Halloween, The Finale

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Halloween, The Finale

I briefed Abdel about the internal treachery that was uncovered and, aside from being extremely angry, he was disappointed and hurt. He had worked his entire life to build a business and now a small group of greedy, yet trusted, individuals were trying to sabotage it for personal gain. The fact of the matter was that the potential financial gain for them was relatively minor, something that wise investing and hard work could have easily matched. It appeared to Abdel that they wanted to punish him personally for succeeding and this hurt on an entirely different level.

Abdel told me to go about business as usual but to extend his personal thanks to Adriana for all that she did over the past months and for always being a good soldier. I knew that she would appreciate hearing his kind words but told Abdel that they should be delivered by him personally, not an intermediary. He told me that he planned to do just that but wanted me to deliver this message now for personal reasons. I did not question his motives and simply agreed to do as he asked then took my leave and set off to the main office.

It was difficult to follow my daily routine knowing what I did but that is corporate life. I called Adriana into my office to clarify a point in one of the financial reports and took the opportunity to thank her on behalf of Abdel as requested. I used his words and it was as if I were speaking in a code that only the two of them understood. She smiled and said that I should tell Abdel that she was honored to be of service, and promptly left. I felt that I was missing something but could not put my finger on what it was.

The next morning an internal memorandum was sent to all the department heads stating that Abdel was expanding the business and would be setting up a new division to specifically handle Russian interests. Anyone seeing the email and reading between the lines knew that this was a substantial venture that held the promise of lucrative deals in a country that was known for its corruption. A perfect place for shady characters to thrive. Abdel said that he would be meeting with select individuals over the coming two weeks to determine the team for this new operation and all discussions were confidential. Any breach of confidentiality would not be tolerated and would be cause for immediate dismissal. He said that he expected each recipient of the memo to sign it and return the original to me by the end of the week; this was the opening move.

By week’s end I had received signed memos from all the department heads and Abdel asked that I prepare a schedule of meetings with each team. I was puzzled why this task fell to me when his personal assistant usually attended to these things but believed his reasoning would be clear soon enough. I did not have to wait long for an answer.

In our end of day meeting Abdel said that he had some things to discuss with me but first wanted to have a drink and unwind. I stood up to fetch our drinks and Abdel followed me with his eyes the entire time. He took the glass from me and commented that I was a lovely person who made a big difference in his life. I felt butterflies in my stomach and did not know what to expect next. Was this the end of our relationship now that I completed my assignment? Was he upset about something entirely different? I was perplexed by his simple statement and went to sit down.

“You are probably wondering why I asked you specifically to set up the meetings for the Russian venture and you are right to be curious,” Abdel said. I do not want records of what is being done and going the standard route would have allowed too many eyes to see what was prepared. There is talk now but not too much that is concrete, and the people involved were sworn to secrecy on the pain of dismissal.

“There will be meetings but only two, Pascal and Jason. The meetings will take place here and Jason and Pascal will leave with the clear understanding that they have played a dangerous game and lost.”

“What about Danielle?” I asked.

“That is a separate discussion and not for tonight,” he replied. “I will deal with Jason and Pascal personally and you will not be involved. I want you to take the next week off and deal with that personal issue that you mentioned. I know that it is something that you want and I believe that you deserve to be happy so now is the perfect time. Arrangements have been made so you can relax and enjoy the change. I will see you here the week after next and we can discuss your new role in the business and your future here.”

I rose from my seat, walked over to him and kissed him. “You have made me very happy but what you propose is not necessary. You have given me so much already and I have enjoyed every day here. I don’t want to abandon you now when I feel that you need me by your side.”

“Rachelle, this is not open for discussion,” he said.

“Yes sir,” I replied and dropped to my knees to say thank you in a way almanbahis that I know he appreciates.

