Hard Work

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I’d been working as a freelance consultant for a long while, and I had gotten into a really messy financial situation, thanks to the downturn in the software sector. Being around forty didn’t help me in finding a stable job, and I was almost desperate when I received an offer through an old friend. A medium-sized firm was recently bought out by a giant, and they were having trouble finding a software project manager to upgrade all systems they had at this company, and would I be interested in a long-term, full-time project?

Does wild bear shit in the forest? I practically ran over for an interview, and was hired as a contracted employee. For a few months, I managed to get the desired results, working most of my waking hours. Well, I’m not married, don’t have kids, and nobody waiting for me at home. Getting some order into my life was never my strong point, and I was never very interested in a domestic life. Being self-employed gave me enough opportunities with different women, time for workouts and the flexibility to work whenever I like. This was probably going to change, but I could afford to spend a few years in a full-time assignment, saving whatever I could for an early retirement.

After about a year, I was almost done with the project, and the parent company was quite happy with my performance. Some person from the head office called me and asked if I would be willing to relocate for about a year, undertaking a similar project in the Midwest. Being a west coast man, I wasn’t too happy with the idea of a relocation, albeit for a limited time, but the financial benefits were too good to refuse, a raise and full expenses paid.

I flew over to the town on a Sunday and managed to get settled in the hotel suite, my home for the next 12 months. The hotel was about a five-minute walk from the office, to my surprise. In the previous assignment, I had to commute 90 minutes every day, as I live outside the city and the office was on the other side of the town. Monday morning, I reported to the company manager at 8:00 am sharp, and that was when I met my new boss. I stood up and turned to face the person I was supposed to report to throughout the new project. What I saw was dark blonde hair, blue eyes, a crooked smile, and a pleasant voice saying, ‘Hi, I’m Kate, I guess we’ll be working together for a while.’

I smiled and said, ‘Hi, I’m George. Pleased to meet you.’ Kate was about the same age that I was, around forty, but kept her body in good shape, as much as I could tell from the dark gray two-piece business suit. She had black stockings, and black pumps with high enough heels to attract attention but low enough to be considered professional. She had minimal make-up, and a faint trace of a perfume. I was really pleased that I’d be working with her, as I was tired of skinny people in their twenties with their jeans and trainers in the development teams, or corporate-type hot shots with navy suits and striped ties. She didn’t seem to have the obnoxious trait that most people have when they happen to fill a slot in the head office of a Fortune 500 company.

We got down to work immediately, and as with most projects, worked our asses off through the first two weeks, no weekends and 16-hour days. Our conversations were mostly limited to business, but I managed to learn that we had quite a few things in common. She was also originally from the west coast, not married, 42, having joined the company after working for a few years as a contracted consultant. Once I jokingly asked why an attractive woman wouldn’t be snatched away by a guy, getting the answer, ‘For the same reason an attractive guy isn’t snatched by a fat-ass woman who was pretty in her twenties.’

Don’t get me wrong, I had no naughty ideas about Kate, she was way too nice for a quick lay, and more importantly, I have this thing about never having an affair with a woman from the office, let alone my boss. I don’t know how it happened, but I managed to break this rule with Kate. Maybe it was the forced celibacy due to the effort we were both putting in, maybe it was chemistry, or maybe it was the right time, the right place and the right person… I’m still not sure…

It was a Friday night after a long presentation to some manager who was responsible for an insignificant area, which was more than made up for by his attitude towards people who do actual work. He gave us a hard time about how his requirements weren’t being met by the system we were implementing, and we had to get together an action plan, addressing the issues he mentioned. He left around 6:00 pm, and we went back to the meeting room we were using for the project. I turned to Kate and said, ‘Why don’t we stay a while and prepare something for this guy? I know that most of his issues are addressed, but a bit indirectly. We can just get them Gaziantep Saatlik Escort together and send an e-mail this evening, with a copy to Andrew (our boss). He’ll be working tomorrow, and that dickhead will get his ass chewed off Monday morning.’

Kate chuckled and said, ‘Yeah, let’s do that. I’d love to see his face when he realizes that he was wrong with his conclusions after all. I’m sure Andrew will talk to him in a way similar to he did here.’

