of the afternoon selecting and discarding ideas until we settled on Cat Woman outfit for her and I would go as Wonder Women.

I was no match in height to Jamie, but I made up for it in other ways. At 5’4″ 112 pounds with 36D’s and an hourglass figure I turned my own share of heads, both men and women.

On the night of the party we stood admiring each other in a full-length mirror. ” If we don’t excite a few good men and ladies tonight we are at the wrong party.’ I laughed. She was wearing a leather push up and leather slacks with the front cut out to reveal leather panties. Her mask and cape finished off the effect. All she needed was a whip.

I was wearing a tight one-piece spangled suit and tiara with a mask. It wasn’t quite as revealing but it accentuated the right areas. This could be a fun night.

An Adonis in a black cape and Batman hood met us at the door. He ushered us into a large living room where there were two couples and another Adonis in the same outfit. The lights were dim and the two couples were sharing a loveseat off in the corners the Adonis was at a small bar. There was music coming from speakers hidden throughout the room.

“I’m so glad you decided to join us, now the party can begin.” announced the apparent host at the bar. He and his twin stood together at the bar with their hands on hips, their tight fitting spandex shorts filled to capacity with their over sized cocks.

“We hope you enjoy the yourselves and will join in the fun, everyone.” Then the couple nearest the bar rose and went to the middle of the room where there was a large day bed covered with a blanket.

She Gaziantep Yabancı Escort was wearing a gypsy outfit and began to dance around the day bed. He was dressed as a gypsy as well. As if on cue the music changed and he took her in his arms, kissing her lips, and then her neck, his hands pulling at her clothes. He bared her breast and then lowered his mouth to her left nipple. His lips surrounded it and his tongue circled it sucking it fully into his hot mouth. Then he attacked the right breast in the same fashion. She arched her back sighing with pleasure. He lowered her to the bed and she helped him remove her blouse his mouth was covering her soft skin with kisses and bites. When he reached her skirt top he grasped the top and drew it down off her legs revealing her love mound and the black wisp of hair.

Parting her legs he began kissing her inner thigh and her knees. He worked his mouth up and down her thigh each time stopping briefly to flick his tongue through her pussy lips. With one hand now on her pussy fingering her hot wet pussy, he released his belt and dropped his pants. His swollen cock bounced in front of him.

She reached up and grasped the shaft of his cock and pulled him to her. She rose up to take the big cock in her mouth, licking and sucking it. Her head bobbed up and down on him as he fucked her face.

Watching was making me wet. My hand had slid down and I was rubbing myself. Suddenly, I felt the touch of anthers hand on my shoulder. I also felt the something press against my ass. One of the Adonis’s whispered in my ear, “Are you enjoying the show?” Then he wrapped a hand around my waist and pulled me hard against him. His other hand was covering my hand and helping me rub my pussy.

His breath on my neck was exciting me, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the couple on the bed. He had straddled her and his cock was sliding between her tits. As he fucked her tits she was still sucking the big cock. Then the other Adonis twin was between her legs. He had his face buried in her pussy. He was licking and sucking her clit as her legs were shaking and her feet beating on his back.

I watched with desire as the Adonis rose from licking her pussy and let loose his mammoth cock. Holding her legs wide he entered her wet pussy driving his cock deep in her. He began a slow rhythmic rocking as he fucked her pussy with his big cock. She muffled a moan as she continued to suck one cock while the other was driving her wild with pleasure.

I was so wet as I stood watching behind a chair. My Adonis helper began to pull the zipper down on my costume and as it fell away to the floor he gently bent me over the back of the chair. I felt his hand slide through my ass and split my pussy lips. Then his big cock was sliding between my lips and he began to fuck me. I sighed or moaned or both. As I watched the show his cock drove deep in and out slamming against my ass.

The show was cumming to an end. I could tell the pace had picked up and both men were about to let go of their load. She must have had several orgasms as I watched her body convulse over and over. Then both men pulled out of her and were jerking their shafts as the cum exploded over her face and on her tits and stomach.

I wanted to help her finish them but then she didn’t need any help as she licked and sucked the remains from each cock. Meanwhile my passion was rising as well but I didn’t want this to end so quickly. I stood up and my Adonis pulled out, his big cock throbbing. I grabbed him by his cock and led him to a bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and stroked his cock, ” I want to taste this big cock before you finish fucking me.” Then I engulfed his cock with my mouth. He began fucking my face with vigor, holding my head as he slammed his cock deep in my throat.

I wanted to bring him to explosion but I wanted to feel that big cock fill me up again first. I pulled him out of my mouth and slid back on the bed. He climbed between my legs and I held his cock and guided it in my waiting hot wet pussy. He held my legs open wide and began to fuck me deep and fast. He pushed my legs over my head and I grabbed them at the ankles as he climbed up and drove his cock in and out deeper and faster.

I felt my orgasm building and I could tell he was closing to letting go and then we joined together in a blast of passion. Jerking bodies and heaving to greet the joy of release. When the last spasms subsided he collapsed next to me. I wanted to taste his cum so I rolled over on him and licked and sucked his cock dry.

Meanwhile, Jamie had found some pleasure with the other couple. While the show was going on she had been led away to another room. I heard a noise coming from the room and slowly opened the door to peek in.

Jamie and the couple were on the bed; the man was laying on his back while Jamie was straddle him. She had lowered herself on his huge cock and was riding up and down on him. Her head was flung back and I could see her smile fill her face. The woman was over the man’s face with her pussy being licked by him as she was sucking and squeezing Jamie’s nipples.

As Jamie bounced up and down her tits were bouncing and the girl had trouble keeping the nipple in her mouth. Jamie reached up and held her head against her breast so that she could get the nipple fully in her mouth

I stood watching as the passions mounted and the sounds of. His cock quwishing in her wet pussy combined with her moans of pleasure. Then as he took her ass in his hands to speed her up I knew he was going to explode. He drove his hips up as she came down and then he let out a groan and his cock burst forth his hot juices. His body pumping until the spasms stopped.

The other girl climbed off his face and then Jamie got off as well. Jamie then took the girl in her arms an hugged her as they kissed. When the man got up Jamie pushed the girl back on the bed. She slid her hand between the girl’s legs and opened her pussy lips. As Jamie began to nibble on the girl’s nipples she drove her fist in her pussy and began to fist her. The girl moaned and she pushed her hips up to greet each thrust.

As her orgasm built she moaned louder and Jamie attacked faster and harder until at last she jerked and flopped as her orgasm sent spasms through her body.

What a wonderful beginning to a lust filled night of Halloween.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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