The next week went very quickly and I did exactly what I wanted to do for such a long time. I got the implants that gave me beautiful B cup breasts and now my clothes would fit more correctly and I would feel more feminine. It has been over ten months that I have lived as Rachelle and I have gotten very comfortable in her persona but lacking true breasts always left me wanting that something extra. I stared in the mirror each day and fell in love with my new self. I heard from Abdel and Adriana right after the procedure and they both wished me a speedy recovery and looked forward to seeing me. I was glad to have these people in my life for so many reasons.

I returned to work at Abdel’s private office on the appointed day and was greeted immediately by George. “Good morning, Ms. Rachelle, I am happy to have you back with us.”

“Thank you, George, I am glad to be back,” I replied and walked to see Abdel.

Abdel got up from his chair when he saw me and walked to greet me with a warm kiss. He hugged me and said that I felt wonderful in his arms and that he missed me. I told him that I felt the same and was glad to be back. He kissed me again and asked me to join him on the couch.

George came in with two coffees and placed them on the coffee table in front of us and left, closing the door behind him.

“I have missed you and I know that Adriana has missed you tremendously as well. She will be delighted to see you.

“There have been some changes as you might imagine and most of the scores have been settled so to speak. Adriana can brief you on the details but suffice it to say that there is only one loose end remaining and that will be dealt with shortly.”

I was glad to hear that matters had been resolved but I was puzzled why Adriana would be sharing the details when I was sitting on the couch with him now. What am I missing? I wondered.

“Rachelle, as part of the changes in the organization I moved Roger back to North American operations. He did a great job there and deserves to be where he is most comfortable and free to continue the work that he started.”

“I assume that Jason is gone from that position by now,” I said.

“Yes, he has been fired along with Pascal, and both will take the memories of their betrayal with them wherever they go” said Abdel.

“What about the Far East?” I asked.

“I have moved Adriana into the Department Head slot and I know that she will do a wonderful job. Plus, she deserves it.”

“I agree completely, and I am happy for her,” I said. “I can’t wait to congratulate her.”

“You will have your chance very shortly,” he said, “I have asked her to join us and George will let me know when she arrives.”

I stared at Abdel and felt that there was more to the story that I had not been told.

Abdel continued, “Rachelle, I want you to work with Adriana as her Assistant Department Head for Far East Operations, but you will remain as Assistant In-house Counsel to me as well. Adriana understands the arrangement and has agreed to it but as of today, you belong to her.”

Abdel let the words sink in before continuing since I clearly appeared surprised to put it mildly. “I believe that you know what this means so you also understand that you can refuse but I don’t expect you to do so. You get along very well with Adriana and she trusts you, something that does not come easy for her. When I told her of her new position I offered to give her anyone that she wanted as an ‘assistant’ but she wanted you. Normally I would not have given in to her request, but she is deserving of special consideration. To be clear, I know that this is less than a lateral move for you and you may well feel slighted taking orders from someone who used to be a subordinate, but it is something that I believe that it will further your personal growth.

“If you consent, you will belong to her exclusively, doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. You will also have the same responsibility and obligations to me as you have now. You understand the relationship that exists between Department Heads and their assistants and that is what will be expected of you.” Abdel was silent for a moment and then continued, “Would you like time to think about it before answering?”

I took a breath, looked in his eyes and said, “No, sir, I understand. I am here to serve you and I will do what is expected. I accept that as of today I belong to Adriana.”

“Excellent, you will always be my special girl and I am here for you at any time,” he replied.

George knocked and entered, saying the Adriana had arrived. Abdel told him to show her in and we both stood up in anticipation.

Adriana walked in with an air of confidence and poise and gave me a warm smile before kissing me on the lips, holding the contact longer than usual. She went to Abdel and kissed him on the cheek before sitting in the chair opposite almanbahis giriş the couch. Abdel welcomed her and after some small talk he told her that we had the conversation as agreed. Adriana looked at me and said, “What did you decide?”

My eyes met hers and I whispered, “I am yours, but I imagine that you knew that I would be,” lowering my eyes.

Adriana wanted confirmation and added, “You know what that entails and you agree without being coerced or being promised any special favors?”