This resulted in another five hours of hard work, but we did produce a detailed report. As I was e-mailing the report, I noticed that Kate had tossed here shows off and was walking on the carpeted floor with stockinged feet towards my desk. That was bad enough, as I just love women’s feet in stockings. What came next was even worse, she leaned over to get a peek of the message, and I got a glance of a black lacy bra. She put a hand on my shoulder in a friendly way, and said, ‘C’mon George, it’s gone. Maybe we can still get a drink at the hotel. I think we earned that much for ourselves.’

I was still trying to get the images away from my head, and mumbled, ‘Yeah, yeah, let’s leave.’ It took us five minutes to get packed and another five minutes to walk over to the hotel. We agreed to meet in 10 minutes at the bar, and climbed the two flights of stairs to our rooms. Hers was on the same floor that mine was, on the other end of the long corridor. I entered my room, and undressed. I took a very short shower, basically getting my body wet and rushing out. I put slacks and a polo neck on, and rushed down to the bar.

Kate was already at the bar, wearing the same black shirt and gray skirt that she had on during the day. The skirt was above her knees, but as she crossed her legs, a fair amount of thigh was visible through the sheer material of heer black stockings. She was sipping a glass of white wine. She had put on some make-up, and had that subtle perfume. I hopped onto the stool next to hers, and ordered a large glass of beer. She looked at me and said, ‘I’ll never understand how men can change clothes in such a short time.’

We chatted for an hour, mainly on th progress of the project. By the time the bartender told us it was closing time, I had three large glasses of beer, and she was into her fourth glass of wine. I guess we both wanted to drink more, so I offered Kate to come up to my room, and continue there. She looked at me questioningly, but nodded as she stood up.

We walked up to my room, and stepped in. As I turned on the light, she had her shoes off. She said, ‘I hope you don’t mind, walking all day on these heels is such a pain. I love the look of high heels, but hate to have them on for long.’

I wasn’t in a position to object, I was just savoring the sight of the shapely pair of feet. I shook my head, and opened the wine bottle that was the courtesy of the hotel. I had never gotten around to drinking the wine, thanks to the hectic schedule. As I poured the wine into glasses, Kate dimmed the lights, and walked over to get her glass. The beer was having its usual effect, and I had to rush to the bathroom. When I came back to the room, a surprise was waiting for me. Kate had taken her skirt off, sitting on the couch with her pantyhose and long black shirt. It was long enough to cover the necessary parts, but short enough to give me a hard-on. I was wondering what I was getting myself into as I heard Kate say, ‘Can you turn on the TV? Maybe there’s something interesting to see.’

I took the remote control and turned it on. Shit… It was tuned to the pay channel that I was watching the previous night. And the channel was earning its full pay as a guy was pumping a chick from behind furiously. I tried to change the channel, hell, even Nickelodeon would do, but I clumsily dropped the remote. Kate laughed and said, ‘Hey, don’t bother switching the channel, I guess it isn’t anything we haven’t seen before.’ She was thoughtful for a while, and added, ‘You’d probably see the same channel on my TV.’

To say I was surprised by her confession would be an understatement. I shook my head as I smiled mischeviously and sat down next to her. The guy on the TV was close to cumming, and had the girl sucking his cock. Kate was transfixed on the screen, as the guy started blowing his load all over the girl’s face.

The scene changed and the same guy, who was supposed to be a repairman of sorts entered a house and found a gorgeous brunette masturbating on the couch. I guess it was an old movie, judging by the clothes and hair styles. And it belonged to the era when shaven pussies weren’t the fashion at all. The brunette’s pussy was hidden under a thick layer of hair. Her fingers were thrusting her pussy, smearing pussy juice all over her pubic hair. The guy approached her quietly and after a brief shock, the brunette wasted no time undressing him and giving him a blowjob.

That’s what I like about porn flicks, you don’t have to do anything special to fuck a woman. You don’t have to get her out to the most expensive place for dinner, you don’t have to buy her things, and you definitely don’t have to get a ring on your own finger.

