Hannah’s Second Evolution Ch. 03

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The next night, Hannah and I talked at our usual time, 10:00 PM. We caught up on the day and then Hannah went a bit silent.

“What’s up, you are pretty quiet tonight.”

“Well to be honest with you, last night was a bit much for me.”

“Really?” I asked. “You told me about the time you performed at your ex-boyfriend’s bachelor party, that was much wilder than what happened last night.”

“Sure, but this is different. The bachelor party happened years ago when I was young and stupid. I also felt comfortable that Chris and George would look out for me, and if anything bad happened, they would protect me. I was totally vulnerable last night with Harold, that guy from downstairs. And well, the biggest difference is that during the bachelor party, I was single and now, well, I love you and I’m sorry, I didn’t want to betray you.”

I cut her off and said, “Babe, stop. I love you. You didn’t betray me one bit. I encouraged you last night. I talked you through everything. If anyone is at fault it’s me. I’m sorry I put you in that situation. I honestly thought you would enjoy it. Honestly, I enjoyed it, but I get that you were at risk and I know you have to maintain a professional reputation. Please don’t be mad at me.”

“John, I’m not mad at you. I just know that you must feel betrayed.”

“Wait, I think we are making too big a deal of this. You think that you betrayed me which you did not. I loved last night. I think that I pushed you too hard, but you aren’t mad at me. Did you honestly enjoy last night?”

“Babe, I got super wet and orgasmed. I loved it, but I just couldn’t forgive myself if I hurt you at all.”

“Let’s drop this, please. I think this was such a huge event and it went so far for both of us, that we are just having a tough time understanding that we BOTH had an amazing time. It was a fantasy come true for both of us. I love that you showed off your body to the guys on the street. I was so turned on knowing that you and Harold, a complete stranger, were masturbating in front of each other. I masturbated several times last night and today remembering the whole event. Let’s stop feeling guilty about this.”

Hannah paused for a few minutes, “Ok, I definitely enjoyed it and I did masturbate in the shower a few minutes ago as I was getting ready for bed, remembering Harold and last night. I don’t know how to describe it. I love you so much, but I really enjoyed that Harold was so turned on by me. Maybe it’s my low self esteem. I’m not really a slut, but I love feeling like a slut.”

“Babe, I love you. I think everyone likes to be admired. Everyone likes feeling sexy and hot. I think you seeing Harold get hard in front of you was just direct confirmation that he was getting turned on by you.”

“Maybe, but honestly, I’m not into looking at a guy’s junk. I think the idea of him masturbating, watching his face while he enjoyed looking at my body and watching his face tense up when he was cumming, that is what was really sexy for me. It was super sexy looking into his eyes knowing that he was loving what he was seeing.”

“Babe, I’ve cum like four times today, and I’m getting hard all over again.” Hannah laughed at that. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, about this situation?”

“Yes. I guess I wonder where we go from here? Do you want to go out on a date with Harold? Maybe a fuck buddy date. Something where he knows that I’m the one you love, but Harold could be the convenient local guy that you fuck during the week?”

“Oh no. Harold is way too close to my school circle. I wouldn’t dare take that relationship any farther.”

“But if he ends up not mentioning this to anyone, then can’t we trust him to be your fuck buddy when I’m away?”

“I don’t know. I just know Harold is way too close to my real life and I don’t like that idea. Do you really want me to take on a fuck buddy?”

“I love the idea of you having sex on a regular basis. I love you. Don’t get me wrong, and it would really upset me if someone stole your heart. But I love the idea of you just enjoying the feeling of a live cock inside you. I love it when you masturbate over the phone with me with a dildo. Having a fuck buddy, I assume is just an evolution of the dildo. It’s a live dildo that can please you even more.”

“That’s true, but I’d be super jealous if you had a fuck buddy in Wisconsin.”

I cut Hannah off, “I’m not interested in a fuck buddy. I love the idea of watching you explore your slutty side. I love the idea of you with another guy. That is what gets me off.”

“That’s hard for me to believe.”

“I know, I mean I can be turned on by a hot woman, but I love you and I would never betray you. This isn’t you betraying me, this is you living out my fantasy. My fantasy woman is someone who is conservative and sweet in real life, and secretly slutty and a tease in private. That’s why I ask you to tell me the bachelor party story so often. I love that.”

