Hannah and Dave

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*All characters engaged in any sort of sexual conduct are at least 18 years of age. Story set in Ottawa where the legal drinking age is 19.*

“Okay, that last shot took me past tipsy, I’m full-on drunk now!”

Dave didn’t want to admit it, but he knew it was the same for him. He watched Hannah chuckle furiously after her admission and he smiled absent-mindedly.

Hannah was the girlfriend of Dave’s best friend, Matt. The two boys had met Hannah at the same time 6 years ago during their first year of high school. They had all graduated around two years ago, but Matt was the only one who skipped university. He had recently got an entry-level office job through his father, so he couldn’t come out on mid-week drinkscapades with his two favourite people as often as he used to.

Luckily, Matt and Dave had opposite romantic taste in women, so Dave wasn’t jealous when Matt and Hannah became an item after the three of them were friends for a year.

Not to say that Dave and Hannah didn’t get along – they considered each other to be very close friends – Hannah just wasn’t Dave’s type. She was a bubbly, cutesy, tiny blonde thing with a pixie cut and very slim figure. Dave was usually more into the brooding, sarcastic, and voluptuous brunette types.

Despite his preferences, Dave was still a straight man with a working pair of eyes, so he wasn’t blind to Hannah’s attractiveness. Her huge green eyes were always captivating within her face full of otherwise petite features. Hannah’s chest growing from completely flat to a very pert set of B cups didn’t go unnoticed by Dave either in the half decade he had known her.

More importantly, Dave loved Hannah and Matt as a couple. He thought the two were incredibly well-matched. They still fully supported and loved each other after 5 years together, and according to both of them, the sex life was still on fire even after they moved in together over a year ago.

Dave would sometimes harbour a dull jealousy over their successful relationship. Dave was always in and out of short terms flings and while the casual sex was great and he was only 20, he did sometimes crave the company of someone a bit more constant. His longest relationship had been 4 months.

“Last call,” muttered an annoyed server as she brushed by them.

“Ugghhh, it’s already 2?” Hannah slurred to Dave, “I should go home. See if Matt will give me any.”

Dave laughed, “he’s got work in the morning! Although I’m sure he wouldn’t mind being woken up for the right reasons.”

The two of them had always been very open, so Dave didn’t really find it strange to talk about his best friend’s sex life with his best friend’s girlfriend.

“You’d think so, right? He’s a MONSTER if he’s woken up in the middle of the night with work the next day. And not in the fun way.”

“Oh well, I’m sure you can last, Hannah.”

“CAN I?!” Hannah said with mock desperation before giggling. She shifted uncomfortably for a moment before adding, “or maybe I’ll just blow another stranger again.”

If it wasn’t for the sign of nervousness, Dave would have taken the comment entirely as part of Hannah’s strange and crude sense of humour. The two knew each other well enough, however, to pick up on subtle tells and Dave gave Hannah a sceptical look. She giggled nervously and he decided to shake it off and join her in laughing. Hannah seemed relieved at his choice.

The two joked some more as drunk people are wont to do. They touched each other’s arms and didn’t make a lot of sense, as drunk people are wont to do. Then they finally settled up and went out onto the warm summer night.

“Ahhh,” Hannah breathed, “it’s always such a relief to come out of a bar after so long. The silence is beautiful!” Dave smiled at her and nodded his agreement. She continued, “it’s like a whole other world out here. Almost as if I left my drunkenness inside.”

As if on cue, Hannah stumbled over her own feet and just managed to catch herself on a telephone pole to stop from faceplanting. She laughed manically and Dave couldn’t help but join in.

“I think you brought SOME of your drunk outside with you!” Dave managed to get out through his laughter. This caused Hannah – who had just released the telephone pole from her grip – to laugh so hard she needed support again and she used Dave this time.

The two clutched at each other while they laughed over practically nothing until the moment eventually faded. They started to walk again, but Hannah kept her hand around Dave’s waist and Dave kept his arm around Hannah’s shoulder; an easy feat with Hannah’s tiny 5’3 height. This wasn’t an uncommon way for the pair to walk around while drunk, and they would even do it in front of Matt. Still, Dave felt a little strange after Hannah’s bizarre comment in the bar and he was silent while he tried to think of subtle ways to bring it up.

He wasn’t given much time, however, as Hannah chirped up fairly quickly, “why so quiet, big guy?”

And with the subtlety of a jackhammer, Dave responded, “was thinking about that escort kartal weird blowjob comment you made earlier.” He felt Hannah tense up for a brief moment before replying.