“That is correct, Miss,” I responded without raising my eyes from the floor.

“Please Rachelle, it will not be like that between us. Our relationship is special and has been since day one. Plus, Abdel will never let anything unpleasant happen to you,” she added.

Adriana stood up, walked over to me and kissed me warmly on the lips. “My good girl,” she said.

Abdel looked over at me and said that my clothes seemed to be fitting better since the last time we met. He asked how I felt and if I was happy with my choice. I told him that I felt fine and was very pleased with my new look. Everything fit better and I was glad that I did it.

“Fantastic,” he said, “please don’t keep us in suspense, show us.”

I felt myself blushing and did not know what to say but my hesitancy was ended when Adriana said, “Yes, Rachelle, please show us.”

Slowly I stood up and unbuttoned my blouse. Removing it, I placed it on the arm of the couch and proceeded to remove my bra, which I then laid on the blouse. I stood there naked down to the waist, showing off my new breasts to Abdel and Adriana. I was a little embarrassed at first but soon realized that these people were my closest associates so it should not be uncomfortable to be so naked in front of them. The strange part was that I removed my clothes on command without dwelling on my actions.

As I stood there Adriana rose from her seat, walked behind me and commented, “I hear that breasts with new implants are extremely tender and sore, is that true?”

“From my experience, I would say yes,” I said smiling slightly but not knowing what to expect next. With that Adriana reached around and cupping my breasts, started fingering and squeezing my nipples. It was all that I could do to keep from crying out, my eyes becoming moist and a tear running down my cheek.

“Adriana!” interjected Abdel. “That is quite enough. Why do you wish to hurt Rachelle? I brought you here so that you could start your new relationship with her properly and to make sure that she was comfortable with her position with you. She understands and has agreed to the stipulations, so demonstrations of power are not necessary. I did not bring her here to be abused by you and certainly did not expect that you would take advantage of your new position to show dominance. You know what power does to people and I do not expect to have to correct you again. Do I make myself clear or do I have to rethink the entire arrangement?”

“Very clear, sir,” whimpered Adriana. “I am sorry Rachelle, I should not have treated you that way and it will never happen again. I don’t know what got into me.”

Abdel looked at her and said, “You experienced power and behaved like Danielle or have you forgotten? You shed many tears in this room because of her so I did not expect to see such abusive behavior from you, or is your memory that short?”

“No, sir, it is not, and I apologize,” Adriana said.

“I accept your apology but you will have to make it up to Rachelle.,” said Abdel.

Adriana turned me around and looked into my eyes. I saw tears running down her cheeks and genuinely believe that she was sorry. She kissed me on the lips and then whispered, “Forgive me.”

“Of course,” I responded, “I understand.”

I picked up my bra and put it on and then slipped my arms into the sleeves of my blouse.

“Your breasts look lovely by the way,” joked Abdel.

“And feel wonderful as well,” added Adriana. The tension was broken and we continued our conversation for another half hour before Adriana said that she had an appointment in the office and had to excuse herself. Abdel said that I should stay for a few minutes but that he would release me to Adriana in a little while. As Adriana was leaving she came to me and kissed me again, squeezing my hand. “We will be a great team,” she said.

“I know we will,” I replied.

After Adriana left George brought in fresh coffee and Abdel asked me to sit with him on the couch. He started by quietly apologizing for Adriana saying that she is unaccustomed to power and it is like a drug to her. “Having you exclusively is a wonderful thing but it comes with a lot of responsibility,” he said. “She saw the good side, having someone who is expected to serve and obey her, like she did with Danielle, but she forgot how she felt when Danielle treated her cruelly. She hated it but obeyed, burying the hurt. That is not the way to treat someone you care about and have an obligation to protect.”

He almanbahis yeni giriş reached down and unzipped his pants but did not go further, simply looking at me as he continued speaking. “We each have our roles to play, like you and I do. You know what is expected and agree to do certain things without question. I treat you with respect and keep you safe, a symbiotic relationship.”