“Well, I’m not going to perform at your bachelor party. Let’s be absolutely clear. güvenilir bahis I mean, I will know all the guys there, and they will all know me as your bride. So that would be more than weird.”

I laughed at that. “What about Joe from Ohio?”

“Um I don’t think Joe would be willing to perform at your bachelor party either,” Hannah laughed at that. “No seriously, what do you mean, ‘What about Joe’?”

“Ha ha, No, I wouldn’t be interested in Joe as a bachelor party performer. I mean, what do you think of him as a fuck buddy.”

“We haven’t done it yet, but I know that if I ever found myself single again, he’d be the first I’d consider. He’s decent looking, he’s not from around here. I kinda consider him a fuck buddy I haven’t fucked yet. What are you thinking?”

“Well if he ever does come to town, you should hook up with him.”

“Na, I couldn’t do that. I think it would be too weird since he would probably be coming to town on weekends, and I’m usually with you on weekends. And honestly, I like the fantasy of a fuck buddy, I’m not sure I’m ready for that.”

I let that thread of conversation drop there. It was definitely a fantasy to have Hannah fuck another guy. Maybe I could be on the phone listening while they fuck each other. Maybe Hannah would video tape themselves. If it was the weekend, I could watch her fucking the other guy in person. All these scenarios just ran through my head all week.

As the week progressed, I was determined to help Hannah find a fuck buddy. I stopped talking about it with her, since I was afraid that I might give her insecurities that I was interested in finding a fuck buddy in Wisconsin.

Thursday night, I was packing since Friday I was heading down to Chicago to see Hannah. I kept looking at my phone seeing Joe’s phone number programmed there. Remember I looked up his phone number when Hannah was in the shower the previous weekend. I finally decided that I would do it. I texted him.

“Joe, you don’t know me, but my girlfriend finds you really attractive.”

I stared at my phone knowing that it was out there. I immediately got scared thinking, “What the fuck, what if he calls me instead of texts me, do I answer it?”

About 15 minutes later, I got a text message back, “Thanks, who is this?”

“Sorry, but I can’t tell you that yet. Please respect my privacy. This is not a joke. My girlfriend finds you really attractive and has fantasies about being with you.”

I waited for a few minutes, but it felt like forever. “I appreciate that, but I’m not sure what to say about that. I’m single and I’m not fooling around with anyone so I hope you don’t think that I’m with your girlfriend cheating behind your back.”

I figured Joe was freaking out a little. “No, sorry. I know my girlfriend would never cheat on me. I know that she loves me, but she has these fantasies about you.”

“Ok, so I’m flattered but what can I do about it?”

I wasn’t sure how to respond yet. Then he texted again, “Who is your girlfriend?”

I responded, “I can’t tell you that. She doesn’t know that I’m texting you.”

“Ok, I’m not sure where this is going.”

“Sorry, I haven’t really thought this out. I just know that she has fantasies about you, and it doesn’t make me jealous. In fact I have fantasies about you fucking her.”

“Do you have a photo of her you can share?”

“Sorry that would be giving away who it is.”

“Well, does she have a nice body? Can you tell me about her?”

I responded, “Yes, she has a nice body. Nice breasts and very cute shaved pussy. Dark brown/black hair, shoulder length.”

“Is she Asian?”

My emotions went from a level 5 to a level 10 after reading that text. I knew that if I wanted to get Joe to fuck Hannah someday I’d have to be honest with Joe about it. I wasn’t exactly sure how to respond because I’m sure Joe doesn’t have a lot of Asian friends. I responded with, “I can’t answer that. She doesn’t know that I’m texting you and I don’t want you to figure this out until I know I can trust you.”

“Understood. Please know that I wouldn’t risk screwing up an opportunity with a hot woman by outing you. I have a lot to risk as well. If your girlfriend is hot and there is a chance of checking out nude photos of her or even fucking her, I would respect your privacy and hers.”

I thought about that and it made a lot of sense. It went a long way in calming me down. I then saw him text, “What are you looking for?”

“I asked my girlfriend if she was willing to fuck you. She said she’d love to, but didn’t want to betray me. I’d love to get you to fuck her somehow.”

“Do both of you live in Cincinnati? I think we could come up with many ways that I could hit on her one evening.”

“No, we don’t. She lives in Chicago and we are in a long distance relationship. We see each other on weekends.” I hesitated sending that, but I figured I had to start to open up if I wanted to really make this happen.

“Oh so this is someone I knew from High School or family friends?”