A muffled moan took me away from the irrelevant thoughts. I looked at Kate; she still had her eyes firmly focused on the screen, but her one hand was in her pantyhose, the other in her blouse. Encouraged, I unbuttoned my slacks and started playing with my semi-hard cock. We looked at each other and smiled. I said, ‘What good is a porn flick if you won’t play with yourself?’

Kate laughed, ‘It might be considered weird when a woman and a man are all alone in a hotel room in the middle of the night.’

To tell the truth, I like to watch a woman masturbating. It’s a tremendous turn-on for me, and probably the next best thing to fucking. So I turned my head back to the screen, watching the guy giving head to that lustrous bush of the brunette. I took my pants off and reached in my boxers, getting a firm grip on my cock. Kate stood up and took her blouse off, as I realized that she didn’t have any panties on. As she was sitting down again, I caught a glimpse of her pussy, and I was rock-hard instantly. It was so hairy that I could have sworn she was wearing panties if I hadn’t seen her ass through the black pantyhose.

She caught me looking at her pubic hair and said, ‘I hope this doesn’t turn you off. The reason I wear dark colors all the time is because I’m really hairy. Actually some of my boyfriends left me after a while as they couldn’t stand the sight. I gave up shaving and trimming a long time ago. Same thing with my armpits and legs… I have to shave my legs for a professional look, but I refuse to shave anywhere else. If you don’t like it, tell me, I’ll go back to my room and forget the last two hours.’

I stood up and took my slacks and t-shirt off. As I was sitting down again clad in by boxers I said, ‘I’m sorry for staring Kate. It’s actually just the opposite, I love hairy women. I was just surprised, that’s all. Most women try to get rid of the hair nowadays for one reason or the other. Actually, I’m quite happy just sitting next to beautiful woman and masturbating with her. Though I can’t promise to stay still if this goes on for a while.’

‘I definitely hope not,’ she said with her crooked smile as she moved closer. She put her stockinged leg over mine and pushed a hand into her pantyhose, watching the film. I had my cock in one hand as I stroked her inner thigh with the other.

The oral foreplay was over on the screen, and the guy was furiously fucking the woman on the carpeted floor. The brunette’s tits were bouncing with each thrust, and artificial sobs and cries dominated the scene, with a grotesque rock song in the background. I lifted my hips and took my boxers off, after seeing that Kate had her bra off. All she had on was her pantyhose, which was all the more arousing for me. I reached and inserted my hand in her pantyhose, joining her hand with mine. Through her bush, my fingers reached the top of her slit, underneath her own hand. I turned my head and started kissing her shoulder, and moved towards her neck. Her hand was rubbing my groins and she reached to cup my balls. Slowly, she took over stroking my cock. With my hand free, I reached to her tits. They weren’t huge, but by no means small either. Her nipples were getting hard as I rubbed my palm over the whole surface of the soft and smooth flesh. Kate was breathing more heavily, as I was kissing her neck and licking with the tip of my tongue.

She turned her head my way and kissed me on my cheek, searching for my lips. I lifted my head to respond to her. Our lips locked and she was instantly looking for my tongue with hers. I parted my lips and our tongues met with passion, as if trying to drill into our mouths. I took my hand away from her pussy and hugged her tight. She still had my cock in her hand, but she brought the other one to my face, caressing me. I could smell the heady aroma of her juices, being smeared on my cheeks.

Kate moved her leg on my lap, and pulled her body on mine, with her back facing me. I hugged her from behind, her tits in my hands. One of her hands dived into her pantyhose, as she reached for my cock with the other. Over her shoulder, I looked at the TV screen to see what was going on.