“Yeah, well, Matt doesn’t really want blowjobs as often as I want to give them, so…”

“Wait, what?! I thought you guys were doing well!”

“We are!” Hannah exclaimed while breaking out of their walking stance to turn and face Dave. “I love Matt with all my heart, and the sex is great, I just have a stronger drive than he does.”

Dave felt nervous and upset and weirded out and his voice reflected it. “Wait, so… what. What does that mean? What are you saying?”

“I dunno,” Hannah shrugged and looked at the sidewalk.

Dave hated himself for noticing how adorable she looked standing there. Her ripped jeans hugging her tiny waist. A little of her flat stomach showing below her seafoam green tank top. A white bra purposefully peaking out of the bust line of the shirt. Her young, firm cleavage with such incredible volume and shape that it could put many larger busts to shame.

Hannah squirmed under Dave’s silence, assuming he was making different observations. She spoke up, “Hey, let’s talk about this. I’m hungry anyway. Sub?”

Dave snapped out of his train of thought and grimly agreed. They silently made their way to their common late night drunken hangout: a semi-sketchy sub sandwich place that was mercifully open 24/7.

The pair had been there so often that if the staff was even remotely friendly, they would be able to order “the usual”. As it stood, they had to spell out their orders to the miserable looking guy behind the counter. They paid and took their subs silently to their usual table, both dreading the impending conversation.

They made small talk while they ate and Dave tried to navigate the endless things he was feeling. He saw Hannah in a new light that made him both angry at her and attracted to her. Two things that felt fairly foreign to him. It didn’t help that she was holding her long sandwich in both hands, stuffing it into her mouth. Why had Dave never made that dirty connection before?

Hannah appeared to have forgotten the context of their visit and was blissfully engaged in her sandwich. Dave hadn’t even taken a bite yet. He eventually noticed and tried to catch up to distract himself. But his attempts didn’t last long as Hannah’s speed was causing her eating to be messy. Despite the absurdity, Dave couldn’t help but be very aware of his crotch tightening as Hannah wiped excess mayo off her mouth with a finger and proceeded to suck it off.

He survived the tension, however, and soon the pair had nothing but crumbs in front of them. Dave felt the blood start to drain from his crotch and flow back into his brain. The feelings of confusion, fear and hurt returned. He wanted answers from Hannah. She spoke first.

“Look, Dave. I’m sorry.”

“For what? For cheating on Matt? Is that actually what you’re saying?”

“Dave!” Hannah said in desperation, “Can you listen to me first?”

Dave just glared at her. Neither of them were used to Dave like this. Forever an affable and understanding guy, this snippy and stand-offish side was truly a rare one for him. Hannah continued.

“Look, I’ve been with Matt for 5 years. We still desperately love each other, we only fight often enough to be normal, and the sex is still amazing when it happens.” Dave rolled his eyes, but Hannah ignored it.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with Matt, and I think he feels the same way. The thing is, Matt was so many sexual firsts for me. In high school I was nervous and he was endlessly horny. I made him wait for a lot of things.”

While Dave was open with Hannah and Matt, their conversations usually weren’t so earnest. They would casually make mention of some sexual act or escapade. It was never an emotional assessment. Dave tried to stay angry, and feigned disinterest by looking down as he crumpled his sandwich wrapping.

“After a year or two, I dunno, I guess I had a sexual awakening or something. Sounds cheesy, but it’s kinda true. Everything turned me on and for a while, we couldn’t stay out of the bedroom.”

Dave couldn’t help but picture this, but his head only contained images of Hannah. Pictures he had never conjured before. Hannah gasping in pleasure as she rode cowgirl. Hannah biting her bottom lip and clutching the sheets as a tongue gave her pleasure. Hannah dropping to her knees…

Dave refocused his eyes to pull his mind out of his fantasies. He looked at Hannah chewing on her finger while she tried to find her next words. He cursed himself as he felt his erection growing.

“But, I dunno. The past year or so, he just doesn’t want it as often. I know he still wants me, and he’s still totally into it when we do fuck or mess around or whatever. It’s just like his drive has gone way down and mine has shot way up. If I had it my way, I’d suck him off every night.”

“And, err, he doesn’t want that?”

Hannah noticed Dave’s tone and felt less uğur mumcu escort nervous about what she was saying. The alcohol was the only reason she had the guts to even start her story. Although it wasn’t her intention, she knew that Dave was embarrassed by her admissions. They let her continue.