“Well, güvenilir bahis siteleri I make it back to Chicago one weekend a month. Do I know her well? Could I call her and ask to have dinner with her and her boyfriend?”

“Yes you do know her pretty well. But that would seem almost too obvious since we’ve been talking about my fantasy to see you fuck her.”

“I’m not sure how to play this. Can you please tell me who your girlfriend is?” Joe asked.

I paused for about 10 minutes trying to ignore the situation thinking it might all just go away. Then he texted, “?”

Finally, I responded, “Hannah”.

He immediately responded, “Damn, she is hot. If you weren’t in the picture, I’m sure I’d be fucking her right now.”

“Yes, I know. Sorry man, she told me the story about how she canceled on you at the last minute.”

“First off, you can trust me. I won’t tell her nor anyone else that we’ve been texting. But I will do just about anything to make this happen. Hannah is super hot, and she’s really not as conservative as she plays it in real life.”

“I know she is quite daring in her sexuality. I think she would love to fuck you but she’s too afraid of taking the first step for fear of losing me. Even though I keep telling her this is my fantasy.”

Well Joe and I texted back and forth the rest of the evening and most of Friday as I drove down to Chicago to meet Hannah. I was hoping we’d come up with a plan that I could share with Hannah while we fooled around, but no luck.

That weekend we did our usual. Dinner, drinks, take her back to her dorm, blindfolded her with scarves while I undressed her by the window. I tied her to the bed and made love to her while pretending that the door was wide open for anyone to see. We talked a lot about inviting Harold up for a fun masturbation session, but it was all talk.

On the drive back to Wisconsin on Sunday, I knew what our plan should be. It had to be something where Hannah would be willing to fuck Joe, without Hannah needing to take any initiative. I texted Joe the plan and he agreed to follow through.

The week went by fast, Joe and I texted daily confirming plans and discussing options. Hannah and I talked nightly, masturbating over the phone while fantasizing about Harold watching her and her one day some day fuck buddy Joe.

Friday, I was back in Chicago having dinner with Hannah. I told her I was tired from the drive and wanted to go home early and fool around and rest. She agreed, she had a rough week and needed some rest. We made it back to the dorm by 8:00. I turned off the lights and pulled a few of Hannah’s scarves out of her drawer showing them to her.

“Oh is it going to be one of those nights? What are you thinking?” Hannah asked me with a smile.

I put my fingers to my lips and gestured that we shouldn’t talk. She gave me a devilish smile, I opened her dorm room door and turned her around to face the window. I blind folded her eyes, whispering in her ear, “Tell me if it is too tight, but otherwise, just enjoy babe.” She smiled as I undressed her in the window of her room. I took off her blouse showing the world her gorgeous breasts covered by a sweet lacy red bra. Then I unbuckled her jeans and slid those down to the floor exposing her matching red thong panties. Anyone from the street would be able to barely make out that she was wearing a bra in the window, it was dark in the room as well as dark outside, but anyone passing her room from the hallway would have a clear view of her red thong panties and her sexy butt cheeks. I unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor. Hannah instinctually covered her breasts with her hands, and I moved her hands down to her side as I started to massage her breast as I hugged her from behind. She loved it when I played with her nipples, the harder I pinched the more excited she would become. I pinched them hard. Then I came around to her front, still having her exposed to the window and started to suck on her nipples.

I took Hannah’s hand and led her to bed. I laid her down and tied her hands to the corners of the bed with scarves. She always loved the feeling of not being in control and not knowing what would come next. I kissed her body, starting with her mouth, running my kisses and tongue down her neck, down between her breasts. Stopping at each nipple to suck and lightly bite each. I rested my hands on her legs as I continued to suck on her nipples, then I ran my tongue down her stomach, stopping at the top of her panties. I then went down to her left ankle and started to kiss up her legs, her shins, knees, inner thighs, giving a light kiss to her panties right where I suspected her clit was raging. Then I went down to her right ankle and kissed and licked her leg up to the right inner thigh. I could feel the warmth of her crotch as she moved a little trying to push her pussy closer to my mouth. I kissed her pussy hard. I moved the crotch of the panties to the side and spread her labia lips. I then started to iddaa siteleri suck hard on her clit. She started to moan, and I could tell that she was getting wet. Covered her panties again, and went up to her ears and said, “I’m sorry babe, I’ll be right back, I need to use the restroom before we go any further.”