Abdel leaned back and I shifted onto my knees in front of him, taking his stiff dick out of his pants. I looked into his eyes as I slowly wrapped my lips around his cock and began to move it up and down in my mouth. Several minutes passed in silence and then Abdel tensed his stomach muscles signaling that he was about to cum. I felt his hot semen explode into my mouth until it was full and then I held it in, breathing through my nose. I slowly backed my head off his cock and proceeded to show him the load of cum that I was holding in my mouth. “My good girl,” he said before telling me that I could swallow it, which I immediately did.

Before I could get up from my knees, the door opened and George entered the room. Abdel waved him in and then said that I should take care of him since I was down on my knees. I turned to face him and reached for his zipper, but George apologized and said that he had some things going on in the kitchen which he had to attend to and asked if perhaps we could do it another time. Abdel said that it was okay with him but as of today I belonged to Adriana and she would have to approve any actions that I undertake. I looked up at George and he gave a small smile before saying, “Thank you for the offer and I will certainly speak to Ms. Adriana in the future.” I smiled back knowing that he had no intention of asking Adriana for my services. I appreciated his gesture, an act of a true gentleman.

Several weeks went by but one day Adriana received a call from Abdel asking us to come to his home that evening around 8:00pm for a special meeting. It seemed a bit odd to call a meeting at such an hour and in his private office as well but, nevertheless, we said that we would see him as requested.

When we arrived George let us in and asked us to wait in the foyer for a few minutes since Abdel was not quite ready yet. Adriana seemed a little uneasy and went to sit on the bench against the wall and I stood by her side, neither of us saying a word.

When Abdel arrived with George in tow he greeted us warmly and walked over to kiss me on the lips and then moved to kiss Adriana on the cheek. The subtlety of his actions were not lost on Adriana nor me. Abdel looked at George and simply said, “Okay, George, let us commence,” and then walked towards the staircase leading to the basement.

As our little party arrived at the lower level Abdel looked at Adriana and I and said, “Nothing that you see here will ever be spoken about to anyone at any time. Do I make myself crystal clear?”

Adriana looked at me and we replied in unison, “Yes, sir.”

George opened a heavy, solid wood door to an inner chamber and we entered. Tied to a wooden saltire in the middle of the room was Danielle, stark naked with a ball gag in her mouth. Her pleading eyes showed the panic and helplessness that she was feeling and momentarily I felt sorry for her. I looked at Adriana and she had a curious grin on her face, obviously not feeling the same emotions that I was.

As if prearranged, George walked over and removed the ball gag and Danielle immediately screamed which was followed by the sound of a hard slap across her face, reminiscent of the one that she gave to me when I spit Jason’s cum on the floor of the conference room. This made me smile and Danielle clearly understood who she was dealing with.

“Please help me,” said Danielle, “I never hurt you.”

“Shut up, bitch,” said Adriana obviously unmoved.

Abdel stared at her and made an offer, “You stole from me, you tried to ruin my company, you hurt many people in the process, you lied and connived and tried to set up your ‘pet’ to take the fall for your treachery. You also acted in an unusually cruel manner to someone very important to me under the guise of that being my instructions. The money is not the main issue but your callous disregard for those closest to you is unforgiveable to me. However, I will allow two people that you know well to pass judgment and take retribution for the injustice that they suffered.”

Danielle must have felt somewhat relieved that Abdel would not be doling out her punishment because she seemed to relax slightly and her eyes darted between Adriana and me. Abdel told us that we were free to exact any punishment that we wanted but we could not maim or kill her and pointed to a series of implements on a table against a wall off to one side.

Adriana immediately walked to the table, picked up a small Taser and came back to look at Danielle. She took the Taser and brought the tip close to her left nipple and there was a sharp crackling sound followed by a scream and the smell of the electrical charge in the air. Danielle rocked against the restraints but to no avail.

“Please Adriana, don’t do this,” Danielle whimpered followed by another sharp electrical crackle coming from her right nipple.

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