“No, not every night. And whatever, that’s fine. Most long-term couples would kill for a sex life as steady as ours. I just…”

“…need to find random guys to blow?” Dave had found his anger again, although he had not lost his erection.

“You can trivialize anything when you say it like that, Dave! I felt really guilty and needed to tell somebody, and you’re the only one I trust enough who isn’t Matt.”

“So… what? How long has this been going on? How many guys have you fooled around with?”

“Err, a few months. A few guys. And only blowjobs.”

Dave once again suppressed the image of the petite blond in front of him wrapping her lips around his stiffening cock. He regretted having so many drinks now as it became more and more difficult for him to see where his anger and confusion ended and where his growing horniness started. He did his best to access the thoughts controlled by his brain, and not his dick.

“That doesn’t even make sense! If you’re going to cheat, why not go all the way?”

“I don’t like it as much. I love sucking cock.”

She can’t keep saying stuff like that, Dave thought.

Hannah’s blunt way of talking about sex had never crossed into the “hot” side of his brain, and now that it had, it was hard to get a grip on it. Plus, it had always seemed like she liked sex, not that she was obsessed with it.

“Hannah, I don’t know. This is so weird. I’m so… weirded out. And mad at you!”

Everything Dave said was true, he just wasn’t telling her about the other reactions he was having. Hannah hung her head in shame and Dave took the opportunity to take in her impossibly perky cleavage. He intended on taking a quick look, but her chest looked so inviting. Hannah’s young skin was so tight and smooth as it disappeared into fabric. Her small breasts stood out proudly on her small frame. Perfect twin globes in a tight tank-top.

Dave got so caught up in Hannah’s tits that it took him a full second to realize she had already raised her head. He snapped his own up; caught in the act. Hannah raised an eyebrow, but didn’t verbally acknowledge it.

“I know, I know you’re mad. But look. If I want to spend the rest of my life with Matt, I don’t want to resent him. I think it’s fine if his sex drive is low, but if I don’t get a dick in my mouth more than once a week, I AM going to start to resent him.”

“Jesus, Han. Do you have to say it like that?”

“What? I always talk like that.”

“Yeah, but now it’s about… I dunno. It’s Matt. And you. And random dudes.”

“What, are you jealous?”

“Shut up! Ugh, we have to tell Matt.”

Hannah’s eyes bulged and she lost some of the confidence she had gained over the conversation.

“Nono, please! Please, Dave! We can’t! I know it’s fucked up, but it’s for Matt.”

“What is? Being a slut?”

“What’s wrong with being a slut?”

“Uh…er…nothing, I guess. Unless you’re dating my best friend!”

“Well what am I supposed to do, Dave? I tried ignoring my urges, I really did. I tried getting Matt to blow his load down my throat more than a few times a month, but I can’t force him to want it.”

Dave’s brain and crotch were engaged in fierce war. His brain was furious at Hannah, but his cock grew somehow harder hearing her flippantly talk about her craving for dick.

“I don’t know, Han. You’re really putting me in a horrible position.”

Hannah paused before setting her mind.

“I could make it up to you, you know…”

Dave made the mistake of not responding right away and Hannah pounced on the open gap.

“C’mon, Dave. Are you going to tell me you don’t kinda like the thought of me sucking off random dudes? Being their slut for a night?”

Dave was used to Hannah’s potty mouth, but not when she was being legitimately sexual. It was so weird and so hot that he still couldn’t respond. Hannah took his silence as a cue to continue. Her mind was full of doubts and hesitation, but her face only showed raw sexual confidence.

“Is that why you were staring at my tits, Dave? Were you picturing them naked as I suck you off? My tank top pulled down just to show off my little round tits? They’re so perky that they look bigger naked.”

Dave finally opened his mouth.

“Hannah, I really don’t think…”

“That’s not very convincing, Dave. I bet you ‘really don’t think’ anything. I bet you ARE thinking about how hot it would be if you fucked my slutty little mouth. I really love dick, Dave. I love feeling my mouth filled with a guy’s hot hard rod. I like to feel their knees weaken as I move my tongue around the head. It gets me so wet, Dave. I come just from guys draining their balls into my mouth.”

“Hannah, you need çavuşoğlu escort to stop. We’re just drunk. You’re my best friend’s girlfri-“

“-I know, doesn’t that make it more hot?”

