Happy Birthday

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It’s the intensity that drives me to be a cuckold. The intensity of logging on and seeing my wife’s lover online and having him taunt me. Taunting, teasing and having your wife’s infidelity dangled in front of your nose at any time of the day or night drives me wild. The intensity of knowing that I can’t satisfy her. That my cock is a mere 4 inches hard and his is 7 or 8. That I cum so quickly and he lasts forever. The intensity of knowing all this and more makes me happy I’m a cuckold. Take the other night for instance.

My wife Cindy had agreed as a birthday present to me that I could fuck her. Now that’s something I very rarely if ever get to do. Anyway, after fingering her through two orgasms, she let me crawl on top of her. She laughed as I fumbled to put it in, finally she reached down, grabbed my cock and said, “Let me do it.” Finally I was in. By that point I was so excited, all I could do was lay there inside of her. If I had moved I would’ve Anadolu Yakası Escort cum.

“You are so pathetic! You’re such a wimp! You can’t even move or you’ll cum!” With that, she reached between her legs and began fingering herself. Finally I felt her starting to tense up and she said, “Fuck me you wimp I’m going to cum!” I rammed my tiny cock into her. One, two, three strokes and I had cum. She continued with her orgasm until it had passed then pushed me off her. I lay there with my now soft one inch cock covered in a rubber with my cum inside. She reached over and squeezed my balls hard. “Now I’m going out with a real man.” She said, getting up and getting into the shower.

I jumped off the bed and followed her. “B-b-but Cindy, tonight’s my birthday I thought we were going out to dinner?” She turned and glared at me. “What for? All you’ll do is paw me all night during dinner and then come home and want to get off. Well I Bostancı Escort gave you your present, and now I’m going out with a real man and get a present of my own!” With that she got in the shower. She got out of the shower and dressed without saying a word. I sat there on the couch. Docile, subservient, cuckolded.

She left and later that evening I was online and saw her lovers name pop up on my buddy list. “hey wimp, happy birthday!” “Thank you Sir,” I messaged back.

“Well I’ve fucked your wife for the last two hours. She told me about your great birthday performance!! Look, it’s freezing outside and we’re hungry, run over to that Chinese place and get us some food and bring it over here. NOW!” “Yes Sir.” I messaged back. “Oh yeah, your wife said she left an outfit for you hanging in the bathroom wear it under your coat! Now get going!!”

I made my way to the bathroom and there hanging on a hook was a sheer black negligee Erenköy Escort and black lycra tights. I slipped them on, put a heavy coat on over them and went to the restaurant to get their food. I got some weird stares, but paid as quickly as I could and got out of there. I arrived at Richard’s apartment and knocked on the door. They yelled for me to come in. There they were cuddled up on the bed under the covers. “Well it’s about time birthday boy! Dish that food out and serve us!” Richard said, hugging Cindy.

I served them and was made to kneel at the foot of the bed while they ate. I always love being in this most subservient and submissive position. It is a constant reminder of my station and position in life. I live to serve them and make their lives the happiest possible lives they could have. And if I have to sacrifice my manhood because of it, so what? I’m a wimp and I know that and have come to accept it.

Every now and then, Richard would throw a chicken bone at me and say, “Here’s your dinner.” I would pick it up and clean whatever was left. After they ate, Richard threw back the covers and said, “Here’s another bone for you to clean and my birthday present to you!” They both laughed. Ah the intensity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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