The guy had the woman on all fours, still on the carpet, and he was moving his large cock in her ass. Somehow, another woman, this woman a dyed blonde had come into the room and taking her clothes off. After she was left in a white garter belt and tan stockings, she lay on her back under the brunette, fingering her pussy. The brunette lowered her head down and she started giving the blonde head. The guy was near cumming; he took his cock out and started spurting on the brunette’s hairy pussy and the blonde’s face. The blonde licked the brunette’s pussy clean, as the guy thanked and left the room. The brunette turned and licked the guy’s cum off the blonde’s face. After a short blur, a dildo had magically appeared and the brunette was pumping the blonde with the tool. Well, so much for trashy porn…

Kate was moaning loudly now, as she rubbed my cock on her pussy through the pantyhose and fingered herself, as I was squeezing her tits. I would surely cum if this went on, so I lifted Kate and made her sit on the couch, to her protesting looks. I had other things in mind, and sat on the carpet, with my face between her legs. Through the pantyhose, I was licking her. The hose was wet with her juices, and the sheer material glistened. I took her leg in my hand and started kissing. I went down to here foot, and took her big toe in my mouth. The nylon tasted funny, having been in leather all day long, but it didn’t feel wrong. I moved up again, kissing her lower leg and thighs. As I reached her pussy again, her hands were trying to rip the material. I gently moved her hands away and resumed kissing her pussy. The pubic hair was forcing its way out, lightly stinging on my face. My hands moved to the top of her hose and I slowly pulled them down. When it was halfway down to her thighs, her lustrous bush was in my full sight, contrasting with her fair skin. Without bothering to take the hose off fully, I buried my face in that rich, hairy pussy.

She was already wet and the heat emanating from her pussy was unbelievable. The combination of the dim light and her pubic hair would have made it difficult to find her clit, but it was quite large, protruding about an inch from her pussy lips. I started licking the clit, while inserting a finger into her hot pussy. Kate had her hands on my head, and she was pushing my face in further. I inserted a second finger into her pussy, as I sucked on her clit. When I gently bit her, a jolt ran through her body. I took my fingers out and replaced them with my tongue. She tasted so good… I could feel her orgasm coming, as her juices dripped on my face. I moved my tongue as fast as I could, alternating between her clit and pussy entrance. Kate cried out and her whole body spasmed with the forceful orgasm taking over. I kept on the stimulation until her moaning subsided.

Kate joined me on the floor and simply said, ‘Fuck me now, I need your cock. Just make sure you don’t cum in me.’

I said, ‘I have to cum somewhere.’

‘I wanna taste your cum. Just take it out when you’re close.’

With her lying on her back, I held my cock and pushed it into her pussy. I usually try to be gentle, but I was so hot and her pussy so wet that I just pushed my cock in all the way. It went in easily. I put my hands on Kate’s shoulders from behind and pulled her body towards mine, as I was searching for her lips with mine, still smeared with her pussy juices.

She was moaning loudly again, somewhat muffled by our kissing. She pushed me away and managed to say amid her panting, ‘Yeah, fuck me as fast as you can… Fuck me, fuck my cunt…’

Her speaking dirty was turning me on even more, if such a state was possible. After a while, I felt the familiar twitch in my balls. I was close to cumming. I took my cock out, and straightened. She wasted no time straightening up herself and took my cock in her mouth instantly. In a few seconds, my cock was unloading in her bobbing head. I felt I had never cum that much, as it took seven or eight full spurts to empty my balls in her hungry mouth. She couldn’t swallow it all, and the cum was dripping from the corners of her mouth onto her chin. She moved over to me, kissing me and making me taste my own cum in her mouth.

I had cum way too fast, but I think I was too aroused to hold it back. When I told her that, she just smiled and said, ‘You were perfect. That was the best cunnnilungus I’ve had. To tell the truth, I haven’t had a lot due to that hair. As for the fucking, well, I wanted to be fucked that way.’

‘You don’t have to worry about receiving head, Kate. You’ve got one guy who’ll kill for such a pussy.’

She smiled again as she laid her head on my chest, her hand rubbing my body. We stayed like that for a while, as if not to lose the magic. Finally, she faced me and said, ‘George no one must know this. You know the firm’s policies.’

‘I don’t kiss and tell. And you’re way too nice for me to do anything like that. But if this means we never get to repeat this, I must tell I won’t be very happy.’

‘Are you crazy? I’m just talking about the office. Of course we’ll do it again,’ she said, as she lowered her head, taking my limp cock fully in her mouth…



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