The rest of the empty restaurant had disappeared to Dave. He stared at Hannah’s lips. Had they always been that full? How had he never noticed how hot she was?

“Pleeease, Dave? Let me suck your dick. I know you’re hard for me. Let me be your bad little slut.”

Usually Dave didn’t like the cutesy thing, but the juxtaposition with her language was intense. Hannah playfully bit her finger and innocently twisted back and forth in her chair. Dave’s eyes glanced down to her firm cleavage and Hannah instantly responded by pushing her arms together to make it deeper.

“Han,” Dave started, “don’t do this to me.”

“It takes two,” she said. Suddenly, she stood up and stretched. Dave didn’t pretend to hide his leering. She then pointedly looked at Dave and softly said, “I’m going to the bathroom, Dave.” Then she bit her lower lip and turned around slowly, allowing Dave a look at her rounded ass. Had it always been so firm and shapely?

Then she was gone around the corner.

Dave let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

I’ll sit here and wait for my hard-on to go away, he thought. I can’t betray my best friend of 10 years just so his super-hot long-term girlfriend can suck me off.

Dave stood up.

I won’t do this, he thought. It’s too complicated for just a little pleasure.

Dave walked downstairs.

His brain tried feebly to contradict his actions again, but it was soon drowned out with nothing. Dave’s mind was blank as he walked to the lone bathroom at the end of the hall. He didn’t hesitate to open the door. Hannah was already on her knees.

“Good slut,” he said.

Hannah moaned.

Dave undid his belt and set his cock free from the clothing it had been straining against. Hannah bounced on her knees in excitement. She went to dive in, but Dave grabbed her by the back of the head.

“Not yet.” Dave had never been so aggressive, but something about the surreal nature of the situation, Hannah’s dirty talk earlier, and maybe even the fact they were so close made it come naturally.

Hannah whimpered.

“How badly do you want my dick?”

“Soso bad. Pleeaase, I’m hungry for it. All I can think about is your hard dick.”

“You want to suck your boyfriend’s best friend’s dick?”

Hannah spread her knees and shoved a hand down her jeans.

“Fuck yes, please let me suck your cock.”

Dave released Hannah’s head and she pounced on his. True to her word she sucked his throbbing prick like she had been waiting for it for years. She gasped and moaned desperately as her tongue swirled around his cock while her head moved up and down on it. One hand pumped his dick while her other furiously worked her soaking wet pussy. Although frantic, her actions still appeared calculated. She wasn’t lying about her skill, Dave had never felt such pleasure.

Suddenly her structure started to fall apart. Hannah’s body shook and her technique slipped. She stuffed her face as far down Dave’s dick as she could as he finally realized she was coming.

“Already?” is all Dave could manage. Hannah pulled her mouth off of him to nod with a mix of embarrassment and pride.

“I thought you were going to pull your shirt down,” Dave said with mock severity.

“Sorry sir,” Hannah giggled as she instantly obeyed.

Dave couldn’t believe how high her breasts were on her chest.

“Holy fuck, Han, you have awesome tits.”

Hannah laughed and pushed them together, showing off their incredible elasticity and volume.

“I’m pretty proud of them. But I thought you liked huge tits.”

“I do, that’s why it’s even more impressive that yours impress me!”

Hannah giggled again as her eyes dragged back down to his crotch.

“Mmm, good. Still rock hard.”

Dave said nothing, but pushed her head back toward it. Hannah happily complied with an open mouth and happy moan.

It was like an entirely different person was giving him an equally pleasurable blowjob. Hannah was now more rhythmic. Her hand made long steady strokes. Not too slow and not too fast. Her mouth kept the exact same pace. Dave made his pleasure audible and placed a hand on the back on her head.

“You really do love sucking dick, don’t you?”

A muffled “mm-hm” is all Hannah could manage as her focus remained on her task.

Dave could feel his orgasm rise and fall as he tried to hold it back. Every time he pushed it back, it didn’t push back as far. Every time he got close to coming, he would get closer to the point of no return.

Hannah had methodically sped up her pace without Dave really noticing, but she was now back to pumping his dick into her mouth at incredible speed. Her hand had slipped back between her legs.

“You gunna come for me, Dave?” Hannah had pulled her head off just enough so that her lips still touched the head of Dave’s prick. He could feel them brushing his cock while she spoke.

“Are you going to swallow it all?”

“Like a good slut, yes.”

Hannah only looked up at him when speaking and now fully returned her attention to his dick. Dave could feel his balls tightening.

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