She said, “What, now? Can it wait a few minutes please?”

“No sorry babe, and we are going to take our time tonight, so just settle in.”

“Are you closing the door or leaving it open?”

“What do you prefer?”

Hannah responded, “Shut the door please.”

“Sorry, I’m going to leave it open. Don’t worry there aren’t many people on the floor.”

Hannah seemed to not be totally comfortable with this answer and said, “Are you going to get Harold? Please don’t.”

“You say you don’t want Harold up here, but I bet you do.”

“Please no. I’m not ready for that. I want you inside me. Please.”

“Ok, I’ll be right back. I promise, I won’t get Harold, but I can’t control if someone looks into your room while I’m gone.”

Hannah smiled at that and I slipped down the hallway to the mens room. Joe, you know the guy from Ohio, Hannahs’ brother’s best friend, Hannah’s almost fuck buddy, was waiting for me in the restroom. He waited for the door to shut and said, “Perfect timing. When you said you were going to be here at 8:30, I was half expecting you to chicken out.”

I laughed, “No way. This is so hot. Hannah’s in her room. She’s blindfolded and her hands are tied to the bed with scarves. Her legs are free and she’s only wearing red lace panties. She looks so sexy and slutty. She’s dripping wet and ready. Are you?”

“Oh my god, I’ve fantasized about her a lot. I’ve even masturbated over the phone with her before you two started dating. Yes, I’m ready. But are you sure you are ok with this? I don’t want you to go nuts after this.”

“I’m totally good with this. I can’t wait to watch you play with her and fuck her. I want to see her cum really hard.”

“Are you sure she won’t freak on us? Won’t she know the difference between you and I?” Joe asked.

“She might. I mean she probably will, but I’m hoping at that point, your cock will already be in her and she will just enjoy the moment. We know she wants to fuck you. We know that she doesn’t want to upset me. So this is a way that she can claim that she had no idea about it.”

“Are you sure, this feels a little like rape.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean, but trust me. She wants to fuck you. And I think if we just get started, she’s going to love it. She can’t take the first step and she can’t flirt with you because she thinks she’s betraying me. This jumpstarts the whole thing.”

“Ok, but….” Joe just stopped there and we quietly walked back to Hannah’s dorm room. As quietly as possible, I shut the door.

Joe went over to Hannah lying back and started to kiss her. She jumped at first and said, “Oh good your back.” Joe put his finger to her lips trying to politely hush her. She stopped talking. Joe started to deeply French kiss her and played with her breasts and nipples with his hands.

As quietly as possible I sat in a chair at her desk watching the two of them. Joe pulled Hannah’s panties off her body and started to rub her clean shaven pubic area just in front of her clit. I saw her left her hips up to force her clit into his fingers. He pinched her clit while still kissing her lips. Soon, Joe stepped away and looked at me. I smiled at him and he got undressed. I undressed at the same time hoping the noise of his clothes would mask the fact that I was getting naked as well. Joe stood close to Hannah’s face, at the edge of the bed and he gently guided her face to his cock. She immediately opened her mouth and started to lightly lick and suck on his cock. He was clearly larger than me but not by much. I saw her hesitate as she put her mouth around his cock for the first time, but then instinctually she started to suck him. I was pretty sure she knew that his cock wasn’t mine, but she didn’t say anything. She gave him a slow soft blow job for about five minutes while he fingered her pussy. Occasionally he’d pull his fingers away and show me how wet they were. I smiled at him, and soon he spread her legs and got on top of her.

Before I knew it he slid his cock in her pussy and started to fuck her hard. She really enjoyed it. Hannah always changed how she moaned and how she reacted to sex with me, so it was tough for me to tell if she felt like his cock was different than mine. All I could tell though was that she really enjoyed his cock. And he was really loving the feel of her soft wet vaginal walls on his cock. Soon I saw her start to orgasm and shortly after she orgasmed, Joe let out a huge sigh as he came in her pussy. He fell on her and slid his cock out of her. Hannah all of a sudden said, “John, can you take this blindfold off of me. I need to see what is happening.”

Joe looked at me scared. I looked at him terrified. I nodded to Joe, and he reached up and untied the scarf blindfolding Hannah.

She saw me sitting in the chair. She saw Joe lying next to her. She looked at the door and said, “What the fuck. What are you guys doing? Untie me now!!!” She was whispering but yelling at the same time.

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